Surprise Visit

By Jeb


The word hit Vicky's ears in something between a cackle and a purr. She couldn't see Beryl's face, but she could picture the sneer that would be curling the beautiful redhead's lips. She'd have given a lot to be able to wipe the expression off Beryl's face… in fact, she'd have given a lot to be able to move.

"What's the matter, dear… cat got your tongue?" The self-satisfied voice was smooth as honey… with a beesting in it. Vicky growled a response that might almost have been words… if there had been any chance of pushing speech past the mouthful of cloth on which she was currently chewing.

"Now, now, pet…" Vicky felt slender fingers tangle in her hair, and her head was lifted, painfully, from where it rested on the floor. "Surely you can think of something more clever than that!" Vicky moaned from the pain in her scalp, the sound barely a muffled whine; the hand in her hair forced her to strain painfully back against the bow shape into which her body had been bound.

"Oh, come now," the sickly-sweet voice admonished her. "Don't pretend that this is new to you!" As her head was held off the floor, Vicky felt the long, manicured nails trace a path along her exposed neck; gooseflesh followed in their wake. She felt soft hair dance across her bare shoulder as Beryl lowered her own head, and placed her lips to Vicky's ear.

"I know about the games you like to play," the redhead murmured; " I know that 'big secret' of yours." Vicky felt the flush coming to her face as the voice continued to coo in her ear. "And I also know that pretty mouth of yours was just made to be gagged…" she ignored the whimpered protest that this brought… "and so I decided to do it better than you would ever have imagined."

… and that she had.

With muscles straining, scalp aching, eyes beginning to tear, Vicky's mind flew back to that time, not an hour ago, when she'd stood in front of her mirror, savoring the feel of her latest purchase of vintage lingerie.

She had been running her palm along the smooth satin of the ivory-colored girdle… admiring what the fancy push-up bra did for her breasts… imagining the night ahead with her "special guest"…

...when the sound from the next room had caught her attention. She'd barely had time to turn from the mirror, though, when she had found that she was no longer alone.


Vicky suddenly realized why that new cleaning service had offered her the week's free trial… and where that missing house key had gone.

"Hello, darling."

Vicky wanted to form a response, as Beryl stood in the doorway, flanked by the two big, beefy blond "maids"… but nothing would come. She just gaped, open-mouthed, and in the moment she had, resolved to never again mouth off to a woman with as dangerous a reputation as Beryl's...

... and then, they had her.

She'd tried to make for the door, of course… but it had been depressingly easy for the two blondes to seize her. Beryl hadn't even lifted a finger… she had just watched as the powerful pair had twisted Vicky's arms up behind her back. Beryl opened Vicky's top drawer, and casually drew out a fistful of expensive nylons. As one of the blondes clamped a meaty palm over Vicky's lips, the other wrapped her wrists in the stockings, and bound the sheer nylon tightly around them. Her hands now useless behind her back, Vicky had no way to resist as she was thrown to the floor, and had her ankles tied the same way. More of the nylons cinched her upper arms together, and she felt her ankles pulled up behind her back, and fastened to her bound wrists.

As she had endured the strict binding, Vicky had desperately flailed her head, uselsssly trying to escape from the gagging hand over her mouth. Once they had her tied too tightly to have a chance at squirming free, Beryl had finished rummaging in the drawer, and Vicky found herself glaring, frightened, but still indignant at the way the woman was handling her underwear.

"Well, well, Vicky… I had no idea you were so… particular… about your undergarments." In Beryl's hand were two pairs of silk panties, a white lace bra, and assorted scarves. "How convenient for us that so much good, sound-muffling material is available."

Hands. Vicky felt hands everywhere. Three pairs of strong female hands were more than enough to prevent one tightly-bound woman from resisting.

Hands had slid into her hair and yanked her head back.

Strong fingers had gripped her jaw and forced it down.

And silk panties had filled her mouth.

Past her teeth… past her lips… pressing down on her tongue… filling first one cheek, then the other. Vicky wheezed and choked as her captors gleefully used her own underwear to silence her.

The bra came next. Relatively thin, with only a small elastic, it was still a challenge to fit it into her already-packed mouth. It was jammed up to the roof of her mouth.

More silk followed: one scarf. Another. Laid across the top of the bra and panties, ensuring that not one square inch of open space remained in her mouth.

Her hair was released, now, and her head forced forward and down. She felt a bite at the corners of her mouth as one of the remaining scarves was pressed down atop the mass of cloth, ramming it all back deeper into her mouth, nearly choking her, and pulled back so that the scarf tugged painfully at her mouth and cheeks. The knot at the base of her skull was tight, hard, and painful.

For a moment, Vicky simply lay, helpless, at her captors' feet. She had whinnied and huffed through the gag-- sounds that might have been cries for help if her mouth had been freed, but here served only to amuse the three women who had taken her.

And, now, here she lay-- tightly bound, stringently gagged, dressed only in her underwear, as the smirking redhead ran fingernails up and down her skin, causing a thrill of fear-- and bringing a humiliating warmth to her loins. She was not simply Beryl's prisoner… for all intents and purposes, she was hers. The woman might do as she pleased with the cruelly-gagged Vicky.

"You see, darling Vicky," Beryl was once more whispering into Vicky's ear as she held the girl's head. "There was no way I could put up with that smart mouth of yours anymore. No, it's been clear to me for some time that your mouth needed to be placed under the control of a woman who really knows what to do with it." She twisted Vicky's hair painfully, turning her head to face her; Beryl then placed her mouth over the gagged lips, and gave Vicky a kiss of possessive savagery. While their mouths were locked, Beryl let her other hand glide down Vicky's taut belly, her fingertips beginning to lightly stroke at the cleft of her legs.

"Ah, Vicky." She pressed her face to Vicky's head, inhaling the scent of her hair, tanged lightly with sweat and terror. "You've been a very naughty girl, haven't you?" A sharp tug on her hair. "Haven't you?" Vicky miserably tried to nod, despite the pain in her scalp. "And now that we've given you a little 'taste', I'm going to properly discipline that mouth of yours."

Vicky couldn't believe it. More? Her mouth was already filled to bursting. The fabrics that always felt so sensuous on her skin were soggy and thick now, holding her mouth open, the scarf tying it all in place nearly choking her. And there was more to come?

Beryl's head snapped up at a sound… Vicky heard it, too. A car coming up the driveway.

"Ah, of course." The gloating satisfaction positively dripped from Beryl's lips. "The girlfriend."

Vicky's blood chilled.. she'd almost forgotten!!

"Coming up the walk… that cute little butt… baby doll face… and all that hair!" Vicky closed her eyes, miserable. "No question who this is-- must be that sexy little Anne that works with you." A sharp tug at her hair startled Vicky's eyes open, and Beryl's eyes locked onto hers now, filled with cold triumph. "You two are ever so careful… ever so discreet. Trying not to let anyone know about your little games." Vicky whimpered into her stuffed mouth. "And, now, how lovely-- your pretty girlfriend can join in with our little game, too!"

She turned Vicky's head… they could both see the front door now. On either side of it, stood the two big blondes, each with a handful of scarves and more of Vicky's underwear in her hands.

Vicky shrieked more useless sounds into her gag, and heard them vanish into the sodden lingerie. She heard Anne's key in the door… saw it begin to open… saw the huge smiles on the faces of her captors… and Anne stepped inside.

(In all probability, to be continued… Eventually)

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