Velvet Ice, Stripper Detective, in “Viva Las Velvet”


By Lady Jane and Jeb


Chapter 3



“Where will we put her?”


Carmen’s question was a reasonable one: even here in Sin City, the sight of a provocatively-dressed brunette sporting a leather armbinder, spreaderbar, and nipple clamps fastened to the ballgag distending her mouth would provoke a question or two.


Alexis thought it over for a moment.  “The security office behind the bar.”


Carmen and Tina smiled, and cheerfully took hold of Velvet again; even untied, Velvet might have found it difficult to escape the grip of the two toned and physically-fit dancers; under the present circumstances, her resistance was utterly futile.  Velvet squirmed in their grip, doing her best to ignore the pain from her bondage as they dragged her along a corridor; she made a half-hearted attempt to dig her enormous platforms into the thick pile of the carpet, but Tina simply reached over and repeated the “yank-on-Velvet’s-hair-and torture-her-nipples” trick, causing the captive detective to yelp into her gag, then slump dejectedly in her captors’ grip.


They took her to a conference room which had been converted for the after-parties.  There was a raised platform in the center for the girls to dance on, a stocked bar set up and a DJ/sound system in one corner.  There were also a few tables with chairs as well as some plush couches scattered about.  It occurred to Velvet that, despite Alexis’s apparent disdain for her stripping career, these after-parties had a lot in common with a night at the Kitty Galore. 


Carmen and Tina dragged their struggling prize across the room to a door next to the bar.  Alexis unlocked it and Velvet was forced through.  There was a single light hanging in the room and a lone steel chair, she also noticed the walls were not finished, this room was obviously added in the conversion. The wall behind the bar was set with a very large mirror and now Velvet saw it was actually one-way glass. 


They must use this room to monitor the bartender’s cash, and keep an eye on the girls’ activities with the guests. Velvet thought, glancing around.  Perhaps I can break that!  Use a sharp piece to free myself, or if worse comes to worse these bitches would have a hard time explaining that to noise to anyone on the other side.


It was a briefly hopeful thought as the two girls leaned her against the wall opposite the glass.  Bound as she was, Velvet doubted very much she’d be able to move from her current position, much less break that huge window.  Dread welled once again in her chest, causing her breasts to heave with short panicked breaths, each one tugging painfully on the nipple clamps.  Velvet fought down the fear with a frustrated groan, chewing angrily and pointlessly on the big rubber ball between her teeth.  This all brought hearty laughter from her captors which in turn brought a fresh blush to Velvet’s cheeks.


Who knew I could get any lower, since I’m already bound and gagged with my tits out and nipples clamped. But being gloated over by these witches was driving her spirits down into the depths of her ridiculous shoes.


“You girls go and get ready for the after-party,” Alexis ordered.  “Katrina and I will make sure our guest is…comfortable.”  She laughed again with that last word.


Carmen reached down to pat Velvet’s head, while Tina planted a taunting kiss on her cheek, and the two took their leave.  Katrina set down her duffle bag and knelt beside it.  Without ever taking her predatory gaze off of the helpless Velvet, Katrina opened the bag.  She began to pull out a collection of black leather straps, and hand them to Alexis, who stood ready to enhance their captive's bondage.  Velvet's stomach turned sickeningly as she watched her two female captors make their insidious preparations for her; the panic returned, and Velvet had to fight to keep her breathing normal this time, as Katrina began rummaging in the bag for god only knew what else to use on her new plaything.


Velvet felt unfamiliar tingles racing through her limbs, and heating her insides disturbingly: helpless as she was, she could do nothing to resist whatever they decided to do with her, and the dark erotic impulses that had crept up on her during the stage performance, the impulse to surrender herself to a fate she could not resist, were stirring once more.


But whatever they had planned for her would have to wait, as there suddenly came a faint sound—a voice—from beyond the glass. 




Velvet’s eyes snapped away from Katrina's bag, and through the one-way glass she could see the trim, business-suited figure of Veronica Grey. The soundproofing of the small room wasn't complete, but it was sufficient to muffle the sound of the blond executive's voice.


Velvet's heart wanted to jump into her throat so sudden was the flood of hope.  She began to scream for help, only to be totally defeated by the soundproofing of the wall between the two rooms, and by the ballgag currently occupying her mouth.  The pathetic groans and gasps she could make were, at that moment, even more frustrating than the cold metal clamped to her soft nipples. 


“Dammit,” Alexis swore, looking through the mirror at the imperious blond executive calling her name impatiently. “You watch topless Nancy Drew here—I'll get rid of the suit.”


“That’s the nicest thing you’ve ever called her,” Katrina muttered with a chuckle.


Alexis composed herself, and stepped out of the little office into the converted conference room, and responded as Veronica Grey called her name again.  


Katrina watched as Alexis closed the door behind her, and for the first time pulled her gaze away from Velvet and watched through the glass; even in her desperate situation, Velvet’s eye was drawn to the leonine magnificence of her captor’s leather-clad body.


In the other room, Veronica Grey was speaking to Alexis.  She was wearing her usual grey suit, and her blue eyes were blazing anger through her fashionable spectacles.  Velvet could hear the two women speaking but was unable to make out any of the words; it wasn't hard to guess, though, that the blond executive was trying to locate Velvet.


Great, on top of everything else, she probably thinks I'm slacking on the job!


 As they spoke, the head of security seemed to be calming down, and that was something Velvet could not afford—she had to signal her plight somehow!  Making sound was not an option, thanks to the soundproofing and the foul rubber gag in her mouth, but she was too well bound to do much else.  Helpless frustration washed over her, but Velvet fought it down, her mind spinning over the possibilities.  Only one came to mind and it would have to work because she’d only get one shot!


With Katrina still watching the scene beyond the glass—doubtless prepared to lend a hand if Alexis needed it—Velvet squirmed in her binding, rolling her shapely hips forward so that it pressed her back firmly against the wall.  Putting tremendous strain on her already cramped shoulders she then pressed her arms against the wall, stretching them even in the armbinder.  Finally she was able to cock her head back, also pressing against the wall.  This of course put the worst pull yet on her tender, bound nipples causing agony to dance over both breasts but she ignored the pain.  Pressing all the way out, she managed to get some leverage and footing back under her control.  Then, every muscle in her well toned body cinched up, she pulled her torso back, then slamming herself forward. She couldn't generate much momentum, but Velvet was able to throw herself against the glass. 


It didn't shatter.  It didn't even crack.  Even though Velvet was sure to drive the hardest part of her forehead into the one-way window, its only result was a dull thump, and a headache to go with it.


Katrina was on her in an instant, pulling Velvet away from the window.  The captive girl thrashed and grunted desperately but it was hopeless. 


“Oh, but that was stupid, bitch,” Katrina hissed into her ear, pulling Velvet firmly against her own body, holding her well away from the window.  Velvet twisted to look hopefully into the modified conference room.  Maybe it had worked: both Veronica Grey and Alexis were looking at the mirror.


Stupid, maybe, but futile, it certainly seemed, as Veronica Grey offered a few more words that Velvet couldn’t hear, then turned to leave.


“No! NO!” Velvet’s slobbering attempts at speech brought more giggles from Katrina as Veronica Grey stepped through the exit door.


“Did you think you were gonna get that cunt’s attention?” the dark-haired woman asked her prisoner.  “Think again! No one’s coming to help you—you’re mine, now. So what say we get to having a bit of fun, eh? Let’s start with getting better access to those cute puppies of yours.”


Katrina’s hands changed position, one arm slipping around Velvet's waist, locking in with an iron grip.  The free hand then slipped to Velvet’s naked breasts: with agonizing slowness, she undid each of the nipple clamps; the sensation of blood rushing back into her nipples sent stars flying in front of Velvet's eyes, so that she barely felt Katrina drag the tiny chains across them as she detached them from the ballgag. Katrina was holding her so tightly she could feel the rapid rise and fall of each breath.  Then Velvet felt hot breath on her neck, and the sensation sent goosebumps rippling across her tanned skin.


The activity in the other room now forgotten, Katrina turned Velvet to face her, drinking in the fear in the girl's eyes. Her strong, slender fingers began to expertly fondle the nipples she had fully exposed. The bound detective groaned and tried to pull away but she wasn’t going anywhere.  Velvet tried calling out again, still faintly hoping that her gagged moans might be heard by the head of security in the next room, but Katrina just laughed, and dug sharp fingernails into Velvet's already-punished nipples, causing explosions of pain!  All Velvet’s grunting died away in a hapless whimper.


Velvet had just thrown her head back, blinking tears  from her eyes, when, looking past Katrina's shoulder, she noticed movement on the other side of the glass: Alexis had been just turning to re-enter the room where Velvet was imprisoned, when Veronica Grey stepped back into the conference room. Again, Velvet couldn't hear the conversation, but she noticed that Veronica’s gaze continually drifted back to the mirror, almost as if she were looking right at them.  Velvet had no idea what had prompted the woman to have second thoughts, but through the window, Velvet could see Veronica Grey gesturing inquiringly toward the mirror behind the bar—towards them! 


Alexis tried to dismiss whatever the question had been, but Veronica seemed to push the issue, walking towards the bar a few steps.  Velvet was quite certain she saw the words “Who’s back there?” form on Veronica Grey’s lips.  Then Alexis turned toward her with something vicious in her eyes. She seized Veronica by the arm, to usher her out of the room, giving her a rough push... and to Velvet's surprise—and Alexis's—the head of security didn't stumble meekly away, but instead pivoted on one foot, and turned to face Alexis, bringing the side of her hand down sharply on the redhead's elbow, breaking the grip she had on Veronica's arm. The blonde repeated the demand to see into the back room, and as Alexis lunged at her, briskly side-stepped and dug an elbow into the redhead’s back as she passed. Unfortunately, that had placed Alexis directly between Veronica Grey and the door to Velvet's prison; the encounter between the two was not over yet.


And suddenly, Velvet knew she had exactly one chance: no matter how capable Veronica seemed to be of handling herself, if Katrina joined the party, that would probably tip the balance against her. But the last thing Katrina had seen, before she turned her back to the window to assault her captive, was Veronica leaving— Velvet had to make sure that Katrina didn't look through the window!


Not that the woman seemed interested in anything but her new toy.  She grabbed both of Velvet’s tits and resumed fondling them.   Helpless, Velvet could only whimper into her gag as she was groped, and look longingly out into the makeshift nightclub. 


On the other side of the glass, she watched as Alexis lunged at Veronica.  The women collided, with Veronica still facing the mirror.  She reacted quickly, bracing herself against the bar and throwing a sharp elbow back at the dancer.  Alexis took the hit and stumbled.  Veronica Grey whirled on her, dropping into a fighter’s crouch; her suit jacket had come undone, her blouse was already missing a button. As she ducked back from Alexis's grasping hand, she whipped off her glasses—I knew they were just for show!, Velvet thought—and a few long blond tresses slipped loose from her bun, slanting across one eyebrow; some deeply irrational part of Velvet's mind decided that was actually a pretty good look for the woman.


Velvet’s attention was once again drawn back to her own predicament, though.  A pair of full lips was beginning to plant aggressive, wet kisses on her gagged mouth, and Katrina's tongue lapped up tears from Velvet's cheeks. Katrina's fingers tangled in Velvet's hair, holding her head still; captor and captive locked eyes. A thrill ran through Velvet's body, unlike anything she had ever experienced, and, as though in a daze, she felt her body begin to respond as Katrina ground against her.  This drew an unexpected moan from Velvet, and shame washed over her.


“I knew you wanted this,” Katrina whispered, her eyes inescapable.


Velvet flushed and tried to shake her head, denying what some part of her knew to be true. Katrina laughed, and pulled back on Velvet's long hair, exposing her throat, where the woman lightly nipped with her fine teeth. Velvet could only stare up at the ceiling as Katrina's mouth made its way down to her breasts; this time, it was the woman's warm tongue that began working its will on her nipples.


Oh, godddd.... Velvet moaned into her gag. Katrina shifted her position, but Velvet didn't dare let her turn around;  desperately she leaned further into the woman, as though offering her breasts for suckling... keep her from looking up... keep her from looking up... Feeling Katrina pull back slightly, Velvet leaned her pelvis into the woman, matching her grinding motion. Tiny electric shocks seemed to flood through Velvet, as her body cried out for her to surrender, to let the woman take full advantage of her…


No, Dammit!! This is NOT romance, this is kidnapping: I have to GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE! Though concentrating on that was getting harder by the minute…


Once more Velvet glanced over Katrina's shoulder, through the window, desperately hoping to see Miss Grey swiftly on the way to her rescue.  Alexis suffered a devastating right hook that sprawled her into the bar, she seemed barely able to hold herself up.  Velvet felt a glimmer of hope watching a confident Veronica Grey saunter towards her dazed opponent. She pushed past Alexis, sending her crashing over one of the side tables, and suddenly the door to the back room swung open and a very angry looking Veronica Grey stormed into the cramped “office”.


“What in the hell is going on here?” the head of security snarled.  “Why did Alexis attack me?”


Velvet immediately launched a string of pleading groans, begging Veronica to keep her guard up.


“Turn her loose Katrina,” Veronica ordered.


“Don’t worry, it’s all just part of the act,” the black haired woman attempted a bluff.


“Show’s over,” Veronica Grey declared, patting loose golden tresses back into place.  “Apparently you and Alexis have some explaining to do.”


“Not just yet, bitch!”


Alexis’ voice had come from behind the head of security and before her foe could react, she had swung a liquor bottle at the back of Veronica's head; the blonde was saved from a fractured skull by the fact that the bottle collided with her thick bun of hair, knocking hairclips flying, but the blow still had its effect:  Veronica’s eyes crossed momentarily and her body seemed to go completely limp.  The tall blonde collapsed in a heap at Alexis’s feet, silky tresses spreading across the carpet.  Velvet’s heart sank just as quickly.  Alexis looked at her with a sneer, despite the bruises already showing on her high cheekbones.


“So much for the cavalry,” the redhead chuckled.  She nodded to Katrina. “Put down your toy and help me.”


Katrina sighed, her breast still heaving from the rapine attentions she had been paying to her new plaything. She took a leather strap from her seemingly bottomless bag of restraints, and looped it loosely around Velvet’s neck, tying the other end to an exposed pipe; she leaned Velvet back against the wall, giving her just enough room to sink to an uncomfortable seated position, hands bound under her butt, legs spread wide; any attempt to move, though, and she’d be in danger of choking.


“Now just sit tight, slut,” Katrina laughed, stroking Velvet’s cheek, and running fingers possessively through her hair. “And don’t be jealous—once I’m done dealing with blondie, here, you’ll once more have my FULL attention.” She then joined Alexis, as the two villains completed their capture of the unconscious blonde. 


Velvet, still exhausted and befuddled from her ordeal, felt her heart sink.  She watched uselessly as the two women began to strip the unconscious Veronica.  First they pulled off the grey blazer, then Katrina tore open the blouse beneath, revealing two voluptuous breasts in a white satin bra.  Alexis pulled the blouse off completely while the other woman focused on yanking off the power suit’s slacks.  Beneath was a set of panties which matched her bra. 


They dragged the still-limp head of security to the lone chair and propped her up in it.  Katrina grabbed the duffle bag again and they began to pull out more leather straps.  First Veronica’s ankles were secured to the legs of the chair.  Next came an extra long strap, wrapped under the seat and over her lap, securing her thighs.  Following that, Veronica’s arms were folded over the back of the chair, and secured in such a way that her forearms were crossed.  When that strap was cinched tight, Veronica moaned softly and started to come around.  Her head lolled weakly, consciousness returning, but far too late.  Another long strap was wound around her arms and torso, just under her bountiful bosom, pinning her upper body to the chair back. 


“What’s happening?” Veronica asked groggily. 


“You’re finally being put in your place, bitch,” Alexis snarled.


The redhead reached over and removed the last clip from the bun at the back of Veronica Grey’s head.  Golden tresses cascaded free, tumbling over her shoulders as Veronica tried desperately to clear her mind.  Katrina tossed another gag to her cohort, this one also sporting a red rubber ball but lacking the nipple clamps.  Alexis tangled her free hand in Veronica’s thick blond locks and yanked back.  Dazed, Veronica yelped, and her mouth gaped open.  Alexis grinned as she shoved the gag between the helpless woman’s teeth.  Veronica groaned in pain as the gag slipped into place and the strap was pulled around her head and buckled tightly over her hair.  Alexis looked at the new captive with unconcealed satisfaction. 


“A good look for her, Kat, wouldn’t you say?”


The leather-clad dancer laughed. “Just goes to show what a little bondage can do, for even a frigid bitch like this one.” She ran a fingernail along the crease that the gag was already making in Veronica’s pale cheek. “So what now?”


Not a question I really want to hear the answer to, thought Velvet. She looked over at the helplessly bound and gagged Veronica Grey, and tried to give her a look of reassurance; the captive blonde tried to return the same thing.


And who are we kidding? Velvet sighed to herself. There’s no one else to come to the rescue. We need to get ourselves out of this somehow. And as Katrina smiled hungrily at her, she realized that she had not the first idea how that was going to happen.



 To Be Continued…


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