Belinda Carver, Ace Reporter, in "Hot Wheels"

As I've written here before, I got my start writing at Tuxedo Jarod's site called "Continuing Stories of Damsels in Distress". When he reopened the site (after being down for several months), he asked me to contribute this story for the "grand re-opening". I thought my regular readers might enjoy it, as well.

Since then, by the way, TJ's site has closed again, and some of my other friends have taken up the story where I left off.

When I started, all I knew about the story was that the (then unnamed) heroine was was based on Lynda Carter in her "Diana Prince" identity from the Wonder Woman TV show. She was to be a reporter investigating a "hot car" ring, and that the villainess was to be a Teutonic blond countess. I took it from there. The title, of course, I swiped from the Wonder Woman episode where she investigates, of all things- a hot car ring!

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