The Adventures of Hypergirl

By Miss Vicky

Part One

Hypergirl stood on the roof and peered down through the skylight. The skylight was closed and covered with frosted glass but her hypersight had no difficulty seeing through it. In the room below, she could see Vicky and her gang of females at work. Vicky herself was in her 30s, with lustrous black hair falling over her shoulders. Her four accomplices were younger, in their early 20s. All were clad, as she was, in tight cat suits, and she could see clearly that all of them had excellent figures. Just looking at their bottoms as they crouched caused dampness between her legs. Her hood, without any eyeholes or mouth hole, hid any expression on her face, whereas all the girls below were bareheaded. Her own figure, however, was not at all concealed, and was better than any of the others.

This was her chance. Her grandfather, legendary hero Hyperman, had laughed to scorn the idea that a 19-year-old girl, even one who had mysteriously inherited his hyperpowers although her father had not, could possibly emulate him. She had copied his costume in secret and had furtively carried out some crime-fighting work, so far with limited success. In particular, she had intervened in a few operations of Vicky's gang, thwarting them but failing to capture them. If she captured them tonight, her grandfather would have to concede that she was up to the job.

Using the special powers in her fingers, Hypergirl forced the lock on the skylight to open. She fixed a rope to the frame of the skylight, and cautiously climbed through and began sliding slowly down the rope. She made not the slightest sound. The girls were all engrossed in their work, facing away from her, kneeling and leaning forward so that their bottoms were in the air facing towards her. The tight cat suits made the shape of their bottoms very clear, and the dampness between her legs grew wetter.

She let go of the rope, dropped the last few inches to the ground, and ... her feet skidded from under her and she fell flat on her face. Her hypersenses detected, too late, that the area of the floor just under the skylight was strewn with microscopic ball bearings, making it immensely slippery. It was a trap, and she had literally fallen for it.

As soon as she hit the floor, all of the girls leapt on her. Before she could get her breath back and resist, her left wrist had been handcuffed to her right ankle and her right wrist to her left ankle, hogtying her. A girl clamped a steel box onto her left hand. The two halves were hinged together, with barely enough space inside them to hold her hand. A padlock held the two halves firmly together, gripping her wrists tightly, so the box could not be removed. The tightly pressing thick steel held her fingers immobile and stopped her hyperpowers from getting out. Her right hand received the same treatment. A solid steel helmet, too thick for her hypersight to penetrate, completely blindfolded her and was also locked on.

"Well done, girls," came the voice of Vicky through the helmet. "Carry her down. I'll see to her bottom and crotch."

The four girls took two long wooden poles and put them at right angles under her arms and legs. They then lifted one pole end each, so that Hypergirl dangled helplessly. Struggle and writhe as she might, deprived of her hyperpowers she could do nothing to resist as they carried off their trophy triumphantly. She could feel Vicky's strong but gentle hands rubbing her bottom and massaging her crotch through the tight black Lycra fabric of her cat suit. Despite her predicament, the thought of the beautiful Vicky handling her like that was an incredible turn-on, and she was soon bursting to come. However, Vicky cleverly ensured that she didn't, leaving her immensely frustrated.


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