Penny and Jeb


This is a sort of long introduction, but I hope you might find it interesting. If not, you can go straight to Chapter One of Secrets and Locks


To begin with, this is a picture of Penny Lynn. Bit of a babe, eh? She's a professional model, has her own website, Penny's Place


A while back, I joined Penny's yahoo club. I don't recall how I happened to do that (though the why should be obvious).


Anyhow, one day she happened to be in her club chat room, and she and I got to talking about running web sites, and I happened to mention mine.


Now, here, I should probably mention that Penny was, at that time, not a bondage model. She had done, for want of a better word, "naughty" work: lots of glamor and full nudity, some faux lesbian pics, etc., but nothing suggesting the judicious application of rope...


Anyway, after we had chatted, Penny did visit my site. I'm sure she didn't do a lot of reading (she does not strike me as the type of person who has a lot of free time), but the next time we chatted, the possibility was raised of my writing a story with a heroine based on her. I was flattered, of course, though I couldn't bring myself to ask her if she was talking about a bondage story, or some sort of generic "adventure." I just figured I'd wing it and see what happened.


So, after getting caught up on a few things, I decided to get Penny's story underway.


I had decided that the most prudent thing to do would be to write a tongue-in-cheek "spygirl" adventure, and gradually build up to having her tied and gagged somewhere down the road.  So, I sat down at my keyboard, typed two sentences, and suddenly found myself thinking, "the hell with it-- let's do this right!". When you read the story, you'll see the results.  You'll also notice that our heroine has a sort "interesting" reaction to the life and death stuff that is the meat and drink of the international super-spy.


So, I sent Penny the first chapter, not without some trepidation, and waited for her response.


I'm pleased to say that she loved the story. She sent me a posed pic to use for the title graphic (you'll see it on the next page--  not a Damsel in Distress  shot, but very nice anyway, and who knows what might happen down the road?), and is also planning to post the story at her site, as well.


Not sure how many chapters the story will go, though I've got quite a bit plotted out.


The tone of the story sort of reminds me of the heyday of Playboy magazine-- the sex is "naughty", rather than either subtle or explicit, and the author's tongue will remain cheerfully planted in his cheek.  I hope my regular readers won't find this offputting, but just a change of pace.


UPDATE 2005:

Not too long after the first chapter of this story was completed, Penny asked me if I'd consider turning the story into a screenplay. She had approached a local film company in Texas about doing a low-budget direct-to-video action flick that would cover a wide range of "enthusiasms": bondage, wet t-shirts, girl-girl action... all that sort of stuff. Well, I was flattered (she even asked if I'd like to come out to Texas and play one of the bad guys!) and set to work.

Alas, as is so often the case, the film company went out of business, and Penny decided to stick with the adult modeling for the time being. The half-finished screenplay sits on a backup disk, waiting for me to decide whether to finish it, continue this version of it, or something else.

So, no screenplay credit for me, but I did get to have a few entertaining phone conversations with Penny on the subject of the bondage perils we'd put her through, so it was hardly a complete loss. And she sent along a couple of small "D-i-D" pics for the story, which I've added to the first chapter. Who knows-- something more might come of all this yet.


Anyway, enjoy chapter one of Secrets and Locks.