Mistaken Identity

By Cordelia White

Cast list


Special Agent Amanda Thornton - F.B.I. Agent, aged 25, new to Prothero's unit, strikingly pretty, dark-blond hair, tall (5'9"), long-legged

Assistant Director Ian Prothero - Amanda's line manager, aged 45

Mrs Ella Jackson - Prothero's stern PA, late 30s

Special Agent Donna Birch - rising F.B.I agent, aged 30, ruthless, jealous of Amanda, bit of a bitch, red hair, medium height (5'6")

The Damsels in Distress

Rebecca Carpenter (Becky) - aged 23, just completed masters degree, scholarly, from professional background, extremely good looking, relatively shy about her body, brown, shoulder-length hair, tallish (5'9")

Debra Sinclair (Debbie) - aged 24, in appearance the epitome of the dumb blonde, long blond hair, legs and breasts to kill for, in reality highly intelligent, law graduate, about to start an internship with a major Boston firm, blond hair, tallish (5'8")

Amelia Lesalle (Amy) - aged 22, University student and art history graduate, daughter of rich (old-money), well-connected, family, raven hair, medium height (5'7")

The Computer Scientists

Dr. Mia Lampton - aged 26 but would pass as 21, MIT graduate, light-brown, shoulder-length hair, employee of Hamish Riley Associates, tallish (5'8")

Dr. Romelia Parsons (Rommy) - aged 28, brown hair, excellent legs, employee of Hamish Riley Associates, 102 lbs, tall (5'9")

The Local Police Force

Gina Scott - aged 25, police officer from family of big city cops, henna-red hair, worn pulled back and fastened in a bun while on duty, very attractive face, green eyes, shapely body, University graduate, tall (5'9")

Sheriff Mike Wiseman, corrupt police officer, petty corruption, physically going to seed

Deputy Keith Bligh, slob, Wiseman's corrupt colleague

The Baxter Outfit

Henry Sinclair Baxter - mid fifties, grey, goatee beard, handsome face

Alyssa Baxter - aged 19, his daughter, blond hair, cut in pixie style, medium height (5'7")

Morgan Hastings - 6'5", 260 lbs, worked for Henry Baxter for 7 years, has a conscience about what he does, completely reliable

Joe Walker - 6'4", 240 lbs, works for Baxter, more ruthless than Hastings, but less reliable

The Lesalle Family

Paul Lesalle - Amelia Lesalle's uncle, bit of a playboy, 35

Isla Lewis - Paul's date at Henry Baxter's house, archetypal dumb blonde, dyed blond, medium height (5'6")

Melinda Lesalle - Paul's wife, 30 but looks younger, black hair, cut in stylish bob, proud of her looks and figure, tallish (5'8")

The Patton Outfit

Maxwell Patton

Jacqueline Kilmour, free-lance retriever, working for Patton, favours black leather cat suits while working, blond hair, tall (6'0")

Janice Ling - aged 31, Patton's pilot and personal assistant, half white Caucasian, half Chinese Occidental, stunning beauty in her early thirties, long, near waist-length black hair, below average height (5'4"), very dangerous


Chapter one

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