The Lingerie Shoppe

by Jeb

Chapter One

Another Thursday night in the exciting world of retail.

Karen sighed. Why was Thursday the store's slowest night of the week? After all, glamorous lingerie and expensive nylons weren't just for the weekend, were they? Of course, having this job let her wear all the expensive hose she'd ever have wanted, and the mirrors on the shop walls caught every inch of her sleek, strong legs, the tight black skirt and sleeveless white blouse that showed off every curve just so. O.K., she smiled to herself, so it's not THAT bad!

She looked around the shop. Nope, nothing had changed. Nothing ever changed. Not much excitement in a life of selling undergarments!  But it could sure get quiet when she was here all alone...

No, wait, the store wasn't empty. She was back.

Karen didn't know her name, but the woman was small, dark-haired, impeccably turned-out in the type of designer clothing worn by the women who could actually afford the stuff here!  Of course, for all of that, Karen noted, so far, she hadn't seen the woman buy anything. This was the third night in a row she'd seen her in the store. As she often did when things were slow, Karen had tried to guess just what the woman was most interested in, but there didn't seem to be much pattern to her shopping: in fact, when Karen was looking at her, the woman was as likely to be looking at Karen herself, as any of the merchandise!

As Karen turned away from the counter, she caught movement out of the corner of her eye, and turned back to see the brunette standing with two coffee cups in her hands.

"May I offer you a little something?" Her smile was big and warm. "Of course, I know that one isn't supposed to eat or drink in here, but it looks like there's no one here but the two of us."

"Oh, thanks, but, well you don't have to..."

"Nonsense," the petite woman smiled. "Seems the least I can do, since I've been in here several times without buying anything." She set the steaming cup down on the counter, and leaned close to Karen in an almost conspiratorial way. "I promise you that, tonight, I will finally be taking something home with me."

"Oh, well" the aroma of chocolate rose from the steaming cup.

"I hope cafe mocha is OK." The woman gave Karen a wink. "My name is Christina, by the way."

"You got me," Karen laughed, and saw a strange look cross the woman's face. "Chocolate is my weakness." The woman seemed slightly amused. "Thank you very much. My name is Karen." She took up the aromatic cup, and sipped the delicious drink.

"Pleased to meet you," Christina drank her own coffee, and glanced about the store. Karen wondered, at this point, what there could possibly be in the store she hadn't checked out yet! Well, she did say she'd be taking something tonight, so maybe she's finally making up her mind!

For a few moments, the shop was quiet, as the two women drank their coffee.

"You have lovely hair," Christina's voice was a low murmur, and Karen, turned, a bit startled, to see the woman's sharp, dark eyes regarding her.

Karen flushed slightly, and was surprised by her reaction. After all, she'd had plenty of compliments on her glorious red hair before; women often remarked on it. She always loved knowing that men's eyes were following its glossy line right down her back to her trim ass.  And that's why I'm blushing , isn't it? She found herself thinking. She's looking at my hair the way that a man would... and maybe not just my hair.

"Th-- thank you," Karen stammered. Christina smiled, and reached out a hand to take a long lock of hair.The woman's slender fingers toyed with the soft tresses, as her eyes moved down past Karen's short black skirt to the trim, hose-clad legs.

"Do you ever model stockings or lingerie for the shop?" As Christina's fingers continued to run strands of Karen's silky hair through her fingers, she was admiring the curve of the girl's perfect calves, prompting Karen to blush still further.

"Oh, gosh." Karen was, by now, beginning to feel most.. uncomfortable? Well, certainly that. But was there also something else? Was there strange tingle down below? One thing was certain, she was very tired-- maybe a bit dizzy; what the heck was the matter? 

"Please" her voice felt small and sounded strangely far away. "I don't think you should..." she tugged her hair from the woman's fingers. Christina looked at her intently, then shrugged.

"Did-- did you want to make a purchase?" Karen did her best to regain some sort of composure. "It's closing time soon."

"Of course it is." Christina's dark eyes glittered. "You must be awfully tired. Probably ready to go right home to bed."

"Well, I... " Karen put a hand to her head. "I guess I must be really tired. And I feel so dizzy -- I'm not sure I can stand up. Maybe you'd better go." She felt terrible, chasing the woman out of the store before she'd even made a purchase, but the way she was feeling... She sagged back against the counter.

"Here, let me help you."  Christina was holding out a hand. Karen looked with bleary eyes at the petite woman: small though she was, she seemed now possessed of an air of command. "Back this way."  She got her hands under Karen's arms, and lifted her to her wobbly feet.

"...the store..." Karen's tongue felt thick and stupid, as though she had just come from the dentist's. Her mouth felt slack and rubbery.

"Leave everything to me, dear."  The woman had guided the staggering salesgirl back to the dressing rooms, and laid her gently down on the sofa there,  removing Karen's high heels.  With deft movements, she reached to Karen's belt, and slipped the ring of keys free.

"See, you needn't worry about the store. I'll take care of things for you. I won't be a moment."

Karen opened her mouth to protest, but found herself so embarrassed by the slobbering sounds that came out of it that she closed it immediately. She tried to plant her feet in an attempt to stand up, but her legs might as well have been rubber bands.

Karen watched, confused, as she saw the lights of the store being turned off, and heard the door being locked. Why was the woman not calling for help, getting a doctor?

In a few moments, Karen heard the tiny footsteps making their way back.

"There, that's better," the woman smiled. "Now, we're alone.. just the two of us."

Karen goggled at her; she didn't know what she would have said to that, even if she had been able to speak.

The woman bent down over the couch, and gently ran a finger along Karen's cheek.  She slid her fingers into the girl's silky red hair.

"I told you before what lovely hair you have," she smiled. "You know, I think that was what finally made up my mind.  You are certainly a very pretty girl... but the thought of running my fingers through that beautiful hair... well, I just knew that I had to have you."

Karen was sure she hadn't heard that part correctly.

"Now, I don't want you to be alarmed. The drug will wear off shortly. But it really seemed to me the easiest way to get you ready for our little excursion."

Christina bent down, and reached below her skirt, unclipping the garter belt she wore. Karen watched with a kind of horrified fascination as the sheer nylon was slid down the woman's creamy thigh.  The woman's slender fingers seemed to be moving extra slowly, just for Karen's benefit.

"They're very expensive," Christina grinned as she finished peeling the first nylon off her leg. "But, then, you know that."  She gently allowed the filmy stocking to caress Karen's face; the helpless girl flushed.  "I just want you to know that I insist on only the best for you."

The meaning of the woman's remark seemed obscure to Karen. Was she giving the stockings to her?  Her confusion deepened as she felt Christina place a hand on her back and gently lean her body to the side; her head drooped, and the curtain of red hair prevented her from seeing what the woman was doing.  She felt it, though. She felt her arms drawn together behind her; felt her wrists crossed over each other, and felt the caress of the nylon stocking across her skin again... only this time, it was being looped into a circle, and drawn about her wrists.  Christina pulled on the loop, and Karen's wrists were joined fast together. The confused girl tried to pull at them, but the sheer nylon might just as well have been iron bands for all the use that was.

"What are you doing? What is this about? How dare you?"  These were all the questions racing through Karen's mind; these were the protestations her mouth would have made if it had been even slightly functional.  Instead, all that came out was a series of whimpering murmurs that seemed to delight the tiny woman who was binding her.

"Oh, such sexy little sounds," Christina cooed. "Sweet nothings for Christina, then?"  Karen felt Christina finish cinching the nylon tightly about her wrists.  For a moment, there was no sound in the room, as Christina idly stroked the soft hair of her... captive!  Karen shivered as she used the word in her mind for the first time.  Captive?  She wasn't sick, then, was she? This woman had put something in her coffee, and was now tying her up... she had come here not to shop, but to capture Karen!  But why?

Her head still drooping, Karen was able to see Christina bend to her other leg, and once more slide the nylon off it with a motion so sensuous it might have been a practiced strip tease.  Once more, she reached behind Karen, and the drugged girl felt the silkiness of the hose as it was draped about her bare upper arms... then, slowly, drawn into a tight band, forcing her arms together behind her.  Karen gave a dull moan as pain shot down her arms; even in her numbed state, the strain of having her arms brought together until the elbows nearly touched was exquisitely uncomfortable.

Christina turned, now, and gently lay Karen back on the sofa, resting on her bound arms. Her eyes took in the swell of the girl's chest, heaving in her fear and panic; her hands strayed to the smooth calves, and she stroked them lightly with her fingers.

"You do know your merchandise, don't you?  Levante? Gerbe? I confess I'm probably not as familiar with the different designers as you, no doubt, are." Karen whined a protest as the woman's fingers made their way to the lace top of the stockings, and lingered at the fastening of her garter.  "An old-fashioned girl. Somehow, I knew that," she smiled as she began to undo the stocking, and slide it down her leg; the movement was slow... and sensuous? Karen found herself shivering at the touch. Out of fear? Or something else?

Christina had removed the first of the stockings, and her fingernails trailed wickedly down the back of Karen's bare leg. "So smooth," she smiled, and turned her attention to the other leg, removing the remaining stocking with the same sinuous, caressing motion.

Karen lay back on the couch, her wrists and arms tightly bound, feeling sensations she could not describe racing through her body. Her leg muscles were too weak to move, but there was nothing wrong with the nerves in her skin-- if anything, they seemed to be even more sensitive than usual, responding to Christina's touch with tingles and goosebumps.  She moaned, trying with all her might to produce a sound that might have some meaning-- to bring aid? To get Christina to stop? Or was that even what she wanted? She gave another slobbering moan of despair.

Christina sighed. "You know, I really do suppose we'll have to do something about that pretty mouth of yours before we go. I don't wish any disturbances."

Go? Go where? What the hell did she mean?!

Karen goggled as the woman picked up one of the stockings, and formed it into a tight ball a couple of inches in diameter.

"You'll probably find this a rather... unusual... use for such lovely hosiery, but you'll get used to it... I can assure you," and for a moment, there was ice in her voice that chilled Karen to the core.

Chrsitina reached behind Karen's head, and gathered a fistful of the girl's hair again. With gentle, but firm, pressure, she bent her head backwards; the effects of the drug kept her mouth lolling open. Christina then used her slender, perfectly-manicured, fingers to force the sheer fabric past Karen's lips, and into her mouth.

"UUuuhhhhh..." A dull groan was all that Karen could manage, the drug giving her no way to fight the intrusion in her mouth. Chrstina seemed not to notice, and held the girl's head firmly with one hand, while working the nylon in deeper, causing the cheeks to bulge out.

Karen pulled helplessly against the grip in her hair; she had a flash of hope, though-- feeling was beginning to return to her limbs, so the drug was going to wear off! But how soon? And if it did? She was still bound and gagged. Her feet were free, but she rather doubted that Christina would overlook that.

Chrstina's hand now left Karen's hair, and swept the silky curtain aside, so it flowed down her left breast. She then took the remaining nylon, and wrapped it around her captive's head, being careful not to trap any of the fine hair at the nape of her neck. She pulled the two ends through Karen's gaping mouth, and tied three firm, strong knots, one on top of the other, adding to the wad that already bulged from her mouth. Karen realized that, even if her hands were free, she'd never be able to untie the stocking: her gag would need to be cut off to free her mouth.

Christina stood up, and took a quick survey of the room. Seemingly satisfied, she reached down and took Karen by an arm.

"Up you come, dear. You should have recovered enough to walk by now."

That was true-- but only just. As she was pulled to her feet, Karen found her legs weak and rubbery: she could walk, but would have no hope of trying to escape. Chrstina's grip on her arm was not cruel, but firm enough to control her completely.

Karen twisted her body, trying to pull free, but she was still too weak, and every movement seemed to cause her head to spin all over again. Out the back way, down to the covered parking lot, Christina brazenly paraded her bound and gagged prize. If there were just someone to see them-- but Christina had chosen her moment well: there was not a soul about.

On a slow evening like this one, it had been easy for Christina to park far enough from the store to ensure that no one else would be parked nearby; and, indeed, the rest of this part of the lot appeared deserted-- at least, until they got nearer to the big, dark Lincoln Town Car that was the only vehicle in sight, and a woman stepped out of the driver's seat.

"Mistress," she nodded respectfully to Christina. She was a tall brunette, probably Hispanic, dressed in a dark chauffeur's outfit, a cap resting atop her glossy dark hair.

"Rachel, this is Karen. Hang on to her for a moment, please."  With that, she handed her captive to the beautiful chauffer, and seated herself in the back. Karen had no more hope of escaping Rachel's grasp than she did Christina's; indeed, despite the drug having nearly worn off by now, Rachel was, if anything, holding on to her even more tightly than her "Mistress" had.

And that was the word that finally hit Karen in the pit of her stomach: "Mistress". Now, it was finally becoming clear what this was all about. It was incredible, impossible... but it was real, it was happening. She was in Christina's power... with no option but to submit.

Once Christina was settled comfortably in the huge car's back seat, she gave Rachel a nod, and the Hispanic woman picked Karen up, and lay her face-down across Chrstina's lap. The elegant brunette placed one hand on Karen's back, and the other on her ass, holding her in place as she spoke to Rachel.

"Here, I brought these." Christina handed Rachel a set of elegant pantyhose she'd brought from the store. "If you'd do up those shapely legs for me, please?"

As she lay across Christina's lap, Karen tried to kick and flail her legs, but the muscles still felt like lead, and Rachel had no difficulty gathering them in her hands, and binding one pair of the pantyhose around Karen's ankles, the other securing her thighs. Rachel's hands seemed to be just as competent as her Mistress', but she took fewer liberties with Karen's person.

Rachel stood up, slammed the door closed, and got into the driver's seat again.  In the back seat, Karen and Chrstina were alone.

Karen was trembling uncontrollably now, as Christina used one hand to stroke her ass where it lay in her lap; the other hand swept Karen's hair forward, over her face, so it spread on the expanse of car seat next to her. The slender fingers began to once more glide their way through the silky locks as she spoke to Karen.

"You see, now, don't you?" the brunette murmured. "A new life has begun for you. No more cares, no more responsibilities, save one: complete obedience to your Mistress."  Try though she would to fight it, Karen felt a powerful warmth creeping between her thighs... she closed her eyes as the soft voice continued to purr.  "You belong to me, now. You have no name any longer... no purpose save that which I decree for you." Karen closed her eyes, and found herself luxuriating in the feel of the beautifully-kept nails grazing her scalp. Her mind, her self, began to fade into the background, as sensations of wicked pleasure coursed through her body. The hands continued to play with her body, her hair, her ass.

My Mistress' hands, Karen thought to herself.

Chapter Two

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