Voyage into Slavery

by David Addison

Chapter One

The SS Eastern Paradise was a Thai owned luxury crusier, that sailed from Bangkok to Tokyo Bay in Japan. Hundreds of holidaymakers had really enjoyed the experience, and gave the crew many compliments, for offering first class service, and being really friendly.

However, for one young Chinese woman, there were things that needed investigating, on board this ship. Angela Lee studied her reflection in the mirror: she was dressed in the naval uniform of the ship, white shirt with the naval epaulettes on her shoulders. She smoothed her knee length dark blue skirt, and checked her same coloured nylons. No doubt about it, she thought, I look the part. She always did.

Angela enjoyed her job working for the Hong Kong Police, she always volunteered for the undercover missions. Here, there was real excitement. She drew many admiring glances, as she worked her way into the bad guys' confidence. Her long black silky hair fell past her shoulders, and she always smiled at the men, and sometimes women, who couldn't stop staring at her. Angela knew she had a good physique, she always kept her body in trim, and many people had told her, that she was very, very pretty. Even so, Angela wasn't big headed, she was highly popular amongst her work colleagues, and really cared for people. However, she also had many enemies, due to her undercover missions: when the bad guys were snared, they knew who had laid the trap, There had been many threats of revenge against her in Hong Kong, which made even an experienced agent uneasy. So, she was glad to be on this ship, away on a new assignment.

She checked her ID badge on her shirt, and was satisfied with her appearance. She did consider this mission to be a tough nut to crack. She remembered the briefing given to her, by her Captain.

'There is something going on on this ship, I want you to find out, but it may take you some time. '

Angela didn't mind: the longer she was away from Hong Kong, the better. Let the heat cool down, before she could return.

She checked her equipment: a small radio transmitter, and her personal firearm, a. 45 pistol. Angela hoped that she didn't have to use it; she'd never fired it at anybody, only in training. Despite that, she felt confident.

She'd met the Captain of the Eastern Paradise, and his First Officer. Obviously, both men were Thais, and had seemed really pleased to meet her. They'd accepted her cover story, that she was a last minute replacement, without any queries at all. All she had to do now was start snooping around, and get to know the layout of the ship. That would take a while, she accepted: the ship was huge. If anybody wanted to hide something, or someone, there were plenty of places to choose from.

Just then, there was a knock on her cabin door; she quickly hid her equipment, and opened the door. It was the First Officer, he'd introduced himself as Yee. He smiled cordially at Angela, though she imagined there was something else there, but couldn't say for now.

'Good Evening, Miss Lee, ' he was polite, 'the Captain sends his compliments, and requests your presence.'

Angela was puzzled at that, she'd already met him. Still, it was something that she couldn't really refuse, so Angela nodded.

'Okay. I'm coming.' She thought about taking her pistol, but decided it would be okay to leave it behind.

Yee led the way down the ship's long passageways. Angela didn't have a clue where she was, until finally, Yee led her onto the bridge.

'This way please,' he gestured at a door, which was marked, 'Captains Quarters'. He knocked politely, and after being given permission to enter, he allowed Angela to walk in ahead of him.

Captain Liu was sitting behind a desk, reading a folder of some sort. To Angela, it looked strangely familiar.

She smiled politely at him. 'Is something wrong, Captain?'

For a moment, he didn't answer her. Instead, he looked up at her, with an intent gaze. For the first time, Angela started to feel uneasy. Captain Liu put down the folder, and then asked her, 'What precisely are you doing here, Miss Lee?'

Angela replied. 'I'm here to assist you---'

He cut her off sharply. 'I think I know why you are really here, but I want an honest answer from you. '

Angela wasn't too sure how to reply; she'd heard some rumours about what was going on here, should she tell him? In the end, she decided.

'Can I trust you, Captain?'

There was a smile, as he answered, 'You may rest assured, Miss Lee, anything you say, will not leave this room. '

That reassured her, and anyway, he could prove a useful ally, should the need arise.

'Well, Sir, I've been sent here to investigate possible criminal activity. '

'What kind of criminal activity?'

Angela was honest, 'Well, nobody's completely sure, but I have my suspicions. '

Liu was interested, he prompted, 'Yes?'

Angela continued. 'Personally, I think this ship is a front for a slavery ring. '

Liu didn't respond at first, but he then queried, 'What makes you think that?'

Angela was honest again in her appraisal, 'I'm a police officer, I've read reports of missing girls that had been travelling on this ship. '

Liu picked up the folder, and nodded as he read something from it. Angela didn't like the way he was looking.

'Well, it would appear your suspicions have been proved correct, my dear. '

She was brain dead for a moment, before she managed, 'I'm sorry?'

Liu smiled; she could clearly see that the smile was now full of menace. He pressed something under the desk, and Angela was astonished to see a wall slide away to reveal a hidden door.

'What's going on?' She suddenly felt her voice shake slightly.

Liu still kept his menacing smile, as he gave a pre-arranged signal to Yee, who Angela had completely forgotten about, standing behind her. Yee moved quickly: as he raced in behind the girl, he clamped his hand hard over her mouth, and yanked her up to her feet. Angela's eyes were wide with shock as she was seized. Her arms were firmly held at her sides, and she could hardly make a sound. She struggled madly, but Yee merely enjoyed it. He was almost drooling, as he held her tightly. Angela stopped struggling, when she suddenly recognised her gun, that Liu now held.

'You were curious to see what we do here? Well, we're going to show you… you're now our latest guest. '

Yee removed his hand from Angela's mouth, but still held at gunpoint-by her own gun!-the young policewoman dared not move or call out.

She was relieved to have her mouth free, but then her attention was focused on the woman who now entered the room. Like Angela, she was Chinese, but older, and her face betrayed an evil expression. Her eyes never left the girl's; Angela felt her look go right through her. There was also a faint hint of lust, and eager anticipation. And much to the girl's dismay, she suddenly saw the several coils of strong white rope the woman held.

'Ah, Madam Chen, 'Liu smiled warmly, 'We have another acquisition. I trust you approve?'

The woman smiled back, which made Angela shiver.

'Indeed, Captain. She's very pretty. '

Liu nodded his thanks, as he turned back to his latest prize.

'Madam Chen will now look after you. I strongly suggest, ' he lifted the girl's chin, 'that you do exactly as she tells you.'

Angela's face was desperate, as she made another futile struggle in Yee's inescapable grip.

'Why are you doing this? Please, let me go!'

Liu still kept his grip on her chin.

'It's very simple, my dear. Having read of all your undercover assignments, you certainly annoyed a lot of my associates, who demanded action against you. I thought this little plan up: to plant reports of a possible slavery ring on board my ship. All that was needed was for you to take the bait, and lure you here. '

Angela found a tiny hint of bravado back in her voice'. What are you going to do with me?'

Liu released her chin, but he gently ran a finger down her cheek. 'Well, believe me. A lot of my associates wanted your death.' He paused to watch her horror stricken face, then went on, 'but I had a better idea. You'll be kept here, for the moment. '

Liu then decided to get back up to the bridge, but he left a final order.

'Right, tie her up, and gag her. Make sure she can't escape. '

Angela couldn't help, but emit a sharp, 'No!' Liu gave her a warning look.

'I told you, nobody can hear you, and nobody will. You are mine now. '

He stepped back into the lift, and just before the door closed, he left her with a chilling farewell

'I'll enjoy her later.' Then, he was gone.

Yee forced Angela down onto her knees. He still kept a tight grip on her wrists, but Madam Chen took over, as she crossed the girl's wrists behind her, then with expert skill, snaked the rope over them. Angela tried to get some sort of advantage, as she tried to get her fingers to come into use, but Madam Chen was wise to what she was up to, and she firmly pulled her head back by the hair.

'Stay perfectly still, my pretty. '

Angela had no choice, but to obey. Her wrists were encircled with the rope, and she gave a grunt of pain, as Madam Chen tightened the last knot on her wrists. Then, her ankles were tied together, and Yee secured more rope above her knees, making her completely immobile. They still weren't finished with her. Madam Chen had plenty of rope to use, and was determined to tie the girl up more. Coils of rope were made secure above and below Angela's breasts. The loops tight over her body, Angela realised there was no escape from this.

'And now, my dear,' Madam Chen gloated over her victim, 'for the finishing touch, open that pretty mouth. '

Angela saw Madam Chen holding a balled up cloth in her hand, and realised that they were indeed, going to gag her. She desperately tried to appeal against it.

'No, please, you don't-mmmfff!'

Madam Chen ignored her, as she ruthlessly stuffed the cloth into Angela's mouth. The girl's eyes bulged, as the cloth had an immediate effect, her tongue suddenly became flat and useless. The cloth kept it firmly down in her mouth, as Madam Chen made sure the girl couldn't forcibly eject the wad. She pushed it in deeper, and once satisfied with that, then produced a roll of black duct tape.

Yee still held Angela, helplessly tied, as a generous strip of tape was torn off, and Madam Chen firmly pressed the tape over the girl's mouth, covering it completely. She made sure it stayed on, as she used both hands to smooth it over. Angela, wide-eyed with fear, could barely make a sound. She tried, but all that came out was a barely inaudible mumble

Satisfied his pretty prize was tightly bound and gagged, Yee started to fondle and squeeze Angela's generous breasts. The girl squealed into her gag, but the tape clung firmly over her mouth, and hardly any sound came out at all. The girl could do nothing to resist, she was helpless, and totally under their power. He continued to enjoy himself for several minutes; Madam Chen, smiling, did some groping of her own.

Finally, both seemed satisfied, much to Angela's relief.

Angela mumbled vaguely under her gag, in relief. However, Yee whispered into her ear, 'Impressive, my dear, Your breasts are magnificent. When we sell you, you'll make us very wealthy indeed. '

Angela was horrified. They really were going to sell her into slavery! This made her go into frantic struggling against the ropes, but the more she struggled, the tighter the ropes got, and her gag ruthlessly silenced her. Finally, she gave up in despair.

Yee and Madam Chen had enjoyed watching her futile efforts, but then the latter ordered, 'Bring her, we'll lock her up with the others. 'Angela could only shake her head, trying to loosen her gag, as Yee suddenly siezed her, and placed her over his shoulder.

The girl, desperate for help, made a pathetic mmmph!. She found the tape clung over her mouth, and knew her captors had done their work well. She had no idea how long they were going to keep her bound and gagged. She did know that escape was now practically impossible. Her captors were taking her deeper into the ship, and she had no idea how long it would be, before anybody reported her missing back home. She certainly found the idea of being sold into slavery truly terrifying. She could end up anywhere, and none of her friends would know where to look for her. She was fully in despair.

Finally, they arrived in one of the ship's main holds, located deep in the bowels of the ship. As they entered, Angela could see with alarm, several large cages. In every one of them, was a young woman, tied up and gagged as she was. There was a lot of struggling, and faint mumbling. However, every one of these women had been bound and gagged by Madam Chen, and not one girl had escaped from their bondage.

'Here's your new home, Miss Lee,' Yee smirked. There was an empty cage, as Madam Chen opened it. Angela was bundled inside, her protests considerably muted, as she was locked in.

Yee smiled, 'Once the Captain has enjoyed you, I look forward to having you myself. 'He was pleased to see he girl's terror, as he made his ominous threat. 'Nobody's coming to rescue you, you belong to us now. 'Angela prayed he was wrong, she closed her eyes, as she prayed for somebody to help her.


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