The Abduction Game

By K.C. Hush

Chapter 6

Seems every encounter with Jack leads to me being back in this position, tied in the bed, gagged and blindfolded. I thought I´d stopped doing this to myself.  I was as nice as I could possibly be under the circumstances, and still it all went wrong.   And turning it over in my head isn´t helping any.  It only leaves me feeling uneasy and untrusting of Jack. He´s hiding way too much.

I´m no closer to figuring out why I´ve been kidnapped in the first place. The only things that make any sense haven´t happened. Instead I´ve been whisked away to God knows where and turned into the cliché damsel in distress.

By the time Jack comes in to the room I´ve gotten myself seated against the headboard and started working the blindfold off.  He pulls it the rest of the way without commenting and unties my hands from my legs.

“Wasn´t sure you´d be up. You slept so soundly when I checked on you during the night.’

I shrug in response as he pulls my head down to untie the gag. And I don´t care what it looks like on TV, when your hands are tied as well as mine are, numb fingers will not help you pull out your own gag.

After breakfast in bed is done, Jack graciously allows me to stretch a bit and clean up in the bathroom, but no tub today. And it´s all done with very few comments from Jack, which is a change of pace.

Walking back into the bedroom I see strips of purple on the bed but no fresh clothes.

“I´m not changing?’

“Not right now. There´s something else we need to do.’

“What´s that?’

“You´ll see. Turn around’

I turn around as he starts brushing my hair.

“Look, whatever it is can we just skip it? I just want to go home.’

“No, we can´t skip it. Just try to trust me.’

“There is nothing about you worth trusting.’

“Nothing I can do to change your mind on that?’

“Short of letting me go?’

I´m not surprised he pulls my hair into a high ponytail without answering.  I really didn´t expect him to.

“At least tell me that whatever it is doesn´t involve a blindfold and gag.’

The look in his eyes was all I needed to send the biggest wad of spit I could manage into his face.  My intent to hit him with my bound hands though was defeated as Jack swept my legs and sent me reeling to the floor.  The hit was hard enough for me cry out as my sight went blurry.

Jack paid no attention to this as he grabbed the wrappings and sealed my eyes and mouth in quick order winding the purple wrap tight enough to pinch my jaw.

The last thing I heard as I lay on the floor was Jack telling me I needed to calm down before plugging my ears up tight.

“Oh God, what now?!’


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