By BH Mari

Chapter 1: “The Female is Future”

This is my life.

Tai Ann Roper was always the first to admit that her life was in many ways far from normal. From her unusual upbringing as the daughter of the heads of an all female commune called the Purple Ray, to the fact that she was a 19 year old private investigator working and living in Los Angeles, the most unreal place on Earth. She was, for the most part, proud of all the strange aspects of her life and how it allowed her to view the world, even at her young age, and would not have changed a thing.

Well, maybe one thing.

One thing that stood out even among all the other wonderful strangeness that filled her life. A state of affairs that filled her with a bewildering, potent mix of emotions. The simple fact was that Tai had a tendency to end up in situations like the one she was in currently, bound hand and foot and at the mercy of a powerful person, almost always a woman, with something nasty on their minds. At the moment it was her roommate and best friend Iwana Binder, a person Tai loved dearly but also someone who highly enjoyed binding her as tightly as possible for the slightest reason.

Tonight the crime was simply because she came home to find Tai working out in the living room. The 26 year old LAPD officer stomped into their West Hollywood apartment looking tired and disheveled, at least from Tai’s at the time upside down perspective. Normally the 5’9 black woman cut an imposing figure, fit and large breasted in an immaculate uniform and her signature high top fade. She thought it must have been a hard day as Iwana acknowledged her cheerful greeting and upside down wave with only a nod and a grunt before trudging to her room and slamming the door shut. She shrugged, expecting Iwana to shower and then crash for the evening.

But instead after Iwana showered, she came out of her room clad in a black sports bra and tiny black shorts, a contrast to the white sports bra and white shorts her roommate wore. Tai smiled as she stood watching her. She tried to stay focused on the yoga poses she was moving through and not wonder what her roommate was up to. She especially tried not to think about how good her roommate looked in the tiny sports bra that strained to contain her chest and the shorts hugging her round ass as the muscles in her powerful thighs flexed as she watched over her.

Finish the workout and get out of here,” Tai thought, gracefully flowing from one pose to another.

Iwana made no move to hide the fact that her eyes roved over every inch of the younger woman’s sweaty body, a devious smirk on her face as plans formed in her head. She never got tired of Tai’s lean 5’6 body, she loved the way the sweat made her bronzed skin glow. She loved the look of concentration on her beautiful face, the mix of her Asian and Mediterranean heritage perfectly balanced in her strong, graceful features, with a square jaw and full lips, a pert nose and big, expressive brown eyes.

Tai’s sports bra was damp and the outlines of her large nipples could be seen. Tai’s astonishly round ass had long since swallowed up her skimpy shorts, leaving her tan buns visible, framed by shorts rendered see-through at this point. With a wolfish grin, Iwana spoke.

Let me see how your grappling is coming along,” Iwana said, her eyes not leaving Tai’s body as it stretched and strained.

Tai frowned. “Right now?”

Yeah,” Iwana said, kneeling down on the carpet in front of her as she came out of the crane pose to rest on her knees in front of Iwana. “Unless you are too tired to go.”

Tai shook her head, smiling. “I was more worried about you. You’ve been working all day. But I do have some moves I want to try out so let’s go. Not too hard though, I want to go out later.”

Iwana raised an eyebrow. “Oh you do, do you? Well if you can make me tap out you can do whatever you want.”

At the time she did not worry about Iwana having any ulterior motives despite her many previous experiences to the contrary. She had spent her whole life training in hand to hand combat, but she always felt her ground fighting technique was a weakness. The few times she had been forced to grapple with someone, her skills were often blunted by their superior size and strength.

This made Iwana the perfect sparring partner. Sure some of their sessions ended with Iwana carrying her off to her bedroom to have her way with her, but Tai was sure that was not going to happen tonight. She had some super secret moves she had been working on that she was confident would surprise her roommate.

Alas, the surprised one turned out to be Tai, as once they moved their tiny coffee table out of the way and squared off on the carpeted floor of their living room, Iwana exploded into motion and tore through Tai’s defenses like they were nothing. The larger woman put her in a variety of armlocks, leglocks, and toelocks. Basically she twisted any part of her that could be twisted. Every time she would escape, Iwana would immediately pounce on her, putting her in another lock and keeping her under control and helpless.

Iwana’s eyes were intense as they took in Tai’s struggling, sweaty body. The defined muscles of her abs and arms stood out as she attempted to escape Iwana’s grip, but to no avail. Finally the larger woman was satisfied and set about her true purpose.

Tai didn’t even notice her shorts were gone until she saw Iwana waving them in the air. Her focus had been on escaping the reverse head scissors she was trapped in, stomach down on the floor. She was clawing futilely at Iwana’s thick brown thighs when she noticed something moving in the corner of her eye and saw it was her sweaty little shorts in Iwana’s hand. She renewed her fruitless struggles in an attempt to escape, but she already knew how this night would go.

No going out tonight,” she thought glumly as it felt like Iwana might pop her head off with her muscular thighs.

She was right. Iwana rolled Tai onto her back and placed her hot, sweaty ass right on Tai’s face, pinning Tai’s arms over her head with her powerful legs. Tai’s legs flailed as Iwana pulled up her sports bra and turned her attention to Tai’s large dark nipples. Tai ceased struggling as Iwana worked on her nipples like they were the nobs of an old timey radio. Once Tai lay still, Iwana slapped her toned stomach and grinded her ass in Tai’s face, laughing in victory.

I like these new moves of sticking your nose in my ass and letting me strip you naked,” Iwana said, now gently rubbing her nipples as Tai let out a muffled growl.

Get off of me,” Tai said from beneath Iwana’s ass. She knew she was not going to get off with just being grappled like a ragdoll but she had to try.

Sorry, we are only just getting started,” Iwana said. Tai felt Iwana shift slightly and she considered trying to escape but figured that was only going to make Iwana more determined to wring the fight out of her.

Luckily for you I have some rope stored under the couch,” Iwana said, before lifting her ass off Tai’s face,quickly turning around to sit on her chest.

Of course you do,” Tai thought to herself as she lay on the floor gasping for air. Iwana tore off her sports bra, leaving her naked on the carpet.

Am I going to have to demonstrate any more holds for you, babygirl?” Iwana said in a dangerous growl. Tai couldn’t decide if she was being threatened or challenged. She decided it didn’t matter.

No ma’am,” Tai said, resigned to another evening of heavy restraint.

Iwana grinned. “Good, now let’s see what we can do.”

20 minutes later, Tai still lay on the floor, now in a stringent hogtie, her limbs crushed together with soft but strong black cotton rope. Her arms were tightly bound together at her wrists,elbows, and her forearms by an intricately connected series of ties, with more rope securing her arms to her body in an elaborate harness that framed and squeezed her breasts and connected to a tight crotch rope that was enthusiastically doing its job.

Her legs were bound at above and below the knees and ankles, with her ankles and wrists so close together they nearly touched, leaving Tai in a tight bow that stopped any struggling before it started. In a move that she saw as overkill, rope secured her big toes to her wrists and the rope that held her glossy black hair in a severe ponytail. A blindfold covered her face from forehead to just above her lip, with a triangle cut out for her nose. The final touch was a massive 2.5 inch red ball gag.

Tai was left to suffer in her bondage, trying to ignore the strain on her limbs while at the same time managing the copious amount of drool pouring from her distended mouth. She idly wondered if a carpet could sustain drool damage and if it would affect their deposit.

This is my life.

As she lay there helpless and in darkness, this thought kept running through Tai’s head. It wasn’t that she did not like bondage; she found the feeling of ropes tight against her skin incredibly erotic and she was the product of a sex positive environment where she was taught to embrace her interest and other things, in fact she found out the practical uses of many of the seemingly innocent things her mothers taught her. At the core of many of those teachings was the idea that submission was an important trait for everyone to learn if society was going to progress beyond its current state.

Humanity had to learn that to properly wield power, one had to learn how to accept being utterly without it,” Her mothers would say every chance they got.

This obviously extended to far more than sex, but it meant that Tai was no stranger to submissiveness nor did it bother her, within reason. But as time progressed, Tai found that more and more of her time was spent in Iwana’s or someone else’s seemingly endless supply of ropes.

It seemed every week she met someone who wanted to tie her up and gag her. You would think it was tied to her work as a PI, but in fact it happened even when she did mundane things like go to the grocery store. One time she had stepped out to buy some ice cream and ended up spending a month in a Mexican prison wearing nothing but a straitjacket and an open airway bondage hood before Iwana found and rescued her.

Her mothers said she was ‘kidnap prone,’ whatever that meant, in a moment where Tai was sure she was going to die of embarrassment. No matter how progessive your relationship with your mothers was, it would never not be embarrassing to talk with them about how often someone shoves a ballgag in your mouth.

She had gone to her friend and mentor James ‘Cutter’ Free to ask for advice, and he just looked uncomfortable and suggested that maybe she should work with him for a few years to gain some experience to learn to avoid situations like the ones she frequently found herself in. While this was a kind offer, Tai liked being her own boss for the first time in her life and wasn’t going to give that up. So she went to the one place where everyone was sure to find good advice and understanding people. The internet.

Tai searched without really knowing what she was looking for, becoming friends with quite a few bondage models before finding a private chat group on a site that looked like it had not been updated since the early 2000s. It was called BeFree, and was created for and by women who suffered from the same troubles Tai did. The founder was a woman who in the late 50s helped her uncle and her local sheriff’s department solve crimes, ending up in all sorts of trouble. She wanted a place where women could have what she never had, a place to talk about their experiences and the feelings that arose as a result. Tai never got to speak with the woman, as she left the group many years ago, shortly after founding it.

At first glance BeFree seemed perfect. She read through threads devoted to crafting an exercise regimen for someone who finds themselves in long term bondage frequently, communicating effectively while gagged, and recognizing the different types of kidnappers you are likely to encounter.

Tai was thrilled that such a place existed. She was slightly disappointed when she dove in and learned that no one used their real names due to an incident where someone attempted to track down and kidnap all the women who posted there.

The message board had dozens of users but only a handful of regular posters. Overall it was a nice community, but she would be lying if she didn’t admit she had been hoping for more.

The regulars Tai interacted with were interesting to be sure. There were The Blondes; Tai called them this because it was the only physical feature prominently listed in their profile.

One was a college student and amateur sleuth who couldn’t solve a case, whose every post was either extremely problematic or mind numbingly dumb. Tai was pretty sure from her stories that one of her professors was messing with her mind but she refused to listen, claiming the woman was the only one who believed in her. Tai also had some suspicions about her college roommate, but considering her own situation she figured ‘glass houses’ and all that and so remained silent on the matter.

The other blonde, an unemployed slacker who claimed to live with pets or stuffed animals she swore could talk, was somehow even less helpful. It was amazing that her stories about her ‘roommates’ was the least unbelievable thing she said, as the restraints she described having been put in would have been unendurable by anyone. Both of these women were around Tai’s age and were fun to talk to but both seemed incapable or unwilling to examine why such bizarre things happened to them frequently.

The other regulars had their own cliques and made sure Tai knew she was not welcomed. There was a group of assistants who ended up in perilous situations due to whatever work their boss did. Tai found them to be snobby and really mean.

Another major group were the women who were obsessed with the method of escape. They prized women who freed themselves and really had no time for anyone who was rescued by another person. Especially if it was a man, as Tai found out the hard way when she tried to talk to members of this particular clique.

The only other regular poster who said anything of note was older and claimed to be the warden of a women’s prison. She was mostly a troll, berating the other women for putting themselves in situations where they could be kidnapped. She failed to see the hypocrisy when she relayed stories of being kidnapped inside her own prison and of red haired thieves trapping her and leaving her for slavers.

All in all, Tai found it to be a worthwhile experience despite the shortcomings. It was nice to see that she wasn’t the only woman who was ‘kidnap prone’ and that there were others. But it did not answer her larger questions like why of all the women in the world, did this happen to her?

As she lay on the floor, sweating and drooling in tight bondage while her roommate prepared the next torment for her, Tai was hit with two revelations. One was that she would have to find her own answers and the second was she could not do that living with Iwana.

Iwana was great, even on nights like this when she turned Tai into a human pretzel. No matter what Iwana did, Tai felt safe with her. But Tai needed to leave her comfort zone and break this cycle if she was ever going to find out where her proclivities ended and where the perversion of the rest of the world began. And Iwana would never give her the space to do that.

Ever since her 19th birthday, Iwana had exercised stricter control over Tai’s life. It was to the point where if she was not working on a case, she was bound as she was now and often trapped between Iwana’s powerful black thighs. She had moved out of her mothers’ commune to experience life, not to be Iwana’s personal rope bunny and sex toy.

At the moment that she resolved to move out and find a space of her own, she heard the slow pulsing theme from John Carpenter’s The Thing that she used as a ringtone.

She struggled and grunted as loudly as she could, hoping to get Iwana’s attention. If this was a potential job, she had to answer the phone.

Alright, alright,” Iwana said from nearby. “I got it, but if it is your weird ass hipster friends, I am not going to be happy.”

Tai rolled her eyes behind the blindfold. Ever since her 19th birthday party, Iwana had grumbled about some of her new LA friends. She doubted any of them would be calling, as she rarely got to hang out with them on account of being held captive by her roommate all the time.

Tai Ann Roper’s phone,” Iwana said, her tone hostile. “Yes, Tai Ann Roper, the private investigator.”

Iwana was silent as Tai faintly heard a voice emanating from her phone. She thought it sounded female, but she couldn’t make out what was being said. She shifted on the floor with an exaggerated sigh to let Iwana know she did not like being left out of a call specifically for her.

I’ll get her,” Iwana said. She walked up to Tai and pulled the blindfold off. She blinked at the sudden brightness and glared at Iwana. Iwana shrugged and laid down her phone, a Blackview BV9900 Pro, before quickly freeing Tai from the hogtie while still leaving her bound and then pulled the ballgag from her mouth.

Blegh,” Tai said, working her jaw. “What the fuck ‘Wana?”

Iwana's eyes narrowed. “Do you want to talk to your potential client or not?”

Tai nodded eagerly and Iwana knelt down and placed the phone to Tai’s ear.

This is Tai Ann Roper of Roper Investigations,” Tai said, in her best ‘Professional Lady’ voice. “To whom am I speaking?”

Tai ignored Iwana as she snorted derisively.

This is Amanda Atwood,” The woman on the phone replied. “I’m the personal assistant to Darin Drue, CEO of Drue Biotech. Mr. Drue is hoping to hire you to deal with a sensitive matter involving his daughter.”

Tai’s mind reeled, her discomfort and annoyance instantly forgotten. Darin Drue was not just a member of the 1%, but the 1% of the 1%. For someone like that to reach out to her was unthinkable. This was a man who could marshal the forces of any government agency to his cause with little to no pushback. Why was he calling her?

I’m honored that someone of Mr. Drue’s standing has heard of me,” Tai said carefully. “But why is a man with his resources reaching out to a PI in LA?”

Mr. Drue feels that due to the nature of the situation hiring someone near his daughter’s age will help resolve the matter more smoothly,” Amanda said, though her tone suggested that she did not agree with this line of reasoning. “Also he is aware of what you did to handle the Lady Esperanza situation in Spain as well as being a big fan of your...actions in Somer’s Cove earlier this year.”

Tai blushed. Having a bikini brawl in the center of a Bay Area resort town was not what Tai wanted to be known for, but if it got her calls from billionaires then she would take it. She was also not surprised that someone as connected as Drue knew about the Esperanza case even though the Spanish government went to great lengths to cover it up.

I see. And what can you tell me about Mr. Drue’s daughter or the situation in question?” Tai said as Iwana sighed impatiently.

Her name is Carter. She is 21 years old and a junior at UCLA. She is a prominent member of the field hockey team and hopes to play in the Olympics one day. Everything else is too sensitive to divulge over the phone, I’m sure you understand.”

Totally,” Tai said. Normally she would push for more information, but she did not want to scare away such a large client.

Mr. Drue is willing to pay you 4 times your regular rate, along with a 5k bonus just for taking the case and an unlimited expense account. All you have to do is be in San Francisco tomorrow by 1PM.”

Tai’s eyes widened. That type of money was nothing to a man like Drue, but she also knew that billionaires were usually the types of people who tried to pay as little for something as possible, especially where personnel were concerned. Tai’s instincts told her that whatever was going on, it must be big and that she definitely wanted to be a part of it.

A payday like this would be a major, especially if she was going to strike out on her own. It would also be a huge boost to her PI firm. Not many other PIs could boast having a billionaire for a client. Hopefully this would not be like the Lady E case in Spain and she would actually be able to talk about her work. This could be the edge she needed to get people to overlook her being 19.

I can be in San Francisco tomorrow, by 1PM no problem,” Tai said, lying through her teeth as Iwana silently shook her head.

Mr. Drue is staying at the Fairmont Hotel. I trust I don’t need to give you directions?”

No problem,” Tai said. “Tell Mr.Drue I look forward to meeting with him.”

Amanda made a noncommittal sound. “ I’m sure. 1PM Ms. Roper, don’t be late.”

Tai smiled as Amanda hung up. Iwana took away the phone and left Tai bound on the floor. She wriggled her still restrained limbs while looking daggers at her treacherous roommate.

Untie me,” Tai said. “ This has been really great but I have to get some sleep, I need to be in SF by 1PM.”

Iwana scoffed. “We both know that’s not going to happen. You’ll violate every traffic law in the whole state with that little crotch rocket of yours and somehow still be late.”

Iwana peeled off her sports bra and shorts, standing in the living room looking like a nude, powerful Amazon. Tai never got tired of seeing her naked. Tai could not take her eyes off the swell of Iwana’s dark breasts or her thick forest of pubic hair. Tai had been hinting that maybe Iwana should at least trim her bush almost since she had moved in with her, but Iwana was determined to keep it ‘70s AF’ down there, much to Tai’s chagrin.

Iwana...!” Tai said, writhing in her bondage. Iwana knew her business, however, and she was not going anywhere unless her roommate freed her.

Iwana rolled her onto her back and straddled her, grabbing and kneading Tai’s high, firm breasts. She groaned and bit her lip, trying to fight the feelings building up inside of her.

She was about to once again demand release, but Iwana kissed her hard before she could speak. Tai tried to fight the kiss, but the ropes held her as firmly as ever.

Her struggles died down as she gave in. In moments she was hungrily returning her roommate’s kiss. Iwana had to lean back as Tai’s powerful tongue explored her mouth.

Finally she pulled away breathless. “Goddamn girl, you say you want to get free, but that kiss says you want me to tie you even tighter.”

Tai blushed again, chastising herself. This always happens with Iwana. “Sorry. Haven’t you had enough fun tonight? This job is a big deal. Billionaires don’t just call up everyday.”

Iwana sighed. “I know. I’ll let you go. But not before I put that tongue of yours to good use.”

Tai yelped as Iwana moved up her body until her head was trapped between her knees. Tai briefly thought about renewing her futile resistance, but as she felt the heat radiating from between Iwana’s thighs, she could no longer ignore the dark hunger that had been welling up within her since Iwana came home earlier in the evening.

With soft kisses on Iwana's thick inner thighs, Tai’s world became Iwana's glistening, hairy sex. Everything else, including the case, was momentarily forgotten.


An hour later it was just after midnight. A flushed and smiling Tai Ann Roper left a sleeping Iwana in her bedroom to cross the hall to her own room, her arms free and her phone in hand.

Her room was a disaster area, with clothes strewn everywhere and superheroine posters all over the walls. Tai knew it was childish but she didn’t care. Her mothers were two very different types of parents, but they both agreed that superheroines were fast food for the mind. As a result she had been denied all but graphic novels read in secret at the library up until she was almost 18 and she was determined to make up for lost time.

Most of the posters showed her favorite superheroine Gold in all her platinum blonde Nordic majesty, but Wonder Woman, Ms. Americana, Duster, Snare, and Spellbinder were also present. For most kids childhood ended when they learned Santa was not real, for Tai it had been when she had learned that gorgeous women did not go around flying and shooting energy blasts to save the day.

She plopped down on her bed, her face buried in her phone. First,she sent a text message to Cutter. In addition to being her mentor, Cutter was an ex CIA agent who now ran a consulting firm in San Francisco. He had gotten her out of a huge jam when she was 15 and had been in her life ever since.

If this case was going to be a big professional break for her, she would need his help. Plus she just liked seeing Cutter when she could.

After Cutter she reached out to Kelsie Wade, a member of the Purple Ray and one of the best reporters on the West Coast. If anyone would have the dirt on Darin Drue and his family, it would be Kelsie. An added bonus was that even though she was friends with Tai’s moms, she would not alert them in nearby Los Altos that she was in SF. She was one of the few people in her life who respected her boundaries.

After sending out these messages she turned her attention to Carter’s social media accounts. On all the major social media sites she found photos of a truly breathtaking beauty leading an active life. Carter was blonde haired and blue eyed. Like Tai, she was bronzed and fit, but a couple inches taller. She was the prototypical California blonde but with an added air due to the extreme wealth she possessed. Even in a t-shirt and jeans she looked regal. Tai particularly loved her selfies, which brought into focus her wonderfully vivid eyes.

Everything about her seemed normal. She appeared to be your average 21 year old coed, a junior at UCLA majoring in Business while also playing field hockey, with many of her posts backing Amanda’s assertion that she had Olympic dreams. Most of her pics were of her around and about LA with her friends and teammates.

A few posts stood out for surprising reasons. One showed Carter the year before last at Halloween. She was clad in the iconic red flapper dress from the cover of the first novel in the Tru Harroin series, published in 1925. The caption read:

Going as OG girl boss Tru Harroin this year! Series was my fav growing up, only the books before 1955 though! Tru(e) fans know what I’m talking about!”

Tai smiled at this. Anyone who read the series knew that there was a big difference in the series after the mid 1950s. For nearly 30 years Tru was a fiercely independent adventurer who scorned the company of men and traveled exclusively with capable female companions.

Witnessing the purge in the comic industry at the time, the publishers decided to give Tru a steady boyfriend and make her as domestic as possible to not draw the eyes of Congress or men like Frederick Wertham, the man often credited with leading the moral charge against the American comics industry. The ploy worked but Tru had never been the same. Tai was glad to see she was not the only one who hated that era.

Further back in her timeline Tai found pictures of Carter hanging out with notorious reality TV star Bette Bodine. Bette was descended from old oil money and now her family had a reality show empire where they played the part of Southern good ol’ boys living in LA, even though a Bodine hadn’t gone further east than Las Vegas in several generations. Bette used to spend most of her time selling shady beauty products and hooking up with any actor who happened to be popular at the time.

She now ran her beauty empire from behind the scenes and rarely appeared in public, but it was interesting that Carter had been friends with her. She doubted it was relevant, but still an interesting connection to file away for later. Someone else who was frequently in Carter’s posts or tagged was her roommate Jaclyn Kilmour. Tai did a quick search and found almost no information on the young woman, save that she was a student at UCLA. Something else to look into later.

Not satisfied, Tai went back through her various accounts and noticed that Carter never seemed to have her attention on what she was doing. In every picture Tai looked at, Carter was gazing off in the distance. When she was smiling, it always seemed practiced and she almost never smiled with her eyes. And the few pictures she had with men that were supposedly from dates looked so uncomfortable that she was surprised it had not been noticed. Tai shrugged, maybe she was projecting, but they were men so…

Tai also noticed that Carter had never gone more than two days without a post for several years before now, having just gone a whole week without a post. The last one spoke of her excitement at her father returning home from China and her intention to head to San Francisco to see him. She seemed genuinely happy, but after that, nothing. Tai scrolled through the comments and found nothing but messages from friends and demands from random dudes for Carter to post pictures of her feet. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Still, something had happened, and tomorrow Tai would try to find out what. She was so excited she was afraid she would just lay in bed and wait for the morning. But as soon as she set her alarm and her head hit the pillow, sleep took her.

At first Tai thought she was dreaming of flying, but that quickly turned into the sensation of falling. She did not so much as land as the feeling of falling ended, then it was like the world turned its lights on, revealing that she stood naked on a small island with a flimsy cabin, surrounded by water with large dark shapes moving menacingly just beneath the surface. She noticed that a pair of black hinged handcuffs secured her hands tightly behind her back.

Seriously!” she exclaimed, tugging at the handcuffs with a frustrated groan.

She sighed. “Okay, what fresh hell is this?”

Her question was answered when the cabin exploded, torn apart by a massive shadow that Tai could not quite make out in the all encompassing darkness.

Well, this is new,” Tai said, her eyes wide in amazement as the monster roared at Tai and charged.


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