Hidden in Plain Sight

By Miss Vicky

Jenny had recently started work for a big department store in Central London. She was a university graduate and a management trainee. She felt that this made her far superior to the other girls who worked in the store, and she made no attempt to hide this. Nor was she slow in telling her superiors about mistakes the others made, or claiming all the credit for whatever went well. While this made her many enemies, she did not care; after all, they were only shop girls.

With long blond hair, blue eyes and a superb figure, she also knew that she was stunningly attractive and was happy to flaunt herself and use her looks to her advantage. This did nothing for her popularity with the other girls either.

On Christmas Eve, she was working in the stockroom when several girls came in. They included all the girls who had particular reason to dislike her - Cathy, Eva, Frances, Mary and Sarah. Jenny was concealed behind a pile of crates, and decided that it was prudent to remain hidden. Then she heard what they were discussing, and her jaw dropped. They were going to rob the store and use the Christmas break to make their escape. She leaned forward, straining to hear them. Crash! A crate fell over onto the floor. She jumped, and so did the other girls. At once, she made a break for the door, but the other girls were too quick and grabbed her. They all sat on her, pinning her face-down on the floor. There were five of them, all bigger than she was, so she was helpless.

"Why, look who it is, it's Little Miss High and Mighty Sexpot," said Mary. "She must have overheard us. We'll have to take care of her ... in some way suitable for a high and mighty little sexpot." Jenny trembled at the tone of Mary's voice. She knew that she really was in deep trouble now; Mary was a nasty piece of work, and held several grudges against Jenny.

"What shall we do with her?" asked Eva. "Tie her up and leave her in here?"

"No," replied Mary. "The guards might find her before we've covered up our tracks. Anyway, that wouldn't be much fun. I know exactly what to do - we'll hide her in plain sight."

"What do you mean?" asked Eva in a puzzled tone.

"You'll see. You, Frances and Sarah tie her up and cut her clothes off, and I'll be back as soon as I can. Oh, and make sure you blindfold her and gag her thoroughly so she can't make a squeak. Cathy, come with me please. We need to get a few items from round the store."

While Mary and Cathy disappeared, the others held Jenny down and, as Mary instructed, found some big pairs of scissors and cut off all her clothes. Jenny wriggled, but with three girls sitting on her, she could not possibly get up. "Wow, look at these flash black lacy stockings and suspenders" laughed Frances as she cut off Jenny's skirt. "Bet you've used those to try and pull someone, eh, Sexpot." Jenny's face was pressed into the carpet because Sarah was sitting on her head, so she could do no more than gurgle.

The girls giggled as they uncovered Jenny's lacy black bra and panties. "You know what," said Frances, "these will be great for the gag, and we'll leave the stockings on. I bet stuck-up little sexpots like wearing stockings and no panties."

Jenny was unable to resist as Sarah pulled her hair to raise her head. The girls forced her mouth open and stuffed in the remains of her own knickers, followed by several fragments of her matching bra, until her cheeks bulged. Frances wound several strips of sticky tape tightly round her head. The tape completely blindfolded her and held the cloth securely in her mouth, stopping her from spitting it out.

Meanwhile, Eva and Sarah tied Jenny's wrists, ankles and knees tightly with rope. They put cords round her elbows too, and the girls pushed her arms together and tightened the cords until Jenny's elbows touched and her forearms were firmly pinned together along their entire length. This made Jenny's already ample breasts stand out even more. Frances wrapped more tape round her hands, securely trapping her fingers, so that even if she could have reached any of the knots, she could not have undone them.

When Frances was finished, Sarah made a point of putting strips of tape tightly from one ear, under her chin and up to the other ear. "She shouldn't be able to make any sound now, whatever happens," she told the other girls. "Listen to this." She turned Jenny onto her back and smacked her hard on her plump breasts. Sure enough, no more than a barely audible whimper emerged.

By the time that they had finished trussing up Jenny, Mary and Cathy were back with some items that they had picked up round the store. "My, what excellent work," purred Cathy, giving the helpless victim's breasts a few more slaps. "I've been wanting to do that for ages."

"So, this is the plan," explained Mary. "I've knocked up this poster that says 'She can't escape, but you can', and an advert for this web site that does package holidays. We'll tie her to some railings with this poster next to her and everyone will think it's a publicity stunt for the web site. With any luck, she'll be there for a couple of days, by which time we'll all be long gone."

Jenny shuddered and writhed frantically in her bonds when she heard this, but it was utterly futile. The girls had tied her up really well.

"Oh, and just to keep her amused," added Mary with a laugh, "I've got this mouse we can leave in her cleavage." That really drove Jenny into a frenzy because, as Mary well knew, Jenny was terrified of mice. But it was a helpless frenzy; she could not shift the tight ropes at all.

Mary fitted a strapless bra round Jenny's breasts. It was one designed to uplift breasts and give a girl a lot of cleavage. On Jenny, her breasts already pushed forward by having her elbows pressed tightly together, the effect was spectacular. Next came a tight boob tube, which Mary worked over Jenny's bound legs and up her body. It did little to cover Jenny's bulging breasts and stopped only a short way below them. Finally, there was a short pleated netball skirt. Jenny's bare midriff showed between the short top and the skirt, and the skirt was so short that her stocking tops were visible.

"Is that all she's going to wear?" asked Sarah. "You're leaving her out in this cold weather half naked? She'll freeze."

"So what do you care?" answered Mary with a shrug. "It's no more than she deserves, isn't it?" Sarah could not disagree, thinking of the way that Jenny had got her into trouble more than once.

Mary and Cathy found Jenny's car keys in her purse. Leaving the others to carry on with the robbery, they carried her down to the car park and put her in the back seat of her own car. Cathy drove while Mary sat next to her on the back seat. She braided her hair, fixing a rope securely into the braid. "Thank you so much for the use of your car, Jenny," she said. "It will be ever so helpful to us for our robbery. So will your keys and pass card. Oh, and your flat."

They parked in a road with warehouses down both sides. With no houses nearby, the road was completely deserted. Mary and Cathy lifted Jenny up and laid her over the top of some low railings. While Cathy held Jenny in place, Mary climbed over and tied a rope from Jenny's wrists to the bottom of the railings. She pulled on the rope that she had woven into Jenny's hair, forcing Jenny's head down, and tied it off to the same place.

Climbing back, Mary cut the ropes round Jenny's legs. Then the two girls pulled her feet as far apart as they would go and tied her ankles to the bottom of the railings, forcing her body into a tight arch. Jenny could hardly wriggle. Her feet were off the ground, and all her weight was supported by the top of the railing across the middle of her back. The pressure there would get increasingly agonising as Jenny stayed there helpless for hour after hour.

"Just to show you that we're nice people really, Jenny," said Mary, "and seeing that it's Christmas Eve, we thought you'd like some champagne." The two girls each took a magnum of champagne, shook it vigorously, pointed it at Jenny and released the cork. The corks flew off and hit Jenny, followed by streams of champagne that soaked her. Mary and Cathy laughed and laughed.

"Actually, I've just thought of something," said Cathy thoughtfully. She isn't wearing any panties. She's absolutely helpless there, with her legs spread wide and gagged like that so she can't scream. Suppose a passing man wants to take advantage of her? What's to stop him?"

"You may well be right, but what do you care?" answered Mary with a shrug. She took some cotton wool and stuffed a piece into each of Jenny's ears, poking it in with a pencil. She topped off the cotton wool with ear plugs. "She can't hear much now, even if anyone comes along and talks to her - that will help her concentrate on her situation."

The girls left her.


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