The Abduction Game

By K.C. Hush

Chapter 5

The Abduction Game

Standing with my back to her is the only way to focus on the box, its bold faced words staring me in the face:



Most definitely, but then life is filled with them and the phrase hammered home that this delivery was not a mistake.

So here I am opening the box while she thrashes angrily in her chair. Believe me when I say I'd much rather be watching her.

The box includes a laptop computer and several numbered boxes along with a detailed letter regarding their purpose.

Challenge: To excite and stimulate your captive to her sensory breaking point.

Using the contents of each box in the order they are numbered you must tantalize and excite your captive as far as her senses will allow. Each box contains a different tool for this purpose. You are free to examine and explore each tool until you feel comfortable.

To successfully complete this challenge you must be observed by a live audience via the laptop provided. It is webcam enabled and already directly linked to its destination. You need only to turn it on and follow the instructions on the screen.

Be advised that the audience is allowed to make specific requests during this challenge and any request must be fulfilled to the best of your capabilities. The audience will decide when the challenge is a success, thus ending it.  There is no time limit for completion.

When the challenge is over all tools provided except the laptop will be yours to keep. The laptop will be returned to us when the game is over.

Your challenge begins at 10am tomorrow morning. Please log in 10 minutes prior to start time for basic instructions and to be sure the webcam is in good working order.

Thank you for your participation and good luck.

Looking back at Jessica it seems she's calmed down for the moment so I begin opening the boxes and checking out their contents. In each one is a different toy or a bottle with instructions on how to use each item.  Some of them are battery powered but I don't turn them on because I don't want Jessica to hear.  She distracts me a few times with her on and off struggling against the ropes and I wonder why on earth she signed up for this game when it appears she really doesn't like it.

Well, that's a question for later as I clean up the table a little bit and decide to leave her blindfold on so I don't have to worry about her seeing anything.

 As she starts thrashing harder I walk over to her chair and put my hands on her shoulders.

"Stop it.  Knock the chair over and you'll only hurt yourself. Though I doubt you weigh enough to tip it."

To her credit Jess stops and tries to calm herself down.  I consider her a minute and then untie her a bit from the chair which has her moaning through the gag.  Without answering I tie her hands together in front of her and carry her to the chair in the living area.  Sitting her down I tie her hands to the rope above her knees and her ankles to the foot of the chair.  Then I leave her to go make supper in the kitchen.

When it's ready I bring it in and sit down beside Jess as she tries to sit up straighter as she smells the food.  Taking her face in one hand I peel the tape off and she rids herself of the cloth inside her mouth.

"Can we knock off with the tape?  I'm finding it hard to remember what my face feels like without it."

"I'm sure I can find something just as useful."

"Great. How bout the blindfold?"

"Don't press your luck."

"What luck?"

"Take what you can get. Do you want supper or not?"

"A girl's gotta eat. So yeah."

It was a very quiet meal with Jess saying very little other than asking for a sip of her drink. I didn't dwell on it and after she finished I took the dishes back to the kitchen and looked around for a new gag.  Opting for something simple until bedtime I chose a beaten dishtowel and returned.

"Last requests?"

"Could you drop dead?"

"Possibly, but that wouldn't leave you any better off.  Now would it?"

"Got me there."

 "Yes, I do.  Now open wide"

She opened without further comment and I inserted the towel between her teeth, pulling it taut before knotting it off.  I checked the knot and smoothed her hair down behind her. It's so soft I wish I could just run my hands through it all night, but there's stuff left to do yet.

First I turn on the radio and let the music play as I move the stuff that arrived earlier to the sideboard table against the wall.  There's room enough for the laptop and some of the boxes that came with it. One larger box I place on a chair beside the dining table as I'll need that as soon as the challenge begins.

Every now and again she tries to make herself a bit more comfy, but for the most part she stays pretty still.  When I have everything the way I want it for the morning I walk over asking if she's ok.  Not even a small groan has me going for a closer look and seeing the steady rise and fall of her chest in sleep.

Untying her ankles and carefully scooping her up in my arms I carry her up the stairs to the bed where I hope she'll sleep a bit better than in the chair.  On the bed I unwrap the rope from her arms and chest and lay her back getting the pillows under her head.  She moans softly but doesn't appear awake as I opt to leave the rest of her ropes the same and pull the blankets to tuck her in.

Heading into the bathroom I turn the shower on and get cleaned up a bit as well as cooled down. No one mentioned how hard it would be to control myself around a beautiful girl I'd tied up. And going through the instructions and items involved in the challenge tomorrow, I can't help but wonder exactly who is supposed to lose control in this game me or Jessica.  Either way it should be very interesting.

Back downstairs I open up my own laptop and go through the emails. There's just one that I open from the gamekeeper. It's pretty much along the same lines as the letter in the delivery this afternoon reminding me about the start time and checking in. Also it includes instructions for logging in to the IM program that audience will be using to talk to me.  So I open that up on the other computer and see it's easily adjusted with voice capability. This is excellent because up till now I hadn't been sure how I'd be able to see all the instructions while paying enough attention to Jess. Now all I have to do is setup the IM to send messages to my phone so I can just hear everything as it comes in.

Once that's done all that's left is to take everything out of their boxes and place them for easy access. Also reviewing the instructions noted for some items seems like a good idea as well since I've definitely learned a few new things since seeing them all for the first time this afternoon. Pretty much everything is a try it out as you go item so other than making sure the batteries worked on the required pieces. In the box under the table I removed the rope that was inside, its purple color being quite unusual as I separated the different lengths for easy access. One last thing I did before finishing up was to grab a pair of scissors from the kitchen and placing it right next to the laptop.

With a glass of wine in hand I went outside to get a breath of air and watch the moon. It always used to relax me and I definitely need it now.  The crisp air was just what I needed to help ready me for bed and a few snow flurries drifting around made for a pretty picture.  Before I take Jess home I'll have to bring her out here.

Upstairs I checked on Jessica and it looked as though she was sleeping just fine so I moved on to my own bed and called it a night. It's bound to be a busy day tomorrow.


I hate waking up this way. Always panicking when I can't move anything and the frustration that sticks with me when I remember how I got here, wherever here is. Screaming into the gag feels so useless but I'm trussed so well that it's the only I can actually do other than lay on the bed.  The somewhat disturbing oddity is that I feel somewhat safe.  

Oh god I must be crazy.


OK, so I wasn't sleeping that well when my cell phone woke me up.   I answered before even checking ID and hadn't even said hello when I got a blast of yelling.


"I doubt it after that blast.  Ben, do you have any idea what time it is here?"

"It doesn't matter.  What matters are the pics you sent me earlier.  You do know that when I told you steal a girl I meant it as a joke.  Don't you?"

"You don't understand it's just a game."

A full ten seconds of silence go by before he says anything.


"A game….so if you sent me a new picture of her right now she'll be sleeping all cozy and warm with no ropes."

"Well, no, not exactly."

"Well, is she onboard with it?  It's pretty hard to tell with the blindfold in the way"

"Why wouldn't she be?  She's fine trust me Ben. Enjoying herself even."

"If you say so."

"Look Ben if you want to come meet Jessica it's easily arranged, just say so"

"Yeah I'll bet."

"I'll keep you posted on how it goes. I'll call you soon."

"You're sure she's ok with this?

"Yeah, she's great. I have to go now."

"Alright, see you, Jack"

"Go win me some money, Ben"

With that, the phone clicked off and I headed off to shower.


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