The Inn

By Anne Woolsey


Hannah made it to the inn around noon.  Over lunch, I told her of my brief breakfast conversation with Emma.

She smiled at the scissors comment.

“Emma is really into this stuff.”  She thought for a minute.  “When is she coming back?”  I told her.

“Want to help me with her this afternoon?  I’ve got a plan!”

“You always have a plan!”  I thought for a minute.  No one was coming in and our other guests were all settled.  “I just have to give Carol the dinner menu; as long as I’m back for six I should be OK.”

“I probably need just a couple of hours.  If she’s back and ready by three, we should be good.”

Hannah’s plans were always interesting.  I liked to help when I could.  Emma looked like she would be fun to be involved with and I felt a little rush thinking of helping to get her tied up.

Text Box: The cattura INN
Hannah is not available this p.m.  Back this evening.  Sooo sorry!
Maybe you’d like to take a walk?
This is a map of the trails on our property.
This one along the bluff is especially nice.
Sorry again!

“OK, so it’s one now.  I’ll get some stuff ready.  Leave a note on her door.  Um…this is what it should say.  Oh!  And leave one of our trail maps for her too!”  Hannah scribbled some quick notes on a napkin.

I did the menu and the note, putting the note on one of our logo-ed sticky pads.  I stuck it on her door.

I assumed she would be angry; after all, she paid for Hannah’s ‘services!  I hoped she would take our advice and go for the hike.

I joined Hannah at about 1:30 at the spot she had chosen to take Emma.  From the trail at this location, we could see the inn and also in both directions along the trail.    

We were at the highest point of the bluff overlooking the shoreline.  To the east was a great view of the ocean with a rocky shoreline below; to the south was the farm property.  On the north, there was the state bird sanctuary/game preserve.  We had a system of hiking trails that crisscrossed our property and connected into trails that passed through the preserve.

Hannah had driven up here in one of our farm ATVs earlier in the afternoon.  She had carried the stuff she needed in from the ATV after parking it in a sheltered spot down the trail from the direction Emma would mostly likely come from.  I had walked up; the hike took about 20 minutes

She picked this spot because of the visibility and because behind the brush and ledge outcrop that lined the trail there was a clearing between the back of the ledge and brush and the edge of the bluff.  The area was about 20 feet wide and 15 feet deep.  It was a great spot to camp and we had used it for that several times already this year.  It was also a great spot to tie up someone out of view of any prying eyes on the trail.   

We hung out on the trail, had a beer and watched the inn.  At around two-ish, we saw Emma drive in and park.  She entered the inn.  Fifteen minutes later she came out again and headed for the trail head.  She had obviously seen the note. 

My role in this play was to pose as an elderly hiker complete with gray wig and walking stick. 

As a distraction, I would fake-fall on the trail within view of Emma and while she was helping me, Hannah would jump her.  I would help subdue her and then be the lookout to make sure we weren’t interrupted.  These trails were fairly popular, but we hoped that on a weekday afternoon, no one would be around.

Emma would be out of view for maybe ten minutes as she made her way along the wooded part of the trail.  At that point, she would leave the woods and start the short climb up the bluff.  That area was the site of a mid-50s group of out-buildings, all gone now.  The only thing remaining was some paved areas.  We could see her there from our vantage point; it would give us about 5-10 minutes for us to get ready for her.

She wore the same clothes as she had at breakfast, knee-high boots, tan shorts and a denim jacket over a white top.  As she emerged from the woods, we could see that she didn’t seem at all wary.

 She walked in a relaxed manner and looked around at her surroundings without a hint of visible paranoia.

I moved into a small grove of birch trees.  It was at a turn in the trail and dense enough that I could see her, but she couldn’t see me…I hoped! 

Hannah was a few feet away crouched down behind the ledge.  There was about fifteen feet between me and her.

Emma made it to the crest of the bluff and stopped to take in the view.  It was a beautiful, cool and sunny day and the view was clear to the horizon.  She stood there for several minutes, making us very antsy.  She had a small digital camera and took a few shots.

Finally she began to walk again.

As she neared, I slipped out onto the trail.  When I was sure she could see me, I did my fall, quite convincingly I thought.  I heard her gasp and ask if I were OK.  She ran to my side; I lay face down so she wouldn’t recognize me immediately.

 As she reached out for me, Hannah came up behind her and whipped a breathable black hood over her head.  I scrambled up. She was yelling for help and twisting around.  We wanted to get her off the trail, just in case someone came along.  And get her gagged; she was making a ton of noise!

I grabbed her ankles and Hannah got her by upper arms and we crashed through the brush to the clearing behind the ledge.   

As I tried to hold Emma in place, Hannah zip tied her wrists in front by pulling them straight up and out over her head.  She then used a long-ish rope to fasten them to a small tree.  Emma was now on her back, in full cry, yelling for help and kicking like hell! 

I tried to clamp my hand over mouth, but couldn’t get a grip; she tried to bite me.  I grabbed her head by the ears as Hannah rammed a strap across her open mouth.  I grabbed the ends and buckled the thing in tightly.  She was still yelling, but at a reduced volume. 

I sat on her as Hannah unzipped her boots and pulled them off.  It sounds easy, but she was kicking and thrashing away.  She also yanked Emma’s cargo shorts and panties off. 

Emma did not like that development and redoubled her efforts to get free! 

Hannah was finally able to corral Emma’s feet long enough to tie her ankles.  She made a dozen quick, loose wraps and then tightened them with as many cinch loops.  With a piece of rope looped through the cinch, Hannah pulled and stretched Emma out in the dirt by tying that rope off to another small tree on the other side of the clearing. 

With Emma finally secured, we both stood and exchanged a silent high five!

I was dusty and disheveled.  Hannah was looking the worse for wear, one knee of her jeans torn.  We stood and watched our guest struggling.  She rolled her eyes and whispered to me.

“This is hard work!”  I smiled, knowing that she really was loving it.  I had enjoyed it myself and we were just getting started!

Although secured, Emma was still pretty loud!

To fix that, Hannah placed a rolled up handkerchief into Emma’s mouth against the strap.  I then made placed several strips of duct tape over it.  That muffled her pretty well!   

To make sure, I walked out through the brush to the edge of the trail and was satisfied that the wind and surf noise would hide any extraneous sounds from Emma.  While there I took a look up and down the trail.  All clear!


In her communications with us and again at dinner, Emma had expressed an interest in being suspended.

She was going to get her wish!  Hannah had brought along a ½ ton chain hoist from the farm.  

Somehow, Hannah had climbed a large pine tree at the edge of the clearing and secured the upper end of the hoist to a stout branch about 12 feet up.  The hoist hung from a heavy chain double wrapped around the branch. 

Hannah explained in a whisper that the lower hook of the hoist at its highest point was about 2 feet below the branch or 10 feet above the ground.  She said the hoist had a lift of about 8 feet.  All we needed to do was lift Emma’s ankles up a foot or so to get them attached to the lower hook and the hoist would do the rest!  When she was totally up her head would be about 2 feet or so above the ground.  Emma weighed maybe 110/120 pounds; the hoist would have no problem lifting her.

Hannah assured me that the hoist was safe and offered to hang me up to prove it!  I demurred and took her word for it.  Hannah was a careful and safety conscious rigger.  I knew that from experience!

Emma had quieted down.  She still lay on her back, naked from the waist down except for her knee socks.  She was stretched between the trees, arms over her head.  She too was disheveled and dirty from scuffling around on the ground.

Hannah pulled out a canvas sling from her equipment bag.  It was two feet long with reinforced rings at each end.  I untied the rope stretching her feet out to the tree and Hannah picked up Emma’s legs.  She slipped the sling between Emma’s widely cinched ankles. 

At her touch, Emma began to struggle again!  She was twisting wildly in Hannah’s grip.  Hannah pulled her over to the pine tree.  It was all she could do to get the sling rings over the hoist hook, but she managed.

Emma’s feet were now lifted a foot or so above the ground.  With a nod from Hannah, I untied the rope holding Emma’s wrists to the other tree. 

Hannah began to pull on the chain cycling it through the hoist.  Emma was dragged along the ground as her legs were raised.  She twisted around and flopped side to side until her head finally cleared the ground.  Hannah maxed out the lift.

Emma was now hanging from her ankles and not happy about it.

She managed to twist and shake herself in a futile effort to…I don’t know what!  If she got free, all she would do was fall to the ground.

She didn’t seem to know what to do with her cable tied hands.  She held them at her waist and then let them hang down towards the ground.  She bent at the waist several times like she was doing sit ups.  After several minutes of futility, she finally hung quietly.

Hannah cut the tie off her Emma’s wrists and pulled her jacket, top and bra off.

That set off another spasm of struggling from Emma, but it didn’t last long.  She had tired herself out and again just hung quietly, her hands clasped at her waist.

Once she was up and hanging, I took a quick trip out to the trail.  It was still all clear!

When I returned, Hannah was just finishing tying Emma’s wrists and elbows and securing them to her back with a rope run through Emma’s crotch and then around her waist.

Hannah motioned me over with a jerk of her head.

She handed me a small vibrator from her pack.

I raised my eyebrows in surprise.  One of our rules was no touching.  Hannah whispered that Emma had requested it in certain situations; this seemed like one of them.  I shrugged an OK and Hannah slipped the silvery tube under the crotch rope.  When she turned it on, Emma froze for a second and then began, as much as she could, to move and shift her hips.  She was murmuring under her hood and gag and seemed to be getting totally immersed in her predicament.

Hannah found Emma’s phone in her jacket.

She pulled me over again and whispered “She wants pictures!”  She stepped away muttering about figuring out the camera.

Another rule we had was that we took no photos or video.  I didn’t like all this rule busting we were doing, but since Emma had asked for it we’d do it .

Hannah, finally solving the camera, shot several photos from different angles.

Hannah didn’t want to keep her head over heels for long, but there was the delicate matter of interrupting Emma’s pursuit of sexual satisfaction; she was after all the customer!  We were about to begin to let her down regardless of where she was in the process, when she let out a keening sound that even thoroughly gagged as she was, was clearly audible.  She arched her back and froze for several seconds and then relaxed, hanging limply.

Hannah smiled and flashed a thumbs up.

She began lowering Emma, who seemed to be still zoned out.  We got her down and laid her out on her back and removed the ankle sling.  We held her in a sitting position and Hannah untied her elbows, again as a precaution against injury.

Emma was like a rag doll, threatening to flop over at any moment.  We moved her so that she could lean against the tree trunk and untied her ankles.

I pulled off the tape wadding and inside tape. After sliding the hood up to her nose, I put a water bottle to her lips.  I dribbled water into her mouth and then let her take a good drink.  She whispered a quiet thanks just as Hannah worked a whiffle ball gag into her mouth and pulled down the hood.

I worked her boots back on so that we could walk her to the ATV once Hannah retrieved it and transport her to the farm.

Emma’s bondage adventure was not over yet!



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