The Librarian

By Walter Hammond


Part II: In Bob's bedroom



Rachel was totally exhausted by now and soaked in sweat. She was probably in no fit state to escape even if she weren't all tied up and hooded. Her skirt was up round her waist and the button on her blouse over her breasts had come undone because having her elbows close together made her breasts stick out so much. Her shoulders were aching. She was also so terribly frustrated and dying to come. But now at least she welcomed the relief of being able to breathe a little more easily.


Bob finished unzipping the bag. The first thing he noticed was how Rachel's breasts popped out in front of her. Then as he rolled her out of the bag he had an eyeful of her pert, round bottom clad only in a black thong. He gave her a good spanking as she lay face down on the bed. Then he slowly began to rub her legs. After a few minutes of teasing her, he turned the vibe up just a bit and gave her another spank.


Rachel was totally humiliated. She was completely at Bob's mercy and he could do whatever he liked to her. She tried to struggle, but it was no use. She tried to shout and scream for help, but only incomprehensible mumbles emerged through the gag, and no doubt they were inaudible to anyone but Bob. And she was so terribly frustrated because of all the stimulus from the vibe, but she just could not come.


By now, Bob was incredibly aroused, but he decided to be patient. He continued to play with Rachel, rubbing her legs and giving her the occasional hard smack. After a few minutes, he turned the vibe up a bit and then rolled her onto her side. He undid her blouse completely, exposing her breasts.


Rachel had given up trying to free herself; it was obviously pointless. She grew very concerned when she felt Bob undoing her blouse. She had hoped it was only a kidnap for ransom, but clearly he wanted something far more. What could she do? She was completely helpless and she couldn't even tell him or beg him not to do whatever he wanted. Anyway, she was so turned on by that vibe that she couldn't think straight.


Next, Bob took some scissors and cut the blouse away from her body, followed soon after by her bra. He took some rope and wrapped it around her breasts and body until they were encased in a rope bra. He ripped off the tape holding on the vibe, not caring how that felt to Rachel, and replaced it with a rope round her waist and a crotch rope, which dug into her most intimate and sensitive regions and forced the vibe in far more deeply. Her nipples were protruding and he took one of them in his mouth and flicked it with his tongue.


To Rachel, this was adding insult to injury. She really liked that blouse and that bra. But losing them was the least of her worries, now it was obvious what he was after, the brute. And in her heightened excited state caused by the vibe, the stimulus to her nipple was really having an effect on her. She shuddered as he licked it, and felt it getting hard. If he licked the other one as well, it might be enough to tip her over the edge. Did she want that or not? She couldn't think.


Bob paused playing with her nipple and gently blew on it. He reached behind her and gave her another good smack; at the same time, he took her other nipple in his mouth and sucked it. The smack shocked Rachel and stopped her having an orgasm. But then his sucking made her other nipple go hard and put her back on the edge. She kept trying to fight it down, in a state of shock at how her body was responding to this awful man. What was going on? What was her body doing? She bit hard on her gag, sweating as she tried with all of her might to hold off the pleasure that surged through every fibre of her being. Her body was hot with lust; her breasts were swollen; both her nipples were hard.


Bob pinched and tweaked her other nipple as he sucked the one in his mouth. He could feel her fighting the sensations, but that would just make it better for him. Eventually, he was sure, she would give in and her body would shudder with pleasure. He turned the vibe up to full for a brief moment, and then turned it right down and stopped playing with her.


Rachel was just about to come when the vibe was turned up, but yet again that was snatched from her when it was turned down. She lay there moaning with frustration. Was there any way that she could escape from the bondage? Surely not. And if she did, what good would it do her? Bob could easily stop her from escaping and would tie her up even more securely. How long would it be, she wondered, before she would be missed? Surely it would be the next day when she didn't turn up for school. But how could anyone guess where she was?


After a few minutes for Rachel to comprehend her situation, Bob began to rub his hands up her inner thigh again to see how her body responded. Was she ready to beg him to let her come yet? Did he have to keep playing with her to make sure she wanted it badly enough? These were the questions he hoped to answer as his hand ran towards her upper thigh.


Rachel usually loved her inner thighs being rubbed. Bob had soft hands and was rubbing her very nicely. In any other circumstances, she'd really be enjoying it. Even in her horrid plight, it turned her on a bit. She twitched and moaned, only feeble sounds escaping through her brutal gag. What was he doing? Would he just tease her to distraction and then let her go? Would he ever let her go, or did he plan to keep her for a long time?


It was clear to Bob by her reaction that she was still fighting it. He turned the vibe up and spanked her. "Now it's time for me to savour this a bit," he said, picking up his camera. The next thing she could hear was the snap of the shutter as he took photos from all angles. The vibe continued to buzz away inside her, and she squirmed nicely for the camera. Once he had finished taking photos, he set the camera on a tripod, switched to movie mode and began to film her.


Rachel was shocked. He was photographing her! Was he going to sell the photos? That would be so humiliating. She tried to turn over, but her strict bondage stopped her. Still, she was reassured that with the bag over her head she should be unrecognisable. And that vibe was still going. She was really being driven to distraction as she moaned helplessly into her gag. How long before she went insane or something? How long had this lasted? It seemed to her like a week already but it couldn't be.


Bob started to rub Rachel's legs again, testing to see if she was really ready to come or not. He rubbed his finger all the way up the inside of her bound thighs and then paused at the top, just out of reach of the vibrator. Rachel was desperate now. I've got to come – I must come – I just can't stand it any longer, she thought. If it weren't for this gag, she'd be shamelessly begging for it. In fact, she even tried, but her pleas were just converted by the cruel gag into incoherent mumbling. But she knew that she must come, or she'd go nuts.


Bob could feel Rachel pushing her hips closer to his fingers as they rubbed her legs. The crotch rope was pulling the vibe right up against her. He kept toying with her for a few more minutes, turning the vibe up and then back down, stroking her thighs, kissing and sucking her nipples. After another few minutes of this, he turned the vibe to full and moved it around with his hands, pressing it against her clit. He sucked her right nipple and pinched the other hard between his thumb and forefinger.


That finally threw Rachel over the edge. She bucked and writhed and screamed as much as her bonds and gag allowed, which wasn't very much. It was such a strange experience, orgasming in bondage. And yet, despite its intensity, it wasn't all that satisfying. Bob stopped filming her. "That should be good enough for your first starring role," he said. He removed the vibe and untied her elbows.


Rachel was shocked again, but pleasantly. He's untying me, she thought. Had he finished now, and would he let her go? She tried to flex her elbows and her shoulders, which had got quite painful from being pulled back for so long. Bob removed the scarf tied around the bag and pulled the bag off her head. As her vision cleared, she could see that the room was decked out with lots of outfits and lingerie. Her handkerchiefs were still in her mouth, but they were wadded in so tight that she could not spit them out.


Finally, Rachel could see Bob. She had long ago realised who he was, but it was still a bit of a shock to see that familiar face in such an awful context. How could he do such a thing to her? She tried again to push the handkerchiefs out with her tongue, but she couldn't. She still couldn't move much, but tried to indicate that she wanted the stuff out of her mouth and to be untied.


Bob slowly pulled the ball from her mouth and held a cup of water in front of her. "I hope you enjoyed that," he said as he offered the water to her. Rachel really, really needed that water, and gulped it all down eagerly. As soon as it was finished, she launched into an angry tirade, demanding that she be set free immediately and pointing out that he could go to prison for kidnap and indecent assault. This went on for several minutes until she slumped back, exhausted.


"Well that wasn't quite how I'd hope you'd respond," said Bob when she finished. "But I guess if you want me to go to prison I had no choice but to keep you here."


"No, please, you must let me go," cried Rachel, alarmed. "Just let me go and we'll pretend that the whole thing never happened. You know I'll be missed and they'll come looking for me, so it's the best thing to end it now. Please."


"I'm going to let you free so you can freshen up a bit. Don't even bother trying to leave; if you do you will regret it!" Bob said as he began to untie the rest of the ropes holding her. "After you finish cleaning up, I want you to pick a nice outfit from all the things I've put into the room. Oh and by the way I left a resignation letter at the school."


Rachel began to think how she might escape, but would be very cautious until she had a plan she was confident would work. She didn't believe him about the letter. How could he have forged her handwriting? Wouldn't people be very suspicious? Anyway, her parents would soon raise the alarm. But she would say nothing; if he thought he was safe, more fool him. She went to the bathroom and did what she could, and then reluctantly returned and tried to put on as much clothing as possible so she wouldn't feel half naked. Bob smiled as she began to put on her new outfit; everything there was sexy clothing. She tried her best to pick items that covered her up, but with little success. "I have a new business that I've just started up," he said. "The movie and pictures I took of you earlier will be the first addition to my site. Would you like to watch them?"


Rachel was wearing stockings and a skirt barely long enough to cover the stocking tops. She had a matching bra, thong and suspender belt set. Her blouse was quite see-through. Still, it was the best she could do. "No, I just want to go home," she replied sadly, wondering if she would ever be allowed to.


Bob grabbed her by the hand and pulled her towards him, sitting her on his lap. Then he started the video. As it played, he rubbed her stockinged thigh, moving his hand under her miniskirt to caress her between her legs. Rachel leapt up. "Stop that," she shouted. "I'm fed up with your stupid games and I want no part of your business!" She immediately wondered what he might do to her to punish her for that, but there was no way she would ever take part in his games voluntarily.


"Oh you're being a bit feisty," laughed Bob as Rachel leapt up. "I love it when you fight me." With that, he pulled her towards him and pushed her face down onto the bed. He reached for a pile of stockings that were sitting nearby and plucked a few from the heap. Pulling her arms behind her back, he wrapped a stocking around her wrists, pulling it tight.


Rachel struggled, but he was too strong. She decided that there was no point in shouting; it didn't help her. Still, she would never take part in his games willingly. Bob loved the feeling of her wiggling her arms in protest as he tied them. He whispered to her, "I love the outfit you've selected; this will make our second production a bit sexier."


Rachel flailed around with her legs, but was not strong enough to escape from Bob. However, she was determined that whatever he did to her, he would have to force her by brute strength. Bob gripped both of her ankles; wrapping another stocking around them, he tied them tight. He ran his hands up her legs and spanked her. "Do you think you can get out of that? It's only two stockings holding you. Why don't you give it a try?" He began to film as he waited for Rachel's reaction.


Rachel felt around, trying to find some knots she could undo, but there didn't seem to be any within reach. She twisted, hoping that the stretchiness of the stockings was enough to let her pull out of them, but she couldn't do it. She just writhed around, not getting anywhere.


"I knew you'd be perfect for this," said Bob as she wriggled around trying to break free. "You just move in a sexy way no matter what." While he continued to film, he took another stocking and wrapped it around her elbows, pulling it tight. "Now I want you to clasp your hands together tightly."


Rachel was tempted to say "get knotted", but decided it would be a rotten pun in the circumstances. She just pulled her hands as far apart as the bind around her elbows allowed. Of course, he could push them together, but she was determined to make things as hard as possible for him.


Seeing that she was trying to make things difficult, Bob spanked her hard. After that, he grabbed her hands and threaded her fingers together. He held her hands in place with one of his and picked up a stocking with the other. He pulled the stocking up over her clasped hands until the toes of the stocking were pulled up tight against her fingers. He slid the stocking tightly all the way up her arms as far as they could go; the material stretched tightly over her hands. Taking some tape, he wrapped it around her hands and the top of the stockings to hold them tight. "Now honey, I want you to try to use those hands of yours to get free. See if you can even do anything with them," he laughed as he went back to the camera to film some more.


Rachel tested her fingers and no, she could do nothing with them. Her hands were completely useless. Well, she decided, he wants me to writhe for the camera, so I won't. She got into as comfortable a position as she could, and then she froze. She even tried not to breathe more than she could help, and was virtually playing dead. She had no doubt that Bob would be angry; he could hit her, but he couldn't make her writhe.


Bob soon realised that she didn't want to play. "Ok, if that's how you want it I guess we can try a strict movie; if you don't want to move I'll make it so you can't," he said; grabbing more stockings, he walked back towards her. While filming the whole thing, he began by tying a stocking around her wrists, and then he pushed her hands up behind her back until her elbows stuck out from her back. Attaching another stocking to her wrists, he looped the other end up in front of her left shoulder, behind her neck and down in front of her right shoulder, and then finally he fastened the other end back to her wrists. Her arms were now completely immobile and her hands were still useless. He paused to give her another spanking.

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