Dr. Brian

by Miss Vicky

We British are proud of our National Health Service, which ensures that people can get most of their medical treatments free.  However, the affluent know that they can get the best medical treatment by paying to see one of the eminent doctors who have consulting rooms in Harley Street, in London's West End.

Let us follow Kate as she walks along Harley Street, looking for the right building.  She is a businesswoman in her early twenties, smartly dressed in a navy blue two-piece and a white blouse.  Her problem is that she is afraid of spiders, and she hopes that noted hypnotherapist Dr. Brian can cure her.  She rings the doorbell, and is admitted by the receptionist, a lady in her fifties who has worked for Dr. Brian since before Kate was born and knows exactly how to deal with his patients.  She smiles at this attractive young woman, and offers her a coffee.  ’Dr. Brian won't be long,’ she assures Kate.  Kate sits in the soft comfortable armchair and waits.  Unknown to her, she is being kept waiting long enough for the drugs in the coffee to take effect.  As soon as the receptionist is sure that she is ready, she leads the dazed girl in to see Dr. Brian.

The doctor is a distinguished-looking man in a pinstripe suit.  He is in his fifties, and his hair is beginning to go grey, but he is still fit and strong. He smiles appreciatively when he sees Kate.  The receptionist leaves her in the middle of the room and slips out quietly, closing the door.  Kate just stares blankly.  ’Now, Kate,’ says Dr. Brian in a gentle but very firm tone that admits no argument, “you are alone in the room.  There is nobody else here.  Also, while you are in this room, you are completely unable to talk.  You cannot make a sound, not a whisper, not a squeak, not a hum.  Is that right?’  Kate nods.


Dr. Brian looks at her feet.  He frowns slightly when he sees her flat-heeled brown suede shoes.  Attractive young ladies should wear shiny black shoes with high stiletto heels.  “Those shoes are extremely tight and uncomfortable,’ he says gently.  “It would be such a relief to take them off.’  Kate hurriedly kicks them off.  “Now,’ he continues, “it is so hot in here.  You can't want to keep that jacket on.’  Mechanically, Kate takes it off and hangs it on the back of a chair.  Dr. Brian smiles approvingly on seeing the outline of her pert young breasts through the tailored blouse.

“Oh dear,’ he continues in the same gentle, comforting tone, “that skirt is so tight round the waist. You really must undo it.’ Kate undoes the zip. The skirt slips down round her ankles, and she picks it up and drapes it over the chair next to her jacket. Again, Dr. Brian frowns as he sees that she is wearing tights, and underneath them are white full knickers, probably made of cotton. “Those tights itch terribly; you can´t stand it’, he suggests. Kate hurriedly peels them off and they join the jacket and skirt. “That blouse is so tight that you fear you´ll choke. That bra is squeezing your breasts painfully. Those panties are incredibly itchy.’ Kate is now completely naked.

“See this sponge, Kate,’ says Dr. Brian, handing it to her.  ’It needs to go in your mouth, all of it.’  Kate has difficulty complying with this, as the sponge is quite big, but after a while she manages to cram it all in. Her cheeks are bulging.  ’Take this strap and put it over your mouth and fasten it behind your head.  Pull the strap as tight as it will go.’  Kate manages to do this.  There is now no way that she can spit out the sponge. Even if the doctor would let her speak, very little sound could get out through this very effective gag.

“Stand to attention. Now put your hands on your knees.’ Kate hurriedly obeys Dr. Brian´s firm tone. The doctor examines her bottom approvingly, rubbing and patting it. Then he gets a leather strap. “Now Kate,’ he says gently, “don´t move and remember you can´t make a sound.’ He strikes her bottom with a loud thwack. She stays still and silent.

“Kate, when you come to see Dr. Brian …’ thwack

“You should always wear a black satin thong …’ thwack

“matching suspenders …’ thwack

“stockings …’ thwack

“and shiny black high-heeled stilettos.’ thwack

“Understood?’ thwack, thwack.

Her bottom is now red and sore. He rubs some soothing cream over it, spending quite some time ensuring that he rubs it into every part of her bottom.

“Right, Kate, stand up and spread your legs wide.’ He hands her a wooden pole with a leather strap attached to each end. “Buckle one strap round your leg just above your right knee – pull it tight … now the other strap just above the left knee.’ The leg spreader forces Kate to stand in an awkward position.

“This is an inflatable butt plug.’ Dr Brian hands an odd-looking black rubber device to Kate. “The greased end has to go into your anus. It's well-lubricated and it will go in easily.’ Kate fiddles around and eventually pushes it in. “Now squeeze and release the bulb at the other end to inflate it. Squeeze - release - squeeze - release ....’ Dr Brian keeps telling Kate to do this until he is satisfied that the plug is fully inflated. Kate feels stuffed to bursting, but of course she says nothing.

“Put this blindfold on. Fasten it behind your head. Pull the strap as tight as it will go.’ Kate does this. The leather blindfold is heavily padded, and not a trace of light can now reach her eyes.

“Here is a pair of handcuffs. Handcuff your wrists together behind your back.’

Dr. Brian walks behind Kate and fixes a leather strap tightly round each arm, just above the elbows. He pushes her elbows together until they nearly touch, and joins together the clips attached to the straps, holding her arms in that position. A wide elastic belt round her stomach and her arms presses her arms against her back. He walks round Kate and notices how pushing her elbows together makes her breasts stand out more. He plays with her breasts, and sucks her nipples until they are hard.

“Right, Kate, let´s get you lying down,’ he says. Trussed up and blindfolded as she is, she would be unable to do this without the doctor´s help, but she is soon lying on her back on the luxuriously soft carpet. “You are so cute there, Kate,’ he says fondly. “Utterly helpless and exposed. It´s lucky for you that nobody can see you.’ He takes off his jacket, hangs it up and undoes his trouser belt …


Kate, unknown to her, has been given antidotes to the drugs and is now fully awake. She is fixing the date of her next appointment with the receptionist. Spiders? They´re tiny, harmless little things. How silly she was ever to be frightened of them! Still, she knows that she will need to see Dr. Brian regularly in future. Yes, that will cost a fair amount of money in fees, but she feels certain that it will be money well spent. And of course she will recommend him to her friends.

She cheerfully says good-by to the receptionist, and then heads towards nearby Oxford Street to get some new shoes and underwear.


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