The Adventures of Agent Lisa

By Amy Flanagan

Chapter 3: A Chance To Leave?

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Lisa was not too taken aback to learn that it was Martha who had abducted her.  Martha had said more than once during Lisa's long sojourn with Tash that she was the best plaything she'd ever had, and Lisa saw no reason to disbelieve her.  Obviously, she must have been infuriated by Lisa's escape and wanted her back.  But Martha's pleasure was no reason to abduct Lisa again, still less to cut up her favourite trousers.

"How dare you," she shouted at the tall blonde figure in front of her.  "Let me go at once mphh!" The mphh was due to a large ball gag being thrust into her mouth and buckled tight behind her head.

"I make the rules here, young lady, and don't you forget it," snarled Martha.  Her glower changed into a smile as she walked round Lisa, her heels tapping on the hard floor, and rubbed Lisa's bottom, which was clad only in a black satin thong.  "I do like your bottom, Lisa, and it's such fun to spank."

Lisa knew that she could scarcely run away in those horrible shoes and the ankle fetters, and there were several large ugly men standing around just waiting to stop her.  So she just stood still and glowered, not flinching as Martha rubbed her hands all over Lisa's bottom and gave it a few slaps.

"You know, Lisa, it did occur to me that you might not want to come back and let me play with you," said Martha, her voice sounding quite friendly.  "So what I thought I'd do is give you the chance to leave, and only carry on where we left off if you don't leave.  But I bet you'll stay."

Lisa listened with apprehension and cynicism.  She doubted that Martha would play fair and knew that she would have precious little chance to escape.  Still, she would make the best of any opportunity she could get.

"Right," Martha snapped to the goons who were standing around, "let's prepare her".  Three large men gripped the struggling Lisa, lifted her into the air as if she were a rag doll, then laid her face up on the ground.  While one sat on her chest, another removed her fetters and shoes, then held her left leg while the third man started to put a thigh boot on it.  Lisa's right leg flailed around impotently while the boot was put on, and her left leg held down while the laces were tightened.  When the men were finished, Lisa realised that the boot held her leg absolutely rigid, straight at the knee and with her foot en pointe like a ballerina's.  Her right leg received the same treatment.

The men then took a leg spreader, fastening the straps tightly round Lisa's ankles, and hauled her to her feet.  Lisa stood awkwardly on tiptoes with her legs spread wide.  It was hard to keep her balance, and painful even to stand, as the boots seemed to be full of sharp gravel.

Martha stepped forward with a wicked gleam in her eyes and a large pair of scissors in her hand.  In no time, Lisa's favourite black polo neck sweater lay in shreds around her booted feet, followed by her black satin bra and thong.  Lisa seethed, but could do nothing except struggle to maintain her balance.  Her futile efforts to resist were easily thwarted by the goons.  She stood there, naked apart from the boots, as Martha again rubbed her bottom and also played with her breasts, wiggling them up and down rapidly and pinching her nipples.  Martha did this for several minutes, then suddenly seemed to realise that she had other things to do.

Again, Lisa was laid on her back and held down.  Martha, with skilled motions, inserted a dildo in between Lisa's widespread legs.  It was huge; even in her previous treatment at Martha's hands, Lisa had never had anything so big in there.  Of course, there was no way to resist, and it went in eventually.  Nor could Lisa do anything as she was lifted up and turned over, and Martha inserted a butt plug.  Lisa screamed into the gag as this monster invaded her very core, threatening to burst her, but Martha was skilled and persistent, and somehow she got it in.

Lisa was quite familiar with the black leather object that Martha fetched.  It was an arm binder.  Martha manoeuvred it up Lisa's handcuffed arms and did up the zip.  A goon held up her body as Martha fastened the shoulder straps that would make it impossible to remove, and pulled them tight.  Another goon then stepped forward and, using his great strength, easily tightened the straps round Lisa's elbows and upper arms, forcing her elbows to touch inside the binder and pulling her shoulders painfully backwards.  Martha tightened the shoulder straps further.

Lisa was again lifted to her feet.  A wide strap round Lisa's body pressed her arms tightly against her back.  Martha grabbed the strap at the tip of the arm binder and pulled it through Lisa's crotch, fastening it to the front of the strap. Her hands were pressed firmly into her crotch.

"Don't worry, my cute little pet, nearly done," said Martha soothingly.  Lisa didn't feel soothed as Martha buckled on a head harness.  A wide, tight strap under her chin reinforced the effect of the gag.  A strap over her mouth pushed the ball further in.  The heavily padded patches pressed against her eyes and shut out every trace of light.  After that, the thick leather hood seemed overkill.  It was stifling; Lisa struggled to breathe through the small air tubes that poked far into her nostrils. She could feel Martha padlock the hood firmly in place.

Lisa was picked up again and carried some way before being laid on the floor again.  "Now, here's the deal," said Martha.  "We're going to leave you in this room.  There's only one door.  It's absolutely flush with the wall, so it won't be easy to find it just by feel.  Somewhere on the wall, maybe next to the door, maybe not, there's a keypad.  Punch the right combination and the door will open.  The combination is written clearly on the ceiling, though since the room will be pitch dark you might not be able to read it even if you can remove the hood and the blindfold.  Oh, just to make sure this isn't too trivial for you, there's a panel screwed over the keypad, again perfectly flush with the wall.  We'll leave for a couple of hours, and if you're still here when we get back, we'll know that you want to stay."

Martha clattered off and Lisa heard the door slam shut behind her.  At least she knew which direction to head in to try to find the door.  With the greatest difficulty, with her arms useless and her legs rigid and held wide apart, she started to crawl in that direction.  Suddenly, she started to spin.  She was on a turntable!  The whirling carried on for several minutes, until she was completely disoriented.

Once the turntable stopped, she reached the wall and somehow started to get herself upright.  The wall was covered in sharp spikes, and rubbing against it with her naked body was quite painful.  Nevertheless, she managed to rise to her feet and slowly and painfully hobbled round the room trying in vain to locate the door and the panel.

Suddenly, her body jerked.  The huge dildo buried deep inside her had come to life.  It was soon followed by the butt plug.  Lisa was completely unable to concentrate on anything else as pulse after pulse shook every part of her body.  She convulsed helplessly.  Eventually, she could stand it no more and slid to the floor in a crumpled heap.

As soon as she hit the floor, the dildo and the butt plug stopped their vibrations; eventually, Lisa managed to rise shakily to her feet.  But as soon as she renewed her search for the door and the panel, the plugs started again.  After a few cycles of this - she'd lost count; was it seven or eight? - she just couldn't get up again.

"There, I knew you wouldn't leave."  Martha's voice cut through Lisa's daze.  "Now, let's have some fun." 


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