Velvet Ice, Stripper Detective, in “Viva Las Velvet”


By Lady Jane and Jeb


Chapter 2



Velvet winced as the smooth silk rope was looped around her wrists, which were cinched together tightly.  She tested the binding tentatively; it was firm and would keep her hands trapped and useless behind her back.  A second length of rope was threaded between her arms and back, wrapping around her arms just above the elbows.  Velvet chewed her bottom lip nervously, wondering, not for the first time, how she had gotten herself into this one.  That second coil was then cinched up as well, pulling her elbows together until they touched, rolling her shoulders back and causing her firm D-cups to thrust forward.  She let out a small gasp as the knot was tied, tightening the rope a little further.  Velvet squirmed, trying unsuccessfully to position her shoulders into a more comfortable position.


“Oh don’t struggle now,” purred a voice behind her.  “You’ll only make this harder on yourself.” 


Velvet thought that voice seemed to be enjoying this a little too much.  Before she could reply, her feet were kicked apart, forcefully spreading her shapely legs.  A dowel of polished wood was placed between her ankles and shackled in place, keeping them spread.  It was not comfortable, but she was able to maintain her balance easily enough.  Velvet was wearing a pair of abbreviated running shorts that left her legs bare all the way up to her hips.  Now she felt smooth hands running up shapely length, ending in a swat on her heart-shaped butt. 


“Hey!” Velvet yelped, squirming a bit more.


“Mmm, you don’t really waste this body on men, do you?” asked the woman binding her.


“Nothing I do with this body is a waste, Katrina,” Velvet shot back.


The woman binding her stepped in front of Velvet with a hungry grin on her face.  “I believe that!”


Katrina Bellini was Alexis Richards’ right hand, second in command of the Belle Amo dance troupe and the clear star of the show.  She carried herself with an irresistable star-power and for one of the few times in her life, Velvet found herself intimidated by (envious of?) another woman.  She was tall, with a wildly curvaceous figure and the longest pair of legs Velvet had ever seen.  A thick tangle of black curls fell around her shoulders and spilled down her back, the unruly mop often obscuring one side of her beautiful face.


Gleefully out, and proud of it, Katrina hadn’t been shy or subtle about making advances toward Velvet, which the young detective tried to ignore as politely as possible. As Velvet knew from experience, you can’t work in a sexually-charged all-female environment for years without trying the occasional fling, and she also understood just how much more capable and effective a woman could often be in hitting another woman’s erotic buttons than most men were, but she’d never cared to explore any kind of full-scale lesbian relationship. Still, while she’d never thought of herself as even really bi-curious, there was something disturbing about the sensual charge that seemed to accompany Katrina’s attentions: the combination of the woman’s powerful personality, her admitted attractiveness, and the erotic way she was prepping the young dancer for the big “kinky sex” number than Alexis had assigned her, was working on Velvet in highly distracting ways.


“How is that, Velvet dear?” Alexis had been supervising from the front row.  “Too uncomfortable?”


Velvet pulled at the bonds a bit more, hating the feeling of helplessness they created.  They would be alright for the S&M themed routine, though; not too bad. More to the point, she hoped that Alexis’s solicitous attitude toward her signaled a warming in their relationship: she needed the woman’s cooperation if she was going to get anywhere with this investigation. 


“They’ll be fine,” Velvet replied, doing her best to be pleasant despite the discomfort. “Thanks. This is how tight you’ll do them tonight?”


Katrina nodded, allowing her hungry gaze to sweep over Velvet’s provocatively stretched body.  The young detective squirmed again but this time it had nothing to do with the bonds.  Alexis began shouting orders to the rest of the troupe.  While the other dancers rehearsed the choreography, Velvet could only stand there (At least I’m at center stage—that’s something… I guess) trying to squirm sexily, though she felt barely able to move.  The young detective couldn’t help but wonder once again, how she’d gotten herself into this.


“Yes,” Katrina replied, nodding to two dancers who stood at her side. “Carmen and Tina have… special instructions… to… handle you.” Katrina’s two dance captains—a lushly-figured Latina and an Asian beauty with a cascade of silky black hair—both smiled back at her. At least she’s got her top girls on this, Velvet thought. This routine could get a bit dicey if anything goes wrong.


In fact, Velvet was finding herself focusing more and more on the particulars of her dancing, because she didn’t seem to be getting anywhere with the investigation: she fit into the group well enough, but Alexis kept her so busy with practices and rehearsals that she had little time to do any proper snooping.  This led Velvet to presume that none of the other girls would have time for any extra-curricular activities either, including seducing high-powered execs for information. 


Initially, Velvet assumed the executive patrons were being coerced at the nightly after-parties: following each performance, the troupe held a party in one of the conference rooms, which had been modified into a sort of lounge/nightclub.  For a hundred dollars, audience members got to hang out with the girls (still in costume of course) to flirt or gawk, and maybe share a dance, or something more, if they bought enough drinks.   However, after attending one, Velvet realized that, for all the lewd behavior, it seemed to be much too public a forum for industrial espionage.


She also came to realize that any suspicious activities could hardly have gone unnoticed by Alexis, who was a bit of a slave-driver when it came to the performers.  She controlled everything, specifically selecting the girls’ outfits and accessories, and carefully supervising size and fit.  On more than one occasion, Velvet felt certain that a different size uniform—one that didn’t feel like it had been shrunk in the wash—might be more flattering; however Alexis would not hear of it: like all the dancers, Velvet would wear only what Alexis chose for her. 


It was while struggling into one such outfit, a black pleather leotard about three sizes too small, that Velvet began to think her investigation was drawing to a close: she’d neither seen or heard anything to suggest that the Belle Amo’s problems stemmed from its dance troupe.


Finally, Velvet got the leotard up over her shoulders and adjusted her breasts into the right position.  There was a hole cut right in the center to display maximum cleavage.  The bottom of the leotard was cut high on her hips, leaving her sexy legs bare and displaying the lowest curves of her butt cheeks.  The outfit was completed with a matching pair of thigh high boots with platform heels that were much too tall to dance in.  Teetering on those heels, squeezed into that uncomfortable leotard, Velvet found herself longing to return to her own lingerie and the Kitty Galore club.


Velvet wobbled to her locker and grabbed her Blackberry: much as she hated to admit it, perhaps she needed some outside advice.  Velvet began typing a text to her sometime ally, detective Jack Mason.  Though he was not the brightest spark on the force, he had years of experience, and perhaps a bit of wisdom to steer her in a new direction.  Suddenly her screen became hazy, went completely black, and when it came back, her email account had opened itself.


“Oh, here, Vel—“ a voice interrupted her study of the odd phenomenon, and she noticed that one of the other dancers was standing directly behind her. ”Let me zip that for you!”


Velvet quietly tucked the phone by her side, and grunted as the leotard was cinched up even tighter.  Her breasts suddenly seemed as if they were trying to escape through the hole in the chest!  Momentarily she forgot her phone’s strange behavior and struggled to breathe. 


“Thanks—I think,” Velvet gasped.


“No, prob, see you out there,” the girl said cheerily and skipped off.


Fed up, Velvet decided to go talk to Alexis: this outfit was unacceptable!  Flattered as she was to be the centerpiece of the performance, Velvet was here to do a job.  As she started to put her phone back in the locker, Velvet noticed there was a stalled-out progress bar flashing the words: DOWNLOAD INTERRUPTED.  She stared at it a moment, before things began to click in her brain.  Hadn’t her Blackberry begun acting strangely at the same time the other girl had up come close behind her?  And if you were, let’s say, a slightly inebriated business executive, snuggling up with an attractive dancer, would you even notice if your phone began to act strangely… if, for example, it began sending all your notes, emails, agendas, and confidential files to a device concealed in the dancer’s costume?


Velvet rushed to the wardrobe room, as much as she could “rush” teetering in those ridiculously heeled boots.  No one but Alexis and Katrina were allowed in there, but she barged in with no hesitation.  She held up her phone, watching the screen intently and began waving it past the wardrobe racks.  Almost instantly that screen winked out and when it came back on her emails were being downloaded.  Velvet snatched one of the costumes and began inspecting it.  Nothing seemed out of place visibly so she began running her sensitive fingers along the seams.  It did not take long to locate an odd lump along what would have been the ribs.  Velvet ripped along the seam and extracted the lump; it was a small bit of oval shaped plastic with a single flashing light on it.  Velvet felt a thrill run through her chest.  This was it! 


“Velvet, what are you doing in here?” Alexis was standing in the doorway.  “You know I’m the only one allowed in here…what’s that?”


“Alexis, this is it!” Velvet held up the little piece of plastic.  “It somehow activates an automatic download on smart phone files.”


“What?” Alexis gasped. 


“One of the girls must’ve had one in the lockerroom,” Velvet explained.  “It activated my phone and got me thinking, once I put it all together…I knew just where to look.”


“Katrina!” Alexis stammered.  “It… It must be Katrina, she’s the only other one that has access in here.”


“I suppose…" Velvet wasn't quite ready to jump to conclusions. "It’s not Fort Knox, though—any of the girls could’ve gotten in here.”


“Maybe, but not with the kind of time to install these little monsters,” Alexis went on.


Velvet considered this, wondering  if she was simply resisting the obvious answer.  “Well, we need to be certain: whoever it is might just up and run if we tip our hand before we have proof.”


“All right,” Alexis agreed quickly.  “How do we do that?”


“Working on it,” Velvet nodded.  “Maybe--”


Down the hall, music started: the stage show was beginning.


“You’ve got to get onstage!” Alexis said urgently.


“You take this, hide it,” Velvet instructed.  “We can’t let any of the girls know what’s going on!”


“Of course. Should I go and inform Ms. Grey?”


“No,” Velvet decided quickly heading up the hallway.  “I was hired to figure this out, all we’ve got here is a ‘how’, I need a ‘who’ to go with it.”


“Ah, I understand,” Alexis nodded, and smiled with what looked to Velvet like relief. I don’t blame her—finally, some answers!


Alexis called something else after her, but Velvet’s mind was wheeling trying to figure out how she was going to expose who exactly was behind this scheme.  For now, she had to get focused on the stage show: if the culprit thought something was amiss, well, who knew how much, or how little it might take to spook the girl. 


Some of the other girls were already out on the stage warming up the crowd.  Velvet took her place just of stage and noticed Katrina not too far off.  Through that curtain of black hair, the woman flashed a smile and a wink that looked wicked but Velvet dismissed as her own nerves.  Before she knew it, Velvet was trotting out on stage.  It was far from what she was used to, yet she quickly found her balance in those boots, and with her poise regained Velvet took command of the stage.  The music was a slow throb, something by Marilyn Manson, and the whole performance had a dark feel to it.  Velvet didn’t even really have to dance, moving back and forth as the other girls came to her.  She would act disinterested and move on to the next.  Eventually, Katrina made her way onto the stage.  She was a powerful performer, easily as commanding (perhaps more so) a presence as Velvet herself.  The crowd seemed breathless as Katrina and Velvet came together, writhing in time to the music and in rhythm with each other.  There was an anticipatory groan from the audience as they moved away again without touching.  Velvet felt her nerves vanish, feeling in command, the power of performance fueling her. 


As planned, Carmen and Tina grabbed her arms and turned Velvet back to face Katrina.  The tall dark-haired woman stepped forward and stroked Velvet’s cheek.  Velvet acted as though she was trying to pull away but this was part of the show and now she was beginning to feel the momentum.  They dragged her back to the front of stage and spun her around to face the audience.  Velvet painted her face with mix of fear and sensual desperation as she began to feel the energy of the crowd.  She pretended to try to pull away, moving with the girls holding her rhythmically.  Two of the other girls moved over holding something black and leathery, like a huge sleeve for both her arms, and handed it to Tina.  Velvet recoiled: they were supposed to use some soft, silk rope to tie her wrists, not this!


“What are you doing?  Where’s the rope?” Velvet kept her voice low.


“Alexis wanted something quicker, so we’re using the armbinder…play along,” Carmen whispered.


With no time to argue, Velvet was spun around so her back was to the crowd, then the quartet of dancers shoved her arms into the leather sleeve.  The crowd began to murmur excitedly.  This isn’t so bad after all, Velvet thought… but then the laces of the armbinder were drawn tight.  Unable to stifle a groan, she felt her arms pulled together until her elbows touched inside the sleeve.  Her shoulders rolled towards each other, arching her back sharply and pressing her ample chest even tighter in the undersized leotard.  The laces were cinched and knotted much tighter than the ropes had been in practice.  Velvet squirmed uncomfortably.  One of the girls grabbed her wrists and lifted them up, the pressure was painful and forced Velvet to lean forward to ease it.  Anger flashed through her mind but she quickly realized that the crowd now had a superb view of her pert backside.  Slipping back into the performance despite her discomfort, Velvet wiggled in the binding, undulating her booty sexily for the salivating audience.  She felt the leotard begin riding up and hoped that might at least relieve some of the tightness across her chest…it didn’t.  Her shoulders were beginning to ache but when she tried to straighten, the other dancers held her in place. 


Velvet glanced around and noticed two others squatting near her feet.  They grabbed her ankles and pulled them apart, spreading her long legs and causing the leotard to ride up even further.  Then they quickly shackled her ankles with the spreader-bar… but it was a wider bar than before—much too wide!  Great, as if it wasn’t hard enough to keep my balance in these boots.  Now she was at least allowed to straighten up.  The other dancers moved away and Velvet tottered around the stage a moment.  She tried to roll her shoulders to ease the strain but there was no way, she was too tightly bound.  She was barely able to keep upright thanks to the combination of the incredibly high heeled boots and the spreader-bar, however she managed to wobble back to face the crowd. 


The music began to change tempo, and Katrina returned to stage, carrying some leather straps in one hand.  She strode in time to this new beat, moving right up next to Velvet and circling her, teasingly.  Katrina slid up behind Velvet, so close that the bound detective could feel the other woman’s chest pressing against her back.  Katrina started a bit of grinding that once more stirred something in Velvet she didn’t want to think about. 


“Katrina, you’ve got to loosen the armbinder a bit, it’s way too tight!” She pitched her voice low enough not to carry to the audience, but with the urgency unmistakable.


In the throes of her dance, Katrina ignored her.  Then she moved her lips right up to Velvet’s ear, her warm breath sending tingles through Velvet’s body, and whispered.  “Why ever would I do that?  You look amazing so tightly bound.”


Velvet grimaced: Katrina had made no secret of her interest in Velvet from almost the first moment they met... and Velvet had to admit that if she were going to be with a woman, it’d be a woman like the exotic, powerful, dominating Katrina… but right now was not the time for games, especially not if Katrina was concerned at all with the show going well. 


“I’m serious,” Velvet whispered sternly.  “I’m not sure I’ll be able to perform!”


Katrina made no reply, tossing her mane of hair, and positioning herself uncomfortably close to Velvet.  She reached around to the opposite side of Velvet’s head and extended the hand holding the straps.  Katrina’s hand opened and the bundle unraveled itself into some contraption with a bright red rubber ball in the center and straps with light silver chains connected to either side.  Velvet’s green eyes went wide; a ballgag?


“Oh no, I specifically said ‘no gags’ remember.” Velvet was beginning to wonder if it was time to call a complete halt to this.


“But you simply must be gagged,” Katrina purred dancing around her playfully.


The crowd was on the edge of their seats.  All around them the other girls were dancing and writhing in time with the music.  Velvet no longer cared: some sense of dread had begun to rise up from her stomach and she simply had to get unbound as quickly as possible and she certainly was not going to allow Katrina to gag her!


“No!” Velvet said determinedly, trying to be heard over the throbbing music.  “You’re not gagging me, and let me out of these bindings this instant, the show be damned!”


Katrina had positioned herself in front of Velvet, gyrating that magnificent body of hers.  Straightening slowly, she came face to face with Velvet.  The two beauties locked eyes intensely.  Squirming, but completely unable to loosen her bondage, Velvet could tell something was awry from the predatory look in Katrina’s eyes.


“Open wide,” Katrina breathed, dangling the gag between them.


“No way…” Velvet growled through gritted teeth.


“Oh, I think you will.”


Her breathing getting heavier, her stomach rolling with butterflies, Velvet hardly noticed the hand slinking up the back of her neck, and coiling itself in the thickness of her soft tresses.


“Why would I…”


Katrina cut her off, tightening her grip on Velvet’s hair.  “Because snooping little detectives should be seen and not heard!”


Again Velvet’s eyes went wide, but before she could respond, Katrina gave her hair a savage yank, drawing a startled yelp. 




Velvet’s head was pulled back, and her mouth opened up slightly, allowing Katrina to begin wedging the ball in.  Velvet struggled helplessly as the stronger woman forced the rubber gag between her teeth, spreading her jaws painfully.  Velvet groaned as the ball popped into place behind her incisors, locking her mouth open wide.  Katrina stepped back to let the crowd see her handiwork.  Velvet glared around angrily and tried to shout, but thanks to the thick rubber ballgag, she could now only produce muffled, slobbery moans.  The crowd cheered and the music tempo began to speed up again as the rest of the dancers drew closer.  Katrina moved back in closely.  Velvet pulled against the armbinder but was held fast, and with her ankles immobilized she knew she was trapped.  She shook her head and tried to lean away as her captor reached for the gag straps.  Her resistance was futile, Katrina grabbed the leather straps, leaving the thin silver chains dangling and buckled them tightly at the back of Velvet’s head.  Not that it mattered, she’d never have been able simply spit the thing out.  Once that was done, the woman’s hands began snaking their way up and down her captive’s scantly clad body. 


“You little fool,” Katrina purred, just loud enough that only Velvet could hear, the music would drown her out to anyone else.  “Alexis was right—she had you conned right from the start.”


Velvet wanted to retort but held back her reply.  It was bad enough having her mouth locked in that gape without the added insult of only being able to make unintelligible moans and groans.


“She told me about you from the moment you walked in here,” Katrina went on.  “We both were certain you’d be too stupid to ever figure anything out, so I suppose a ‘congratulations’ is actually in order, since you did stumble across our little scheme… for all the good it will do you.”


Velvet quivered with rage, which only seemed to heighten the crowd and Katrina’s excitement.  Her hands moved over Velvet’s ribs, slid past her hips and ran down, then up the entire length of her long bare legs.  As they began to ascend, Velvet squirmed feeling unwelcome tingles dance over her body, she shifted in her bonds further accepting her helplessness.  A moment later she felt Katrina’s lips next to her ear once again.


“Luckily we weren’t wrong about you being the dumbest little slut in Vegas,” Katrina whispered low into Velvet’s ear, and her emphasis on the word “slut” sent chills to the pit of her prisoner’s stomach.  “What kind of detective would let herself be captured this easily?”


Velvet could only groan in helpless disgust as those unwelcome hands continued to paw her nubile body.  Katrina cupped her firm breasts, squeezing slightly and pulling the captive against her own ample chest.  Then she began to play, fondling and squeezing poor Velvet while she had no way to fight back or even resist.  The crowd shouted their approval and shame washed over Velvet.  Usually performing was where she felt the most powerful; Katrina had managed to turn that completely around.


“To tell the truth I’m glad you found out,” she continued.  “Because now I’ll get to have you, my way, because…well, can I just say you are just about the sexiest little thing I’ve ever seen?”


Now Velvet did reply and though the disgusted tone was right, no words fully formed.  “Oh uu ay aught!”


“Mm, you’re welcome,” Katrina purred.  “Better than advertised, your breasts are simply magnificent!  What say we give the crowd what they really want?”


Now her fingers began to snake their way into hole in the chest of the leotard.  Velvet squirmed and made pleading moans, not even trying to form words.  She had bared her breasts before, often, but this was different.  Usually the act gave her a sense of power, this time it was being used to strip that power away.  Did Katrina realize?  Was this part of a plan to break Velvet’s spirit?  Finger nails scraped the soft skin of her chest causing goosebumps to ripple across her body and then Velvet felt the initial tug.  The tight material gave way easily stretching and even tearing a bit as Katrina pulled it open to expose the two fleshy orbs beneath.  Velvet’s breasts sprang forward, seeming almost eager, soft pink nipples leading the way.  The audience roared in excitement and Velvet’s face and chest grew instantly hot as embarrassment flushed through her. She tried to turn away, to hide her humiliation, but Katrina’s fingers once more found purchase in her lush mane, and she firmly turned Velvet, by the hair, to face the audience that was sure they were watching the sexiest show on the Strip.


“You are a crowd pleaser,” Katrina said, twisting her fistful of Velvet’s tresses more tightly, holding the girl’s head still, once more whispering her triumph into Velvet’s ear.  “I begged Alexis to let me take you from the start, but she said that snooty head of security would get suspicious if you disappeared.  So I had to sit back and watch you from a distance… and the more I watched the more I wanted.”


Katrina then reached down and continued to play with her captive’s chest, smirking as she fondled the newly released breasts for the now drooling crowd.  Velvet groaned, feeling the tug and pull on her chest as she was toyed with.  Katrina even found her nipples, pinching and twisting the sensitive nubs.  Velvet moaned helplessly as her own body turned against her, and they hardened, despite her predicament. 


“I knew you would like this,” Katrina hummed with excitement.  “You’re no detective and never will be, you’re just a whore who craves attention like it was air.  That’s why you strip and that’s why you came out here: to get yourself captured, you just couldn’t stand to miss your night as the star.”


That can’t be true! Velvet screamed to herself. But something was happening to her—something new and disturbing. She’d been captured before, bound and gagged, one of the hazards of the job—but never by a woman, always by men, brutish types whose lust for her was crude and predictable. Somehow, being helpless in the clutches of this beautiful, dominating, terrifying woman, was pushing internal buttons she never knew she had. Still, she had to fight that, somehow suppress those urges, if she ever wanted to get out of this!


Just when Velvet thought things couldn’t get any worse, she was reminded of the delicate silver chains hanging from either side of her gag.  Katrina made sure to hold one up before her face so her captive could see the unmistakable metal clamp on the end.  Then she carefully, deliberately, opened the jaws of the clamp; slowly, letting the audience follow its progress under the stage lights, she brought it to Velvet’s left nipple. She stroked one of its toothy jaws over the engorged bud, the scraping sending shockwaves along Velvet’s body, before finally allowing the clamp to fasten itself in the puckered flesh.


UUUUhhhhhh!!!” Velvet spasmed, her head jerking back, sending a flash of ecstatic pain through her as the movement of her gagged mouth pulled on the chain. For the first time, a tear—of pain, of anger—clouded Velvet’s green eyes, and Katrina drank in the reaction as she gave her captive’s right nipple the similar treatment; Velvet bit down as hard as she could on the disgusting gag to keep herself from yanking on the chains again; even without that, the pain still throbbed.


The music and the dancers reached a crescendo and the crowd cheered along with them. The chains were just short enough that any movement of Velvet’s head caused a painful yank on her bound nipples.  The only respite Velvet found was when she let her head droop in shame, easing some of the tension, but Katrina was having none of that: she once more ensnared a thick handful of Velvet’s lush hair and yanked up and back, drawing a loud miserable moan as that simple act seemed to put pressure on every part of her bound body, the crowd now hoarse with enthusiasm and arousal.


The stage show ended to raucous applause, the loudest Velvet had heard since coming to the Belle Amo; ironically, she was receiving her greatest response for a role she’d have given anything to have avoided!


Katrina leaned down and kissed her flushed cheeks.


“This is just the beginning,” the dark haired vixen promised. “Now that you’re MY little slut!”


Before any of the other dancers could get any closer to the helpless detective, Carmen and Tina came and grabbed Velvet by the shoulders, dragging her off stage as the audience gave a standing ovation.  Katrina and the rest of the girls took their bows.  Alexis was waiting for Velvet as she was brought back to the wings.  Velvet flooded with anger and began to squirm again.  Her binding easily defeated any movement she made, effectively subduing her rage as well. 


“Sorry about the earlier ruse my dear,” Alexis said.  “But you understand why it was necessary; couldn’t have you getting too excited, or implicating me in this in any way.”


Velvet glared at the redhead, mustering what anger she could focus through her green eyes. I should have known it was her from the start: once a bitch, always a bitch.


“I never thought you’d figure it out, but I’m glad it’s over now,” Alexis went on.  “It was much too labor intensive making sure your costumes never had a device in them.”  She chuckled now and stroked Velvet’s bright red cheek.  “Plus I’m not sure how much longer I’d’ve been able to keep Kat at bay…really, her interest in you was beginning to border on obsession.”


A hundred different retorts and snide comments flashed through Velvet’s brain.  Though the binding kept her physically docile, her sharp mind was focused solely on finding an escape route.  Breathy moans, which was all the ballgag allowed her to make, just weren’t able to convey the venom she’d hoped and left Alexis laughing at her pathetic attempt to retort.


“Look at you,” Alexis scoffed.  “Did you really think you could catch me?”


Well, to be fair, I wasn’t sure who I was looking for, Velvet thought with perverse logic. And at least I did figure out your scheme… finally. That should count for something.


“A stripper who plays at being a detective?  That might be the silliest thing I ever heard.”


It’s only until I get through college and join the…


“I’m sure you’re only doing it to pay your way through college, right?” Alexis drawled.  “Please!  Sure, you may get your degree but eventually you’ll realize that these…”  Here she gave each of Velvet’s naked breasts a pointed flick.  “…are your only value!” She laughed again, and repeated Katrina’s nasty little trick of yanking Velvet’s head up by the hair, once more tormenting her clamped nipples.


“You’ll never be a real detective,” Alexis went on smiling, holding Velvet’s head in place by her hair, forcing her to meet her tormentor’s eyes.  “Because the only thing anyone will ever really want from you is to take off your clothes!” She let go her grip on the girl’s long locks, and delivered a condescending pat on the head.


Velvet growled as best she could, shifting her strained shoulders and cursing the tightly laced armbinder.  I’m going to get out of this and I am going to take you down, she promised silently.


“Of course, none of that matters now,” the older woman smirked.  “There’s no longer any future for you, not even going back to stripping.”  Velvet’s eyes widened.  “You’re going to spend the next couple of hours tied up and gagged, a nice offering to my party guests, Then once the party is over, you’re going to become Kat’s new plaything…and when she’s done with you, well, let’s just say you might be surprised what some of these Arab oilmen are willing to pay for an American sexpot like you.”


That idea flooded Velvet’s mind with dread.  She tried to repress it, but she was pretty sure that Alexis was fully capable of something that vile!  Instead, Velvet tried to focus on her bindings, trying to formulate an escape plan. 


Katrina walked up to them now wiping her forehead with a white towel, there was a duffle bag slung over one shoulder. She was flanked by Carmen and Tina; Velvet suspected that they were the only other members of the company in on Alexis and Katrina’s operation: its beautiful simplicity meant that, as long as the two of them were the ones supervising the specially-prepared costumes, none of the other girls would even realize they had been electronically spying on the men they entertained! And it was certainly easier to keep an operation like this a secret with only these four women in on it.


“I’ll give you this Vel,” Katrina said, admiring the helplessly bound form and cruelly gagged mouth of the captive detective.  “You sure know how to go out with a bang!  I’m not sure who you got hotter; the audience or me!”


“Down kitty,” Alexis chuckled. “I’m afraid you have to put your new toy away until after the after party.”  Now Alexis leaned in very close to Velvet’s face, though she spoke to Katrina.  “But I promise that later…you can play with her all you want!”


Katrina’s wry grin sent a chill down Velvet’s spine.  It was a look of unrestrained excitement that told Velvet she was in for a long and sleepless night if she didn’t find some way to escape during the party.




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