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AMONA: Cat War

elle`attend: The Gift

elle`attend: Matriarch

elle`attend: A Night at the Opera

Gillian B: All at Sea: La Cioccolata

Gillian B: All at Sea: Protective Colouring

Gillian B: Birthday Blues

Bayezid: Debbie Malley of the Secret Service

J.T. Bond: Spybound

Sir Chard: The Knight of Her Bondage Chet: Byline for Peril

Dex Combo: The Best Policewoman in the Land

Curt: All at Sea: Topaz

Curt: Lady Shade

Curt: A Visit From St. Nicholas

Doush with Cordelia White: The Order of Orillius

Norm E: Little Amusement Park of Horrors

S.F. : San Francisco Ties

Frank Fessler: Hooper

Frank Fessler: Rivals

Amy Flanagan: The Adventures of Agent Lisa

Amy Flanagan: Not What I Intended

J. R. Francisco: Reunion

Ed Franklin: Candidate for Ransom

Gerund: Dawn of Twilight

Historian: All Stories by Historian

Kalena J. Hunter: All I Want for Christmas

Kalena J. Hunter: Highway Robbery

Kalena J. Hunter: The Man With Half a Face

K.C. Hush: The Abduction Game

Jemej: Dark Reflection

Jemej: Easy Pickings

Tim Jones: Law and Order

Bill K: The Deadly Disk

Bill K: The Treasure Seeker

Bill K: Gwendoline and the Shadow of Xi

kitten: kitten's Story

Frank Knebel: All Stories by Frank Knebel

Maurice Llewelllyn: The Misfortunes of Mary

Ed Mariner: A Day At The Office

Stephen McIlvenna: Swashbuckling Bound

Stephen McIlvenna: Swashbuckling Bound II: The Pirate and the Highwaywoman

Mike: Tarra Rogers and the Burnt Building

Doc Proteus: Justiciar: Hera's Revenge

Rob: Tales of Ithgar

Johnny Rocket: Surprise Acquisitions

Brian Sands: All Stories by Brian Sands

Josh Hunter Shannon: Captives of Desire

Silklover: Silkbound Into Slavery

Charles Spencer: Brightman, not Brightspark

Charles Spencer: Carols by Spencer

Charles Spencer: Charlotte's Great Event

Charles Spencer: House Removals

Charles Spencer: Industrial Espionage

Charles Spencer: Judith's Jaunt

Nicole Sutter: Tai Anne Roper

Nicole Sutter: Tai Anne Roper 2

Ted: Trouble in Paradise

Thomas: The Co-Ed Sleuths

Jeanne Thorne: Christmas Evil

Jeanne Thorne: Memories Can't Wait

Jeanne Thorne (with Dana and Jeb): The Perils of Lianni

Veronica: Forced Vacation

Miss Vicky: The Adventures of Hypergirl

Miss Vicky:Dr. Brian

Miss Vicky:Hidden in Plain Sight

Miss Vicky:The Long Walk Home

Miss Vicky:The Modelling Session

Miss Vicky:A Party To Remember

Peter Walsh: All Stories by Peter Walsh

Cordelia White: Halloween Surprise

Cordelia White: Highland Fling

Cordelia White: Mistaken Identity

Cordelia White: The Santa Claus Abductions

Woody: Andy of Bindberry

Woody: Finnigan's Island

Woody: Hover Lover Mayday

Zack: Field Survey

Zella: Bound To Be A Solution

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