The Roommate

By Amy Flanagan


Amy walked out and Lisa heard the door close behind her. She was forced to remain lying on the bed, bound into total immobility, her body severely contorted by the stringent, cruel bondage. The gag and blindfold, which she had administered with her own hands, were all too effective; she could not see anything, not even a glimmer of light, and could barely mumble, let alone speak or shout.

Lisa was terrified at the thought that she would be forced to spend several days helpless as the unwilling captive of her sadistic roommate, being subjected to heaven knows what torments at her merciless hands. But as she lay there, she began to relax. After all, surely this was exactly what she had been craving for all these years, to be a helpless prisoner. Why had it never occurred to her that kidnappers might want more than a ransom? It stood to reason that this was just what they would do for their own pleasure. Thus gradually she managed to convince herself that this was a good development, something that in her heart of hearts she really wanted.

Lying there, blind and motionless, she had no way to judge the passage of time, but at long last she heard the door open again. Amy strutted in, sounding very pleased with herself. "It's all sorted, Lisa. I've told my parents I'm staying here," she began. "And did you know there's a great shop near here that sells all sorts of stuff that will help us in our games over the next few days?"

Lisa hated to think what Amy meant by that.

"So I've ordered a whole lot of stuff from them and it will all be delivered here by courier this afternoon. It's not exactly cheap, all this stuff, and of course they'll charge extra for the courier."

Wow, Amy must really be planning to enjoy herself, thought Lisa. She knew how tight-fisted Amy was; she hated to spend anything.

"And I have to thank you very much for letting me use your card to pay for it all," continued Amy with a smirk in her voice.

What! That was adding insult to injury, to have to pay for Amy's pleasure and her own agony. Lisa tried to protest, but she could do no more than mumble incoherently into her very effective gag. Amy just laughed. "Now let's just amuse ourselves until the courier gets here," she said, and resumed playing with Lisa's breasts. She pulled the clothes pegs off Lisa's tortured nipples without bothering to open them first, which brought fresh mumbles from her helpless victim, and began squeezing and sucking them. Lisa had to admit to herself that at least this bit was surprisingly pleasant, and she might as well try to make the best of what was an otherwise very bad job.

Eventually, they heard the doorbell ring. Amy went out of the room, and soon returned. "Whew, this is heavy," she said, dropping something with a thump onto the floor. There were various tearing and rustling sounds as Amy opened the box and removed and unwrapped the contents. "My, this is going to be a whole load of fun, girl. Well, at least it will be fun for me; maybe you won't like it, but that's not my problem," she chuckled. "What a pity that you can't see what's in store for you. Well, you'll just get a nice surprise, or maybe a nasty one."

Lisa felt herself being turned onto her front. Amy sat on her, pressing her face and breasts into the bed and making breathing very difficult, and cut some of her bonds, freeing her legs. However, Lisa had no chance of escape. Amy stood up and Lisa gasped with relief, but before she could do anything, Amy pulled Lisa's legs wide apart and tied her ankles to the corners of the bed frame. Next, Lisa felt straps being buckled tightly around her thighs, just above her knees. "This is a spreader bar to keep your knees wide apart so I can get to your pussy easily," Amy explained in a totally matter of fact tone.
Amy pulled Lisa into a kneeling position with her face again pressed against the bed and her naked bottom high in the air. Suddenly, she heard a swish and then felt a line of fire across her bottom. She leapt as much as her bonds allowed, which was hardly anything. Amy was caning her! Again and again came the searing agony; Lisa could do nothing to stop her and very little to protest.

Eventually, Amy seemed to tire of that game. Now Lisa felt something hard and cold pressing into her bottom. "The instructions tell you to use lots of lubricant and be slow and gentle," said Amy, "but I say what the hell, it's more fun this way." Brutally, using all her strength, she forced something deep into Lisa. It was pushed again and again, with a twisting motion. Gradually but inexorably, it was forced yet further in, despite Lisa's feeble efforts to stop Amy. Lisa felt her insides stretched more and more to accommodate the monster. Just as she thought she would be torn asunder, Lisa felt a plop as her muscles closed around the end. It was entirely in. Lisa felt so incredibly full, and the object was really heavy.

Amy freed Lisa's ankles, turned her onto her back and re-fastened them. "Now, if you thought that was big ..." she laughed. Something now pressed against Lisa's front opening. Again, gradually but inexorably, it went in with a twisting motion. Indeed, it felt like more than twice the size of the other invader. And yet eventually it went right into her, all of it, piercing her to her very core and pressing against her cervix.

Again, Lisa felt Amy handling her left breast. "Just to keep you informed about what's going on, Lisa. I'm buckling tight straps around the base of your breasts. They're bulging already with your elbows touching, but this will make them bulge even more. And even better, it will trap the blood in the breasts so they get more sensitive to the pain I'm going to give you." The strap was pulled savagely tight, and Amy did the same thing to the other breast.

Lisa was able to confirm the increased sensitivity to pain in her breasts as a shock went through first one nipple and then the other. "I decided to use crocodile clips," commented Amy as if it were the most normal thing in the world. "They have sharp teeth to bite into your tender nipples."

Then Lisa was startled by another pain, one that she had not expected. Amy ripped all the sticky tape off Lisa's face, making no effort to avoid hurting her. Lisa would have screamed if the panties still filling her mouth had not prevented her. And then the panties were pulled out, freeing her mouth. Lisa tried to take the opportunity to plead with her ruthless captor, knowing that it would almost certainly be futile. "Amy, please, stop this please ..." she began.

But before she could say anything, she felt a tube being forced into her mouth, cutting off her speech. Amy lifted Lisa's head and buckled something behind the back of her neck, pulling the strap painfully tight. Then Lisa felt the object in her mouth getting larger and larger.

"This is rather a clever gag," came Amy's voice. "The tube is surrounded by an inflatable ring, which I am now blowing up." Indeed she was; it got larger and larger until Lisa's cheeks were being squeezed between the ring on the inside and the strap on the outside. Lisa felt that but for the strap, her cheeks would burst open. Eventually, Amy stopped pumping.

"Right, we wouldn't want you to die of dehydration, would we?" Amy started pouring lukewarm water down the tube. Lisa nearly choked, but frantically swallowed it. The taste was vile; she realised that Amy must have added some vinegar to the water.

After a while, the pouring stopped. Amy screwed a cap on the end of the tub, making the gag quite as effective as the previous one. Then she pinched Lisa's nose firmly. Lisa was now quite unable to breathe, and panicked, struggling in vain against her bonds. Eventually, Amy let go and Lisa gasped with relief.

"That was just to remind you who's in charge. Now, this next bit should really be fun!"

To be continued

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