Studio Q

By Gerund

Chapter 3

The 7th Street Angel shot through the rope holding her ankle, catching her attacker by surprise. He jerked hard on the one holding her wrist, sending one of the pistols flying as he pulled her to him.

She took aim at him, but being dragged made aiming difficult. The extra second it to her to get a good bead on him was enough time for him to loop the rope around her free wrist, screwing her aim as he tightened the rope in an attempt to cut off circulation to her hands.

She fired wildly, knowing she was a few seconds away from being helpless. She missed, and he jerked the rope again, causing her to drop her pistol and pulling her within arms reach of him.

Once her got his hands on it was like magic. Rope appeared everywhere, her hands were secured and thin silky rope was laced between her fingers, making her hands useless. A rope was wrapped above and below her breasts, pinning her arms to her body. The rope was then pulled up between her legs tightly.

He used simple, quick ties to secure her legs at the knees and ankles. A square gag with a huge ball on the inside was shoved into her mouth, making most noise impossible.

When he was done, she lay on the roof struggling as he collected her guns and stood triumphantly over her.

"I haven't decided what art I'm going to make you a part of yet, but I figure that my employer can wait while I have a look at that tight little body of yours and decide how to immortalize it. Call me Ropework by the way, might as well get on friendly terms; we are going to be together for a good bit of time."

He lifted the struggling, moaning vigilante, and began making his way off the roof, the sound of police sirens filling the night.

Jacinda and Alex headed towards Marcus's room at New Athens General Hospital. They had just left the apartment building where Marcus and Rachel had been attacked, ending up with more questions than answers. People spoke of heavily armed nuns, the 7th Street Angel, and the landlord was far more interested in covering his ass than helping find the missing detective.

So both women were frustrated when they entered Marcus's room. He was setting up and tried a smile that ended in a grimace. His head was heavily wrapped and one eye was swollen shut. A piece of debris from the explosion had caught him in the head and knocked him out.

He looked grim when he saw them. "Did you find anything at all?"

Jacinda shook her head. No one had seen anything. She wondered how could a pair of heavily armed nuns escaped with an unconscious police officer and no one see anything.

"How are you feeling?" Alex asked.

"Not too bad, considering," Marcus said, trying to smile.

They talked for a few minutes, trying to reassure themselves that everything was alright without actually discussing the missing Rachel.

"Get some rest Marcus, when we find Rachel we will let you know," Jacinda said as they got up to leave.

"When you find her, tell her I'm sorry okay," Marcus said.

Jacinda nodded and they left, feeling more despondent as they left the hospital. Alex looked grim and remained silent as they headed back to their car. Both women felt overwhelmed and angry but neither would admit it aloud. The mayor put a great deal of faith in them, and they would not let her down.

"So, what do we do next?" Alex asked as they sat in the car staring off into space.

"We go over the crime scene, the witness statements, and whatever else we can think of until we get a handle on what is going on."

"Where do we look for information on warrior nuns?" Alex asked.

"I don't know!" Jacinda snapped.

Both were silent as Jacinda started the car and pulled out of the hospital.

Rachel woke slowly, bobbing in and out of consciousness numerous times before coming fully awake. She had a slight headache and everything sounded a little muffled, but other than that she felt fine. Her skin felt scrubbed and clean, exposed to the cool air. What concerned her was the armbinder that crushed her arms behind and underneath her as she lay on her back on a comfortable bed.

She was also dismayed to see a black leather binder securing her legs from ankle to just below the knee. She wore nothing besides the binders and a snug gold latex thong hugging her nether regions. She could just see that the ballgag strapped deep in her mouth was also golden.

"She's awake, Allie," The tall black nun said as she came into Rachel's field of vision.

Rachel snarled at her as the woman leaned over her and began twisting her nipples. The pain eventually caused her to yelp, and the black nun took the opportunity to kiss the gagged cop.

"Stop that, Dee," Allie said, the short white nun said. She was no longer dressed as a nun, instead wearing nothing but a towel, her short blonde hair damp. "Creepy director guy said no touching. Now the shower's all yours, so go because we got a lot to do tomorrow."

Dee reluctantly disengaged from Rachel and began undressing on her way to the shower. They were staying in a decent motel, not the filthy outhouses that most criminals chose. When Allie heard the bathroom door close and the shower turn on, she smiled deviously and removed her towel.

She was only wearing a tiny pair of white panties, which she removed as she climbed into bed with the struggling cop. She cupped on of Rachel's full breasts and began gently sucking on the nipple. Rachel cursed her as best she could through the gag.

"You have way too much fight in you, Ms McQueen," the giggling blonde said, relinquishing Rachel's nipple and reaching for Rachel's feet.

Allie grabbed Rachel's feet and folded her in half, leaving her round bubble butt exposed. Allie gleefully began spanking the humiliated and helpless detective. Rachel struggled but that only increased Allie's enjoyment.

"What are you doing?" Dee said, standing nude as she toweled her slender dark body.

Allie shrugged and continued spanking Rachel. Dee dropped her towel and walked over to a bag beside the dresser. Rachel could barely make out what she was doing but she advanced on the bed with a leather bag and another ballgag, this one black.

"I can't trust you to control yourself, so I'm going to control you."

A confused Allie finally stopped spanking the red assed Rachel to face her partner. But she was seized and forced facedown on the bed. Dee pinned Allie's arms between her shoulder blades and worked them into the leather bag, securing the straps without allowing Allie to get up.

She then strapped the ballgag in her mouth and removed her panties. Dee then shoved her down beside Rachel, who continued to try to curse her through her gag. The nude Dee studied her two captives with barely concealed lust.

To hell with that director dork, I am going to have fun, she thought. She went and turned off the lights, and crawled into to bed with her struggling captives.

Finley entered her small 9th Street apartment, slamming her door and cursing. It had been a long, frustrating day and no promise beckoned for tomorrow. Rachel was gone, vanished without a trace, and Marcus would be in the hospital for a few days at least.

Jacinda had tasked her with investigating reports of gunfire on a rooftop a few blocks from where Rachel was taken. She got nowhere, no evidence and a group of angry tenants more interested in complaining than helping her figure out what happened.

She grabbed a beer from her fridge and headed to her bedroom, turning her TV on as she walked by. She quickly downed the beer and began undressing. She didn't want to stop working, but she was not going to be doing busy work while Rachel was missing. She would shower, change, and then hit the streets and talk to people and hopefully find a lead she could rub in Jacinda's face.

She entered the bathroom nude, studying her sinewy body in the mirror. Her breasts were small but perky, the nipples long and hard. Her skin was creamy, pale, with freckles in a few places.

Satisfied with what she saw, she turned on the shower and stepped in. She loved the feel of the hot water on her body, and just let everything go for a moment to enjoy the shower.

She did not hear the unremarkable man enter her apartment, humming the theme song to an old kid's show. He wore blue overalls and carried an old black medical bag. He took a moment to inspect the apartment and then watched a news segment on the dangers of cow tackling. He then entered Finley's bedroom and waited for her to exit the bathroom.

Finley came out of the shower feeling refreshed and renewed. She would not rest until she found some lead on Rachel. Feeling excited she toweled off and left the bathroom naked.

The unassuming man smiled at her as she stood stunned before him. She made no move to cover herself as he calmly fired a tranquilizer dart at her. The dart hit her in the shoulder and she took a few staggering steps towards him, before collapsing.

He studied her for a moment, enjoying her lean nudity. He went to her closet to find clothes for her. After tearing the closet apart, he found a navy blue micro bikini, perfect for her slender body. He lifted her to the bed and slipped it on her, enjoying the feel of her skin and the look of the bikini on her fit little body.

He then produced bandages from his bag, and he started wrapping her limbs. The bandages were his special brand, made specifically for binding and trapping limbs. He bound her arms from wrist to elbow, then her legs from ankle to knee. He then grabbed a handful of her tiny panties and stuffed them in her mouth, before securing them there with layers and layers of bandages.

Satisfied, he pulled a large suitcase from her closet. He had toured her apartment earlier in the day, and immediately knew that he wanted to use the suitcase. Laying it on the bed, he placed his unconscious captive inside the suitcase. Using more bandages, he wrapped her thighs and torso together, making movement almost impossible.

He looked down at his work, taking a few moments to squeeze and pinch Finley's pert little ass. Closing the suitcase, he resumed humming the kid's show theme as he left the apartment, easily carrying the suitcase filled with captive cop.

Far away, hidden in an opulent mansion that symbolized extreme wealth, a woman bathed in the light of dozens of monitors was troubled. The woman had seen many things, and intervened in many bizarre situations, but that was her life. She fought a secret war, and to do this she allied herself with women of all kinds with a variety of skills.

One of her more recent partners was the vigilante the 7th Street Angel. It took the woman months of hard work to track down the masked vigilante. She finally did, and after weeks of negotiations she convinced the heroine to join her cause.

But from there things had gone wrong. The 7th Street Angel was wild and violent and left a path of destruction wherever she went. Now she was gone, and she felt the police were in over their heads.

She had few operatives to spare, plus she was not entirely sure of the nature of the threat. So she would wait for a little while longer, before she made her move. Whatever was going on, she would watch closely, and act swiftly.

Not wanting to worry too much, she returned her attention to the many monitors, hoping to find something in the sea of information that she regularly swam in.

Mia Travis was led into her cell by one of the burly guards that swarmed around the set everyday, watching her with lustful eyes. This one was well over six feet with a thick blonde mustache and a nasty glint in his eyes.

He eyed her body with great interest, now bound and clad in purple latex. She wore crotch less latex pants and high heels that made it impossible to walk without help. A corset crushed her midsection relentlessly, while a smaller version encircled her neck and kept her head high.

In her mouth was a padded gag with a huge ball on the inside that filled her mouth, on the outside was the word 'slave' written in black letters. A purple armbinder completed her outfit, perfectly measured for her and inescapable.

Her bare breasts bounced wildly as she walked, much to the delight of her escort. Now in her white padded cell, he took a few moments to twirl her around and bend her over, like his own personal doll.

"Get some rest girl, tomorrow is going to be a big shooting day," he said, as he led her to the bed. She did not know how she was going to sleep tied up like this, but it was a regular punishment if she did not act to that bastard Pace's standards.

The big man put her on her side and pulled a chain out of his pocket, connecting it to her neck corset and then to the bed frame.

"New talent arrives tomorrow; I can't wait to see how you girls get along."

Laughing to himself, he left the room and turned out the lights, leaving Mia in total darkness. She did not know what he meant by that last statement, but she felt sorry for whoever was coming. She would not wish this fate on her worst enemy.

To Be Continued...

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