Not What I Intended

By Amy Flanagan

For Mature Readers Only

I finished my lunch, washed up and put everything away. The flat was cleaner and tidier than it had been for a long time. I was determined that my plan for Malcolm's visit would go perfectly. For far too long, he had thought of me only as a work colleague. I had to make him realise that I was a pretty and desirable young woman.

I thought with pleasure of what would happen this afternoon if my scheme worked, and looked at the clock. It was gone two, and Malcolm was due here at three. I did a final check of the flat. Everything was tidy, so I went and had a quick scented bath, then walked naked out into the bedroom.

I had already laid out on the bed everything that I would be wearing. There were a basque, thong, seamed stockings, a suspender belt, long gloves and shiny high-heeled shoes with ankle straps; that was all. They were all bright red. I smiled as I put them on, imagining Malcolm's face when he saw me.

The basque was rather too tight and the cups were too small, and by the time I had finished putting it on, my breasts bulged out of the cups. It was the only one in the shop that was anything like the right size, and it would have to do. I had removed the straps. The cups were just about stiff enough to stay in position without them, but it would be very easy for someone to get to my breasts. I shivered in eager anticipation.

Next, I fastened the suspender belt round my waist. Three straps dangled down from each side. I pulled on the stockings slowly, taking great care to get the seams straight, and fastened the lacy tops to the six straps of the suspender belt. The thong went over the six straps, and I meticulously adjusted its waistband to be parallel to and just below the suspender belt.

The shoes were too small as well, but I wasn't expecting to walk very far in them. I squeezed my feet into them with some difficulty, then pulled the ankle straps as tight as they would go. The heels were higher than anything I had ever worn before and even standing in those shoes, let alone walking in them, was quite painful. They were quite impractical, but I certainly wasn't intending to leave the flat and they really looked good!

I studied myself in the mirror. My outfit really looked sexy, especially the way the too tight basque made my breasts bulge out. My feet made a very steep angle with the floor and my instep arched in a graceful curve. The basque was getting more and more irksome with every passing minute, but who cared? It was really achieving the look I wanted. I tugged on the waistband of the thong so that it rode further up inside me. It would look better, even if it was more uncomfortable.

What would really drive Malcolm wild, I knew, was a completely helpless female. I stuffed a large rubber gag into my mouth and fastened the strap tightly round my head. There was no way that I could talk until it was removed. Then I fastened my gloved hands behind my back with a pair of handcuffs. It would not be easy to unlock them again with my hands behind my back, but I knew that it would be easy to take the cuffs under my feet and bring my hands in front. I carefully placed the key in the bottom drawer of the bedside table. Wearing high-heeled shoes and handcuffs, it was quite tricky to crouch down and open the drawer, but I did not expect to need the key in a hurry. Standing up again was quite tricky as well. The padded leather blindfold lay in plain view on top of the table. My preparations complete, I walked slowly and painfully into the hall, then sat down in the hall and waited for three o'clock.

The front door rang and I hobbled over to answer it, turning my back and bending over so that I could reach the handle with my handcuffed hands. As it opened, I heard a gasp and someone exclaim "What a bottom!" but it was not Malcolm's voice. I spun round in panic. It was not Malcolm! I froze in horror as a large, powerful man stared at me.

"This is my lucky day!" he said, as he stepped in and closed the door behind him before I could move. I turned and headed for the bedroom as fast as I could hobble, hoping to get the key and unlock the handcuffs. Unless I could do that, I would be utterly powerless to stop this ghastly intruder from taking advantage of me. As I tried in vain to run in those tight, high-heeled shoes, I realised that I was giving him another good view of my bottom, neatly framed by the red thong, suspender straps and lacy stocking tops. Below my bottom, the seams of the stockings went down straight as a ruler to the shoes. There was no point in trying to kick off those wretched shoes: the ankle straps held them on too firmly.

"You're a lovely girl," he called after me. It was a compliment that I did not need.

He followed me into the bedroom. I headed for the bedside table, but he grabbed me and threw me face down onto the bed. Spotting the blindfold, he fastened it tightly round my head. It was very effective; I was now completely in the dark. My bottom was on the edge of the bed, displayed prominently. He grabbed my handcuffed wrists, lifting them high into the air. The pain in my shoulders forced me to press my gagged and blindfolded face into the bed. Suddenly, there was a stinging pain in my bottom as he slapped it hard, again and again. I tried to yell, but hardly any sound came out, and the bed muffled even that. I tried to wriggle away, but he was holding my wrists too firmly.

"Just relax and enjoy yourself, darling," he said in a deep, soothing tone. I didn't feel at all soothed.

Tiring of spanking me, the intruder lifted me to my feet and pushed me against the wall, with my helpless arms behind me. He pressed his chest into mine. I panted for breath, as the pressure of his chest combined with the gag that filled my mouth almost suffocated me. He kissed me on the cheek, between the gag and the blindfold. I jerked my head away, but he put a hand round my throat and under my jaw, holding my head in place as he kissed me again and again on both cheeks.

"No! No!" I tried to yell, but the gag did its job and I could only mumble.

"You don't have to play so hard to get, darling," he laughed, as I tried in vain to escape from him.

"Let me go! Leave me alone!" I tried to yell, but it was hopeless; the only sound to emerge was a faint mumble.

"Stop wriggling so much, darling," he said. "You're really enjoying this, aren't you?"

I tried to shake my head, but he gripped the back of my head and forced me to nod. "Good," he laughed. His hand moved down and gripped the right basque cup and my breast gently. He squeezed the breast lightly and moved it around in slow circles. I gasped and tried as hard as I could to pull free, but it was futile. His fingers held the top of the cup and pulled it down, revealing my breast and the nipple. He bent and rubbed his long fat pink tongue over the nipple, then took the breast into his mouth and started sucking it.

"Stop! Stop!" I tried to beg.

He ignored my muffled whimpers and helpless struggles as he sucked heavily at my nipple, drawing the flesh deep into his mouth and rubbing his lips over it, gnawing lightly on the nipple, pinching it with his teeth and drawing it out from the breast, stretching it as he sucked. He slid his tongue up and down across my nipple while his hand cupped it firmly from underneath. Then he flicked the tip of his tongue lightly and rapidly across my nipple until I felt it going hard.

After what seemed an eternity, he took his hand off my breast. But there was no respite from his attentions. He slid his hand slowly down my basque, over my bottom and down the front of my stockinged thigh. I tried to press my thighs together but his powerful hand forced them apart and slid under my pubic mound, cupping it and squeezing it upwards.

"No! No!" I tried to moan.

His fingers rubbed my crotch through my thong as he continued to lick and suck patiently at my nipple. I had no choice but to stand there, nearly motionless, letting him do as he pleased with my helpless body.

"These clothes are very cute but they're getting in the way," he said at last. I went cold with fear at the thought of what that meant.

He deftly undid the clasps on the basque, opening it down the middle and pulling it off. My big round, firm breasts stuck out in his face and he paused for a moment to admire them. Then he began to slurp and suck on my breasts again, squeezing both of them with his big strong hands. He slid his face lower and fell onto his knees, sliding his tongue down my belly.

His fingers slid into the waistband of my thong and tugged it slowly down. I groaned in humiliation as it slipped down over my curls and bared my most secret parts. He chuckled in pleasure at the sight, pulling the thong down to the floor, tapping my feet until I stepped out of it.

"We'll leave the rest; they're fine," he smiled.

His hands rubbed up and down my stockinged thighs, pushing them further open, forcing me to spread my legs wide apart for him. I gasped into my gag as his tongue licked slowly along my crotch. I gasped again when he slowly peeled me open with his thumbs and began to lick inside me.

His nose ground into my crotch as he shoved his tongue deep into me. I gasped as a wave of pleasure poured into my loins. At first I couldn't believe what was happening to my body. But as he continued to suck and slurp and lick inside me, the feeling grew and grew until I could no longer deny it.

I tried to fight it down, in a state of shock at how my body was responding to this awful man. What was going on? What was my body doing? I bit hard on my gag, sweating as I tried with all of my might to hold off the pleasure that was surging through every fibre of my being. My body was hot with lust, my breasts beginning to swell, my nipples to harden. I was bewildered and helpless before the unexpected sexual onslaught.

I gasped as I felt a new sensation. I knew that he had stuck one of his fingers into me. He began pumping the thick digit inside me as he carried on sucking me furiously.

I groaned into my gag and shuddered, then blushed in humiliation as the man chuckled in response. He shoved his face even harder into my crotch, his hands gripping my naked buttocks tightly, squeezing them, his fingers kneading the hot, firm flesh as his mouth sucked me. He managed to get my entire mound into his mouth, then locked his lips tight and sucked for all he was worth.

I felt my legs go rubbery as a devastating blast of hot sexual energy blew through my inmost parts. I could hardly stand. My jaw fluttered below my gag and my eyes fluttered under my blindfold as my body was enveloped in a powerful sexual haze. My nipples went as hard as rocks, feeling as if they would burst asunder.

"No! No!" I tried to moan.

Finally, he stopped sucking. I sensed that he had stood up. By now, I was trembling so much that I nearly fell over.

"Do you want it now, gorgeous?" he said softly.

His hand slid down between my thighs, and suddenly two fingers thrust up inside me. I gasped, helpless to prevent my groin from jerking forward onto his fingers.

He grabbed my hair, pulling my head up and back, forcing my back to arch as he kissed me again on the cheeks. His fingers pumped furiously inside me, slashing across my engorged clitoris. I grunted and moaned and sobbed in despair as my body began to blast into a powerful orgasmic storm.

I came; my head felt like a star exploding. I cried uselessly into my gag. My body flashed into a massive orgasmic storm of sensations, my groin blasting out like a volcano as I grunted in bliss.

I was still dazed from the orgasm, and hardly knew what was going on as he dragged me to the bed and pushed me face down onto it. He pulled my knees up to the edge of the bed, then thrust his thick manhood into me to the hilt.

My mind was a whirling cyclone of confusion. He held my hips and moved rapidly, using the full length of his long, thick manhood, riding me like a bitch in heat as I lay in helpless confusion.

My mind slowly settled, and I was terribly ashamed that I could be enjoying this. Tears filled my blindfolded eyes as I knelt there and took thrust after thrust. My body jerked back and forth as he increased the force of his strokes, and his hips thumped painfully into my naked bottom again and again.

I knelt in a mixture of rapture and misery, feeling like a cheap slut. My breasts rubbed on the bed and moved backward and forward beneath me in time to the intruder's strokes. Then his hands came under me and gripped them, squeezing and kneading the tender flesh.

I groaned as my tits were crushed. My chest filled with heat, as though my breasts were water balloons and he had squeezed them so hard that all the liquid was forced back into my body.

But it was heat that was being forced into me, heat and pleasure, for I felt my body rising again, catching fire, climbing back into the sexual vortex I had only just left. I was no longer bothering to fight it; I was too disgusted with myself to care.

My bottom moved of its own volition, pumping back instinctively against the big object inside me. Never had I had something so large there. My breathing quickened. My blood raced. My heart pounded. My head throbbed. I groaned weakly, my upper body sagging down until my face and shoulders were buried in the bedclothes.

He kept pounding into me from behind, and I felt as if my body were blowing higher and higher, like a leaf on a rising wind, flying helplessly, tossed here and there with no control.

He pulled out of me suddenly. I raised my weary head, both disappointed and relieved momentarily.

But it was only a brief respite. He climbed onto the bed and then picked me up effortlessly and balanced me on top of himself.

Unable to control myself, I crawled forward blindly, straddling him, kneeling above his groin. I sat down until I felt his manhood nudging me, then halted, as if trying for the last time to control myself. Then I gave a whimper of despair and slowly sank down onto him.

The whimper turned to a groan as his manhood bloated me out and slid up into my belly. My breathing became more ragged as I took more and more of it inside myself.

I came, arching my back and dropping the final few inches down onto him. His manhood speared me and I tried again in vain to scream. My back bowed into an arch. He seized my hips, keeping me from falling, pumping his hips as he jerked me up and down.

I leaned forward and he put a hand on my chest to hold me there. I shuddered violently, then began to grind myself against him, my bottom rubbing against his flesh as I whined in a paroxysm of sexual heat.

The orgasm took control of me, but this time left me wanting still more. I continued to rub and press myself against him, until I regained some strength, then began to hump up and down, bouncing on his lap as I began to enjoy myself.

I felt him spurting inside me, and I moaned into my gag, for it meant the end of the wonderful sex.

But I was wrong. He stayed hard. I continued to ride up and down, waiting for him to go soft, hoping against hope that I could come once more before it happened.

He rolled over on top of me, then continued the sex, throwing his hips into me, ramming himself deep into me with powerful strokes. I grunted again, and moaned in delight. I came again, then yet again, then again, riding each high into a swirling mist of ecstatic sexual bliss, falling back, only to catch the next wave upwards.

I didn't know how many times I came, for my mind was torn asunder by the blistering, raging tornado of sexual ecstasy. After a final gut-wrenching, mind blowing orgasmic explosion, I lost consciousness.

I woke up to find myself face down on the bed. The blindfold, gag and handcuffs were gone, and I felt very relaxed and happy after my experience, which already seemed to be delightful rather than an ordeal. The intruder's voice filtered down through a haze. "Here, I've made you some coffee," he said kindly. I sat up slowly and sipped it gratefully. Somehow, it seemed to be the best coffee I'd ever had. "I behaved quite outrageously, I know," he said. "Total lack of self-control. Do you think you could ever find it in your heart to forgive me?"

I looked at him. Now that I was calm and no longer shocked, he looked very handsome and he had a charming smile. As I had discovered, he could be very good in bed. Could I ever forgive him? Well, maybe ...

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