Chapter Three

    Jas writhed a few more futile seconds, then made for the door. She pumped herself forward by digging her bound feet into the floor and pulling her body ahead. Once she scooted to within a few feet of the door, she pulled her legs back and pounded the bottoms of her feet into the door, using her tied legs as a sort of battering ram, to completely no avail. The door held. She then tried turning the knob with her feet, which also went nowehere. Her feet being tied and in stockings made the effort hard enough without the fact that the door was locked.

     Lynn rolled her eyes at her gullible friend’s escape attempts. She admired Jas’ spirit, but c’mon, did she really think Veronica Earth forgot to lock the door? The only way they were getting out of here was if someone freed them, and they were the only two here, and the couldn’t very well untie each other…





She then tried turning the knob with her feet…


 Or could they? It was worth a shot. Lynn rolled over to her old classmate, who was still trying to force the door open. Not able to tell Jas what she had in mind, Lynn simply started picking at the knot that held Jas’ hands together. At first Jasmine squeeled a bit until she understood what Lynn was trying to do. Jas sat perfectly still as her friend fumbled with the knot. The task seemed pointless. With her own hands bound, Lynn could barely get a grip on the cords. She picked and pricked but the ropes held. After a few minutes she let her arms drop, just to give them a rest. Jasmine immediately started trying to untie her. They were a team now, each girl trying to free the other, sooner or later one of them was bound to succeed. At any rate, what else did they have to do? Lynn would rather they untied each other than get rescued by some sweaty janitor in the morning, especially if it was still that creepo who worked at Mt. Mary’s when she was a teen.

    Finally, Lynn’s sweaty fingers sensed Jas’ bonds starting to listen. She felt the end of the rope slide free from the knot as she pulled with her thumb and index finger. Finally she gave the cord one hard yank and the knot fell apart. Jasmine let out a girlish squeal as she shook off the rope from her wrists, then quickly undid the rope around her arms, then yanked the tape off, “Yow! That smarts.” She started to unravel the rope around her ankles. “God, that Veronica is still a bitch after all these years. Totally different body maybe, but no different on the inside.” She kicked the rope off her feet, then stood up, massaging her wrists. She looked down at Lynn, still bundled up on the floor. “Did the gag mess up my lipstick at all?”

“MMMPH!” Lynn replied, turning her torso slightly and stretching out her tied hands to signal it was not Jas’ turn to untie her. “Lynn-“ was as much as Jas said before she could her the doorknob being turned. The girl darted right behind where the door would open, picking up a nearby two by four. If that redheaded nut was returning, she was gonna be ready.

    Veronica hummed Going to the Chapel as she entered. “How goes it girls?” She chirped. “Me and Danny are hitting it off. Sorry about the treatment, but you’re both invited to the wedding.” She dropped her cheery demeanor when she saw only one girl tied-up on the floor. “Hey! Where’s-”


 “Right here, bitch,” Jas said, dropping the two by four. With her crazed captor now knocked out, Jas set to tying up Veronica. She rolled the redhead onto her front, then crossed the villianess’ hands behind her back. Jas tied the hands together with one of the ropes that five minutes ago had been across her own arms. Next she crossed the crazy woman’s ankles and bound them with the other end of the same rope, leaving the girl in a tight hogtie.

    Once Veronica was safely bundled up, Jas’ head swiveled left and right. “Hmm….I need a gag. Let’s see…gag…gag…Aha, this’ll do nicely!” She picked up off the grimy floor a long strip of cloth covered in dust and smelling like paint thinner. She grabbed both ends of the strip and twirled it into a sort of rope that thinned at both ends, like she was getting ready to towel-whip someone.  She circled the cloth around the base of Veronica’s neck and through her lips several times, filling the sociopath’s mouth with more cloth with each pass, until the villainess’ mouth was stuffed. When Jasmine ran out of slack, she tied the gag off behind the neck.

    Lynn continued to whimper and writhe all the while, getting the point across that it as Jas’ turn to untie me, damn it! It’s not like Veronica needed to be gagged, just restrained so they could call the cops. “Okay, Okay, Lynn, hold your horses,” Jas said, stepping over to her, “’Ya know, I kind of like you this way.” An unamused Lynn, writhed and grunted before rolling onto her stomach. She held her bound hands as high above her back as she could, offering them to Jas’ to untie. “Okay, Lynn,” Jas’ grumbled, “Take a joke. Christ.”

 Jas grabbed Lynn’s bound ankles and cranked them forward, almost so that Lynn’s flats touched her arms.

    What the?

    Jas grabbed another of the discarded ropes and looped it between the cord binding Lynn’s ankles, then laced the free ends through the rope binding her wrists and pulled…the bitch wasn’t setting her free, but tying her up more! Lynn wriggled in a vain attempt to get loose, but Jas was already tying the rope off, leaving her one-time ally in a tight hogtie alongside the villainess who captured them both.

 “I’m sorry, Lynn,” Jas said over the girlish squeals of her wriggling captive, “But a girl’s got to pay the bills. By this time tomorrow I’ll be on my way to being Mrs. Goldstein, and you’ll…probably still be here.” She turned on her heel and headed towards the storage room door. She opened the door but paused right in the doorway. “Veronica’s got a point, you know. For an honor student, not too bright. Bye now.” She blew Lynn a kiss and slammed the door behind her.

    Just then, Veronica was coming to. Slowly she awakened and gradually became aware of what was done to her. Just as both of her captives had done, she tested the knots by squirming vigorously, her 115 pounds rocking like a Mexican jumping bean, until she came to realize that it was no use. To Lynn’s amazement, Veronica then rolled to her left so her back was to her, and said “Umon.” She shook her tied hands, “Ku-mon. Un-eye mu hansf,” she garbled through the cloth between her teeth. Lynn rolled her eyes and rested on her side, her head on her temple. She couldn’t believe Veronica would have the gall to ask her to untie her. The girl was a true sociopath. The two of them were in the same boat, and would be until help arrived. Lynn was picturing her rescue at the hands of stunned, fat-assed janitor, crack showing as he bent over to untie them both, when her daynightmare was interrupted by someone opening the door. Hope!






Slowly she awakened and gradually became aware of what was done to her...



To Be Continued...

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