Voyage into Slavery. Chapter 18.


Louise made the umpteenth attempt to try and loosen the coils of white ropes tied all over her. She really tried, but her efforts were wasted. Instead, she had to suffer Madam Chen's amused gaze. Her look of dismay was noticed by her captor, when her strength collapsed.


'Pointless, isn't it, my dear?'Madam Chen smiled at her favourite slave. She couldn't wait to take Louise. She'd enjoyed many women, but to have a very pretty English girl to ravish, was her icing on the cake. Louise, alarmed, could quite clearly see the Chinese woman's intentions. She kept looking for her brother to return, her eyes desperate. Again, Madam Chen made sure the girl's hopes were dashed.


'If your brother does somehow, make it back to you. You can say goodbye to him.’ She gestured at the bomb, still tied to Louise's chest.’He won't get anywhere near you, my dear.’ Madam Chen chuckled, as she enjoyed the girl's distressed face. Then, suprisingly, she told Louise, 'Don't worry your pretty little head though.’Louise whimpered, as Madam Chen advanced on her, and she cringed in revulsion, expecting the woman's hands to be all over her body again. Instead, she simply disarmed the bomb strapped to her, and placed it on the floor.


Puzzled, Louise looked from the bomb to Madam Chen. Why had she done that?


Seeing the girl's expression, Madam Chen told her, 'I don't agree with that Yakuza thug, and what he wished to do to you. So, you won't be killed by the bomb, but. . .’She paused, still loving the dominant effect, she had on Louise, 'there will still be something else for your brother to rescue you from. I'm sure you'll know what that will be, won't you my dear?'


She was pleased to see that from Louise's terrified face, that she did indeed, know what was coming. She knew that Takachi, after tying her up here, had placed more explosives all over this room. With her trapped under the water line, Louise stood no chance of escaping herself. She was bound too tight, and her tape gag made sure, that she wouldn't be able to scream for help.


Madam Chen continued to smile at the wide eyed girl.’Quite right, my dear Louise. When the bombs go off here, the sea will flood in very rapidly. It will take something special to save you from this.’


Just then, Captain Liu's voice came in over her own radio.’Madam Chen, report to my quarters, immidiately.’


She responded back, 'On my way now, Captain.' She gently gripped Louise by the hair, she was really fond of doing this, and kissed her cheek. Louise still tried to flinch away from the woman, she mumbled like mad against her gag. Madam Chen just laughed, enjoying and having Louise in her grip.


'I hope I will see you again, and soon.’


She let go of Louise’s hair, and left her, gently stroking her cheek as she did so. Louise frantically, tried again to free herself, as she knew that time was against her. She could only still make tiny moans against her tape gag, and her eyes were constantly searching for her brother to return for her. Louise never doubted, that John would come. She just hoped he would be quick.


Madam Chen entered Liu's quarters. She hardly glanced at the bodies still lying here. These fools should have known better, she thought with total contempt, accepting a drink from a dangerous rival, was foolhardy. How the Captain had managed to survive, was a mystery. Liu was waiting for her, sitting behind his desk.


'Where have you been?' he demanded.


Madam Chen wasn't offended, as she answered calmly, 'Doing my job.’ Liu didn't respond to that, but she continued, 'Takachi has the Yamamoto girl, and the English girl is tied up deep down in the ship. He and his men have placed remotely controlled bombs all over the 'Eastern Princess.’When they all go off, the ship will sink.’


Liu sat stunned for a few moments. Madam Chen just calmly waited. If she had hoped the Captain would lose it, she was disappointed. Liu's face narrowed at what he'd just been told, but always made a counter on any move against him.


’Where are these bombs, Madam Chen?' His tone of voice made it quite clear, that she'd better tell him.


’I don't know where they all are, 'she admitted, 'but I do know Takachi and his men planted them, in the ship's most vunerable spots. They do want your ship to sink.’


Before Liu could reply to that, Yee entered, he barely glanced at Madam Chen, as he grimly handed over a report, saying, 'Bombs have been found at these locations. If they all explode, we're finished.’


Liu scanned the report, and reluctantly agreed.’


If this is the case, we'd better prepare for the worst. Start increasing the lifeboat drills, but keep the passengers calm. I don't want any panic.’


Yee nodded to that, then Liu ordered, 'Start sending out appeals for help, I want some extra reassurance, 'he looked firmly at Madam Chen, 'especially from our own people.’


Yee had more bad news to tell him, 'Communications are down, the radio's been destroyed.’


Liu nodded. That made sense. Takachi wouldn't want any help coming for them. It made Liu more determined to beat him. Even though, he enjoyed the profits of being involved in the slavery buisness, he still had to maintain his cover, of an excellent sea-going captain. Something, he drilled into his crew, who allied themselves with him.


Madam Chen did give some good news, 'I'll get my people out here, immidiately.’


Liu gave her a curt nod, then asked Yee, 'Have you picked some of our people to get the women back?'


Yee, in answer, opened the door, and four crewmen walked in, and saluted their Captain. Liu could see they were all former military men. He'd been one himself, and returned their salute. He looked at them all closely, they did indeed, appear to be totally ruthless.


’Has the First Officer explained what I want you to do?'


They all nodded in response to his query, then Liu asked Yee, 'Can they beat Jennings?'


Yee didn't smile, but he gestured at one of the men to step forward.’This man here, spent quite a lot of time, with the British military. He knows how they think. I'm sure they'll overcome him.’


Liu didn't seem convinced, 'For all our sakes, you'd better be right.’ He turned back to the camera, showing him the cargo hold.


Jennings seemed pleased, that all the girls had recovered. Now, he had to get them out of here, and to safety. He had already made up his mind, not to lead them out, the way he'd come in. Sarah had warned him, that way was now out of bounds. He began to look for another way out.


Just then, two Chinese women came up to him, one of them told him, 'There is another way out, we found it, before they grabbed us.’


Jennings politely allowed them to show him. When it was revealed, he smiled gratefully at the two grinning girls.


’I owe you one.’


The same girl spoke again, 'As long as you will give an exclusive interview to me and Jane, 'The girl gestured at her friend, 'That will be sufficient.’


Jennings forced himself to think clearly, he was still being distracted by the girls’ looks. These two were more than pretty, he conceded to himself, they were stunners!


'You're reporters?'he asked them.


The woman known as Jane replied for them, 'This is Michelle Chan. I'm Jane Yeoh. Hong Kong Television.’


Jennings nodded politely again.’Well, let's get going, ladies.’ He led the way, carefully watching for any ambush signs. Nothing seemed to suggest that would happen. He saw the steps that Jane and Michelle had told him about, and he checked again for any sign of the bad guys. So far, so good. He waved the girls forward, as he began to advance up. All the girls literally clung to each other, as they followed him. He reached the top without meeting any opposition, it was an off limits area. Nobody was about, but Jennings motioned for the girls to stay put.


’I'll make sure it’s clear.’ He moved ahead, and was just in time to avoid a blow from one of the crew. He countered the move, and kicked the man in the leg, flooring him instantly. The girls had yelped in suprise, as the fight began. Then, seeing Jennings easily disable his opponent, they were jumping with joy. The joy was short lived however, as they now saw three more crewmen advancing on him.


Jennings fought hard, he blocked, punched, kicked at the three of them. It made no difference, they just kept coming back at him. The blows rained in, on all of them. The fight could have gone on, but it was Yee who suddenly stopped it, as he hit Jennings on the head. The man collapsed.


With that done, Yee and his people turned to face the stunned girls. They slowly backed away from him, as he smiled with no warmth whatsoever.




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