Alexandra Anderson and the Case of the Multiple Damsels

As I've mentioned elsewhere, I first decided to try writing fiction last year when I discovered the "Continuing Stories of Damsels in Distress" website, which allowed different writers to add new chapters to the stories posted at the site. I can't really recall why I chose to try writing to this particular story.

Anyway, Alexandra Anderson was a reporter, investigating the abduction of a princess. I picked it up with chapter 2, adding a couple of characters. Then, more folks joined it (notably, an enterprising gent named "Aardvark"), each one adding to the cast, and, pretty soon, we were up to our eyeballs in Damsels. By the end of the story, something close to two dozen women had been bound & gagged (What an image! Yum!). This also caused the story to become hard to follow (though why that bothered anyone was never clear to me-- are we REALLY reading for plot here?), and eventually it was "retired." What follows on the next few pages is all the material I wrote about the adventures of Alexandra and her friends.

As with Magna-Maid, I've done my best to provide links for the material I didn't write (though, in the case of this story, I had trouble following it even WITH all the pieces!). Aardvak supplied a lot of the characters introduced later in the story, but I'm rather pleased with two of mine: one is Pammy Lloyd, a crooked politician (Aardvark actually briefly introduced her, but I fleshed out the character). The other might be my favorite of all the characters I've created: Police Captain Cynthia Crane. Beautiful, vain, smart, self-absorbed, brave, arrogant, reckless-- I just love her. I keep promising myself to write another story with her as the heroine, but every time I come up with an idea, it turns out disappointing, and I start over. Only the best for Cynthia!

So, I hope you enjoy this story, such as it is. Parts of it strike me as being not bad for a beginner, and other parts I can barely stand to re-read. You be the judge:

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