The Long Walk Home

By Miss Vicky

Slowly, slowly I awoke.  My head was spinning.  Eventually, my eyes came into focus, and I realised that I was lying on the cold and dirty concrete floor of a warehouse.  Where on earth could I be?

Recent events came flooding back to me.  I had been out for a drink with some of the girls and had felt sick and giddy.  I must have passed out.  Had somebody spiked my drink?  To be honest, several of the girls there would have had motives to.  I knew quite well that I was far from the most popular girl in our crowd.  Most of it was of course simple jealousy.  I was easily the prettiest, best-dressed and most talented of all the girls, and had never been embarrassed to say so to the others.

As I came back to full consciousness, I realised that my hands were handcuffed behind my back.  The handcuffs had been fastened round a pipe, so that I could not stand up or move away from the wall.  Tug and writhe as I would, there was absolutely nothing at all that I could do about my predicament.

I began shouting for help, and my voice echoed off the bare walls of the warehouse.  Soon, I heard a door open.  A whole troupe of girls marched in - Sue, Emma, Helen, Amy, ...

"Why, you'll never guess who's here," laughed Sue.  "Miss Stuck-up herself!"

"Let me go at once!" I yelled.

"You're the clever dick in this group," sneered Sue.  "Someone who's as beautiful and talented as you are should be able to free herself easily!"

"No good shouting," giggled Emma.  There's nobody anywhere around except us.  Nobody else will hear - nobody!"

Some of the girls jumped on me.  I shouted and struggled, but was in no position to resist as they took off my shoes (my very expensive Italian ones) and my designer skirt.  I kicked as much as I could, but the girls just laughed at me.  They grabbed my ankles and fettered them together, then they clipped the fetter to a pipe, almost totally immobilising me.  Then, ignoring my sreams, Helen cut off my black lacy silk panties.  From the waist down, I was utterly naked except for my suspender belt and stockings

"Look at this tarty underwear," sneered Helen.  I know just what to do with it."  As I opened my mouth again to shout, she forced in my own panties, and then before I could spit them out, she slapped some sticky tape over my mouth.  Several further turns of tape went round my head, and some strips went from one ear, tightly under my chin and up to the other ear.  I could not move my chin and could barely utter a squeak.

More indignities followed in rapid succession.  First they cut my lovely silk blouse to ribbons, then they did the same to my bra, that so beautifully matched the panties now immovably lodged in my mouth.  My breasts were exposed, and I had to endure the girls' ribald comments about them and the rest of my anatomy, unable to reply.  Emma even grabbed my breasts and played with them, despite my ineffectual attempts to protest.

They grabbed handfuls of my hair, so lovingly styled by my hairdresser, and cut them off.  I wept as I saw my hair strewn around on the bare concrete floor.  "We were going to shave your head smooth, but you'll look even sillier with a rough crop," said Helen cheerfully.  I dreaded the next time I saw myself in the mirror - no doubt I looked a fright, and would do so for ages.  "Where we will shave you is down here," she continued.  I could not do anything as they shaved between my legs; I was frightened to struggle in case they cut me.

Next, I shrieked with pain as they put clips on my nipples - at least, I tried to shriek, but could barely produce a whimper.

They held my knees wide apart and forced a dildo in.  It was huge; it seemed to be made of stainless steel, and was freezing cold.  Wriggle as I might, I could do nothing to stop them forcing it in, slowly but surely, until it was completely inside me except for a ring on the base.

Turning me with my back to them, they then pressed something against my bottom.  I realised that they must be inserting a butt plug.  It was as cold as the dildo.  I shrieked futilely into my gag as a dreadful pain shot through my bottom.  Slowly, slowly it was twisted in as I felt myself being torn asunder.  Suddenly, with a plop, it was in.  My sphincter tightened round the base, and it was immovably wedged deep inside me.

To replace my expensive Italian shoes, the girls put ultra high heeled shoes on.  They looked cheap and ridiculous, and were several sizes too small.  Nevertheless, the girls squeezed them on, cramping my toes badly, and did up the ankle straps, pulling them as tight as they could.

Once the shoes were on, the girls unclipped my leg fetters from the pipe.  They put more handcuffs round my wrists, rigid ones with no chain, and removed the other ones.  They made me stand up, and as I got to my feet, searing waves of pain shot through my toes from the tight shoes.  The heels were so high that my soles were vertical and my big toes were bent at right angles.  I was very conscious of the heavy steel dildo and butt plug invading the core of my body.  All I could manage by way of protest was an angry glare and some incoherent noises through the gag of my own panties.

The girls held me still and buckled a wide, stiff posture collar tightly around my neck.  I could barely move my head.

The girls draped a black robe over my body and fastened it all the way down the front.  It was so long that it trailed on the ground.  There were false arms in the sleeves, with false gloved hands, concealing the fact that my arms were bound behind me. The hood went over my head, and the girls pulled the drawstring as tight as it would go.  My face was almost completely hidden, concealing my gag, and I could not see very much through the small aperture.  I must have looked utterly daft, but nobody would know that I was naked and bound underneath the robe, and at least it hid my ruined hair.

"Now this is what we'll do," explained Sue.  "We'll drop you off somewhere near your flat, then you must go straight home.  We'll trail you to make sure there's no funny business, then when you're inside we'll take your robe off.  Fair?  If not, too bad, because you don't exactly have much choice about it, Miss Stuck-up, do you?"

Much as I wanted to tell the girls what I thought of them, it was impossible.  I could offer only token resistance as they forced me through a door and into the back of a van.  Three of the girls sat on me, pinning me down helplessly, as we drove around for what seemed like hours.  Finally, we stopped.  The van doors opened and the girls rolled me out.  I landed on the ground with a hard bump.

The girls helped me to my feet.  "Right," said Sue.  "Emma and Helen, you two are on tailing duty.  The rest of you, come with me to her flat.  And make sure she hurries; if we get bored waiting, we'll all go home and leave her in the street."

The van drove off.  Looking round as well as I could do through the small opening in the hood, I could see that it was the middle of the night, but I managed to work out where I was.  It was near home, and normally would have been only a short walk.  However, in the circumstances it was harder than running a marathon.  The shoes were agonisingly tight, making each step very painful.  My steps were small because of the leg fetters, and I constantly had to take care because the trailing robe tangled round my legs and threatened to trip me up.  Also, at every step I was aware of the heavy weight of the dildo and butt plug deep inside me.

Due to the posture collar, I could not tilt my head, so I had to contort my body to see as well as possible through the small gap in my hood.  Walking in this contorted way only added to my problems.  Despite all these hindrances, I had to go as fast as I could in the circumstances, fightened that the girls would leave before I could get home, so I lurched clumsily through the dark and deserted streets.

Somehow, after what seemed forever, I arrived home.  Fortunately, my flat was on the ground floor; there was no way that I could climb a flight of stairs.  I struggled just to get up the few steps to my door.  There was no way that I could ring my doorbell; I just had to bang on the door with my shoulder as hard as I could.  There was no answer, so I banged again, frantically, ignoring the pain.  Finally, the door swung open and three pairs of arms drew me in.  Emma and Helen followed and closed the door behind us.

The girls undid the robe, and stripped it off me.  I stood in my own hall, utterly naked except for my bonds, my stockings and suspenders and those ridiculous shoes.  My shaved crotch was on display.

"Would you like to be untied now, Miss Stuck-up?" asked Sue.  I nodded as well as I could.  She laughed.  "We only said we'd take off the robe.  We never said we'd untie you.  In fact, we're going to tie you up a lot more."

I tried to run, without the foggiest idea where I could go, but the girls wrestled me to the ground and turned me face down.  Two of them sat on me, while others put tight ropes round my thighs, knees and ankles.  They folded my legs double until my shoes pressed against my bottom, and put more ropes round my legs to hold them like that.  The tight ropes cut into my flesh, my sheer stockings offering no protection.

The girls sitting on me stood up, but I could not do so with my legs tied.  Two of the girls each grabbed an elbow, and pushed them together as hard as they could.  Ropes went round my elbows and were tightened.  After a lot of pushing and shoving and rope tightening, my elbows were firmly and immovably pressed together, and my breasts bulged out.  The strain on my shoulders was awful. For good measure, they fastened my handcuffs to my ankle ties in a stringent hogtie.

More tying was to come.  They turned me on my back and wrapped ropes around the base of my breasts, pulling them tight, forcing my breasts to bulge even more.  The clips on my nipples seemed to get more painful all the time.  Pulling me up and holding me balanced on my knees, they tied ropes round my body above and below the breasts, pressing my arms tightly against my back.  My breast and elbow ties were cinched to these, ensuring that they could not possibly slip off.

To my horror, I saw them attach electric cables to my nipple clips and to the dildo and butt plug inside me.  That was the last thing I saw before two dollops of something were pressed over my eyes.  Instinctively, I shut my eyes, and the girls wrapped something round and round my head, pressing the dollops firmly against my eyelids.  "That will set hard soon," explained Helen cheerfully.  "Anyway, I'm sure that you don't want to hear us any more."

That was true enough, but I did not welcome what happened next, as they lay me on my side and poured something warm in my ear. They must be filling it with molten wax!  As soon as it was cool, they turned me over and filled my other ear. Then I felt them pull a hood over my head, and fiddle with it until it was skin tight.  It stank of leather.  The girls secured it to my posture collar.  They pulled my head back, and must have used a rope from the hood to my knee bonds, forcing my back to curve into an arch.

After that, I felt no more until suddenly electric shocks coursed through me.  I jumped as much as I could in my bonds, then the shocks stopped - and started - and stopped ...  Blind, deaf, and helpless, I was trapped in my dark little world of pain.  Who knows how long I would be there, or what the girls would do next... 

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