Judging Melissa

Written and Illustrated by BAD

Part 1



Crunch!  The sickening sound of two vehicles colliding, even if the impact is slight, the sound is unmistakable.  Melissa knew the sound all too well and once again, she was the cause of it. 


I can’t believe I did this again, same way as the other four times. 


She had slipped her high-heels off and one of them got caught between the brake pedal and floorboard, making a full stop impossible.  She had been involved in four at fault rear-end collisions since she had taken her new job six months ago.  She was required to have a lot of face time with her company’s clients so she always had to dress up “as sexy as possible, dear”, her boss, an older woman who was a beauty queen in her younger days had told her.  “Our clients are mostly tool & die shops; they won’t even pay attention to what the purchase order says once they lay eyes on you.  Sure, it’s a man’s world, until some stacked little babe like you tells them what they need to do to make you happy, it never fails.  Work it while you’re young and by the time you get to be my age, you’ll be set for life.”  Melissa loved the old lady, she cracked her up.


It was just rough wearing the high heels all day, they killed her feet, all through college she mostly wore flip flops, even to her graduation.  When she was out on calls, she couldn’t wait to get back in her car and slip out of her shoes, especially on a hot day like this. Unfortunately, she had a bad habit of slipping them off after she had already gotten on the road.  Occasionally one of them would wind up underneath her brake pedal, this being the fifth time, causing her fifth rear-end collision.  She had just gotten her license suspended in traffic court yesterday; Melissa knew she was in big trouble if the other person wasn’t cool.


“Hope it’s a guy”, Melissa whispered to herself as she undid the top two buttons of her tight fitting low-cut white blouse.  She looked down her cleavage, it was glistening with sweat.  Her short tight skirt did little to hide her muscular, tan legs encased in nude pantyhose.  She fumbled with her toes to manipulate her high heels back on.  One quick look the rear view mirror: her thick blond hair was in disarray due to her driving with the windows open and the heat.  Gotta go into a sales pitch mode; hope it’s a straight guy.  Melissa thought.


Melissa watched a tall figure climb out of the other car (a Lexus).  Shit, it’s a woman.  She was wearing a thin, white hooded sweatshirt which was open to reveal a white tank top underneath and tight spandex shorts.  She was very tall, at least 6’1”, she looked like a beach volleyball player.   The woman moved towards Melissa’s car taking long graceful strides while removing her baseball cap and sunglasses.  Melissa suddenly felt a sickening feeling of recognition. It’s the traffic court judge I had yesterday, I’m dead!  


The lady Judge was at Melissa’s window before she could register any more thoughts; she was absolutely overwhelmed with panic, her heart racing.


“Well, if it isn’t Melissa Lee. I usually don’t recognize most of the people who come through my courtroom, but I just saw you yesterday.  Now, didn’t I tell you weren’t allowed to drive for the next six months, little missy?” asked the Judge, while bending almost in half to lean on the open window of Melissa’s car. 


Melissa glanced up into the Judge’s face.  The Judge was not an unattractive woman: she had angular, chiseled features, accented by her short, spiked black hair and pale blue eyes.  She was obviously in superior physical condition, probably about 40 years old.


“Um, I-I guess you did, your honor”, Melissa stammered after about five seconds; she could barely breathe.  “I really had to drive today; some documents had to be dropped off to a client back at that industrial park across the highway.  I was taking this country road back because I figured there would be less traffic…”


“But, you are not supposed to be driving”, the Judge said so softly Melissa could barely hear.


“Your honor, if I wouldn’t have delivered those documents, we could have lost the account.  People at my company could’ve been laid off,” Melissa knew she sounded like some shitbirds she heard in court yesterday making excuses, but everything she was saying was true.


“Get out of your car; I’m calling a deputy to pick you up.  You’re going to Jail for the next three days until your hearing, then I’m going to sentence you to 60 more days.  That’s the minimum in this state, which I explained to you yesterday before you told me you understood.” the Judge’s words were matter-of-fact in tone, her eyes bored into Melissa’s as she spoke.  “Now roll up your windows and lock it, your car’s being towed to the impound lot.”


Melissa complied with the Judge’s orders, her mind was racing.  Jail for the next three days, then sixty more?  I’ve gotta do some heavy negotiating.  The judge’s haircut, the way she carries’s herself, like a jock.  She has that gym teacher look; I’ll give it a shot.   


“Your honor, isn’t there anything I can do? I swear this will never happen again, I’ll pay for your damages myself plus I’m fully insured.  Isn’t there any other way”?    


Melissa looked up at the Judge with her best sexy-innocent look, while sticking out her ample chest.  The Judge said nothing, first looking Melissa in the eye for a few seconds.  Melissa then watched the Judge’s eyes travel down the front of her body.  From her exposed cleavage, to her small hips, slowly down her legs.  Melissa could see a slight smirk on the other woman’s face, an expression of someone who had just bluffed at a hand of poker.

“Alright”, said the Judge.  “This is my house on the right here; I was just getting ready to pull in my driveway when you hit me.  We’ll go inside and I’ll let you plead your case some more”.


It worked!  I am the greatest!  I shoulda done this in court yesterday.  Melissa looked at the driveway off the road, it was surrounded by trees. The house could not be seen from the road.


“Great”! exclaimed Melissa.  “I’ll follow you in.”


“Oh no-- you’re still under suspension and your car is still getting towed.  If I let you off the hook you can have your car picked up from the lot at no charge.  You’re riding with me,”ordered the Judge.


“Oh, sure, you’re the boss, Your Honor.”


“Good, now turn around,” the judge ordered while producing several pairs of handcuffs from her hooded sweatshirt.


Melissa’s eyes widened, “Wh-What are those-you’re not going to…”


“Handcuff you?  I have to, you’ve been caught in a criminal act, as a court appointee, I am using my right to detain you,” explained the Judge.  “It’s for my protection while you’re in my personal vehicle, there’s no seat barrier like a standard police vehicle.  You could jump me while I’m concentrating on driving.  Of course, if this makes you uncomfortable, I’ll have a deputy sheriff come out and take you to jail right now.  It’s your choice.”


Melissa knew she had no choice.  There was no way she could go to jail.  What the judge was saying seemed to make sense.  I’ll just go along with it, she’s just messing with my head anyway, if she was going to send me to jail she would have already called to have me picked up. 


“OK,”,Melissa said as she turned her back to the Judge and put her hands behind her back.  Melissa felt cold steel close and tighten around her wrists, and heard the “click” as they were locked in place.


“Not too tight, are they dear?” asked the Judge softly as she turned Melissa around to face her.


“Oh no, your honor, they’re fine,” Melissa said looking up at the Judge through her thick blond bangs, sticking her chest out.  Balancing on one leg, she slipped her foot out of her shoe, pointing her stocking foot on the hot pavement.


“Good. Now I have to pat you down before I put you in my car”, the Judge grabbed Melissa by the arm and led her to the back of her Lexus. 

“Bend over, place your chest on the trunk, spread you legs,” ordered the Judge. 


Melissa slowly lowered her torso on the Lexus.  She felt hot metal through her blouse and held herself up slightly to make sure the exposed part of her chest didn’t touch the black-painted metal.  She stood up on the balls of her feet, her heels popping up out of the back of her shoes, every muscle in her stomach and legs flexed.  She felt the Judge’s long fingers on her ankles, then slowly moving up her legs.  The sensation through her stockings was almost ticklish; the fingers were barely brushing against them.  The fingers went straight on up Melissa’s short skirt; she felt the Judge’s large hand cup each cheek of her small, firm rear.  Melissa felt one hand barely brush over her satin and nylon covered crotch, the other went up to her flat stomach.


Melissa was starting to shake. Partially holding herself up while bent half-way over, with her hands cuffed behind her, was taxing in the heat, sweat was dripping into her eyes. The Judge abruptly pulled her hands away and ordered Melissa to straighten up. Melissa then felt hands on her waist, then felt them move around to her stomach and on up to her breasts.


“Wow, you’re soaked with sweat,” exclaimed the judge, her hands still on Melissa’s chest.  “I don’t feel any lethal weapons on you, so I guess we can load you in the car now.”  She helped Melissa sit down in the back seat.  “Leave your legs out; I still have to cuff your ankles so you can’t kick me in the back of the head.”


Before a shocked Melissa could reply, the Judge slapped another pair of handcuffs around her ankles.


“Now, to prevent biting and spitting,” the Judge said as she produced a long white strip of cloth with a large knot tied in the middle.  She held the strip in front of Melissa’s face, “open wide”.


“What--?” Melissa began, but the Judge stuffed the knotted section of the cloth into the dumbfounded girl’s mouth, then quickly tied the ends of the cloth tightly at the nape of her neck.  The knot filled Melissa’s mouth perfectly; it didn’t puff out her cheeks and her lips closed over it after the Judge secured it.


“Mmmmph”!  Melissa attempted to speak, but it was impossible, she had no room in her mouth to move her tongue, the gag was totally effective.


The Judge grabbed Melissa’s ankles, pulled them up and pushed the cuffed and gagged girl back into the seat.  She then held Melissa’s ankle cuffs with one hand while removing her high heels with the other. 


“These spikes could be used for deadly weapons, can’t take any chances,” the Judge explained to the helpless girl.  “Now, I need you to roll over on your stomach”, the Judge ordered as she produced a third pair of handcuffs and attached one shackle to the chain of her ankle cuffs.  Melissa complied and felt her ankles being drawn up to her butt as soon as she was on her stomach.  The Judge locked the other shackle to the chain of Melissa’s wrist cuffs.


“Hogtied and gagged.  Now you’re ready for transport.” 


Melissa heard the back door of the Lexus shut, then the front door.  Melissa felt the car moving.


“Hope your comfy, honey, because I promise you, this is as comfortable as you’re going to be for some time…” the Judge said in a cruel chuckle.  “Your sweet little ass is mine now”!


“Mmmmmph!  Mmmmmph”! Melissa shouted into her gag, wildly kicking her cuffed ankles, she rolled onto her side, her brown eyes glaring angrily at the back of the judge’s head.  This bitch set me up, why would she have three pairs of handcuffs and a gag right in her pocket?  She was counting on me hitting her!  She must have been tracking my traveling somehow.  Melissa had remembered seeing a couple of sheriff’s cars earlier in the day.  They must have relayed where I was at…


The car came to a stop.  The Judge turned around to face Melissa.  She noticed Melissa’s blouse was completely open now, the other buttons had popped off when she rolled to her side.


“Well, even though you’re bound and gagged, you’ve still managed to undo your blouse.  I guess I’ll have to help you get out of the rest of your outfit…”




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