Debbie Malley of the Secret Service

by Bayezid

Chapter 1

Lisa McCord a.k.a. Debbie Malley, Special Agent U.S. Treasury, was very excited. She had been working on this assignment for months now and it seemed like the payoff had finally arrived. She was the point-person of an elite squad of Treasury Agents who were working to bring down criminal Tycoon Chris Lorne. She had infiltrated his organization as an executive secretary and had managed to turn one of Lorne's junior assistants, a beautiful young woman named Linda Bowes, into a government informant.

This was the kind of assignment that could make a career and Debbie knew it. The Service had spent years probing for a weakness in Lorne's organization and she was the first agent to ever get this close to his inner circle. For this feat she had her stunning good looks to thank as much as her brains and hard work.

Like most rich, powerful men, Lorne had a weakness for beautiful women and his personal, executive secretary pool resembled a beauty pageant more than an office. He insisted that all his assistants be knockouts and he personally approved each one. He found Debbie irresistible. She was a 5' 7" bombshell, with red hair, deep green eyes, long, shapely legs and large, firm breasts. She had always been a stunner and long experience had taught her how to use her looks, along with her brains, to get ahead. She also knew how to dress, which virtually guaranteed her ability to get Lorne's attention because he insisted on an unwritten, but nevertheless strict dress code. Mini-suits, pantyhose and high-heeled pumps were the uniform, and any of his assistants who failed to realize that fact soon found themselves transferred.

Of course, the $500.00/month clothing allowance didn't hurt and many of the women enjoyed wearing the high powered, sexy clothes and receiving the special attention that came from being close to the one and only Chris Lorne. After all, he was one of the most powerful men in New York City and his high rise Manhattan offices were among the most modern and luxurious in the World. He was also one of the most dangerous thugs in the country. Lorne's criminal smuggling enterprise encompassed everything from soup to nuts, including guns and drugs. Interpol, FBI, MI6, you name it; everybody wanted a piece of him. Certainly, fame and fortune would follow whatever cop could finally bring him down.

Now, after months of patient work Debbie felt that her chance had come. She had arranged for Linda to steal a series of encrypted computer disks which contained the clandestine, overseas banking records of Lorne's heroin smuggling ring. NSA were convinced that they could easily break Lorne's computer codes and provide the necessary evidence to put him away for good. It was Linda's job to record the arrival of the disks from Lorne's courier and all Debbie had to do was get the disks from Linda and smuggle them out.

She had meet Linda earlier that morning at a small coffee shop three blocks away from Lorne's office. As usual, Linda looked gorgeous. She was a tall, well built brunette with large breasts and legs that wouldn't quit. She was dressed for work in a tight-fitting, charcoal mini suit, sheer black pantyhose and black leather pumps with three inch heels. She was nervous and unsure, and Debbie tried to make her calm and relaxed.

"Remember Linda." Debbie said. "All you have to do is leave our signal in the ladies room when the copies are made. I'll come by your desk, swap them for the phony disks and you will be clear and gone before anybody is the wiser. But you must get those disks. You are the only one who has access to them."

"I know Lisa, but if were caught he'll kill us. I'd be nuts not to be a little scared. I just want to be out of this mess. I wish it were all over." Linda replied

"Don't worry." Debbie said, "You will not be alone. Help will never be far away." She then went over the rest of the plan in detail. When she was sure Linda understood everything, she sent her on her way.

After she left, Debbie ducked into the Ladies room to check her look in the long mirror before she headed off to Lorne's office. She was wearing a lovely navy mini suit with tan, silky hose and black high-heeled pumps. The short jacket buttoned at her waist, displaying her silky blouse and large, firm breasts. "This should keep their attention away from anything that might be in my hands." She thought. She reached into her purse and removed a pair of glasses that had been provided to her by the technical division. The glasses were a high tech combination bug, mini-cam and homing device. It was the latest generation of police surveillance equipment and it was her insurance, and her lifeline. When she was ready, she set up for the office.

At 5:30PM Debbie joined the flow of departing employees from the executive suite and took the elevator to the ground floor. She entered the ladies room in the lobby and walking over to the mirror against the far wall, ostensibly to check her makeup. Looking down, she saw a small smudge of red lipstick on the bottom right corner. Linda had left the signal just as they planned! All Debbie had to do was get back up to Linda's office and exchange the files with a set of dummy disks! She made her way back to the elevator and sweetly explained to the security guard that she had left her keys on her desk. She had the required pass card, and she was a stunning babe, so the guard waved her through. Once she arrived at Linda's office, she found that neither her accomplice nor the disks were there. She couldn't believe it! But glancing at the desktop she saw a note written to her in Linda's handwriting. It read:

Hi Lisa

I had to step into the conference room and I didn't want to leave your keys on the desk where someone might take them by mistake. I'll be back in a few minutes.


Debbie was furious. Something was clearly wrong but she had gone too far to turn back. Taking the note she walked out of Linda's office and strode down the hall to the executive conference room. When she arrived at the entranceway, she glanced up and down the hall to ensure that the coast was clear, and opened the heavy, oak door.

There, tied to one of the conference chairs sat Linda Bowes. She was still dressed in her charcoal suit, minus the jacket, which lay in a heap on the floor beside her. Her slim ankles were bound together, and to the left leg of the chair, with white, cotton rope. Her long legs were tied just above her knees with a length of cotton line that was wrapped tightly around her smooth thighs. More rope was wrapped and tied snugly around her waist and the chair back, holding her deep into the upholstered seat. Linda's wrists and elbows were tightly bound behind her, forcing her shoulders back and thrusting her chest out making a great show of her voluptuous breasts. This effect was accentuated by another rope, which was tied off to the chair back and wound tightly around her arms and torso, above and below her chest. These bonds pulled the silky material of Linda's blouse so taunt across her heaving breasts that the buttons seemed ready to burst. She was gagged with a broad strip of white surgical which sealed her full red lips and held a wadded cloth packing in her mouth.

The dimmed overhead lights of the conference room played down across her rich, black hair and reflected dull from her straining satin blouse and her sheer, black stockings.

When the door opened, she whimpered and tugged weakly at the knots that held her helpless. Once Linda recognized the form of Debbie Malley silhouetted in the open door frame she began to pull against the bonds, which held her, mewing and crying through her gag. Her long, dark hair was tossed back and forth across her shoulders as she shook her head in an attempt to free or at least loosen the tape across her lips. But the gag was so tight and effective that she only succeeded in making a long, faint whimper, which was barely audible over the creak of the chair, and the soft scratching of her nylons as she fought the ropes which held her fast.

Debbie froze for an instant at the sight of her contact. But once the initial shock faded she dashed into the conference room heading straight towards her captive cohort. She had not gone four steps when she heard the door slam behind her and saw three figures emerge from the dark shadows of the long room. Only then did it dawn on her that she had walked straight into a trap.

"Stop right where you are and put your hands behind your head with your fingers interlaced feet spread shoulder width apart; I suppose you know the drill" Said one of the shadowy figures as they all converged on her. While she couldn't see his face she recognized the voice of Chris Lorne.

"I knew it was her" Said another voice from the shadows.

"Shut up!" Lorne snapped.  "I'm not the rank amateur you seem to think I am. You see Linda got a bit careless and I had a hunch she'd make good bait" Lorne growled.

Debbie silently thanked goodness for her wire, which she knew, would be found the minute she was searched. With luck however, the reaction unit would be on their way in minutes. She decided to play for time while not endangering herself or Linda.

"What's going on here?" She stammered doing her best to feign both fear and outraged surprise as she slowly followed Lorne's directions.. "Not another fuckin' word" hissed Lorne as he stepped out of the shadows. With a wave of his hand he motioned two of his men to take positions behind and beside the lovely agent. The man standing behind her pushed a pistol barrel into her back while his partner began to frisk her. He started by running his hands up her shapely legs, Debbie could feel his cold hands through her hose as he moved up her skirt and squeezed her crotch.

"Hey!" she shouted, and was about to kick him when the man standing behind her grabbed her hair and yanked her head back while pushing the pistol barrel deeper into her back. "Don't flatter yourself. You've already made the biggest mistake of your life; don't make it your last."

With that, the search continued as Lorne's thug ran his hands up and down Debbie's sides and rear, finally feeling between her full breasts. When he was finished he stepped back.

"Clean" he said as he looked over at Lorne.

"Give her a sweep," Lorne said

The man reached into his coat pocket and removed a small black box with a thin 'U' shaped antenna. He swept the device in a circular motion a few inches first in front and then behind his captive. Debbie's heart sank, she knew she was caught. When the man passed the device in front of Debbie's face he paused, chuckled and stepped back again looking at Lorne. "The glasses" He said.

"Of course," Lorne laughed dryly, "Take them off her and make her uncomfortable!" He ordered.

The sweeper removed her glasses while the man behind her replaced his weapon and roughly pulled her hands from behind her head and crossed them in the small of her back. Debbie felt the soft rope coils loop and tighten around her wrists.

"Don't be stupid Lorne." She said, "My back-up will be up here any minute…AAHHHHWWWW!!!" She yelped as rope was wrapped around her elbows and pulled tight, arching her shoulders forward.

"Really?" Lorne said with a laugh. "Well, I suppose we will have to take our chances. In the meantime why don't you have a seat next to your friend? She is easy on the eye but not much for conversation, but we'll change that soon enough."

The sweeper's assistant grabbed Debbie by the arm and pulled her over to the wall while another man picked up a conference chair and put it down next to Linda. Debbie found it difficult to maintain her balance. The high heeled pumps and tight skirt were challenge enough, but being pushed and pulled with her arms and elbows and tightly bound behind her made it very difficult to stay on her feet. She fought back the pangs of fear and panic as she was thrown down into the high-backed chair. Three men, each holding a large coil of rope instantly went to work on her. One man grabbed her ankles, pulling them together and quickly binding them to the left chair leg. He then tied her thighs above the knees, cinching the rope tight. The second man began tying her to the chair around the waist, while the third looped his coil behind the chair back and around her arms and torso running the coils above and below Debbie's breast. It was all done in an instant. When the last knot was tied Lorne's men stood up and walked back into the shadows, making way for their boss, who strode up before Debbie, grinning broadly. Reaching into his pocket he removed a balled handkerchief.

"Open up honey." He said. Debbie glared at him and shook her head. Lorne cursed, reached down and roughly pinched her nose shut. Debbie squealed in pain giving Lorne the gap he needed. He stuffed the cloth into her mouth as one of his men covered Debbie's lips with a broad piece of surgical tape. Debbie fought against her bonds but discovered, much to her horror that she could barely move! Now she was bound, gagged and completely helpless in the hands of the very thugs she had come to bring down. "Where is my back-up!" she thought as her strength began to fail her. After a few moments she was spent, and desperately trying to suck breath through her flared nostrils, her bosom heaving with the effort. She colored when she saw Lorne looking down at her with a twinkle of lust in his eye. As if to reinforce the hopelessness of her predicament, Lorne ran his hands over her stocking thighs and cupped her breasts in his right hand. Debbie was helpless to stop him. "By the way" He said, "As you know I am security conscious to the point of paranoia. I am always worried that someone will try to ease drop on my meetings. So this conference room is routinely swept and electronic sealed. In other words, no electronic signals can go in or out." Debbie's eyes grew wide as she realized what this meant. Her back-up wasn't coming, she was alone! She looked over at Linda and they both began to whimper through their gags and struggle vainly against the ropes that held them. Lorne simply smiled and walked over to his men. "Ed, bring the van around. Oscar, take these." He said tossing him the glasses with the bug and homing device. "Give our friends something to chase."

"Where are we going Mr. Lorne?" Ed asked

"The Farm, where we are going to find out who our guests are."

Chapter Two

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