The Inn

By Anne Woolsey


When I got back from my errands, there was a woman standing in our driveway.

She was attractive, in her mid-thirties, I guessed. She had a square-ish face and black hair, medium length with bangs. Dressed as if she had just come from work, she wore a black turtle neck, jeans skirt, black hose and medium heeled pumps. She seemed a little anxious to me.

I asked if I could help her.

“I’m Emma Martin. I have a reservation? I got here early so I was kind of looking around. Hope that was OK?”

“Oh, no problem. I’m Madison… Maddie. I think we talked on the phone last week? When you made the reservation?”

“Right, right! You’re the owner.”

“Yes…with my partner Hannah. I kind of do the day to day stuff. Hannah does the…well, the special stuff. You’ll meet her, of course.”

“I’m looking forward to it. You both come highly recommended as I’m sure you know!”

“Well, we try!”

The office was in the downstairs entry, what used to be the mud room when this was just a house, my house. Hannah and I had converted it after we began living together.

I had most of Emma’s information. I just needed to get her credit card info and settle her into her room.

“OK, Ms. Martin; you’re in the suite on the left at the top of the front stairs. I’ll show you. Do you need help with your bags?”

“Call me Emma and no, I’m good. I can manage OK.”

“Ah… Hannah is in town right now? She should be back by dinner time. I’ll tell her you’re here and you can meet for dinner and talk about…your stay here.”

“That sounds good. What time?”

“Seven o’clock. In the dining room right over there. Dinner’s buffet style.” I pointed out which room I meant. “We’re informal here, so wear what you are comfortable with. See you then!”


Hannah returned at around five. I pulled her aside.

“Our special is here. Emma Martin? I put her in the suite and told her you’d meet her for dinner at seven, OK?

She kissed me. “More than OK, sweetie! I’m going to shower and look up Ms. Martin. She’s on file?”

“Yup, she’s in there; I pulled it up after she arrived. She 35, single, an engineer of some kind. Pretty, in shape and seems pleasant. You’ll need to get her to sign the releases, etc. Looking for an ‘off-the-beaten-path adventure’ she wrote when she first contacted us.” I smiled. “We can do that!”

“Thanks again! We all booked otherwise?”

“Yup, full house! Ah…do you need help with that shower, maybe do your back?”

“Raincheck, OK? See you later.”

As seven o’clock approached, Emma appeared in the foyer outside the dining room. I nudged Hannah, standing beside me in the far end of the dining room. Hannah waved to Emma and walked over to greet her. She led Emma to a table in the window alcove that we usually reserve for honeymooners. It offered more privacy than some of the other tables, although most of the other diners had already eaten and left the room.

I brought them their drink order and told them what was on the buffet menu. They visited the buffet and carried their plates back to the table.

Hannah told me she got right to it, explaining our limits and what Emma should expect without revealing any specific plan. Emma listened with rapt attention, not interrupting, and barely eating anything. She signed off on all the waivers.

Hannah always told our clients that they would not be coddled and to expect some rough handling. More than one of our clients had suffered the odd bloody nose or bruise, but no one had ever been seriously injured. They all, almost to a woman, said that the way Hannah approached their adventures was as close to real as they wanted to go.

In our communications with Emma, prior to her making her reservation, she had indicated a strong interest in damsel-in-distress scenarios and being bound out of doors. She said she had a sock and boot fetish and preferred rope bondage. She also inquired as to whether we had any experience with suspensions.

She repeated her interests, hopes and aspirations and explained her limits, which, happily coincided with ours. After agreeing on a safe signal, they shook hands. Emma headed for the stairs and her room and Hannah came over to me.

“I like her; she’s going to be fun!”

“She does seem nice and, man, she was hanging on your every word!”

“She’s serious about getting to play; she made that clear! Well, I’m going to get some stuff ready. I…ah might take a nap for a while. I’m going to be up early!” She waggled her eyebrows at me. I knew that our Emma was going to get her wish, starting tonight.


When we converted the house to an inn, our intent for the suite Emma currently occupied was to use it for our special customers. To that end, the rooms were super insulated, double-walled and soundproofed. The suite was isolated in that there were no other rooms adjacent to it or under it. Any ‘unusual’ noises seeping out of the room would not transfer to any other room. We had installed a ‘hidden’ door in the rear of the closet of the suite. The door would give us access to the suite, out of sight of our other guests, since the other end of the hallway led to rooms set aside for our personal quarters.


At 3 a.m. Hannah made her way into Emma’s suite via the ‘secret’ door. Dressed all in black with a balaclava covering her features, Hannah carried her kidnap kit in a small satchel. The kit included several lengths of rope, a couple of roles of vet wrap, zip ties of various lengths, a ball gag and two pairs of handcuffs.

Hannah edged open the closet door and slipped into the room proper. A low wattage fan of light seeped out of the bathroom, otherwise the room was dark. Hannah waited for several minutes to let her eyes adjust to the light levels and listened to the soft snores of her target.

She could then clearly see Emma on the bed. She was on her stomach on top of the covers. She was in t-shirt and panties with tube socks on her feet.

Hannah approached the bed and quietly put down her kit. She drew out the things she would need and arranged them where she could get at them quickly.

She stood quietly and thought about how best to take her. Hannah wanted an efficient take down without a lot of drama. Drama led to potential injuries to the client or Hannah and complications that Hannah wanted very much to avoid. But she also wanted Emma’s experience to be realistic.

As Emma softly snored, oblivious, Hannah decided on a plan of action.

She would try and maneuver Emma arms together behind her back and tie them without awakening her. Emma had claimed to be a heavy sleeper; Hannah would test that assertion!

It helped that Emma’s arms were by her side and she was on her stomach. Hannah leaned over the bed and slipped a cable tie between Emma’s wrist and the sheet and then connected the ends and pulled it slowly closed, leaving some space between the tie and her wrist. She did the same to the other wrist without wakening her. The clicking of the teeth on the tied sounded like drum beats to Hannah, but Emma didn’t stir.

The plan was then to take a longer cable tie (Hannah had brought several three foot long ties) slip it under both wrist ties and then use it to zip her wrists together. The trick would be stringing the long tie across Emma’s butt without having it touch her enough to wake her.

Hannah‘s back screamed in protest over all the bending she was doing; she had to stop and stretch the muscle cramp away. She didn’t want any distractions!

She got back to it. The long tie was stiff which made bending it difficult. Emma stirred a bit as Hannah worked the tie under the wrist tie on one side.. She gently pulled Emma’s t-shirt down a bit over her butt to cushion the touch of the cable tie on her skin. Using great care, Hannah was able to get the long tie through the other wrist.

Hannah picked up each end of the long tie and bent them towards each other. It wasn’t long enough to make ends meet. She would have to move Emma’s arms.

Should she do it fast or slowly?

Hannah figured Emma was going to wake soon enough anyway. Might as well do it now!

Carefully lining up the ends she pulled them towards each other. The pulling motion caused Emma’s arms to press against the sides of her butt and then to begin to lift.

Just as she inserted the ends together Emma woke up!

Hannah yanked hard on the tie jerking Emma’s arms together. Emma screamed and tried to roll away. Hanging on to Emma’s arms, Hannah tightened the individual wrist ties as Emma flailed away in a cacophony of screams and curses!

Climbing onto the bed, Hannah managed to get a hand tightly clamped over Emma’s mouth. Emma began whacking her heels against Hannah’s back, which greatly annoyed Hannah and hurt too. Removing her hand from Emma’s mouth, Hannah turned and managed to corral one of Emma’s legs with both hands and pulled off her sock. She wrapped it tightly around Emma’s head, burying the fabric deeply into Emma’s mouth and forcing her mouth wide open.

It wasn’t a great gag, but the volume of sound originating from Emma diminished greatly! She snatched the other sock off and used it for a blindfold.

Hannah crawled off Emma and corralled her legs under one arm. She tugged Emma to the edge of the bed and then eased her onto the floor. With Hannah holding her legs, Emma couldn’t get any leverage to turn, but she did squawk mightily through her sock gag. It was then a simple matter for Hannah to cable tie Emma’s ankles and knees together.

Emma was pissed! She struggled with major intensity, rolling and kicking.

Hannah shoved her stuff back into the bag, leaving her emt scissors on the floor where Emma would eventually see them once she worked the blindfold off. She carried the bag over to the closet and then returned to the struggling Emma.

She visually checked Emma over. Leaving her tied was kind of risky, but she had been careful not to tie her too tightly or gag her too thoroughly. Emma should be able to get herself out of this after some quality struggle time.

If she wasn’t down by 8 o’clock in the a.m., I would go up and get her free, acting surprised and mortified that this had happened in our fine establishment, all in the interest of maintaining the fantasy.

Emma appeared to be lost in her struggles, paying no attention to anything but her bondage. Hannah felt the weariness creep in as the adrenaline wore off; it was now about 4:00 a.m. and she had been up since 1:00 a.m. prepping. She needed a shower and some rest!

She had enjoyed the takedown of Emma; Emma played her part well. The rest of her stay should be very enjoyable for everyone involved!

Hannah slipped out the back of the closet and left Emma to her fantasies.


At around 7:30 a.m., Emma appeared in the dining room. She smiled at me and said hello. I brought her some coffee.

“Morning, Emma. Did you sleep well?”

She smiled. I noticed the faint ligature marks on her wrists, but said nothing.

“Oh yeah, everything was great!” I directed her to the buffet and asked her what she was going to do for the day.

She said she was going to go down the coast and do some sightseeing. She thought she would be back by midafternoon. She asked if Hannah would be around later in the day. I said she would be; her work at the farm was generally in the morning.

I turned to go back to the kitchen. “Oh, Maddie?”


She handed me the scissors. “I found these in my room. Maybe you dropped them?”

“Thanks, Emma and I’m sorry I left them there!”

“Not a problem. They came in handy!”



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