The Adventures of Agent Lisa

By Amy Flanagan

Chapter 5: A New Position

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"I think that's enough of the strappado," came Martha's voice through the earphones. "Now we'll try a completely different position."

With a snap of her fingers, two goons picked Lisa up, none too gently, wrenched off her nipple clamps and carried her into another room. Lisa was still thoroughly blindfolded and gagged, with her hands cuffed behind her back. Once Martha stopped speaking, the roar of white noise from the earphones filled her ears again, making it impossible for her to hear anything else. There were still spreader bars between her knees and between her ankles. The former bar was much longer than the other one, forcing Lisa's legs into a contorted position. Thus, when she was put down, it was difficult for her to stand in her painfully tight shoes with their skyscraper heels.

By now, Lisa's will to resist was completely shattered. She did not react when Martha slipped a leather monoglove over Lisa's arms. She pulled it right up until it pressed against Lisa's armpits. Lisa's fingers, trapped at the tip of the glove, were now completely useless. Coming round to Lisa's front, Martha buckled the wide straps that criss-crossed across Lisa's chest, between her breasts. Martha pulled the straps as tight as she could. The glove would not come off in a hurry, she knew.

Going back behind Lisa, Martha saw how loose the glove was around Lisa's arms. That was easily fixed, by tightening the many straps around her arms. She started with the one at the wrists, further incapacitating Lisa's hands, and then moved up one by one to the strap near Lisa's shoulders. As Martha pulled, Lisa's elbows moved close together. Soon, they were touching and Lisa's shoulders were pulled backwards, causing her pert breasts to stand out. Once this was done, the goons picked Lisa up again and dropped her face down onto a table. Her breasts were squashed against the hard surface.

Martha tied a rope to a ring at the middle of the spreader bar between Lisa's ankles. She ran it along Lisa's back and over her head to a heavy ringbolt screwed into the wall in front of her. Feeding it down through the ring, she attached the end to a hole in the wheel disk of the pulley that was anchored to the floor. Checking that the shoulder straps of the arm binder were snug, Martha attached more rope to the wrist straps around the arm binder. She bent Lisa's legs up at the knee and fed the second rope between them, under the ankle bar and straight out to another heavy metal ring that was screwed into the opposite wall. She fastened this rope firmly.

Now Martha could start pulling on the first rope. This started moving her wrists and ankles towards each other. Before proceeding further, she tied the rope to the table temporarily. Next, she pulled Lisa's knees wide apart and put a longer spreader bar between them, holding her legs well apart. This of course made it easy for her to push a huge dildo, even larger than the ones she had used before, into the obvious place. Well, it wasn't that easy, because the dildo was so big, but as Martha had planned, Lisa's body was slowly adjusting to be able to take ever larger plugs. Lisa did try to struggle and resist, but it was quite futile and there was only one possible result. Martha could easily ignore the faint whimperings that were all that could emerge through the gag and the muzzle. A very similar story ensued when Martha put a smaller, but still quite large, butt plug into Lisa's other obvious place.

Untying the rope, Martha pulled on it again. Lisa's body bent more and more, as the ankle bar moved ever closer towards the back of her neck. From the top of her head to the back of her knees she curved in a 270-degree arc and then there was the almost straight line of the shins from her knees to her head.

Martha took a canvas webbing harness and rocked Lisa's torso so that she could manoeuvre it between her stomach and the table. She lowered a chain with a large hook on the end down from the ceiling directly over Lisa's totally helpless form.

From the central point under her, the webbing straps came up each side of her waist and legs to the hook, another came through her crotch and two more between her breasts and then over each shoulder. Making sure they were all the same length took Martha a little time. Once that was done, she pulled the table out from under Lisa.

As her looped form swung gently around on the end of the chain, there was absolutely no further movement. Her limbs had no place they could go; they were locked so completely in the restraints Martha had imposed on them.

Martha reached down below Lisa's dangling form and attached a nipple clamp to Lisa's left nipple. The sharp crocodile teeth bit into Lisa's flesh, but she could do nothing about it except make a few more faint mews. Attached to the clamp was a heavy weight, which Martha let fall, increasing Lisa's distress. Martha repeated the performance with Lisa's other nipple, with of course exactly the same result.

Finally, Martha pressed a button on her remote control, and the dildo and butt plug began to vibrate. Martha knew that they would drive Lisa wild but never tip her over into an orgasm.

"Right, that's fine," she said loudly. "I've got to go out for a few hours now, so don't go anywhere!" Lisa heard Martha's stilettos click across the concrete floor, and then she heard the door open and shut. After that, the roar of white noise filled her ears again and she could hear nothing else. Lisa remained in her torturous position, blind and completely immobilised, with those infernal plugs vibrating deep inside her, for what seemed like forever.

To Be Continued...

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