The Adventures of Agent Lisa

By Amy Flanagan

Chapter 4: Just Standing About

Totally shattered by the extraordinary ordeal she had just endured, Lisa could offer not the slightest resistance as strong hands gripped her body and lifted her to her feet.  She felt the straps on the spreader bar that had held her legs so wide apart being unbuckled.  It was some relief to be able to bring her legs into something like a normal position, though they were still held rigid by the tight thigh boots, which also forced her feet into a strange and unnatural en pointe position.  She was led, limping, out of her weird prison, still totally blinded by the tight head harness and stifling thick leather hood, with her arms held firmly behind her by the armbinder, her elbows forced to touch, and with the sharp pieces of gravel in her boots digging into her excruciatingly with each and every step.

"Dear little Lisa," came Martha's voice faintly through the hood, sounding sympathetic and motherly, "I know that you must be feeling ever so tired now.  I'm sure that you'd just like to stand around quietly for a bit."  No, no, thought Lisa, feeling the ache in each and every joint of her body, especially her shoulders, still forced back by the armbinder.  I need to have all this bondage stuff removed, I need a long soak in a hot bath and then I need to lie down on a soft bed.  But she realised that she was not exactly likely to be given any choice in the matter.

She felt someone opening the padlock that held on her leather hood, and the hood was gently removed.  That was a huge relief, as the cool air reached her clammy head.  She waited expectantly for the head harness to be removed too, but that did not happen.  However, the straps on the armbinder were undone, one by one, and finally the wretched thing was removed.  Lisa rejoiced that her elbows were no longer touching, easing the strain on her tortured shoulders.  She gratefully began to swing her cramped arms as soon as they were free.  But her joy was soon tempered when strong hands grabbed her arms and cuffed them behind her back.  "Now, now, my pet" laughed Martha, mocking her and patting her bottom.  "We don't want to overdo the freedom bit, do we?  There's still so very much more fun to be had with you while you're completely helpless."  Lisa raged quietly to herself.  She would have bitten her tongue in frustration, but her mouth was far too full of her rubber gag for that to be possible.

The thigh boots came off, too.  The butt plug was suddenly yanked out, which was painful enough to make Lisa yell impotently into her very effective gag, but a great relief too.  Just as she had recovered from that, the dildo was also yanked out; this was equally painful.  Lisa's only restraints were now the head harness, which was a totally effective blindfold and gag, and the cuffs - nice soft padded cuffs, not hard metallic ones - holding her arms behind her back.  This was, Lisa knew from experience with Martha, too good to be true.  She waited fearfully to find what other awful things that fiendish woman had planned for her.  She did not have to wait very long.  Without warning, she was picked up and held upside down.  She felt someone putting a shoe on her right foot.  It had to be forced on, as it was far too tight.  Lisa immediately realised that like the boots that had just come off, it was designed to hold her feet in a painful en pointe position.  Once the shoe was completely on, and the straps buckled as tight as they would go, her left foot got the same treatment.  Those shoes definitely weren't going to come off easily.  When both shoes were on, her legs were held a short distance apart, and she felt straps being fastened tightly around each of her slim ankles.  It seemed to be another spreader bar, though nothing like as long as the one she had so recently had to endure.  Strong hands pulled her knees apart, forcing her legs to bend, and she felt more straps being fastened tightly around each of her thighs, just above her knees.  It seemed to be yet another spreader bar.  Once it was in place, she was dumped in a heap on the floor, and then picked up again, this time the right way up.

Lisa stood teetering on her dizzyingly high heels, her hands fastened behind her back and resting on her bottom.  The spreader bars forced her to stand with her feet some way apart, and her knees farther apart still.  To keep her balance, she had to bend her knees and lean forward slightly.  This made her bare bottom stick out.  She felt incredibly helpless, naked and exposed.

Someone fiddled with the chain on her cuffs.  Suddenly, she heard the whine of an electric motor, and then she felt her arms being pulled upwards.  The strain on her shoulders forced her to bend over, and to keep her balance she had to lean backwards, making her bottom stick out even more.  On and on the strain on her shoulders continued until her body was horizontal and her arms vertical.  Then the whine ceased, leaving her in an exceedingly awkward position.

Martha's voice came again.  "Now, my cute little dear, this is what we call a strappado.  I always think it's the ideal position for spanking, and you do have the most spankable bottom I've ever come across."  To emphasise her point, she gave Lisa a playful little spank.  "And to add to the fun, you'll always be taken completely by surprise, because you'll never see or hear me coming."  Lisa wondered about that, because she could always hear Martha's stiletto boots tap-tapping on the floor.  But then she felt something being fitted over her head.  "This is a nice pair of earphones," she heard Martha say, her voice now somewhat muffled.  "They'll fill your ears with white noise so you can't hear anything else.  And they'll be fixed firmly to the head harness so you can't shake them off."

A roar filled Lisa's ears.  As she adjusted to it, she suddenly felt a stabbing pain, first in her left nipple then in her right.  From her previous experience with Martha, she recognised the sensation of nipple clamps.  From the excruciating downward tug, she guessed that heavy weights were suspended from the clamps.

Just as Lisa had got used to the clamps, a white-hot streak of pain seared across her bottom as Martha swiped her with a cane with all her might.  She jumped, as well as she could in her constraints.  That was a mistake, because it set her nipple clamps swinging wildly, intensifying the pain in her breasts.  Another streak came, an inch below the first.  Lisa, learning from the first experience, tried to keep still, though it wasn't easy.  The third streak exactly coincided with the first, and hurt even more.  There was no way she could not jump, and again she paid for it with pain in her nipples.

Then the caning stopped - for the moment.  But for many hours, Lisa could not begin to guess how many, painful things kept happening to her, always unexpectedly.  Sometimes she was caned on her increasingly sore bottom, with one stroke or several.  Sometimes she was punched on the stomach, so hard that she jerked upwards and the breath was knocked out of her, or whipped on her breasts, stretched out by the heavy weights.  Once, or maybe several times - Lisa was too confused to tell - the butt plug or the dildo was rammed in and then pulled out.  Despite the constant roar in her ears, and her excruciating position, she sometimes nodded off, only to be awakened by a sudden sharp pain or by a loud whistle or shriek interrupting the constant roar in her earphones.  Her fitful sleep was anyway filled with dreams of being spanked.  Eventually, Lisa entered a strange trance state, where nothing existed except the noise and the pain.

So it was an immense jolt when the noise stopped and she heard Martha's voice again.


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