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A sword-wielding heroine runs afoul of sorcerous doings in Conyn and the Black Phoenix. (Completed 2015!)

Being a big fan of Lady Jane's character Velvet Ice, Stripper Detective, it's my pleasure to collaborate with Jane on Velvet's newest adventure, Viva Las Velvet. (ongoing)

We begin a new series of adventures with Victorian London's greatest detective and her plucky young assistant. Did I say "her" assistant? Yup. Meet the woman who's as smart as Holmes, and twice as sexy, in Olivia Dunne and the Spirit Cabinet. (ongoing)

Alexandra Anderson and Cynthia Crane (of The Case Of The Multiple Damsels fame) make their return in a complete story entitled Halloween Hostel-ities. (complete)

Our newest serial is a fond tribute to TV's greatest adventure heroine of all time: The Damsel Makers. (complete)

Amazing the things that can happen to a girl when she's just trying to mind the store. Join Sophie for The Adventure of the Happy Cat. (ongoing)

Did you, like me, spend seven years glued to your TV set as a plucky teenage blonde and her assorted friends did battle with the creatures of the night? Miss 'em? Me too. Here's my little tribute: Summer Dale: The Protector. (incomplete; I do plan to finish it eventually)

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, as the Old West gets very Wild, in Rio Bondo. (ongoing)

Probably my darkest, most explicit story yet: Jewels. Definitely mature readers stuff, but I've had a lot of people praise it highly. (complete)

An elegant setting, two sexy women, an abduction-- that's the formula for A Night at the Opera. (complete)

Avast, mateys! "Spicy" Jeanne, the pirate, faces rough seas and rough handling in Over the 'Bounding' Main. (complete)

A sexy superheroine in peril? Good girls at the mercy of bad girls? You've come to the right place. Enjoy my ongoing collaboration with Jenn Wu in Spider-Woman and the Books of Doom. (incomplete; probably won't resume unless/until my collaborator returns)

It's the long-lost story that first allowed me to call myself a professional bondage writer: Scarlette and the Adventure of Lady Katherine. (incomplete; may or may not be continued)

Here's one that's a bit on the darker, more explicit side for me. If you're OK with that, you may enjoy Neighborhood Witch Watch. (incomplete; may or may not be continued)

A bit of a departure, some action and intrigue, and hopefully good entertainment in Going Back. (it's got a logical ending, but I might still explore it further one day)

My tip of the hat to my long-lost friends Jeanne and Dana: our online story collected as The Perils of Lianni. (incomplete; I might decide to continue it, but without my two collaborators, I'm less enthusiastic about it)

Everyone loves those plucky girl detectives... but did you ever try to imagine what it would be like to live with one? Take a peek at The Mysterious Brass-Bound Clue Of The Tapping Secret In The Hidden Mansion. (ongoing)

Shopping and peril-- the ideal combination in The Lingerie Shoppe. (complete)

It's intrigue in and around postwar Paris as Jeanne Thorne finds herself the subject of an "Occupational" Hazard. (incomplete; may or may not be continued)

Vintage pulp adventure is on offer as we fall under the Shadow of the Bronze Dragon. (incomplete; I do plan to finish it eventually)

Real-life model Penny Lynn steps into a different sort of spotlight as she portrays "Penny Place"-- model by day, spygirl by night, in Secrets and Locks. (incomplete; since the movie that this was going to serve as a basis for never came together, I doubt I will finish it)

The world's loveliest superheroines face an alliance of sinister super-villainesses in The Continuing Adventures of Magna-Maid and the League of Heroines. As of March 2003, newly resumed by Jeanne Thorne! (incomplete; may or may not be continued)

A sort of slightly romantic piece, without much action: Return. (complete)

This one's a bit more on the wicked side: The Replacement. (complete)

Keep the holidays all year 'round with the (slightly silly) (OK, more than slightly) My Favorite Elf. (complete)

My lingerie-lovin' pal Vicky is in big trouble again (wouldn't you just know it?) in Chapter One of Surprise Visit. (incomplete; may or may not be continued)

My first attempt at a "Celebrity Abduction" story was written for a contest (I came in second). Enjoy Career Move. (complete)

I've recently repaired the link to a story written a while ago for a good friend. I originally gave the heroine a different name, but now the lady has asked me to re-post it with her own name: so, I am proud to "re-present" the first chapter of Sarah's Story. (incomplete; probably won't be continued)

I've had a lot of great response to the reposting of my story called Jewels; for those who enjoyed it, I am pleased to present the first chapter of a sequel: Therapy. Please be aware that, like Jewels, this one is a bit more frank in terms of language and sexuality than most stories at this site. (incomplete; I do plan to finish it eventually)

"Raiding" the Jungle Queen, featuring my own take on everyone's favorite lady archaeologist-adventuress. (incomplete; I do plan to finish it eventually)

Speaking of archaeology, here's my very first story . (Zip version also available). (sort of complete, sort of incomplete; it doesn't so much end as it just kinda "stops")

Kit Palmer has the most unusual profession in Hollywood, in Girls on Film. (incomplete; not sure if I'll finish it)

Buxom brunette Belinda Carver is a nosey reporter who gets "taken for a ride", so to speak, in Hot Wheels. (complete)

The world's loveliest superheroines face an alliance of sinister super-villainesses in The Continuing Adventures of Magna-Maid and the League of Heroines (one part is complete, one part will probably remain incomplete unless/until my collaborator returns)

When a plucky ballet instructor stumbles onto an international abduction, she finds herself at the kidnappers' mercy in Dance to Danger. (Zip version also available) (complete)

It's About Jack is as close to a "consensual" bondage story as I've written, and features self-bondage, as well. (complete)

I've had more than one person tell me that they think Jewels is the best story I've written yet. It's certainly darker and more intense than most of my stuff, but not dreary or depressing (I hope). (complete)

If you enjoy it, the sequel, Therapy, is under way.

For the holidays,here's an assortment of my Christmas-themed stories from years past (all are complete):

My Favorite Elf

No Holiday For Heroines

The Christmas Party

"from her head to her foot..."

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