The Bondage Fiction of Brian Sands

Mia Chantal in Jeopardy A Heroine in Lace Held to Ransom Thief's Prisoner
Captive Holiday Rona Rehearsal
Where There's A Will Kitten Christmas Wrappings Suddenly Melanie
Publishers in Peril Robbery at the Swank Boutique Melody Hazard and The Duck's Egg Diamond Mystery Reprise
Lisette Ruisseau and the Cyber Geeks Lisette Ruisseau and the Grand Guignol Affair Lisette Ruisseau and the Case of the Kidnapped Heiress Detainment Indefinite

New for 2014:

Trouble at the Guesthouse Sans Souci Lisette Rivers and the Crumbling Mansion Affair The Kidnapping of Lady Bundle Lisette Rivers and the Bogus Robbery
Lady Plangent's Pearls The Maltese Duck Odds Against Lisette
Plans Gone Wrong

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