Voyage into Slavery. Chapter 19.  


The girls continued to back away fearfully from Yee,and his men. What made it worse for them,was the show of weapons,that were aimed at them. They constantly made desperate looks at Jennings' prone form,willing him to get up,and deal with them. But he was still out.


As if reading their thoughts,Yee smirked,as he told them,'Don't worry,ladies. Your hero's a tough man. I could see that you all enjoyed the fight. So did I,it would have made Bruce Lee proud. Jennings will recover,albeit briefly. '


He smiled,knowing the possible implications for everybody on the 'Eastern Princess.


''Now ladies,'he gestured with his own weapon at them,'if you will kindly go back down the stairs,and we'll show you the ropes. '


Their faces were full of dismay,as they knew they were all going to be tied up again. There was perhaps a hint of hesitation from them,but Yee had anticipated this. He suddenly grabbed Angela Lee,wrapping his arm around her waist,and he held the gun under her chin. The girl gasped in shock,at his tight hold.


Her eyes reflected all their fears,as Yee made another calm,but sinister threat,'I have no wish to harm this pretty young lady,but I want you all down there,unless you wish Miss Lee to suffer?'


Helpless,they reluctantly made their way back down the stairs.


One of the crew then asked,'What about him?'He pointed at Jennings' still unmoving form.


Yee thought for a moment. He noticed all of the recaptured girls were giving him anxious looks.


'Take him down to the lower levels,let him find his way back up. By the time,he does,we'll be long gone. '


Still keeping a tight hold on Angela,he gestured again with his weapon.


'Keep going down,ladies please. '


Michelle Chan couldn't resist from saying,'What kind of a monster are you?'


Yee wasn't bothered by what the girl had just said. All watched,as two of the crew picked up Jennings between them,and carried him off.


'Move,'he commanded sharply. As they reluctantly obeyed,Yee told the remaining crewman to inform the Captain,that he'd done it.


'Get some extra help,and report back in the hold.


'The man saluted,and left quickly. Once the girls had reached the hold,Yee ordered firmly.


'Right,all of you,get on your knees,and face the wall,hands behind your heads. '


He was pleased to see them all obey,he made sure that he held Angela as hostage. The girl struggled occasionally,but stood no chance of breaking free from him.


'Now,it won't be long,before we all have you back,where you should be. 'Yee told them,'all nicely tied up,of course. '


Takachi made doubly sure,that nobody was following him. He still carried the large bag,which held the Yamamoto girl inside. From the growing muffled sounds,it was clear she was recovering from the chloroform attack. However,nobody heard her,and nobody challenged him.


Takachi reached the helicopter without any problems,and he slid open the door,to place the bag into the helicopter. He shut the door,and opened up the bag.


Kieko Yamamoto had just about got her senses back,though she found her body not obeying her. Her eyes widened in horror,as she recognised the helicopter,and a wolfish smiling Takachi. She then saw the many ropes,that had been tied all over her. Kieko instinctively tried to scream,but then became aware of her gag.


'Don't try anything stupid now,'he warned her,as he easily pulled the girl out of the bag. Takachi carried her to one of the many seats in the helicopter,and forced her to sit.


Kieko could only mumble in protest,as she watched him produce more coils of strong,white rope. She guessed correctly what he was going to do.


He wound the rope around her upper body,and at the back of the seat. He did this several times,and then he pulled every loop tight. The girl's grunts of pain satisfied him,as he tied the final coil to secure her to the seat.


'There!'he smiled down at his prize,'I don't think you'll be running off anywhere,will you my dear?'He stroked the girl's cheek with relish,'you will never escape me. 'Takachi then tightened his grip on her chin,'and I can't wait to see the look on your father's face,when he finds out I have you. '


Kieko could offer no counter. She knew her father would willingly face this evil man in any fight,but once he knew that his only daughter,was being held hostage. He'd be powerless.


Takachi could see what she was thinking,and he twisted the knife in further.


'Now,let's see how your boyfriend is doing,shall we?'


Like Jennings,Takachi had also brought a laptop. Opening it,he checked for the relevant information he needed. When he found it,his smile increased,as he leered at the bound and gagged girl.


'Oh dear. Things are not going well at all for him,Miss Yamamoto. '


Kieko could only watch with huge eyes,as he pleasantly told her,'all the bombs we placed,are still live. I was hoping he could have done much better than that. 'He pondered for a moment,then to the girl's horror,he showed her the detonator. 'It's very tempting to hit this. 'he was indeed,tempted to hit it.


The girl was shaking her head madly,and still mumbling through her gag. There was desperation in her eyes,as she hoped he really wouldn't hit the switch. Takachi grinned,he was merely taunting her.


'Well. I'll just go and get Miss Jennings,and we'll be on our way. At least,you'll have some company,but,'he lifted her chin,and Kieko knew she was looking into the eyes of a madman,'I hope you won't be foolish enough to try and raise someone's attention. When I bring the English girl back,you had better be here. '


Takachi could see the dominant fear in her,and was pleased. He lowered his hand to fondle the girl's breasts,she squealed in revulsion as he continued to squeeze.


'Oh yes,my dear,'he fought to control his lust. 'I'm really going to enjoy you,and Miss Jennings' company for quite some time. I've bought many pretty slaves myself,but you two I've got for free. An unexpected bonus,don't you think?'He kissed her gently on her gagged mouth,'Don't go away now. 'He chuckled,as he slowly slid the helicopter door shut,enjoying the girl's dismay.


In the Cargo hold,Yee had been joined by the extra help he'd requested. Several crewmen had now efficiently,and securely tied up the women.


Madam Chen was also there,doubly making sure,that none of them,would be able to free themselves.


All the girls had their wrists crossed behind their backs,and were lashed with ropes over them. Their ankles were tied together,and coils of rope were looped tightly over their knees,waist,and above and below their breasts.


At the moment,all of the imprisoned girls were being gagged. Madam Chen had enjoyed gagging the young Thai undercover policewoman, yanking her head back by the hair to open her mouth. She forced a balled up cloth into Su's mouth,the girl mumbling at the loss of her voice,and her eyes revealed her fear. Su had seen this woman enjoy herself,taking advantage of them all. Su prayed she would leave them alone,and despite the gag in her mouth,tried to say something.


However,Madam Chen wasn't having any of it. She clamped a strong hand over Su's mouth,as she tore off a large strip of black duct tape. Then,quickly removing her hand,she forced it over Su's mouth,smoothing it tight. The girl was reduced to barely making a sound.


Madam Chen then again lifted Su's head by the hair, and whispered into her ear with fierce sexual lust fully evident in her voice,'I shall savour your tongue,at my choosing. Something to look forward to,isn't it,my pretty?'


Su could only stare in wide eyed shock at her. Madam Chen laughed,as she forced the girl back into her cage.


Although,the locks had been shot away by Jennings,they now posted armed men to watch over their female captives. She and Yee,who had bound and gagged Angela in the same way,were satisfied.


To make things better,Madam Chen then informed him,'I've made contact with our people in Bangkok. They're sending out the boat,as we speak. '


Yee smiled,'ETA?'


'Two hours. '


'Good. 'He then ordered some of the crew to prepare the large wooden packing crates. 'Best to get them all off the ship,just in case the bombs do go off. '


This caused all their prisoners eyes to stare in stunned shock,as they heard him say that. The mumbling and soft moans increased in the hold.


Yee and Madam Chen were not in the least worried. The former suddenly told all the bound and gagged women,'Don't worry,ladies. Yes,the ship is in danger,no fault of our own,I assure you. But we shall make it our top priority,to get you all safely delivered to Bangkok. '


His words were the last thing the tied up girls wanted to hear. Their captors enjoyed watching the useless struggling of so many gorgeous females.


Yee continued,'We don't want anything to happen to a very precious cargo,that's going to make us even more rich,do we?'


Just then,they were both ordered back to Captain Liu. With a final eager glance at their helpless victims,they left the cargo hold.


Su knew it was a complete waste of time,fighting the tight ropes. Her gag,totally silencing her. There was one thing that was screaming in her mind,and she wouldn't be surprised,if all the other girls were thinking the same. Jennings,where are you?




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