Author's Note

I originally wrote this for the entertainment of a couple of my online friends, and I don't think they'll mind my sharing it here. It gets a tad rougher and more sexually explicit than is usual for me, but nothing completely unprecedented. Still, if that bothers you, it's probably one for you to skip.

The environment my friends have played in is one where bisexual fantasies of domination and submission are more or less a given, and the characters in this story grew out of play between them.

Here's the quick setup: Carol's an attractive young wife-- slim, long dark hair -- with a husband who plays bondage games with her, but who also spends a lot of time out of town on business. As a result, she gets a bit bored; when she's bored, she flirts.

And though she doesn't mean anything by it, that has earned her the resentment of some of the other women in the neighborhood: most are a bit older, well-off, accustomed to getting their way, and decidedly jealous of Carol's good looks. Judith is the hard-faced ringleader of the group.

Carol's also got a girlfriend, Tracy, that she likes to play bondage games with (I should emphasize that the real-life gals I did this for tell me that they have never actually met in real life-they just like the bi/bondage fantasy). Tracy's the tall, athletic type, and the only woman Carol has ever wanted to submit to. Tracy has sometimes cozied up to the neighbor women, but only in a casual and teasing way, more to provoke Carol than anything else. She's used their jealousy to help fuel Carol's fantasies of submission and humiliation, but never allowed them to do anything that would actually hurt her friend.

And now to our story:

Neighborhood Witch Watch

By Jeb


"Comfortable, bitch?"
Carol knew that the question would have been rhetorical under the best of circumstances, but the thick pole of rubber that was almost tickling the back of her throat reduced her voice to a guttural hum. That… and a taste that was almost unspeakably foul.

The hum vibrated along a throat that was stretched taut by the fact that Carol lay, face-down, on the deep pile carpet of her husband's den-a den he wouldn't be using for a few days while out of town on business. Had he been around, though, he might have delighted at the way it was currently decorated: his lovely wife, stripped naked, her wrists secured painfully behind her with a pair of leather cuffs; supple white rope binding her upper arms to her torso and encircling her breasts; her long shapely legs bowed up over her back, secured with more leather about the thighs and ankles; the ankles then fastened to the cuffs at her wrist. Sweat beaded her skin as she strained to keep her lush chest off the floor-lying flat on her face would only dig the clamps currently biting her nipples in deeper.

How her husband would have enjoyed the sight of this perfect, tanned, and toned human bow… unfortunately for Carol, though, she had not been fettered this way with her husband's usual care, in preparation for his exquisite ravishment. Instead, the bonds had been applied by Judith-Carol's neighbor, rival, and enemy-- and a hand-picked group of her cronies: the "Neighborhood Witch Watch", her best friend Tracy called them.

Tracy. As Carol lay miserable and helpless, she thought of just how much trouble she was getting her tall blond friend into.


She'd been careless; Carol knew that now. Impatient. Couldn't wait to tell Tracy that her husband had had to go out of town on business again, that they could have the place to themselves… and that she'd found the stash of bondage toys he had planned to surprise her with for Christmas. If only she'd waited till she got home to call! Instead, she made a hasty cellphone call from a crowded restaurant… and one of Judith's friends had overheard.

It hadn't taken long, but then Judith did live just down the street. By the time Carol had closed the garage door and headed for the house, she'd been seized from behind, a palm clamped over her mouth, her keys snatched away, and she'd been hustled into her own house, the door slammed closed behind them.

Five women; Judith's little gang. Carol didn't even know the names of a couple of them. Judith alone she might have been able to fight. Two or three, and maybe she could get in a kick or two and make a run for it. But this was four pairs of hands holding her limbs still and mouth silenced while Judith rummaged in the parcel Carol had foolishly left out on the coffee table.

"Nice stuff," the blonde had smiled as she coolly regarded her captive. "But then, that husband of yours likes pretty little toys, even stuck-up little cockteasing toys..." She approached Carol, tossing a large black ballgag in her hand. She nodded, and from behind, Carol felt the muffling hand leave her mouth. Its next move was to her hair, however, and her head was yanked back so far she was looking at the ceiling. Before she could even try and clamp her jaw closed, the rubber ball was slammed against her back teeth and the straps fastened around her head. She choked and sputtered against the unpleasant intrusion, knowing full well that she could never spit the thing out.

Two of the women had held her arms behind her back, facilitating Judith's act gagging of her. She pulled against them, slobbering around the rubber ball.

"Nice outfit, Carol darling." Judith's voice was a predatory coo as she saw her captive's eyes grow wide with rage and fear. She then dropped her voice to a cold, casual murmur to the other women. "Get it off her."

"Uggghhh!" Carol's scream was a gurgling joke, provoking laughter from her captors as she felt her sport coat pulled from her arms and thrown to the floor. Her flailing limbs were quickly captured again, as two pairs of hands held her while two others ripped open her blouse and yanked it down her arms. Her shoes, stockings, and skirt followed, despite her struggles, and Carol found herself panting behind the gag, eyes wild, long hair tumbling every which way, standing before Judith now in just bra and panties. The blond stepped up to her quivering neighbor now, and ran a fingernail along the elastic of Carol's bra.

"Mmmmmm," she smirked. "Bet you just love having his hands on you right here. But I promise you, he's never had as much pleasure doing this as I'm about to." And she pulled hard at the elastic, snapping it painfully, and ripping the bra away, letting Carol's breasts fall out into the cool air. She ran a fingernail around each nipple, then clamped each one in turn between thumb and forefinger.

"Agghhhh!!!" whimpered her captive, and Judith laughed.

"Honey, if you think my nails are uncomfortable… you ain't seen nothing yet."

Carol shook her head wildly as the woman dipped a hand into the box of sex toys, and drew out a pair of tiny glittering clamps. Judith approached Carol, snapping the clips like a shark's mouth; the captive woman's arms were twisted so painfully behind her that she could barely squirm, and had no chance whatsoever to move her breasts out of her captor's reach. Judith reached out and hefted the left breast as though weighing meat at the butcher's.

"I know how much you like to play, you little tramp," she grinned. "How about we play a game of Twister?" And she reached out and yanked on each of Carol's nipples in turn. The gagged cry that produced was more musical than anything Judith could have dreamed.

"Well, that seems to have those nipples of yours nice and plump now. Why, they're practically begging for some more attention." The brunette wildly shook her head, prompting another wide smile from Judith.

"How about we let these little boys do their thing?" She pinched her fingers and thumb together, and Carol saw the silver mouth of the clamp, gleaming with tiny teeth that seemed to hunger for unprotected female flesh. It hovered over her left nipple, moving closer... closer...

Carol whimpered... whined... the words behind the gag were pleas, promises to behave herself, to obey, to do whatever was demanded of her...

"Agggggggghhh!!!". The metal teeth bit lightly into her puckered bud... then slowly, Judith released her hold on the clamp, and the pressure was shifted from the spring that held it open to the swollen nipple in its grasp. With agonizing slowness, Judith allowed more and more pressure to come to bear, until the agony seemed to be devouring the oxygen right out of Carol's lungs.

Carol closed her eyes, refusing to watch as the second clamp was brought closer. Judith grabbed her hair, and yanked hard.

"Open your eyes. I want to see them while I do this."

Carol obeyed miserably as Judith repeated the process on the other nipple, drinking in the terror in her captive's watering brown eyes, and now Carol shrieked bubbling nonsense beneath her gag, her chest alive with fiery agony.

Satisfied with Carol's expressions of pain, Judith reached a hand down and ran her finger inside her prisoner's panties.

"Like that, slut?"

No, I don't! I can't!

Despite the pain, Carol groaned at the warmth she was starting to feel in her loins. She could feel the twitching in her leg muscles, as though her nether muscles would reach out and embrace that cruel, invading finger. Judith probed with the callous unconcern of a practiced bawd, happy with the chance to further degrade her captive. She used her other hand to reach up and grab a fistful of Carol's hair, forcing her to look her captor in the eyes.

"Like to diddle yourself on my finger?" She laughed at Carol's shamefaced wail. "Like I'd let you have the chance!" she sneered, then ripped the panties from around Carol's waist. She glanced over at her compatriots.

"Tie her up. Hogtie her like the damn little animal she is."

Completely overpowered, despairing, Carol barely resisted as the women cuffed and bound her. Her arms were pulled back, wrists crossed over each other, and a set of the leather cuffs from the box encircled each wrist. One set of bony hands dug into her shoulders, holding her in place, while she felt another woman take hold of the buckles for the cuffs, and yank upwards to cinch them into the tightest fit she could manage; Carol's breath nearly shot out of her lungs as her toes were lifted off the floor with the motion, and a stream of agony ran from her shoulders, down her arms, and across her chest--which they didn't neglect. The white rope that seemed to sprout from her husband's box was applied like some obscene designer top: wrapped over and around and between her breasts, criss-crossing, one loop anchoring against another, making her torso a crazy pattern of white coils and angrily-abraded flesh.

Carol closed her eyes, trying to focus on something besides the flush of blood that plumped her breasts in their bondage… and warmed her in that old, familiar way.

Oh, please. Not here. Not now.

At the hands of her husband, or Tracy, Carol loved to lose herself in arousal when she was bound, fondled, humiliated, used… But she was not in the hands of those beautiful people who loved her. She was in the hands of a group of hard, cold, pale-faced, bony-limbed women who she'd never have found remotely pleasant or attractive. And in those circumstances, no woman in her right mind could possibly be aroused, could she?

My right mind? Tell that to my damn nipples!

Carol groaned as the twitching need growing down below threatened to overwhelm any mind she had left.

Her captors satisfied that her hands and arms were inescapably restrained, Carol let out an "oof" into her gag as she was thrown face-down on the carpet. Her feeble attempts to kick weren't slowing her attackers down at all as they cuffed her ankles and leather-strapped her thighs. Carol's shapely legs were now a single red-flushed limb that was yanked up over her back to meet her bound wrists. She screamed into her gag as one of her captors leaned painfully down to hold wrists and ankles close enough to be fastened so tightly that her body was stretched painfully taut.

Carol finally lay, panting, on the floor, her glossy hair tumbled around her face and pooling on the carpet.

Judith stood over her, her face a picture of delight at seeing her longtime rival bound and subjugated. She had known she would derive satisfaction from punishing Carol, but the thrill of the capture was stirring her even more than she'd dreamed: a warmth in her loins, which only grew the longer she gloated over the brunette that lay bound and gagged at her feet. The feelings of arousal flooding her now encouraged her to stage a little performance of her own. As Carol lay helplessly hogtied, Judith knelt down before her, one finger toying with her prey.

"Make sure she watches," the blonde purred, and from behind, Carol felt one of the other women tangle fingers in her long hair and yank hard, pulling her face up, straining her neck. Judith picked up a long black dildo from the box; she rubbed its tip along Carol's cheek, then parted her legs and slowly inserted the wicked-looking toy. As Judith began to masturbate, her pitiless eyes alternated between closing in rapture, and drinking in her captive's humiliation.

For her part, Carol should have been revolted by the display, should have closed her eyes or tried to look away despite the fist in her hair, but she found herself … responding? The need that was growing in her, the need to have her captivity finished off with a glorious climax, was made keener by the sight and smell of her captor pleasuring herself. And the fact that Judith's masturbatory fantasies focused on Carol herself gave the bound woman an extra frisson of arousal. Her deepest fantasies, of being a helpless, humiliated captive, were being realized now in a terrifyingly realistic way.

The whimpers that made their way past Carol's gag were being drowned out by Judith's ecstatic moans. It was an obscene eternity before the blonde shrieked and shuddered, her hands clamped to her loins, gasping and giggling. She slumped forward, leaning over Carol, gasping.

"Oh, Jeez, that was good." She looked up to the woman behind Carol. "She needs to share this."

The hand remained tight in her hair while one of the others freed Carol's mouth from the ballgag. Half-choking, the bound woman had but seconds to gasp in some air before Judith fitted her with a leather-wrapped ring gag, forcing it between her teeth in a businesslike manner, then buckling it at the nape of her neck.

"And now, dear," the blonde was smiling dreamily, still warm from her exertions as she held the dildo before Carol's face, "now you might as well get a good taste of what I will expect from you this weekend." Carol made gargling noises around the ring gag, and tried her best to use her tongue to keep her mouth from being invaded, but it was no use-Judith's elegant fingers worked the thick pole of rubber into the moist, gaping hole, moving it up, down, and around as far as the gag would allow.

"Got to make sure you don't miss any of the flavor," she giggled, as the pungency of her juices hit Carol's tongue. Carol choked, gagged, and feared she'd suffocate. She desperately worked to get her gag reflex under control, and finally settled down to the point where she didn't fear immediate strangulation-but now her tongue had no escape from the taste of her captor's juices, and her utter helplessness finally overwhelmed her. She sagged forward, almost savoring the pain of the nipple clamps being pressed further into her flesh, weeping miserably.

The sight of the tears that Carol could no longer deny caused another wave of arousal to wash over Judith, and she nearly staggered as she sat down in Carol's husband's favorite chair. She leaned back and rested her feet on the bound woman that lay before her.

"Shouldn't be long now," she giggled and the other four women nodded agreement, rummaged the toybox, and went to take positions by the door out to the main part of the house.

"I think you told her to drop by around three, didn't you?" Judith snickered, and Carol's heart sank even further. "Tracy's good fun when she's in the mood, but she's got too much of a soft spot for you. But she had a choice to make. If she wants to be your friend, not ours, then she belongs right there with you on the floor. Besides, it'll be interesting to see what she thinks about watching me do you from behind. Not like she'll have a choice."

At either side of the door stood a pair of the women who had captured Carol, well equipped with cuffs, clamps, and gag. It would be four against one, with surprise all on their side. Carol knew better than to hope.

Outside, the car door closed. Carol heard the familiar footsteps coming up the walk, the front door opening, the familiar voice calling "Anyone home?"

The sounds Carol made to try to warn her friend might have carried a few feet, but not into the next room. She felt her eyes tear at the prospect of what was coming next.

"In here." Judith had pitched her voice into a register that might have been her own, or Carol's, or any woman's. And the footsteps moved across the living room.  And as Carol watched helplessly, the door opened…

To Be Continued…?

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