Spider-Woman and

The Books of Doom

By Jeb and Jenn

Chapter Six

There are some things even a super heroine can't overcome, no matter what her powers are; being ambushed by four powerful villainesses working in coordination was definitely up there in the top three.  What made it worse for Sophea was that it wasn't just four powerful villainesses.  Oh no, it had to be four highly attractive villainesses who seemed intent on doing some rather unconventional things with her once the dust settled.  At least, that was how Spider-Woman had interpreted their intentions, as she hung, limp and near-senseless, over her blonde captor's shoulder.

She was positive the dangerous but beautiful long-haired witch had such things in mind for her.  You didn't have to be telepathic to know that.  And the one calling herself The Countess certainly had more than a passing interest in the helpless Sophea. Sophea wasn't sure about the blonde--she seemed more interested in just making sure Spider-Woman didn't get away-but the young woman who'd somehow managed to steal her powers during the battle would probably think of such things too - if she recovered from colliding with the witch that is.  Sophea almost felt sorry for that, but any sympathy was lost when she remembered these people were trying to kidnap her as well as Kate.  No, not trying-they had succeeded, all too well, now having both Kate and Spider-Woman in their power.

As she drifted in and out of consciousness, Spider-Woman's mind began imagining what it would be like when these villainesses finally got around to giving her some 'personal' attention.  Two of them - the witch and the white clad Russian - kept coming to mind over and over.  To think of them slinking up and then running their hands over her helpless form, finding all the curves of her body seductively... it was enough to make her go batty.

At that moment, she drifted just enough out of the hazy cloud of unconsciousness to realize that she had been dumped onto the floor of a vehicle, and to hear a man's voice explaining, "Then you'll be wanting to use this. Woven from the hair of the superheroine Rapunzel, before we sold her into slavery, and since enhanced with blood rituals. Can't be broken, at least not by strength alone--not even superhuman strength. Can't be cut, except by a blade that has been similarly enhanced… and best of all, only the person who ties it into a knot can untie it."

What?  That's not good... gotta do something!  I can't rescue Kate if I'm tied up with that, Spider-Woman thought.  

As much as she tried to will her exhausted body into action, nothing would respond.  The battle had just taken too much out of her, and now she wasn't going to be able to do anything to resist her captors.  And she found herself shivering at that thought. She had wondered what being rendered helpless by a powerful woman would feel like… and now, for better or worse, she was about to find out.

Her mixed feelings about the whole mess continued as she felt herself rolled over onto her stomach, and then her hands drawn behind her back.  To think that now one of the villainesses was handling her, binding her with that enchanted rope!   Sophea's mind was reeling shamefully at the prospect of being completely at the mercy of her captors.  It was an untouchable subject when she had a say in the matter, but now that she was being forced into it, it was permissible to think about.  After all, she could just call it anticipating her foes' future intents.

As more of the rope was used to further immobilize Sophea, she felt herself drifting back down into unconsciousness.  Her mind began to run through so many scenarios that it was staggering even to her.  In one, the witch held her writhing form in an iron grip with nothing more than her tentacle-like locks.  Sophea's entire body was encased in the silken ebony hair, though her mouth was free.  Off to the side, she saw Kate simply staring in disbelief as the witch's grip on her grew tighter.  Disbelief… or jealousy? Either way, Kate was giving her a look that definitely said she wasn't happy with the situation.  Just as Sophea was about to call out to her, perfumed strands of the witch's hair snaked up and filled her mouth, then coiled around it and around her head, gagging her.

This left her squiriming and mmmphing, watching helplessly as Kate huffed and stormed off into the darkness.  Sophea then felt a jolt as the witch's hair began to explore some quite intimate areas.  There wasn't just a tingling in her loins now, it was a fire of sensual delight ignited by the probing locks.  Unwillingly brought about to be sure, but that didn't mean that she wasn't, in some deep primal part of her mind, enjoying it.  Combined with the ever-present scent of the perfumed hair drifting up to her nose made for an experience of unprecedented, forbidden delights.

Just as the witch was drawing her closer, eyes gleaming with a psychotic lust, everything disappeared into the darkness.  Now, lost in this insane dream, she was sitting in a chair, hands still behind her and held there by some unseen force.  Sophea noticed that she wasn't in uniform, but rather in a low cut strapless party dress made of some satin like material.  Then she saw the Russian woman come in, still in her white leather outfit, scarf about her neck.  The seated Sophea attempted to say something, but all that came out was a muffled garble of sounds.

"Sssshhhh… Don't try to talk, you'll find it quite useless," the woman whispered to her, eyes filled with the same expectant desire that she'd seen in the witch's eyes moments before.  

She was right, Sophea realized, when she felt with her tongue: a foreign object was filling her mouth, between her teeth.  It was rubber or vinyl or something, and round... and no matter how much she pushed at it, it wouldn't fall out.  So, she was gagged.  Then she felt the cold steel around her hands and feet - she was chained or cuffed to this chair, watching helplessly as the woman in white drifted ever closer.  Without so much as a word, she removed the scarf from around her neck, and then folded it into a wide band, an end in either hand.

The woman wordlessly pulled the scarf around Sophea's eyes, then tied it off nice and snug behind her long, dark hair.  Now blindfolded as well as chained and gagged, Sophea could only quiver and twitch as she felt soft, but insistent hands begin to caress her helpless form.  One played with her hair before settling on an exposed shoulder and massaging the pale flesh there.  Her other hand slipped down from the opposite shoulder, lingering at Sophea's breast for a moment before gradually working its way to her waist, then her thigh.

Then, unexpectedly, a different voice cooed in her ear, "No, Sophie. Not her. You're all mine,..."

It was Kate's voice!  What was going on? Sophea wondered, as she began to feel that fire being banked again.  As quickly as that had come, it all went away, all the sensations disappearing into the mists of fantasy, just as the witch had.  This time, Spider-Woman awoke from her sensual dreams, slowly coming out of the haze again.  She was both relieved and disappointed to find she was still in the vehicle she'd been loaded into.  So none of those experiences just now had been real.  Just... figments of an aroused imagination.

What was real was that she was even more tightly bound than she'd been before drifting into unconsciousness.  Once again she tried to awaken her limbs, but nothing on her body would respond yet, and whatever enchantment had been placed on the cord was causing it to tighten itself around her.  Her body ached and hurt too much to do more than remain limp in her bonds.  Not that she could have done much to begin with.  Spider-Woman made the decision that it was better to conserve her strength now, and make an escape later. When they arrived at their destination, she'd figure out a way to make a bid for freedom.  Somehow, she'd get loose and find Kate.  

There was still a lingering doubt in her mind as to whether that was what she really wanted.  She dismissed it by considering what these people were going to do with poor Kate.  As much as she wanted to be so much putty in the hands of her beautiful captors, saving Kate was more important.  Besides, these people were bad!  It was wrong!  What was she thinking? Once they'd had their fun with her, they'd just sell her into slavery like the rest of the heroines they caught, and Spider-Woman had no intention of being their next item of merchandise.

Her thoughts were again scattered as she listened to the discussion the man and the Russian woman were having.

"Give me your scarf," the man instructed, and though it was blurry Spider-Woman could see the woman respond by removing the scarf from her throat.  The man passed something red over either side, and then handed it back to the Russian, "Gag her with this. The gem's enchantment will make it as effective as if you'd sewn her mouth up, but a good deal less messy."

Sophea felt the Russian woman grab a fistful of her hair, and willed herself to remain unresponsive despite the shameful thrill she got at being handled so forcefully.  Helplessly, she felt the scarf being stuffed into her mouth, past her teeth and then her head was dropped.  As the dark curtain of glossy hair fell all around her face, obscuring her already bleary vision, she felt her hair being moved aside.  Then came a tugging as the woman firmly secured the scarf in place, silencing her.  Sophea felt a tingling right down to her stomach as she realized just how helpless she really was now: a captive in the hands of her enemies, bound and gagged, for them to do with as they pleased.

As she felt her mind slipping again, she wondered just where they were going.  Wherever she was being taken, it wasn't going to be pleasant.  Yet having these women giving her special attention might make up for that.  No!  Remember Kate! she mentally chided herself.  The van began to move, and Spider-Woman continued feigning unconsciousness as she was drawing progressively closer to whatever captivity awaited her next....

Sophea's reverie was broken by the feeling of the van rolling to a stop. The vehicle was so quiet and the windows so darkened, that she had been unable to make even a guess as to where she'd been taken, beyond the fact that the short drive suggested they were still in the City.

The side door slid open, and she felt herself lifted once more in Malibu's strong grip. The blonde tucked the helpless heroine under one arm and stepped out into what was clearly a private garage

"I'll take the package."

Under normal circumstances, Sophea would have protested being referred to as a "package", but at this point, she was too exhausted and helpless to care. Her body was weary from the fight, her powers still shaky from her encounters with Leech and The Countess, and the enchanted cord that hugged her body adjusted to every tiny shift or movement... well, she had to face it--right now, to the super-powered blonde, a package is pretty much all she was.

The van had parked in what appeared to be a large, heated, well-lit garage, housing an assortment of luxury cars, limousines, and a pair of black vans similar to the one she'd been transported in. She was carried to a large elevator, which made an ascent whose smoothness and silence reinforced the notion that there was tremendous wealth and power behind her foes.

Details...memorize details... it was vital to keep the mind going, to pay attention. Her body might be helpless, but she had to believe that she'd get out of this situation somehow, and every bit of intelligence she could gather would pay off.

The elevator came to a smooth halt, and Sophea was carried out into a dimly-lit corridor. Peering around the long curtain of hair that fell across her face, she could see thick, plush carpet below. For the first time, there were sounds: drifting up from below, she could hear the voices of men and women engaged in cocktail-party buzz. Would they come to her aid if she made her presence known? She had to conclude that the effectiveness of her gag made that a moot point: there was no way to call for help, anyway.

More disturbingly, she could also hear moans and gasps of sexual ecstasy, punctuated with the sharp sounds of leather on flesh, and flesh on flesh. It was pretty clear what sort of "club" she had been brought to: her enemies must run one of the high-end kinky sex clubs that were allowed to operate under San Francisco's legal radar, owing to the collective wealth and influence of the patrons... the sort of people who were accustomed to making their own rules, and who might not have too much sympathy for a captive superheroine. No, however she managed to get out of this mess, she'd have to do it on her own.

Because there was no question about it, she needed to get out. No matter how tempting the idea of sexual submission to beautiful and powerful women might be, the plans these people had for herself, for Kate--perhaps for the world--had to be thwarted.

She was carried into a small, dark room; a glance around told her that it was a storeroom, but the kinkiest one she'd ever seen: the walls were festooned with restraining devices of the sort that she had used on Mab in their first encounter. Cuffs and gags and harnesses... an assortment of floggers and whips... and some items she'd never seen or imagined. She flushed as mental pictures came, unbidden, of Mab or The Countess using some of them on her. Stop it! Focus, dammit!

The Mindless One who had driven the car dragged a wooden chair to the center of the room, and Malibu dropped Sophea onto the chair with casual ease.

"She's awake, by the way." Malibu spoke offhandedly to The Countess, who just nodded as she watched Spider-Woman's captivity made more secure.

So much for that ploy,  the heroine thought ruefully to herself.

Along with the cuffs and binders, there were coils of leather cord along the walls. The hulking male monster took lengths of it and began to fasten the already-bound heroine to the chair. Instinctively, Sophea tried to flex her weary body in such a way as to create slack in the ropes, but the enchanted cord outsmarted her at every turn. The smooth leather followed the path of her original bonds, yoking her breasts and looping her shoulders, pulling her tightly against the chair back. She was fairly sure she could slip or burst the leather bonds... if she could ever get free of the damned enchanted cord!

Think! she told herself. Play for time, let them think you're beaten... though it was taking all her courage not to begin to think that herself.

She tried to exaggerate her weakness, and let her head sag, but Malibu's strong fingers tangled in her hair and used a fistful of the long tresses to force her head up and back. She grunted into the gag in pain and surprise, and was nearly blinded by a camera flash in the dim light. A second photo was snapped, and Malibu shook her by the hair with casual roughness. The blonde held her head still, and her blue eyes seemed to bore right through Sophea's mask into her own.

"Behave yourself, sweetheart. I don't know what Kane and Mab have in mind for you, but you'll only make it worse if you resist. And let me tell you, if you and I tangle again, I won't go as easy on you."

Kane. Now Sophea had a name to put to the dark man who had kidnapped Kate;  hopefully, she'd be able to put that information to use if she ever got out of here.

Malibu released Sophea's hair, and turned away from her captive foe as if having already dismissed her from her mind. She had left the room when The Countess turned and paused, regarding the bound Sophea intently. She lingered a moment or two, her gaze dark and hungry... then she turned, closed the door, and Sophea was left on her own: tied to the chair, helplessly restrained with enchanted rope, gagged into silence. She was just what Malibu had called her: a "package", delivered into the hands of her enemies, and with no option now but to wait to see what they decided to do with her.


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