The Continuing Adventures of Magna-Maid and the League of Heroines


Some years back, an enterprising gentleman named Tuxedo Jarod started a site called "Continuing Stories of Damsels in Distress". It was pretty much what it sounds like: one writer would begin a D-i-D story, and others would continue it.

At one point, I asked if he might want to try a superheroine story, and he started one about Wonder Woman. When I suggested that we rename her (to avoid getting DC comics madder at us than was necessary), he came up with the name "Magna-Maid", and wrote the first chapter, and I wrote several others. Since that site has been down for a while, I thought I might share the story with folks here. There are one or two small sections omitted (since I didn't write them), but I did provide some linking text.

Of course, those whose tastes don't run to super-heroines-and-villainesses may not take to this story; I do hope, though, that many of you will find it entertaining. Since it came from an "interactive fiction" site, the conclusion was left open-ended, to allow other writers to pick up the story... and, as of March 2003, Jeanne Thorne has finally done so-- her contribution(s?) begin with Chapter Ten.

IF YOU WANT TO BE SURPRISED, DON'T PEEK: On the other hand, if you need a scorecard to read the players, Magna-Maid is based on Wonder Woman; Power Blonde is my take on Supergirl; the Flying Fox is a sort of grown-up version of the comics' Batgirl; the blond imposter is the Alicia Silverstone movie version of Batgirl, and Spellina is pretty much a direct lift of Zatanna, the sorceress. The villainesses I just made up.

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