By Ted

Chapter One

Alissa Thompson had just arrived at her one bedroom apartment. The striking twenty-two year old was in her first full year on the Downing, Illinois Police Force but the work wasn't like she expected. After sitting at a desk for awhile filing papers, her commanding officer Lieutenant Perkins had decided to pair her with a partner on patrol. The town of Downing was not exactly crime central, but did have a few incidents. To say she was bored with her job would have been an understatement, but it was what she went to College and the Police Academy for, so she was stuck with it… just in the wrong town.

After changing from her uniform and into a pair of shorts and a T-shirt, Alissa was busy putting her shoulder length brown hair into a ponytail when the doorbell rang. Looking through the peephole, Alissa could see it was some sort of deliveryman. Opening the door confirmed it.

"Hello, Miss Thompson?"

"Yes it is"

"Certified letter Miss, sign here please"

Alissa was puzzled as she signed for it and then opened it up back inside her apartment. It was from a bank, a bank from St Louis that did business with her late uncle, who she was close with. With her mother dying when she was young and having been estranged from her father from about a year, her uncle and a cousin in Hawaii was about the only real family she had. Having recently passed away from a heart attack, her uncle had apparently left her his inheritance and was being transferred to her bank in a special account. Alissa had to re-read the letter several times to grab the reality of it. She then jumped up and down and shouted loudly. If all this was true, she could finally get out of town and strike out on her own. Alissa always had a sense of adventure and wanted to open her own detective agency, but on her salary couldn't quite do it. Now she had the funding and the motivation. The only problem was where to do it. Then it hit her, why not Hawaii? Her cousin was there. Jasmine was a little younger then her, but only about three years. She could certainly take Alissa in, although Alissa thought she was still in College and maybe living on campus. One thing was certain, Jasmine could certainly show her around, especially places to open her own business!

Alissa looked at the clock and saw it was past five. The bank was now closed and it would be a long night waiting to get her answer from them about her options with the money. After eating dinner, the young girl laid down on the sofa and tried to dream of her apparently bright future…. Finally drifting off to sleep with the television on…

"Congratulations Officer Thompson, I hope everything works out for you" the bank manager said shaking the young officer's hand. Everything she had hoped for was coming true. Her Uncle's inheritance was now in her possession, or at least in her account. Alissa got in her car and drove to work. If she could fly there, she was on such a high that she could do that. There was so much to do though and it probably would be a couple of weeks before she could get to Hawaii. There was her job, her apartment, selling her car, contacting Jasmine etc. Alissa suddenly felt overwhelmed, but then she thought of the rewards, it was definitely all worth it. About ten minutes later, Alissa arrived at the station and parked her Honda Civic in the back. She then went inside, hoping to tell Lieutenant Perkins the good news. Saying good morning to everyone, Alissa then walked into Lieutenant Perkins office

"Good morning Officer, something I can do for you?"

"I need to talk with you sir, it's important"

"Have a seat then"

Alissa then sat down and smiled

"I'm resigning from the force"

To say the lieutenant was stunned was an understatement

"You're resigning? Just like that? Why?"

Alissa then showed him the letter about her acquisition

"Wow, congratulations are in order I guess"

"Thank you. I think I'm going to move to Hawaii. My cousin Jasmine is there and I always wanted to open my own detective agency, as you know. Now I have the funding to do that"

"I can see that you've made up your mind, but can you do me one favor?"

"What's that?" Alissa asked, probably knowing that he wanted her stay for another week or so

"Stay here… at least until I can get your replacement worked out, okay?"

"I thought you would say that. And because I have so many things still to take care of, I will stay…two weeks?"

"Agreed" the Lieutenant, said as she left his office

"You must be excited then" Alissa's partner, Officer John Barrett said as he drove their cruiser up one of the main streets in town.

"Is that obvious?" she smiled back as the radio suddenly went off


"Hey that's right up the street" Alissa said

"Let's' check it out then" John replied as he radioed the station for backup. Soon the two young officers had pulled up adjacent to the abandoned building.

"Okay let's check it out first, but radio on with anything okay?"

Alissa nodded as she went into the building with her gun drawn and then carefully looked around. There was no sign of anything.

"Nothing yet" she radioed her partner

She then saw a door and eased over to it. Kicking it open, Alissa eased her way in with her gun still drawn. She still saw nothing. As the young officer took another step, she could feel the cold steel of a gun against her head.

"Hello there sweetie" a man's voice said, taunting her and grabbing the radio "Drop the gun" he ordered as she let up on her grasp and dropped her handgun on the floor. The man quickly kicked it across the concrete floor. "Very good, now I want you to do two things and only two. I want you to give me your cuffs and your necktie"

"My what?"

"Just do as I say, be quiet and no sudden moves…or else!"

Alissa obeyed his order and untied her tie as the man then grabbed it. She then took out her cuffs and he quickly snatched them as well

"Good girl" he further taunted as he pulled her arms roughly behind her back and cuffed both of her wrists tightly. Alissa winced as she then tried to reason with him.

"Look, there's no way out of here, your surrou….ddmmmppphhh!"

Alissa's speech was cut off as the crook used her necktie to cleave-gag her

"A quiet cop is the best kind" he grunted, tightening the necktie behind her head

"You're my way out of here brown eyes…now move it!"

The crook pushed Alissa and forced the girl to walk. She had fell into his clutches and was now being used as a human shield or even being kidnapped Just great…just before I leave for paradise…. Nice move Thompson…

The crook jerked Alissa to the back of the building. Just then she saw her partner rounding the back of the building. The crook fired his gun in his direction as a warning shot

"Mmmmmphhh!!!" Alissa tried to say as she saw John duck behind the building

"Look what I've got!" the crook shouted to John "We're getting out of here now!"

The crook jerked Alissa back inside and down another hall. By the time they had reached the top, sirens were heard outside and getting closer. It's about time…Alissa thought as the crook cussed over the situation. Just then they saw a car sitting in the garage. The crook opened the back door & roughly shoved Alissa inside and onto the floor behind the seat. He then went and opened the hood. A few minutes later he had successfully hot-wired the vehicle. Climbing inside, the crook then drove the vehicle through the door and onto the street, tires squealing. Alissa could hear gunshots firing at the car as she tried to adjust herself up, but was pinned well. Then she could hear the man laugh out loud

"Take that cops!" he shouted "Now I can get my brother out of prison with little lady cop's help!"

Alissa was being kidnapped in exchange for the man's brother's release! Oh no…what if he finds out about my money….Alissa hoped that would never happen, but what good was that if her young life was in danger anyway? Her dream would be over before it would begin. She could hear the car turn down a few streets and then stop.


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