Judging Melissa


Part II


The Judge undid the handcuffs connecting Melissa’s wrist and ankle cuffs.  “Let’s get you in the house now”, said the Judge as she put Melissa’s high heels back on her stocking clad feet.  She then helped Melissa out the car and onto her feet.  Melissa looked down the long driveway towards the Judge’s house.  The house looked brand new, a one-story with huge, vaulted ceilings, probably twenty-five feet high.  A “McMansion”, Melissa thought. I wonder why we parked so far away from it.  The Judge had pulled over off the long, gravel driveway about 100 yards short of the house.

“Ok darling, start walking”, ordered the Judge.

Melissa glared in disbelief at the Judge.  “Mmmmph”, she protested through her gag and did a short hop, gesturing toward her handcuffed ankles.

“You’ll walk to the house or you’ll stay out here in the hot sun.  And after sunset, the mosquitoes come out and there pretty bad out here in the boonies.  It sure would suck to have them biting all over you with your hands cuffed behind your back.  You couldn’t even swat them away”.

Melissa stared down at her shackled feet.  I guess I don’t have a choice; she just wants to humiliate me.  Melissa slowly, carefully moved her right high-heeled foot as far as the cuff chain would allow, (about three inches), then her left foot.  This is gonna take forever but I’m not giving that bitch the satisfaction of me falling.

“That’s the spirit sweetie, just one shuffle at a time.  I could have been really cruel and made you do this with your shoes off, but I didn’t want your pretty, soft feet to get all cut up on that gravel”, the Judge chuckled.

Melissa had finally gotten to the end of the drive way, the Judge had walked ahead and was sitting on a bench by the front door.

“One hour and fifteen minutes, I think you might have set a record for walking while hobbled”, said the Judge as she stood up.

Melissa glared at the Judge; she was drenched with sweat, her gagged mouth as dry as cotton.  Her feet were screaming to be released from their three inch spike heeled prisons.   She wanted to collapse right there, but knew the Judge might just leave her where she lay, in the hot sun.  The Judge walked up to Melissa and brushed her blond hair from her eyes. 

“You poor thing, let’s get you inside now”, Melissa then suddenly found herself slung over the Judges shoulder being carried into the house.

Melissa was amazed at how easily the Judge maneuvered while she was on her shoulder.  The Judge stopped to check her phone messages, filled up a glass of ice water and fiddled with the air conditioner settings all while carrying a bound and gagged girl.

“You’re starting to get heavy girlie, time for bed; you can stay in my bedroom in fact”.

The Judge quickly carried her to the master bedroom of the house and gently set her down on a huge, soft king size bed.

Melissa looked around the room; the walls were painted a dark, soft red.  The curtains were pulled shut.  The only furniture in the bedroom was the bed, a nightstand and a dresser with a huge mirror directly facing the bed.  Melissa glanced at her reflection briefly.  Her hair was wild from all the sweating and thrashing she had been doing.  I look like a jungle girl from the wild, a jungle girl with a gag in her mouth.

“You can primp later, now as I said before, let’s get you out of this outfit”, the judge said as she pulled Melissa’s shoes off.  “Now, doesn’t that feel better”?

Actually it did, Melissa thought and flexed her feet, looking at her pink painted toenails clearly visible thorough her sheer nude hose.  She was grateful to have at least her feet freed after that long and painful walk on that gravel driveway.

The Judge started to massage Melissa’s feet, her strong hand kneading and caressing expertly.  Melissa’s head dropped back, her eyes shut, she moaned softly into her gag.  The Judge then stopped abruptly. 

“Enough of this, I didn’t bring you here for spa treatment! You’re still in big trouble”, the Judge let go of Melissa’s feet and unlocked the cuffs holding the girl’s ankles.  She then reached up Melissa’s short skirt and grabbed the top of her pantyhose and yanked them down past her knees and then off her feet.  She wadded them up in a ball and placed them beside Melissa.  She then produced several lengths of rope from underneath the bed and proceeded to tie Melissa’s bare ankles. 

“I don’t like the handcuffs on my sheets,” the judge explained. “Sometimes they snag and tear them.  This nice soft rope is much better.”

She then flipped Melissa on her stomach and repeated the procedure; Melissa was now tied hand and foot with rope instead of handcuffs.  She helped Melissa into an upright sitting position, and then secured her legs with more rope, just above the knees. 

The Judge stood up, “Now the skirt comes off”, the Judge quickly pulled the skirt down and off to reveal Melissa was wearing black thong underwear.  “Wow, you’re a wild one aren’t you, I guess it helps on your sales calls”, the Judge mocked. 

“Mmmmph, mmmmph, mmmmph”!  Melissa shouted angrily but incoherently into her gag. 

The Judge stood grinning as she took inventory of the beautiful, helpless girl on her bed.  Her brown eyes glaring defiantly, never showing any fear. 

“You’ve got spirit, I’ll give you that.  Most girls in your situation would be crying by now.  You just look more pissed off by the minute.”

The Judge left the bedroom briefly and returned with a tall glass of ice water. 

“I’m going to remove your gag so you can take a drink, if you bite or yell, I’ll hand you upside down in a closet with a tennis ball stuffed in your mouth.  Do you understand”? the Judge asked.  Melissa nodded her head, unable to take her eyes off the glass, she was so thirsty. 

The Judge loosened the gag with one hand and then pulled it down around her neck.  Melissa smacked her dry tongue against the roof of her mouth and smacked her lips, she couldn’t remember her mouth ever being this dry.  The Judge gently held the glass to Melissa’s lips, slowly tilting the glass as Melissa drank.  After the glass was drained, Melissa took some a deep breath and sighed, it was probably the best drink of water she ever had. 

The Judge took an ice cube from the glass and ran it down Melissa’s cleavage. She stopped where the cups of her bra met, then circled around each huge bra cup, just where skin met fabric.  Melissa stayed silent as the Judge had ordered her to, her lips were parted, her eyes following the Judge’s movement on her helpless tits.  The Judge then suddenly took the cube and dropped it down the back of Melissa’s unbuttoned blouse, causing the helpless girl to yelp.

“Ow!  Damn you, get that out of my-“, Melissa started, at which point the Judge quickly grabbed the wadded up pantyhose Melissa was wearing and stuffed them in her mouth. 

“OOmmpph”, Melissa protested while the Judge quickly pulled out a long, white satin sash from her dresser drawer. 

“This usually goes with my robe, but I found some other good uses for it”, the Judge explained to Melissa as she wrapped the sash around Melissa’s mouth twice, finally tying it at the nape of Melissa’s neck.  “I told you to keep it quiet, now you’ve forced me to stuff your nasty mouth with your sweaty pantyhose.  Taste good”?  the Judge chuckled.

“MMMMMMPPPHHH”,  Melissa yelled as loudly as she could into her new gag and shook her head wildly.  The pantyhose were tightly in place, not going anywhere.

“Now, I’ve accommodated you, served you a drink and made you comfortable in my home and all you can do is act angry?  Remember sweetie, you chose to be here so don’t be so rude”, the Judge lectured.  “I’m going to take care of myself now, maybe get something to eat and change clothes.  I’ll be back in awhile and then we can work on your case”, the Judge explained while she reached into the drawer of her nightstand.  She pulled out two large, rattling boxes.  “Thumbtacks.  Just in case you think you can try to hop away and free yourself somehow.”

Melissa watched as she emptied the contents of the boxes around the perimeter of the bed. 

“Sit here and think about how you’re going to prove you can be trusted, I’ll be back…sometime later”.

Melissa watched as the door shut behind the Judge.  She looked at her reflection in the dresser mirror facing the bed, large dark brown eyes above the white satin gag.  Her blouse was wide open and pulled down just past her tanned shoulders.  Her thick blond hair cascaded down around them. Her huge, tanned breasts looked even bigger because of her hands bound behind her back.  They looked like they were about to burst out of their bra, her tanned stomach showing the delicate outlines of her stomach muscles as soft “six-pack”.  She was sitting upright, her rope bound legs sticking straight out in front of her, the clean white soles of her feet facing back from the mirror. 

I feel, look like some kind of …prize.  A beautiful package, wrapped up for display, the center of attentiontotally helpless.

Melissa stopped herself, trying to deny the stirrings she felt.  Everything about this situation is wrong, but why do I feel so stirred, so excited?


-To be continued-


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