The Librarian

Walter Hammond


Part III: Strict bondage



Rachel was trying not to move, but she did start slightly when the slap stung her.  Obviously, he was going to wrap her up really securely.  She could do little to stop him, and any attempts would only make her wiggle and writhe in exactly the way she didn't want to.  Well, she had no idea, but she guessed that a video of him tying up a nearly inert figure wouldn't be as entertaining to his perverted clientele as a video of her struggling with all her might.  So she would just carry on playing as dead as she could.


"You know, some people will pay top dollar to see you bound up so tight you can't move," Bob said, grabbing some more stockings.  He slid one over both her feet, pulling it all the way up as far as it could go, covering both legs.  Then he used plenty of duct tape to reinforce the stocking and hold it on.


After that, he picked up a pair of tights.  Bending her legs up until they touched her bottom, he pulled one leg of the tights up over her folded legs so the toes of the tights were at her knees.  After a bit of effort, he managed to get the top of the leg up over her feet.  He took the second leg of the tights and tied it off to her wrists, and then he wrapped it around her waist a few times and tied the end off to her wrists.  He stepped back and looked at her.  "Do you think that's tight enough?" he asked with a grin.


Rachel had no idea whether he was bluffing.  If he was, then she was having a bit of a victory by keeping still.  If he wasn't, she still had nothing to lose by not writhing or trying to writhe.  Not that she could move very much even if she tried; all those tights and all that tape were holding her pretty firmly.  So she decided to keep still and keep quiet.  How long could he keep this up, she wondered.  Surely he knew he couldn't hold her forever; sooner or later, people would come looking for her.


Bob was a little surprised she didn't even test how tightly she was bound.  But he didn't care; he was having too much fun.  Taking the vibe, he rolled her to her side.  He slid it in under the tights over her legs and under her panties.  He put it right onto her clit and then moved her panties back over the top of it, and then he turned it on to about a medium setting.


Rachel decided that she must keep very calm.  The vibe wouldn't make that easy, but if she relaxed and breathed slowly and regularly, she knew she could do it.  The main thing was to keep as still as possible.  Play for time, that's the main thing.  The longer she could stop him doing anything too silly, the more time people would have to find her.  She hoped.


Now that Rachel was almost prepared, Bob just needed to make sure she was thoroughly gagged.  He grabbed a stocking and balled it up.  He forced it into her mouth; this nearly choked her and soon her cheeks were bulging.  Once it was in, he found a ball gag and pushed it in her mouth.  He strapped the gag up tightly and then used a stocking to tie the back of it off to her waist, pulling her head agonisingly far back.  "Is that comfy now?" he asked sarcastically.


Obviously it was very far from comfy.  Equally obviously, Rachel couldn't comment one way or the other, even if she wanted to; the gag was totally effective, and she could do no more than mumble quietly, however hard she tried.  So she decided to continue to keep as quiet and still as she could.  Would people really enjoy a video of that, she wondered.


Now Rachel was so tightly bound and gagged, Bob decided to try and elicit a response.  He slowly ran his fingers across the soles of her feet, back and forth very gently at first.  Rachel was extremely ticklish in her feet, but she remained determined not to allow Bob to make her wriggle.  She bit hard on her gag and willed herself to ignore the tickling.  It was not easy, but somehow she managed.


Bob started to run his fingers over her encased legs all the way down to her bottom, and then spanked her.  He decided to try something else to help heighten her senses.  He pushed some ear plugs into her ears.  Untying her gag from her waist, he took several pairs of panties.  One after the other he pulled them over her head, making sure there were no gaps in the material that would let her see even a glimmer of light.  After doing that, he pulled a stocking over the top to hold the panties and ear plugs in place.  Then he turned up the vibe to maximum.


Rachel's sight and hearing were now cut off.  This made her far more aware of the main remaining stimulus, the vibe.  She could no longer control herself; she began to twitch.  However much she tried, she just could not keep completely still, although her bondage meant that she could not move very much.


Bob began to stroke the soles of her feet again as he turned the vibe to full.  Now Rachel was really losing control of herself.  She was far too ticklish in her feet not to thrash around, and the vibe was getting to her.  She was doing her best not to orgasm, but she really doubted that she could stop it.


"That's better," exclaimed Bob as he saw Rachel thrashing around.  Her movement was so restricted that it was barely more than a violent wiggle.  He turned the vibe back to about half, just enough to keep her stimulated, and then stepped back to watch the display she was putting on.  As soon as Bob stopped tickling Rachel, she tried to calm down.  It took a minute or two to get a grip, but eventually she was lying still again, fighting against that damn vibe.


Satisfied he had enough of Rachel fighting the tight stockings that were encasing her body, Bob moved the camera to get a better view of her inevitable orgasm.  He reckoned that he could edit the footage later for the important parts, so he began the long slow process of teasing her right to the edge and then denying the final climax.  Watching carefully, he adjusted the vibrator, increasing the strength slowly.  Then as her body began to betray her, he turned it down enough to stop her tipping over the edge.  He did this four times, watching how she reacted.


Rachel got increasingly frustrated.  She moaned into her gag, though hardly any sound emerged.  She writhed, trying to find some way to stimulate herself, but of course there was no way and it just made her feel even worse.  A vicious cycle was developing.


Watching Rachel writhe around in her encasement was incredibly satisfying.  She had gone from staying as still as a stone to wiggling her hips around hunting for release.  He played with her more, bringing her close to orgasm again and again.  Once he was satisfied that she could probably stand no more, he positioned the camera to capture the reaction and turned the intensity of the vibe to full.  Then he stood back to watch.


Much as Rachel didn't want to help Bob in his grubby, sordid activities, there was no longer anything at all she could do to control herself.  She was all on fire to the core of her being, and had ceased to be aware of anything beyond her own body.  Suddenly, something exploded in her head.  She screamed helplessly into her gag, and thrashed around as much as her cruel restraints allowed.  She had no idea how long this lasted until she calmed down and went limp.  Then the vibe worked her up again, and the whole thing happened again.  After that, she was really exhausted and just lay there, the vibe no longer affecting her much.


Bob stood there absolutely shocked at the explosive nature of the double orgasm.  He hadn't imagined that she'd be able to thrash about so wildly in the tight encasement that was holding her.  The excitement of it all had made him rock hard.  He turned the vibrator off and left her in her sensory deprived state while he considered whether he dared to take the video further.


Exhausted after those two magnificent orgasms, too tired to try to fight against her strict encasement, Rachel lay totally still.  Unable to see or hear, she lapsed into fantasy.  She no longer knew where she was, or what was going on. She was travelling through a strange wonderland.


Bob picked up a pair of clothes pegs and put one on each nipple.  The pain shocked Rachel back to the real world.  He gave her a pat on the bottom, then went and sat down at his computer.  He copied the footage over from the camera to edit it, leaving her tightly and helplessly encased on the bed.  Time passed quickly as he cut the footage to make the perfect scene, and barely any noise came (or indeed could come) from her direction.


What is he doing, wondered Rachel.  She could hardly hear anything and of course she could see nothing at all.  It was futile trying to get out of her encasement, so all she could do was lie there quietly and wonder what might happen next.


Finally, Bob finished making the scene.  Going back to the bed, he slowly cut the bindings that were holding her tightly.  The material split apart so easily, it was hard to imagine that it could have held her so securely.


Rachel felt such a relief as she was at last freed from that terrible confinement.  It would be nice if she could have leapt up and made a dash for it, but firstly she felt very stiff and secondly she was still comprehensively blindfolded.


Once Bob had finished untying Rachel, he left her lying on the bed with the hood still on, trying to anticipate her next move.  Even though he was fully satisfied, there was something still so arousing about the way she was bound, gagged, hooded and so completely helpless.


Rachel decided to try to take the hood off.  The worst that could happen, she reasoned, was that he'd stop her.  She pulled off the hood and the blindfold, and removed the stocking from her mouth.  As she started to remove everything from her head, Bob found it strangely arousing.  He sat back and watched as she peeled the stockings and panties away from her head.


It was such a relief for Rachel to get all of the bondage off.  She looked around.  Was there any way she could try to escape? It seemed unlikely.  And she was dressed in a ridiculous scanty outfit that's some pervert's wet dream.


Once she had finished unwrapping herself, Bob sat back and asked, "how do you feel?"


"Dreadful," shouted Rachel.  "Awful! Awful!! I need to go home.  You've had your fun now, so please let me go.  Please!"


Bob was very disappointed.  "I had hoped you'd enjoy that!  Now, you know I can't just let you walk out; I'd be arrested in a heartbeat!"


"Would you enjoy what I've been through?" asked Rachel.  "Well, maybe you would but no normal person would.  Now if you just let me go, there's an end of it.  The longer I'm here, the more likely it was someone will come looking for me and you'll really be in trouble."


"I would've quite enjoyed it," he replied, "and I thought I had sensed a kinky side to you.  I guess I was wrong.  Feel free to go if you promise that's the end of it."


Rachel stood up and rummaged around in the pile of clothes.  "I need something respectable to go home in.  What had you got?"


Bob went to the wardrobe and brought out a dress.  "Here you are," he said, "I think that should be suitably respectable."


Rachel put it on.  "The least you can do was give me the taxi fare home.  And you aren't going to put anything on the Internet, were you?  If you do, I might not like it."


"It'd be shame to let such great footage go to waste, but I'll consider leaving it down," replied Bob.  "If you'd like I'll give you a ride home."


"OK, as long as you promise there's no funny business," said Rachel.  She made a silent note not to give him her real address; that would be too dangerous.  She would get him to drop her a few streets away.  "You know, I used to like you a lot.  If you'd asked me for a date, I might have said yes.  You've rather ruined that."


"No funny business," promised Bob.  "Were you telling me that was absolutely no fun then whatsoever?"


"Absolutely none.  Come on, I need to go home."


"I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it," said Bob.  "Let's go; I'll take you home now."


"OK," said Rachel, "and next time you abduct me, please warn me first."


The End?


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