La Cioccolata

A Tribute to Gillian B

By Jim Krug

La Cioccolata,

the famous and elusive jewel thief, finds herself hogtied, and gagged, as an intruder picks the lock and enters her suite.  He is average height, but a big shouldered powerful man who moves with a cat like grace.  He walks over to the helpless woman, and checks her bonds.  He sees a little slack in the hogtie, and tightens it until her hands and feet touch.  La Cioccolata moans into her gag at the additional discomfort.

  "La Cioccolata," says the intruder, and hearing the name given to her by police from 10 different countries, she gives the intruder a look of fear and disbelief, because she has finally been found out, "don't worry your secret is safe with me.  There is something you can do for me.  Will you make this easier, and tell me where you have hidden your jewels?"   Shaking her head no, he laughs, "I didn't think you would."

 Searching the suite, she see could see by his efficiency that he knew what he was doing.  After a short but thorough search he knew the jewels weren't in this room.  Still calm he walks into the bathroom, and she strains to hear what he is doing.  She hears water run and the intruder returns with a glass of water.  Removing the gag he gives the helpless jewel thief some water.  Reaching over to the table he takes a chocolate from the box, and feeds La Cioccolata on of her candies.  He gives her another long drink, then after 2 minutes he replaces the gag, and tightens it even tighter then before.  This thrills her and alarms her because the thought of spending at least 4 more hours tied and gagged this tight, would be unbearable.  

The masked intruder walks back to the bathroom.  La Cioccolata hears him in the bathroom.  She tenses as she hears a metal scraping sound.  She recognizes the sound because it is the same sound of metal scraping that she heard when she hid the jewels in the shower drain.  He returns in minutes carrying La Cioccolata's jewelry, not only what she robbed on this trip, but a lot of her favorite jewelry she had stolen over the years and kept for herself.

"La Cioccolata, I have an offer for you.  The first part of my offer will cause the return of at least half your jewelry.  The second part will be a partnership.  I will not interfere with the way you work.  I will be in the background, covering your back so that something like this can never happen again."  Pulling out a piece of paper and putting it on her dresser with other papers, he tells her, "On the paper is an address in a small town, with directions.  Be alone.  I will meet you there on the 15th of next month by 5 P.M.  The worst case scenario for you is that you get half your jewelry back.  Bending over, the masked intruder, gives the helpless jewel thief a kiss on the cheek, and walks out of the suite with the jewels.  Lying there alone and helpless La Cioccolata reflects on the thrill she felt when he kissed her.  

The tight hogtie and gag, made her even more uncomfortable.  Her legs were starting to cramp badly, her wrists, ankles and shoulders were also shouting with pain.  The gag was making her jaws ache too.  Looking at the clock it was only 5 A. M., 3 more hours until room service would arrive.  There was noise at her door.  What now, she thought.  What's going on? Who is it?  Why is he coming back?  She thinks all this in a panic.  Watching the door, La Cioccolata breathes a sigh of relief, as she sees a waiter with her tray.  As the poor man sees the helpless woman, he drops the tray and stands there for long seconds as he regroups.  As he regains some composure, he picks up a knife from the floor that was on the tray, and cuts the chunky, but sexy woman from her bonds.  "I am glad I found the note that you wanted your room service so early miss.

After freeing her from the gag he calls the bridge, and then the captain.  In minutes the Captain, her first officer, and the doctor, plus two seamen guarding the door.  By this time he poor La Cioccolata is wearing a robe, and drinking a coffee.  The doctor makes sure she is O.K.  Everyone present feels sorry for the poor lady.  They can see the rope marks and burns on her wrists and ankles, and when she sat down the captain and the doctor got a look at the deep rope marks just above her knees.  

After La Cioccolata told the captain that she was getting ready for bed, a masked stranger grabbed her from behind and quickly bound and gagged her.  "I cried as she stole all my jewelry."

  "It was a woman?"  asked the captain.  La Cioccolata told him yes, and told how the heartless woman ate chocolates as she robbed her.   

"There is no doubt, we must report to the authorities that La Cioccolata has struck again," said the captain.  Finally, they left her alone, and as she fell asleep she wondered if she was going to go to the address he gave her.

Three weeks later La Cioccolata has checked out the address, and found out to her surprise that the house is leased in her name.  That made her smile for the first time in three weeks.  She watched the house several times a day in the 3 days before the 15th.  

After several hours of watching the house from different vantage points she walks up to the house carrying a small suitcase.  She knocks on the door, and after several minutes she tries the door and finds it locked.  After knocking on the door again she lifts up the door mat and finds a key.  La Cioccolata lets herself in and looks around.  On the dining room table she finds a note.  "Dear lady, the master bedroom and everything in it is yours.  Feel free to look this house over.  

After looking over the downstairs she decides she likes the way it is furnished.  Taking her bag upstairs she looks the upstairs over.  It is just as nice as the downstairs.  La Cioccolata saved the matser bedroom for last, and inside the superbly furnished room she finds a box of her favorite chocolates on the dresser.  As she eats some chocolates she looks the room over and finds a safe.  She walks downstairs and picks up the note on the dining room table.  La Cioccolata had no idea what the numbers on the note were for., but after finding the safe she thought they might be for the safe.  Going back to the master bedroom, she tried the numbers and the safe and open up.  In there she finds a velvet bag sitting on a note.  First, looking in the bag she sees her jewels, all of them.  La Cioccolata now reads the note as she eats her chocolates:

Dear La Cioccolata,

        I am sorry I robbed you.  This is the only way I could think of to show you that I can be an asset to you, and that I can be trusted.  I have been a fan of yours for years, and about a year ago I figured out who La Cioccolata really is.  I have fallen in love with you, or as much as a person can fall in love with someone they don't know.  I have returned all your jewelry.  You can take this and leave, and I will never bother you again.  If you stay, we can talk about a partnership, as partners in crime, and maybe if I'm lucky, partners in love.  You have captured my heart, and I would really like to get to know the real you.

                                        Yours sincerely,

                                        Larry Daniels

After reading the letter La Cioccolata lay across the bed and read it again.  She lay there thinking.  What's with this guy?  Is he for real?  Can I trust him?  

She slowing realized that she could trust him.  She had been helpless in her suite.  He could have done anything, but he gave her a chocolate and a drink of water.  He had her jewels and gave them back.  

La Cioccolata thought about the letter, and she thought about the kiss on the cheek when she was helpless, and the effect that had on her.   What she decided to do was risky, maybe even dangerous, but after all she is La Cioccolata, danger is part of her.  She takes off her dress and looks in the mirror at a woman wearing her favorite corset suspender stockings,  hi-heels, and long opera gloves.

Opening her bag she takes out two silk scarves.  Looking through the house she finds some rope in a store room off the kitchen.  She cuts the rope in to various lengths and returns to the master bedroom.  Sitting on the bed she quickly binds her ankles and thighs just above her knees, and cinches them tight.  

La Cioccolata almost forgot, and she stands up and hops over to the dresser and takes 2 chocolates.  Hopping back to the bed she sits down and slowly enjoys her treats.

Next she takes a length of rope and puts a slip loop in each end.  It takes her several tries to get the loops the right distance apart.   She puts the rope around her front and slides each loop through an O-Ring on each side of her corset at waist level.  Picking up a scarf she folds it carefully and puts it in her mouth.  Taking the other scarf she pulls it tightly between her teeth, holing the first scarf in her mouth.

  Carefully sliding off the bed La Cioccolata and hops to the heavy post and places  her back against it.  Wrapping rope around her ankles and the post she winds it up to her thighs she pulls it tight enough to weld her legs to the post before tying it off.  She loosely wraps a long length of rope several times around the post and her chest with the rope crisscrossing her breasts.  After two tries it is tied so when she works her arms inside the rope, that it digs into her soft breasts and upper arms.

 Grabbing the loop on the left side she slides it around the post, sliding it between a strand of rope and the post so it won't fall.  Taking the loop on the right she does the same.  Taking the loop from the right she forces her left hand into that loop.  Freeing the loop from the left she carefully slides her right hand through that loop.  As the loop slides around her wrist, she pulls with both hands.  Both loops tighten and her hands are trapped behind her back.  Pulling her arms only makes the rope dig into her hands and she feels the rope around her stomach against her corset.

  Without the post and the rope pinning her arms to her sides, La Cioccolata might have been able to free herself.  Now she had to wait for Larry.  Her thoughts were running rampant again.  "What have I done?" she thinks.  "What if he doesn't show?  What if something happened to him?  Slowly, La Cioccolata regained her control, and settled down and enjoyed her bondage.

She had only been waiting about an hour, but it seemed longer.  Her jaws were aching from the gag, her feet from the hi-heels, her sexy legs from the rope digging into her flesh, and the rope around her arms, and the wrists loops were causing her arms and shoulders to ache.  La Cioccolata started worrying, "Was he going to come?  Did something happen to delay him?  He is running very late thought La Cioccolata.  She couldn't see the time on the clock on the night stand

What was that?"

 She heard a noise downstairs.  Is someone down there?  Minutes pass, she hears nothing.  Suddenly in the doorway, there is a man of average height, but with a powerful build.  "Hello, La Cioccolata, Is it going to be that every time we meet you are bound and gagged.  I'm not complaining.  I think you look delightful," Larry says to the bound beauty.  He walks to the bathroom and returns with a glass of water.  Removing the gag he gives her a glass of water.

Sitting the glass down Larry walks to the dresser and gets her a chocolate and feeds it to her.  After she slowly eats it they look into each others eyes and laugh.  They start to talk and as they talk he continues to feed the helpless queen of jewel thieves her chocolates.



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