Sentinels #1:

Dawn of Twilight 1 of 3

By Gerund

"You have one hour." The voice seemed to echo in his ears, as though it came from everywhere and nowhere in the strange room. "I will transport you to her location. Once there, you are to engage and secure her immediately. Understood?"

Anthony Rogers, AKA Master Metal, nodded. She makes it sound so easy. Two weeks ago, as he fled an arms deal gone wrong in Vegas, he had all of a sudden been transported to the great black tower he now resided in. One minute scrambling down crowded, brightly-lit streets, his unpredictable powers in disarray and useless... the next standing in an empty, colorless room facing a striking, red-haired woman of indeterminate age, menacing in a black leather dress, and telling him that she would supply him with the resources to defeat a heroine who it was said could never be conquered.

He studied the image projected from the ancient witch's hand. He would recognize the heroine known as Sorceress anywhere: the tall, muscular physique, the sculpted curves, and the skintight white costume with the black crescent symbol across her large bust. Glossy dark hair spilled over the costume's shoulders, and even through the wavering haze of the projection, the piercing blue eyes seemed to be regarding him dangerously.

"In order for you to accomplish this, I have added some... enhancements... to your abilities," the woman went on. "Complete this mission and I will give you the treasures that I showed you earlier," the red-haired witch told him. Then, as if casually changing the subject, she smiled. "First, however, I believe we have a date with 'Battlecry'."

As crazy as the situation had been up to this point, this drew a look of surprise from Master Metal. Sure enough, before he could say anything, the super-heroine Battlecry appeared in a burst of light right beside him.

Battlecry was a heroine from Hawaii. She stood five-foot-four inches tall, slender and strong. She had long, dark brown hair with gleaming highlights, and wore a yellow and black bodysuit that was cut high on her slender, tan thighs. If she was at all surprised by having been mystically transported to the witch's stronghold, she gave no sign; it was hardly the strangest thing that had happened in her crime-fighting career. What a B-list villain like Metal Master was doing here, and who the red-haired witch might be, were questions that could wait till later. For now, she sprang into action.

Master Metal was in his "conductor" form, one of the three metallic forms he could assume, which was ideally suited for energy attacks, such as those Sorceress might employ. The form, however, was next to useless against the beautiful spin kick that Battlecry hit him with. The heroine's lithe body executed a perfect midair pirouette, and made contact with Master Metal's jaw, lifting him off his feet and sending him staggering backwards

With one foe reeling, Battlecry turned and launched an attack on the strange red-haired woman who had brought her to the tower. The heroine moved with blistering speed, drawing one of the two ninja swords strapped to the small of her back. Just as she was about to reach the woman, the leather-clad witch waved her hand, releasing a brilliant flash of green energy that exploded in the heroine's vision, and left Battlecry sprawled on her face, dark hair pooling on the floor.

Master Metal observed this exchange on his back, trying to shake the stars out of his vision. He was amazed at the ease with which the woman disposed of so powerful a super-heroine. The witch now crossed her arms and turned cold, deadly eyes to Master Metal, as though she had expected better of him than to be taken out with a single kick. She nodded toward Battlecry's slumped form.

"Impress me," she said, as she stepped away to stand in the corner of the barren, dusty room.

Master Metal nodded, and pulled himself to his feet. With Battlecry beginning to stir, he quickly changed form, the air shimmering around him and grew and expanded to seven and a half feet of gleaming black metal. Now in what he optimistically called his "Invincible Fighter" form, he hoped he was prepared for the powerful super heroine.

Battlecry regained her feet, squaring off against her nemesis, now clothed in alien black metal. Though she felt unsteady on her feet, all her shakiness and weakness disappeared as she leaped at Master Metal with amazing grace and power. She drew both ninja swords in mid-air, planning to end this fight as quickly as possible.

Master Metal was ready this time, however. He backhanded Battlecry out of the air; sending her bouncing off the wall, her swords flying from her hands. The heroine had barely a moment to register how badly she'd underestimated her foe before her vision clouded and she fell, unconscious.

Battlecry wasn't the only one surprised. Master Metal stared for a moment at the hand that had taken out the heroine at a single blow. He glanced up at the witch who nodded and smiled coldly. She wasn't kidding about the "enhancements."

The fight was over, but Master Metal decided that his new employer might be expecting more in the way of "entertainment" out of this… and maybe he could manage a bit more "fun" for himself.

Any other human- man or woman - would have been a formless heap after the blow he had given Battlecry. But Battlecry's super-durable body was made to take beatings like this. As Master Metal stood over her beaten form, admiring the swell of her breasts in the skin-tight black and gold suit, her slim, tan thighs, and her tight little curves, he could think of other things her body was made for.

He came out of his reverie as the heroine groaned, and began to stir. Anxious not to screw up in the eyes of his new employer, he switched to his third and final form, the one he called "Vitality Drainer." This turned him into a glowing green metal man that siphoned the energy of any living thing he was near-- at least, that was the theory. Up until today, he'd found this power unreliable, at best. But with the confidence the red-haired witch had imbued him with, he scooped up Battlecry and locked her in a tight reverse bear hug. The captured heroine tried to resist, but the strange power drained the last of the fight out of her, leaving Master Metal in complete control of her body.

His mouth dry with excitement and anticipation, he began feeling up Battlecry's hard body, enjoying the contrast between the softness of her skin and the hard, dangerous muscles that flexed beneath it. He roughly groped her breasts, also tweaking her nipples to draw a defeated groan from the weakened heroine. He slipped one glowing green hand between her legs, massaging her intimately; she hung in his arms like a limp doll as he toyed with her sex.

He was about to lay her down, switch back to human form, and finish her conquest in the most pleasurable and exciting way he could imagine, when she floated out of his hands and away, towards the mysterious woman who had been so silent that Master Metal had forgotten she was there.

"I'm impressed," she said. "But that does not mean you get to abuse my newly-acquired property."

Anthony Rogers stifled a groan of his own as the delectable body drifted through the ether toward its new captor, limbs drooping, long hair cascading. If the witch felt any compunction about leaving her new minion with an agonizing case of blue balls, she gave no sign.

The woman floated Battlecry until she settled in the center of the room, her color and life clashing with the lifeless grey room. The woman then began to pose the heroine like she was some kind of toy. She even placed the ninja swords in Battlecry's hands, moving her immobile form into an action pose.

"Excellent," the woman said, her attention never straying from the new toy. "We'll leave her here for now, until we find a better place for her." She turned back to her new minion, as though suddenly remembering that he existed. "I am called Greta the Black, and you now work for me." She gave the tiniest of gestures, and suddenly Metal Master felt the surging power leave his body. The sensation lasted but a moment, but the witch had made her point: with her help, he would be powerful enough to take on any superheroine. Without her, he was back to the low-rent district. And that wasn't much of a choice.

So for the next two weeks he ran errands for Greta. He traveled the world, visiting strange people and gathering obscure objects and information. The missions were always timed, usually about one hour, and he was never allowed to get any down time. While in the tower he spent his free time exploring the ancient ruin, often spending time in a room where Greta kept various treasures accumulated over the centuries.

Sometimes, if asked about these treasures, Greta claimed to have lived before King Arthur, but the stories of her past changed each time she told them to him. In some, she knew the mythical wizard Merlin; in others she claimed he never existed. Sometime she spoke of a time-altering sister, other times she claimed to be an only child. When he called her on it, she grew surly and wouldn't speak to him.

When she wasn't in the top of the tower or talking to him, she was playing with the captive Battlecry. She posed Battlecry all over the tower, sometimes in action poses, other times in suggestive poses, her costume open to reveal her lower back, or a hint of her firm, tan breasts. Greta forbid Master Metal from molesting the heroine, even though sometimes at night he could hear Greta moaning in pleasure when she posed the living statue in her bedchambers.

Finally, about two days before he received his latest mission, Greta started to become agitated and excited. She spent a full day in the top room, speaking with a force that disturbed Master Metal when he heard its muffled voice reverberating through the walls.

With his new mistress clearly occupied, Master Metal thought to amuse himself with the helpless Battlecry, who Greta had stored in the treasure room. Battlecry was now nude, except for her mask and boots, her arms stretched over her head, her back arched. Her beautiful, tan breasts pointed to the ceiling. He walked around her, studying her slender, well-muscled frame. He slapped her ass, and was shocked when the air around her became electrified and nearly fried him. He pulled his hand away and left the room frustrated and horny. Angry, he waited for Greta to return from speaking to whoever or whatever she was communing with.

She finally came down and now here he was, being asked to bring down one the most powerful heroines in the world. He was excited, and a little daunted, by the task before him.

Greta produced a series of five thick, stretchy bands that she handed to Master Metal.

"Secure her with these, they will drain and negate her powers," she said, handing the bands to Master Metal.

"How?" he said, studying the seemingly flimsy bands in his hands.

"Don't worry about it, they will," She said. "Now, go bring me Sorceress, I will reward you greatly."


At this time the heroine Sorceress was flying over Florida, headed towards Miami. She was reluctantly about to shut down a drug house that had caused major tragedy in the poor neighborhood it fed off. Sorceress though that minor drug-pushers were a problem for normal police, not someone of her immense power. But her elders said that it was important to stay in touch with the common people and not hold herself up as a goddess. So against her will, the 23-year-old super heroine zeroed in on the dilapidated drug house and its brutish occupants.

She was a white blur as she crashed through the roof of the house, shooting through the ceiling to land in the living room.

Dangerous looking and armed young men were lounging around the living room. They were so shocked by the arrival of the white-clad heroine that none of them moved for a few seconds.

She smiled at the men. "I know you won't listen but you are under arrest, throw your weapons to the floor and surrender peacefully."

Finally they reacted, grabbing guns and hiding "merchandise." Sorceress shook her head and lazily sent around energy blasts, knocking out the drug-pushers before they could mount a coordinated attack on her. One over-muscled man managed to charger her, his six-foot-four inch frame dwarfing her own five-feet-ten inches. She caught his right hook with ease, and then used her super-strength to fling him into the ceiling, crashing back to the floor, unconscious.

Sorceress moped up the rest of the thugs with energy blasts. When the house was silent, she used her magic to round up the drugs and guns to be taken to the police. Satisfied that she had gathered everything, she went into the kitchen to see if anyone had escaped out the back door during the fight.

The only sound that could be heard in the house was the click of her spiked-heel boots. The dirty kitchen was empty and the backdoor closed. Glad that this stupid mission was over, Sorceress turned to gather the evidence and leave this rat hole, but she was met by a massive, gleaming black fist.

The blow sent Sorceress hurtling into the refrigerator, crushing it under the force of her impact. Sorceress pulled herself to her feet as quickly as she could, but Master Metal was on top of her, raining punches down on her. He picked her up and hurled her through the wall separating the kitchen and the living room to come crashing on top of the thugs she had just finished taking out.

Master Metal knocked down the rest of the wall to come and stand over the fallen heroine. "This is too easy," he said as he lifted her up and tossed her into the ceiling, much in the same way she had done to the massive thug who charged her earlier.

Sorceress hit the floor, but instead of being unconscious, she was pissed. The attack had surprised her; she had no idea what Master Metal, who had been missing for two weeks and was wanted in connection to the disappearance of the super-heroine Battlecry, was doing here and what he wanted with her.

Sorceress decided that the best way to find out was to beat it out of him. Sorceress rolled away from the massive villain, hoping to create enough space to launch an energy attack. She came up firing, casting a ball of purple energy at her opponent.

But Master Metal was ready and switched forms, shrinking slightly and turning from black to silver. When the magical energy hit him it seemed to travel through his whole body, only to then travel to his hands and then back at Sorceress.

Sorceress was stunned when her own energy came back to her; she cursed herself for not remembering Master Metal's other forms as the energy blast hit her and sent her screaming to the ground. She must have blacked out for a few seconds, because when she opened her eyes Master Metal was standing over her, now glowing green and draining the energy from her body.

He gave her no time to gather herself. He roughly picked her up and threw her on her stomach, drawing her arms tightly behind her. He worked the thick bands up her arms, one pulling her elbows together, the other crushing her wrists together. He was amazed when the bands begin to glow; he guessed they were feeding off her magic, leaving her even more powerless.

He jerked her off the ground by her now tightly bound arms. He turned her around to study her closely. He had only seen her on TV and wanted to see if she was as beautiful in person. He was not disappointed when he looked into her fierce blue eyes or when he studied her full red lips, her face framed by long, lush dark hair. He held her at arms' length to watch her firm breasts jiggle slightly in her tight costume. The binding of her arms made her large breasts stick out even further, and Master Metal spun her around and held her close, then began fondling and cupping her breasts, enjoying their heavy softness.

He then started to feel the rock-hard muscles of her abdomen, and then he reached between her legs and roughly pinched her sex. Sorceress could only moan; the effects of the bands and of the alien metal that Master Metal wore draining away her strength.

"Now it's time to finish packing you up so I can get paid and not have to see that freaky bitch Greta ever again," Master Metal said, pulling the last three bands from his belt.

He worked one up to her knees and then another he secured at her ankles, after a few moments they too began to glow softly with a green light. He then stretched the band over her head, controlling it as it conformed to her face. The band started to glow, completely silencing the bound super-heroine.

Master Metal stood back and admired his work. One of the most powerful super-heroines stood before him, bound and helpless. The bands served to emphasize her muscular hourglass figure. He laughed as she wriggled tentatively, trying not to fall over.

"Never thought you would be beaten and captured so easily, did you?' he said to his captive.

Powerless and tightly bound, Sorceress could only hope that Master Metal made a mistake, because she had a feeling that once she was in the hands of his employer and maker of these bonds, there would be no chance of escape.


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