Swashbuckling Bound II: The Pirate and the Highwaywoman

By Stephen McIlvenna

The locations, major events and certain characters in these stories are taken from Theah, the setting for the 7th Sea role-playing game (http://www.swashbucklingadv.com). These particular stories are based on logs from my own role-playing adventures in this exciting world (http://www.btinternet.com/~s.mci/7thsea/7thindex.html).

Theah is (sort of, but not quite) a fantasy version of 17th century Europe. It is filled with daring swordsmen, dashing pirates and dread villains. These stories are set in Montaigne (sort of, but not quite, France) and Eisen (sort of, but not quite, Germany). Following a bloody revolution, the nobles of Montaigne are starting new lives as exiles in neighbouring Eisen.

Please send any comments about this tale to s.mci@btinternet.com

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