by Charles Spencer

This idea came to me a few years back when a national newspaper carried a story of an unfortunate family who had returned from two weeks holiday to find their house empty. It had been for sale and the neighbours had therefore thought nothing of the Furniture Removal van that had turned up the day after they had left; indeed one nice lady nearby had made tea for the three men who had loaded the van up.   Everybody was now mortified. Comments, Rants & Raves to:

Chapter One

Grant was chuckling to himself as the video played on the portable TV over the office filing cabinet. He swung round in the office chair and helped himself to another cup of coffee. This is the best bit he thought, where they are pushed against the bathroom door and stretched out like a statue. He had edited the tape so it ran smoothly showing the whole picture over an hour like the other five before. Those tapes were all locked in the safe hidden in the wall.

"Grant, time to go," yelled Dave, Number Two-- the rope man. "Must be quick or we'll miss our deadline."

Grant switched off the TV, loaded the film into the safe then climbed into the van. Twenty minutes later they parked outside the neat four bedroom house on the exclusive estate. The For Sale board still hung outside, with a Sold ticket stuck on lopsided.  
"Ready? Here we go then. Got everything, Dave, Mike?" Two grunts were all he got as Dave swung the van into the drive and round until the rear faced the front door of the house, 29 Kewn Close it had said.  

As it was early morning, 8 A.M., they could not wear masks so pulled the collars up on their overalls and pulled down sun glasses and pressed on false beards. Grant rang the bell and listened for footsteps. They came so he stood back for the door to be opened. As it swung open, the well rehearsed team went into action.

The busty, dark-haired woman who answered the door was pushed quickly back into the hall and the door closed behind. Before Gail could cry out, a knife was poked in her face.

"Do not make a sound lady. I'll scar you for life at the faintest peep. Stand still and let us work." Number Two opened his bag of tricks and out came the well used soft cord.

Gail's arms were pulled back and her wrists tied together behind her. More rope joined her elbows together. As she teetered on her feet a large spongy rubber ball was pushed firmly into her mouth forcing it to gape open, followed by the black tape over her mouth. Two extra lengths went in an X down either side of her cheeks and under her chin. She felt herself lifted and placed on a dining chair with her arms forced over the back.   Her wrists were tied down to the bottom rung of the seat as her legs were bent tailor fashion, ankle to knee in front of her. More rope held her feet in place whilst a final piece joined her waist to the chair.

Seven minutes had passed since she had opened the door and she found herself like this in her own house. Her mind refused to accept it but her uncomfortable position told her it was true. They plonked her in the chair at the side of the hall by the dining room door. She was a prisoner in her own home and no-one would come to rescue her till the kids came back at 4 P.M. She started to scream and shout and throw herself around. No, don't let the kids be the first to find her like this!

Suddenly she realised the leader had brought out a video camera and was slowly circling her, taking long lingering shots including a closeup of her crotch. As her legs were spread, her skirt had rucked up and her white panties showed to the camera, tautly covering her fanny.

For two hours she sat in enforced stillness as all around was activity. Every so often a further burst of camera activity happened including one request to smile for the "dickey-birdie." She watched as they ransacked her house of all its antiques, paintings and valuables including her jewelry box.

At one point they had to move her so Two had lifted her chair away five feet. All the time she had been jerking her head and body and trying to scream for help and attention. Finally, as she realised they had almost finished Number One came over to her and started to untie her. She sighed to herself as her legs stretched out in front of her then grimaced in pain as her arms fell free.  She moved to pull off the gag tape.

"No don't. Leave that, we don't want any sound do we? We may make it better for you later. Now I want to make you more comfortable as we leave. It will be sometime before you are found won't it?"

She gawped at him. How was she supposed to be comfortable tied up as she knew she was to be. She started again as she caught the end of his next command.

"Clothes off please Mrs., all of them. I don't want them getting in the way of a good job so you spoil everything and get free."

She shook her head vehemently, NO WAY, absolutely NO WAY.

"We'll take them off for you if you don't," he warned catching her look "I really don't think you want that."

He was right, of course, she did not want that so slowly started to humour him by removing her skirt and blouse.

"No, all of it," he ordered as she stood before him in plunging uplift bra and white satin hi-cut knickers.
She moved away from him but Number Two came up behind her and she bowed to the inevitable as her hands went behind her back to the bra hooks. Soon she stood stark naked in front of him, her sizeable 37" mounds thrusting out and her bushy brown triangle of hair covered by her hands.

Grant nodded at Number Two behind her and she felt his arms come round her body, grasp her wrists and pull them behind her back. He placed them palm to palm and she felt more rope tightly join them. He moved to anchor her wrists into her bum by running a rope around her waist twice then pulling the ends down through her bushy hair, to her wrist bonds and back to be tied off tightly at her waist. She looked down in disbelief at the pain as she saw the rope had disappeared from view at the front, it was pulled so far into her crack.

Still numb with the intrusion, she felt herself pushed over to the banister at the foot of the stairs. He prodded her gently but firmly back against the banister, then hands on her shoulders pushed to a kneeling position. Quickly he knelt too as more rope welded her ankles tight back to her thighs.  Uncomfortable, she decided, but she could live with this. All it did is stop her walking or rising from the kneeling position. Then he lifted her so she was raised onto her knees, her ankles now behind her with toes waving in the air. Yards of rope attached her like this to the banister so she was like a figurehead at the bottom of the stairs, resting on her knees with her legs doubled up behind her.  Rope around her chest had squashed her breasts flat leaving just her nipples pointing out. Finally as her elbows were now forced either side of the wood upright he joined them behind it leaving a small link between as the distance was just too great across the four inch block.  The pain was now excruciating and sobs of anguish escaped from her taped mouth.

"Gag isn't good enough, Number Two" warned the leader, "also I want a blindfold. How about one of your tape mummy heads?"

She did not like the sound of that at all and shook her head violently from side to side, the only movement she was capable of, she realised with a start.

Silently Number Two picked at the end of the tape and tore it slowly off. The fine hairs on her face screeched in pain. He looked around and latched onto her knickers lying on the floor, picked them up and returned to her face. She was busily trying to push the ball out of her mouth with her tongue but it was just too big; it needed his help of two large grubby fingers either side to pull it out.

"Why are you doing this?" she gasped in a whisper. "I was not going anywhere before and this is very painful." Her voiced was a whisper as her throat was so dry.

"Easy, sister," Number 2 spoke at last in a harsh voice. "We like it better this way. You look like a ship's figure head. The video film will be more fun to show our friends if there is some real action at the end."   

Until then, she hadn't realised that the leader had been filming all the action;  but now looked up to see the red unblinking eye and his smirking face behind the dark glasses.

"Now open wide for daddy," he smirked.   

She had no real option, so she opened her mouth so he could stuff her knickers far back into her mouth over her tongue, followed by the huge ball. The scratchy cloth tickled her tonsils and she retched quickly. A long length of tape wound around her head over her gaping mouth and she found she was silent.  

Number Two reached into his bag and drew out a roll of four inch cling film clear wrap, pressed the end to the middle of her lower chin and started to wind the film around her head when suddenly the back door opened…

To Be Continued...

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