The Roommate

By Amy Flanagan


At last, the college was having its mid-term break. Amy would be going back home for a few days, leaving Lisa alone in their rooms.

Lisa had quickly realised that she had made a serious mistake, sharing with Amy. In her naiveté, she had not realised that Amy was lesbian and quite predatory. Amy had rejoiced to have such a beautiful girl sharing with her, and had frequently tried to get too friendly, touching and even hugging her. Lisa was a very obliging sort of person, many would call her a submissive, and Amy was certainly pretty attractive herself, with a magnificent figure. However, Lisa was entirely and 100% straight, and was getting increasingly irritated by the constant unwanted attention.

But this was not the only reason Lisa relished having time alone. Since she was a child, she had often fantasised about being kidnapped and held hostage. As she learnt more about such things, she realised that to be a good hostage, she would have to be tied up and gagged. Having nobody to tie her, she had managed, practising in secret from her parents and now from Amy, to acquire considerable skill in self-bondage. At long last, here was a golden opportunity to have a prolonged session without being disturbed.

Immediately after breakfast, Amy said goodbye to Lisa with an unwelcome kiss, tight hug and rub of her bottom. Lisa watched from the window as Amy walked off in her tight top and miniskirt that showed off her splendid curves, noticing how her hips swayed seductively from side to side, and Lisa again felt sorry for all the boys who would love to date Amy. Not, she admitted to herself, that she was always willing to oblige any of her own quite numerous admirers.

So eager was Lisa to get started with her bondage session that as soon as Amy disappeared, she rushed off to her bedroom. Today, this would be a hogtie using nothing but cable ties and some sticky tape. Lisa had it all worked out in her mind; it should be quite simple to get herself into it, and not too difficult to escape. She had several days; her other bondage stuff could wait until the next day. Definitely the hogtie was her favourite fantasy, and she was confident that she could give herself a really effective one.

She had already decided that she would be nude; this would increase her feelings of helplessness and enable her to rub her nipples against her bedspread for extra stimulation. She took off all her clothes and stowed them away neatly. From her drawers, she took out an assortment of pairs of scissors, a large roll of adhesive tape and of course cable ties of various sizes. She put three pairs of scissors on the bed where she could reach them easily. She would have to avoid rolling around too much, as she could hurt herself if she lay on a pair, and - even worse - she might knock them off onto the floor out of reach, leaving her unable to escape. Being genuinely helpless was a nice fantasy, one that really made her wet, but not a good idea in real life, she thought.

She stuffed a clean pair of panties into her mouth. It filled her mouth completely, making her cheeks bulge. With some effort, she got it all in and closed her mouth. Pressing her lips together tightly, she covered her mouth with several pieces of tape, and then put a piece under her chin, pulling it taut. The gag would not come out in a hurry, and she was now quite incapable of articulate speech.

On second thoughts she decided that rather than being completely nude, it would be better to look a little more glamorous. She dug out a suspender belt and stockings, and put them on. Then she added a pair of shiny stilettos and fastened a cable tie around the sole of the shoe and her instep on each foot, locking the shoe on. She neatly clipped off the free ends of the ties.

Next, sitting on the edge of the bed, she put a cable around her ankles, pulling it tight, and snipped off the end. Double checking that all her scissors were in place, she put a pad of cotton wool over her left eye and taped it on. She did the same with her right eye. She was now very effectively blindfolded, but to make assurance doubly sure, she topped off the pads with a pair of swimming goggles lavishly covered in tape to make them completely opaque. Then, with a little difficulty, she lay down on the bed and proceeded to the next stage.

Using the result of her lengthy practice sessions, Lisa cable tied her wrists together and pushed a very long cable tie between her ankles under the ankle tie and then between her wrists. It was tricky, but after several false attempts she got it into the right position. Doubling up her legs, she pulled on the tie, making it tighter and tighter until her wrists and ankles nearly touched. This was definitely a very good hogtie. She moved around a bit. No way could she escape without using the scissors. This gave her the helpless feeling she so much wanted, but she knew that she was not in danger. She rubbed her nipples, which were now bullet hard, on her bed. She drifted into a fantasy of being kidnapped, and knew that she would soon experience a shattering orgasm.

Suddenly, she heard the front door open. Amy must have returned! And she had left her bedroom door wide open; Amy would surely be able to see her. How humiliating!

In panic, Lisa groped wildly for a pair of scissors. Unable to see, she knocked a pair off and it clattered onto the floor. Cursing, she groped around and found another pair. She tried to cut her wrist to ankle tie, but she was badly positioned. Somehow, she rolled onto her back, trapping her hands with the scissors under her.

She tried to roll over again, but it was too late. Amy's voice came from the doorway. "I knew all about your self-bondage, Lisa. You did a lousy job of concealing your stuff. But I never thought that I'd have the luck to catch you helpless."

Luck? What did she mean?

Amy strode into the room, turned Lisa onto her stomach and forced the scissors out of her hand. Lisa was really terrified now. What would Amy do to her now she was helpless and completely in Amy's power?

Amy ran her hands over Lisa's nearly naked body. "What beautiful, soft skin you have, darling," she purred. "But you know that this is rather second-rate bondage. Surely we can do a lot better. I'll move all these scissors beyond your reach, so you can't hurt yourself with them."

Lisa squirmed and tried to protest through her gag, but it was hopeless. Amy was in any case bigger and stronger than she was, and of course Lisa was already tied up. For a start, Amy managed to tighten the cable tie between Lisa's wrists and ankles, making the bondage even more stringent. She wrapped tape tightly round and round Lisa's hands, totally immobilising her fingers. Then, pressing Lisa's hands firmly together, she wrapped tape round both hands, welding them inescapably into one mass. No way could Lisa now use a pair of scissors, even if Amy had not removed them far beyond her reach.

But Amy was far from finished. Cable ties were fastened tightly around Lisa's thighs and shins, pressing her legs tightly together. Another cable tie went around Lisa's elbows. Amy exerted all of her strength, pushing Lisa's elbows together and tightening the new tie. Finally, after several goes, Lisa's elbows touched. The strain on her shoulders was excruciating, and her futile moans grew even louder.

Yet another cable tie went around her head over her mouth, forcing the gag in even more. Then Amy tugged on Lisa's hair, lifting her head high off the bed. A cable tie from her head to her wrist bonds, pulled tight, kept her head firmly in that position. One from her elbows to her heels, also pulled tight, made her even more helpless.

Lisa heard Amy leave the room. Could she get free? No, she tried again but she could barely struggle; she had been bound and contorted into total immobility. She knew that she had absolutely no hope of escaping from her brutal roommate and was now completely at her mercy, if she had any.

Amy came back after a short while and turned her onto her side. "You know, Lisa, I like you with your elbows touching; it makes your breasts stand out. They really look good." This gave Lisa no comfort. Amy began to play with Lisa's breasts and sucked her nipples. Somehow, despite everything, Lisa's body responded to this treatment and her nipples began to harden.

Suddenly, an awful pain shot through her right nipple. Despite her gag and bonds, she started and gave a louder moan than before. "It's just a little clothes peg, Lisa, no need for any fuss," Amy purred, as she repeated the process with Lisa's other nipple and Lisa started and moaned again.

"Now, be a good girl and stay there," said Amy, as if Lisa had any choice. "I must phone my parents and tell them I can't go home after all this week. You know something? I am really going to enjoy the next few days. Of course," she continued, running her hands over Lisa's totally helpless and quaking form, "I'll make quite sure that you don't."


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