The Abduction Game

By K.C. Hush

Chapter 7

Calming down was the last thing on Jessica´s mind.  The head knock and wrappings did not deter her fighting in the least.  Fortunately, we had enough time so that I could just wait her out.  Straddling her hips I kept my hands pressed down on her shoulders so maneuvering was rendered ineffective and it didn´t take too long for her to need to gain some breath.

When the chest heaves subsided and her face lost some redness I picked up some more rope and tied her ankles together. Using a fireman´s carry, we headed downstairs to the dining area where I set her on her feet and left her leaning a bit against the table as I set up the laptop and programmed my Bluetooth to receive the messages I would get.

The boxes are set right where I left them and Jessica is trying to get her hands free as she bobbles against the table.  Since she´ll be fixed soon enough I leave her to struggle as I log on to challenge program.

A blue screen comes up with the login screenname and passcode, so I type them in and watch the screen change into a spinning ball while it finishes loading.  

Good morning Jack:

“Welcome to your challenge. Please turn on the webcam and focus it on Jessica as well as you can. Once we´re satisfied that it´s in working order we´ll begin.’

Complying I flip the switch and move clear of the camera.

“Well done.  You´ll be notified of any adjustments needed as the game moves on.’

“I understand’

“The requests will be posted one at a time until each is complied with to our satisfaction.  Just relax and move along in as smooth a manner as you can.  Don´t worry about anything you might say. While we can hear you on our end the only sounds the audience will hear will be whatever Jessica is capable of. They will not hear you at all.’

“Do your best to let the camera focus on her at all times and everything should run fine.’

“Got it.’

“Excellent, we´ll bring the audience online and begin.’

“Welcome viewers to today´s challenge.  Your mission is to drive our damsel to her sensory breaking point. Your requests will be carried out by our damsel´s host.’ “Remember to make your requests as clear as possible and adhere to the rules you received prior to logging in. Our moderators will decide when the challenge is complete.  Please begin.’


Even after pressing me to the floor, I just couldn´t quit fighting.  Call it a panic attack, making up for lost time, or just plain stupidity.  It was a losing battle all the way.

After being set on my feet against the table I tried using it to tug my hands free.  Yet another losing battle.

In what seemed like an instant Jack gripped my hands and pulled them over and behind my head. Nothing stops my shirt from being ripped open and exposing my breasts.  I swear I´m screaming as my pants befall the same fate leaving me entirely exposed to God knows what.  

Did I say I was losing a battle?  Clearly, I was wrong.  I´ve lost an entire war.


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