Contributions from My Friends

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The 13th Hostage, by Peter Walsh.

The Activity Weekend, by Peter Walsh.

The Abduction Game, by K.C. Hush.

The Adventures of Agent Lisa, by Amy Flanagan.

The Affair of the Ellsworth Women, by Frank Knebel.

All at Sea: Topaz, by Curt

All at Sea: La Cioccolata, by Gillian B

All at Sea: Protective Colouring, by Gillian B

All I Want for Christmas, by Kalena Hunter

Andy of Bindberry, by Woody

The Best Policewoman in the Land, by Dex Combo

Birthday Blues, by Gillian B

Black Friday, by Historian

Bound on the Fourth of July, by Historian

Bound To Be A Solution, by Zella

Brightman, not Brightspark, by Charles Spencer.

Byline for Peril, by Chet.

Candidate for Ransom, by Ed Franklin.

Captive, by Brian Sands.

A Captive Valentine, by Historian.

Captives of Desire, by Josh Hunter Shannon.

Carols by Spencer, by Charles Spencer

The Case of the Mayan Treasure, by Historian.

Cat War, by AMONA.

Charlotte's Great Event, by Charles Spencer.

Christmas Evil, by Jeanne Thorne

Christmas Wrappings, by Brian Sands

The Co-Ed Sleuths, by Thomas.

Come Out And Play, by Cyan's Fiction.

Dark Reflection, by Jemej.

Dawn of Twilight, by Gerund.

A Day At The Office, by Ed Mariner.

The Deadly Disk, by Bill K.

Debbie Malley of the Secret Service, by Bayezid.

Derby Day, by Historian

The Dixie Detective Agency, by Historian

Easy Pickings, by Jemej.

The Escapee, by Frank Knebel.

Field Survey, by Zack.

Finnigan's Island, by Woody.

Forced Vacation, by Veronica.

A Frame of Mind, by Historian.

The Frame-Up, by Frank Knebel.

The Gift, by elle`attend

The Halloween Party, by Historian

Halloween Surprise, by Cordelia White

Held to Ransom, by Brian Sands.

A Heroine in Lace, by Brian Sands.

Hidden in Plain Sight, by Miss Vicky.

Highland Fling, by Cordelia White.

Highway Robbery, by Kalena J. Hunter.

Holiday, by Brian Sands

Hooper, by Frank Fessler

The Horse Thieves, by Historian.

House Removals, by Charles Spencer.

Hover Lover Mayday, by Woody.

Industrial Espionage, by Charles Spencer.

Judith's Jaunt, by Charles Spencer.

Justiciar: Hera's Revenge, by Doc Proteus.

The Killarney Emerald, by Historian.

Kitten, by Brian Sands.

kitten's Story, by kitten.

The Knight of Her Bondage, by Sir Chard.

Lady Shade, by Curt.

The Lady Traders, by Peter Walsh.

Law and Order, by Tim Jones.

Lisette Ruisseau and the Case of the Kidnapped Heiress

Lisette Ruisseau and the Cyber Geeks, by Brian Sands.

Lisette Ruisseau and the Grand Guignol Affair, by Brian Sands.

Little Amusement Park of Horrors, by Norm E.

The Man With Half a Face, by Kalena J. Hunter.

Matriarch, by elle`attend.

Melody Hazard and The Duck's Egg Diamond Mystery, by Brian Sands.

Memories Can't Wait, by Jeanne Thorne.

Mia Chantal in Jeopardy, by Brian Sands.

Mine of Distress, by Historian.

The Misfortunes of Mary, by Maurice Llewelllyn.

Mistaken Identity, by Cordelia White.

The Modelling Session, by Miss Vicky.

My Bondage Adventure, by Sooz Kink with Peter Walsh.

My Short Story, by Maxine.

The Mysterious Affair at Greenhampton, by Frank Knebel.

A Night at the Opera, by elle`attend.

Not What I Intended, by Amy Flanagan.

Opening Day, by Historian.

The Order of Orillius, by Doush and Cordelia White.

Part of the Ritual, by Peter Walsh.

Partners in Crime, by Peter Walsh.

A Party To Remember, by Miss Vicky.

The Pearl Peril, by Historian.

The Perils of Lianni, by Jeanne, Dana, and Jeb.

Physics Made Practical, by Lord Corinius.

Publishers in Peril, by Brian Sands.

The Ransom Game, by Peter Walsh

Reunion, by J. R. Francisco

Rivals, by Frank Fessler

The Riverview Robberies, by Luther Dean

Rehearsal, by Brian Sands

Robbery at the Swank Boutique, by Brian Sands

Rona, by Brian Sands.

San Francisco Ties, by S. F.

The Santa Claus Abductions, by Cordelia White.

Silkbound Into Slavery, by silklover.

Sky and the Hijackers, by Frank Knebel.

Sky and the Starlets, by Frank Knebel.

Sky vs. Spies, by Frank Knebel.

Spybound, by James T. Bond.

Suddenly Melanie, by Brian Sands.

Surprise Acquisitions, by Johnny Rocket

The Surprise Gift, by Frank Knebel

Swashbuckling Bound, by Stephen McIlvenna.

Swashbuckling Bound II: The Pirate and the Highwaywoman, by Stephen McIlvenna.

Tai Anne Roper, by Nicole Sutter.

Tai Anne Roper 2, by Nicole Sutter.

Tales of Ithgar, by Rob.

Tarra Rogers and the Burnt Building, by Mike

The Treasure Seeker, by Bill K.

Trouble in Paradise, by Ted.

A Visit From St. Nicholas, by Curt

What Susan Did Next (Part 2 of The Lady Traders, by Peter Walsh

Wedding Belle Blues, by Historian

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