The Librarian

By Walter Hammond


Part I: The capture


That day, like every day, Bob went to his job at the local high school. That job was to support all the IT in the place. Usually, the job was boring and mind numbing. About the only highlight was when he got a call to go up to the library and help there. The reason the library was so good was because of Rachel. She was gorgeous and had a fantastic smile. Thinking about her always made his legs quiver, but he had to put her out of his mind and got to work. He started going through the day's jobs; they were all boring!


Rachel enjoyed working in the library and helping the children, and her day was often enhanced by one or two masters who looked pretty sexy. The only problem was the library IT system. IT was a total blind spot, so whenever there was the slightest problem she had to call Bob to sort it out. It was nearly time to go home when the system crashed. She frantically tried to get Bob, not wanting to go home until it was fixed.


After a long day at work, Bob was almost ready to leave when the call came from the library. Immediately, he smiled, picked up his toolkit and went there. Inside the toolkit were all sorts of useful things, lots of tape (all different kinds), cable ties and tons of wire of various lengths. He walked into the library and Rachel was standing right there.


That day, Rachel had had laundry problems, leaving her short of clothes. As a result, she was wearing a very short and tight stretchy skirt that she would not normally consider suitable for school. Some of the masters and older boys had noticed and seemed to approve, especially when she had to climb up the ladder. She had to wear a thong with it to avoid VPL and was also wearing a matching lacy bra, not that anyone could see of course. She was very relieved to see Bob, and flashed him a grateful smile. It was such a warm smile that it made his legs shake.


"Wha ... what seems to be the problem?" he stammered.


He saw how her tight skirt hugged her body, and his heart skipped a beat. She turned round and bent over a desk with a computer on. As she bent, her tight skirt rode up a bit.


"Look at this. I suppose it's some problem with the monitor, but it keeps flickering. I was wondering if it's a loose connection under the desk, but ..."


She crouched down under the desk and her skirt rode up even more.


"I fiddled with all the connections here and they all seem OK."


Bob really enjoyed watching her bend over the desk in that short tight skirt, and wished fervently that the few pupils still in the Library would leave.


"Did you get the one right down the bottom?" he asked, staring at her shapely bottom. Rachel got right down to look. Her skirt had now ridden up so much that he could see the tops of her legs where the tights were thicker and more opaque. He saw the VPL that revealed that she was wearing a thong.


"Where do you mean? Can you show me?"


Bob walked towards Rachel, feasting his eyes on her very, very sexy body. He stood at the desk next to her and bent over to help her find it. Their hands touched; he could feel himself get harder. Finally, he found the plug and slid it in. "That's it," he said; "let's give it a go now." He was a bit nervous moving back from the desk in case his erection showed. "There, that looks better now. Just remember, if it starts playing up again I'll come back and give you a hand." He knew quite well that this monitor would start to play up again shortly; he had deliberately not replaced it, knowing that it would be an excuse to come and see Rachel.


Rachel had been hoping to go soon, but after a few minutes the monitor was acting up again so she called Bob. Looking out of the window, she saw that all the teachers' cars had gone. Sometimes she had a lift home, but it looked as if there would be none that night. Oh, wait, Bob's van was there. She wondered where he lived and if it would be out of the way for him to give her a lift.


As Bob answered the call from Rachel, he could see the last of the staff and students clearing out from the school. "I'll be right there," he replied as he hung up. He grabbed his toolkit and rushed excitedly towards the library. As he got closer, he started to think what it would be like to abduct Rachel. He kept walking briskly as the thoughts of her sexy body flowed through his mind. Just as he neared to the library, he saw a plastic bag. He picked it up and got a sudden rush of adrenalin. Reaching the library, instead of just rushing in, he crept in quietly. Rachel was preoccupied with putting books away on the shelves. His heart skipped another beat. He put his toolkit down, grabbed a few things out of it with one hand and gripped the plastic bag in the other.


Being short, Rachel always had problems putting books on the top shelves. She had to stand on a stepladder. In the short, tight skirt she was wearing that day, it was slightly embarrassing. Finishing with the top shelves, she came down and started dealing with the lower shelves. Meticulously, she considered whether the books needed any re-ordering. She was so engrossed in this that she did not notice Bob enter or come up behind her.


As Rachel bent over to look at the shelves, Bob pulled the bag over her head. He clamped down over her mouth and wrapped his other arm around her body. He whispered in her ear, "If you co-operate I'll make sure you can breathe, otherwise I'll hold my hands like this until you pass out."


Rachel panicked and started to struggle, but rapidly realised that it was pointless because her strength was no match for his. Somewhere, somehow she got enough sanity to realise that she would had to co-operate. She did not recognise his voice in her panic and had no idea who this intruder was. However, she stopped struggling.


Bob slowly released his grip on her mouth, allowing some air to get in under the bag. "If you make even a tiny noise you'll regret it," he whispered. Taking a cable tie, he pulled her hands behind her back, wrapped it around her wrists and pulled it tight.


Rachel gasped for air. She was quite incapable of speaking and too frightened to do anything other than obey. It did not even occur to her to test the wrist bonds to see how secure they were, not that she would risk escaping even if she could. The hoarse whisper was quite unrecognisable as Bob's voice.


Bob slowly lowered Rachel to the ground and paused to think. He was far from clear about what to do next. He grabbed some more cable ties and wrapped them around Rachel's arms just above and below her elbows. He pulled them so tight that her elbows almost touched behind her back. He started to worry that she would scream as the fright wore off, so he began to think about how he could keep her silent.


Rachel was pretty flexible, so she could cope with her arms pulled behind her like that. Still, it pulled her shoulders back and made her breasts stick out much more than usual. Her blouse was already fairly close-fitting; now it was straining over her breasts. She fully had her breath back, and had calmed down a bit. There was no point in leaping up and trying to make a run for it unless she could get that horrid bag off her head, so she began to think how to do that.


As Rachel started to calm down, Bob went into the librarian's office and rummaged through the drawers and Rachel's handbag to see if he could find something to silence her. While Bob was engaged, Rachel was rubbing her head on the carpet, trying to dislodge the bag. It was half off, with her jaw free, but she could still see nothing.


Bob opened her handbag and found two handkerchiefs. He took them and a silk scarf he found in her drawer. He rushed back to her and could see that she had nearly worked the bag off her head. He balled the handkerchiefs and pushed them against her lips. Her mouth was open because she couldn't easily breathe with the bag still over her nose. She was taken by surprise as the ball of cloth was shoved into her mouth. She tried to yell, but was very muffled and very little sound emerged.


Once the hankies were packed deep in her mouth, Bob pulled the bag back over her head and tied the scarf tightly around her head across her mouth, pulling everything deep into her. He could see the bag inflating and deflating rapidly as she panicked.


"I can't breathe! I can't breathe! I'll choke!" she thought. Somehow, from deep within her, she found the strength to calm down. She realised that her only chance not to die at the hands of this madman, as she thought of him, was to lie still and breathe slowly and regularly, and hope he did nothing more to suffocate her.


As she calmed down a bit, Bob made a hole in the bag over her nose; this allowed air to flow to her lungs again. Next, he moved to her legs; they were so sexy in the tights she was wearing, and in that skirt, which had ridden right up, they were well displayed. He rubbed his hands from just below her skirt hem all the way to her ankle on her right leg. Then he gripped her ankle and folded her leg over so her shoe pressed against her bottom. Taking some tape from her tool box, he started to wind it around her leg.


Rachel could breathe easily now. A glimmer of light came in through the nose hole, but she could still see nothing. There was now no chance of getting the bag off and making a break for it. But she realised that the longer she was there, the more helpless she would become as he tied her up more and more securely. Whatever should she do? And what did he want with her?


Bob finished taping up her right leg and moved to her left leg. He was about to run his hand down it, but he stopped and gave her a spank. She made an indignant but muffled sound. "I'm glad you decided to co-operate; it makes it so much easier," he whispered to her as he taped her left leg. When he had finished, he took a little vibe that he had bought in the hope that he could do this. Lifting her skirt, he slid the vibe down under her tights. Once he had it in just the right spot, he started to apply some strips of tape to keep it firmly in place.


Rachel seemed to recognise that voice now. It couldn't possibly be Bob the computer man, could it? He was due to come and see her, and surely he'd have arrived by now and done something, unless he was her captor. Oh, but that vibe was getting her excited. She could not let it. She had to stay calm and not get distracted if she was to have any hope of escaping. But it was getting her oh so excited.


Once the vibe was taped in place, Bob went to the back room of the library. There was a trolley there, and some bags. He wheeled the trolley out and put it next to Rachel. Then he took a bag and put it down next to her. Unzipping it, he started to lift her to put her inside. He slid his hands under her and lifted her body. Once she was in the bag, he turned the vibe up to a higher setting, and then he zipped up the bag. It was a tight squeeze, but he managed to fit her in. Finally he put the bag on the trolley and wheeled it to the van.


Rachel could hardly move, squeezed into that bag, and it was hard to breathe, so she did her best to keep calm and take regular breaths. Her skirt rode up from being stuffed into the bag and its hem was now around her waist. If Bob (if it was Bob) could see her now, she thought, he'd see her bottom on display in her black satin thong. And that vibe, that blasted vibe, really had her excited now. But she knew that she must keep calm and breathe easily.


Bob finally arrived at his van. It was unlikely that anyone had seen him, and even if they did it wouldn't be unusual for him to be loading a bag. Hopefully, no one would notice the occasional movement of the bag as Rachel fought against the vibrator. He had no doubt she was trying her best to stop her body betraying her. The thought of it really excited him as he lifted the bag and placed it in the van. As he slid the door shut he said to her, "you'll love what I've done with the van". Jumping into the front, he started the engine. Suddenly the vibrator slowed right down to a faint buzz. He drove out of the school and as he accelerated down the road the vibrator got faster and faster. He reached a set of red lights and had to stop; the vibe went back to a faint buzzing.


By now, Rachel was certain that her captor was Bob. How could he do this to her? What had she ever done to him? She was frightened to struggle, because she feared she would suffocate if she didn't keep calm and take steady breaths. Anyway, she realised how unlikely it was that she could get anywhere, thoroughly trussed up as she was. And the blasted vibrator was driving her crazy. It was not driving her over the edge, but she felt so terribly, terribly frustrated. It slowed down again, just as she thought she might come.


As they reached their destination and came to a stop, the vibrator went back to a very faint buzz. Bob opened the van door, took out the bag, brought it into his house and put it down on the bed. Slowly he unzipped the bag, barely able to contain his excitement.




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