By BH Mari

Chapter 2: “Satan Was a Lesbian!”

“Become me.”

Tai rolled out of the way as the monstrous dark shape charged her, her black hair blowing in the wind as the creature barrelled past her and stumbled into the water. This created a frenzy among the shadowy things lurking beneath the surface and they rushed to attack it, which gave Tai a moment to get her bearings.

She knew she was in a dream, which should have caused her to wake or at least given her some control. But that knowledge did not allow her to conjure up some clothes or free her cuffed hands. The dirt beneath her bare feet and the clouds obscuring the moon in the starless sky all felt so real. It was less like dreaming and more like something transported her to another world.  

“Become me.”

Tai sighed and rose from the crouching position she’d been in. She contorted herself to study the cuffs securing her hands and found them to be a pair of black hinged cuffs with no keyhole.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on a key and keyhole appearing and then on simply being free, but nothing worked.

“Become me,” A voice said. Tai had been aware of what sounded like whispering but this was the first time she truly heard words.

“Sorry,” Tai said, searching for the source of the voice and hopefully a way out of this weird ass dream. “Kind of busy being me. Thanks anyway.”

The night air was hot and humid, causing Tai’s bronzed skin to glisten with perspiration. It reminded her of her summer trips to visit the Roper clan in Louisiana growing up. She saw that the shadowy water creatures were losing to the roaring monster in the water. Tai's eyes widened as it tossed them through the air with ease. Despite this, Tai still could not make out what they were as they sailed through the black sky.

“Become me,” the voice said again, now sounding like it was right behind Tai. Tai whirled around to face the mystery speaker but found only empty air.

“This is a dream,” Tai said to herself. “It’s my dream, I’m in control here.”

But the steel of the handcuffs, cold despite the thick humidity that surrounded Tai, served as a harsh reminder otherwise.

“I’m the first girl to ever be kidnapped by her own subconscious,” Tai muttered sourly. The women in the online support group would love this one.

Why was she having this dream now? Was it because she decided to strike out on her own? She couldn’t remember dreaming like this when she set out to become a private investigator, even though everyone in her life said that a 19 year old PI would get about as much work as a 70 year old professional football player. The lack of support had hurt for many reasons, but mostly because Tai hated sportsball metaphors. Or similes. Whatever.

Regardless, she had forged ahead, even through the fear of being her own boss and facing the world alone, and despite everything the work had been as rewarding as she had hoped. She had really helped people and even the most mundane cases fed her endless curiosity for people and the lives they lived.

Most potential clients still preferred a 45 year old overweight ex-cop, but she was slowly building a reputation. She wanted to apply the same determination to her personal life, but maybe she was secretly afraid of confronting that part of her identity?

“I have to try,” Tai told herself, desperately searching the darkness for a path off this small island and away from the voice and the things fighting in the water.

Too late, she thought as she noticed that the fighting sounds had stopped. Filled with dread, she looked to see the shadow monster climbing out of the water. A faint shaft of moonlight beamed through the clouds, giving Tai her first good look at the monstrosity she was trapped with.

The figure was huge and horned, with shiny black skin that Tai saw was actually latex once the creature got close enough. It stood over 8 feet tall and had a massive black tongue lolling out of its mouth as it studied Tai with blazing red eyes.

Once the creature got back on the island, it moved on all fours, sniffing the air as its eyes never left Tai. It’s latex catsuit was covered in shiny spikes and studs. A long black forked tail swished behind it and massive latex breasts with bullets for nipples jutted aggressively out at Tai as the monster studied her.

“Jiminy....,” Tai said, wincing immediately. As a child Tai had been forbidden to curse, so she got creative, leading to some interesting phrases that were weird coming from a grown woman but that she could not shake. She was just glad this was a dream and no one was around to hear her.

“Become me,” the creature said. Despite the enormous tongue hanging out of its mouth, Tai could understand the thing perfectly. “You know you want to.”

“I’m super good,” Tai said, slowly backing away. “Don’t get me wrong, I love your whole ‘sex-murder’ costume and everything, but it’s just not for me.”

In response, the creature’s tongue flicked out and wrapped around Tai’s left ankle, pulling Tai off her feet and dragging her towards the fetish devil. Tai yelped in surprise as she jerked her arms to the side to avoid falling on them, grunting as the creature’s tongue seemed to meld itself to her leg and slowly draw her towards its shiny, horned owner.  

Tai struggled to get free, but her massive attacker was far too powerful. Pretty soon she was underneath the fetish devil, her eyes inches away from the bullet tipped breasts. Naked and with her hands cuffed behind her, Tai was completely at the mercy of the nightmare.

The creature crouched and folded itself so that it’s face was now pressed against Tai’s. It’s clawed hands grasped each side of Tai’s head to hold her still while its massive thighs squeezed and immobilized Tai’s upper body. Tai tried to knee the creature off her but it did not even seem to notice the blows.  

“You know you want to become me,” The fetish devil said. “To give in to all those desires that are rattling around in your head.”

“No,” Tai said, finally seeing the creature for what it really was. Despite the costume and the exaggerated features, now that Tai was close she saw her own face staring back at her.

The most surprising thing was that she was not surprised at all. As the creature’s hot breath blew in her face, Tai began to see the shapes of other dreams from other nights.

And she remembered. The dreams were always different, but they always ended with Tai facing an exaggerated version of herself, one that always wanted her to submit to her desires.

They had been occurring more and more frequently since her 19th birthday, but she only remembered faint fragments of the dreams and never for long. She briefly saw glimpses of herself as her favorite superheroine, Gold, as a tattooed streetfighter, and as a ditzy bimbo with giant breasts in a tiny hot pink microdress. All of them wanted Tai to be their version of her. What was her mind trying to tell her?

“You can’t hide all the dreams you have of Iwana collaring you and keeping you chained and naked permanently in your apartment. You can’t hide the fantasy of the cute blonde you met at that festival tying you up and taking you to a rave, wearing nothing but fishnets and glitter, owned for all the world to see. It’s what you want,” the creature’s voice seemed to come from everywhere as it slowly sniffed Tai as she writhed helplessly beneath it.  

“No,” Tai moaned. Why were her fantasies being used against her?

“Maybe not all you want,” the creature said, laughing. “I love the fantasy you had about your upstairs neighbor’s cute little ‘adorkable’ girlfriend. I saw you, fantasizing about busting into his apartment, dropping his pale ass with a kick and carrying her away, back to your mothers’ commune for reeducation. You almost looked like me as you brainwashed her into being the perfect lesbian slave. And the way you got off on that fantasy! I’ve never been more proud to be a part of you.”

Tai tried to shake her head, embarrassed. She had never told anyone about that fantasy and the only time she had seen the girl after that she had been an utter disaster. It had been so hot, but unlike any of her other fantasies. She had tried to forget it happened but this thing was now shoving it in her face and she could do nothing to stop it.

“But we both know you are submissive,” the creature said, gently running a clawed finger down Tai’s face. It then licked the clawed finger,tasting Tai’s sweat and shuddering with pleasure.

“No, I’m not,” Tai said, squirming underneath the creature. It was so hot she could barely breathe. Once she had turned 18, Glenna Jane Roper, AKA Mama Jane, the more domineering of her two mothers, had gone on about how naturally submissive Tai was and how she needed someone to take care of her. Tai hated it and the pair had argued, with Mama Jane only relenting when she decided to move in with Iwana in LA. Tai now suspected that her Mama knew how enthusiastically Iwana would embrace her dominance over Tai.

That was about to end, and no nightmare creature was going to stop it. She went to voice her defiance, but the creature used one massive hand to cover Tai’s mouth and silence her. The hand was powerful enough to control Tai’s head, leaving her not just silent but almost completely immobilized.  

“It’s okay,” it said. “You can’t lie to me. You have always been drawn to strong women, even when they are bad.”

The creature’s face split in a frightening grin. “Especially if they are bad. Most people would have serious problems with what Iwana does to you almost nightly, but you not only don’t have a problem with it, you crave it. Even when she snatches you mid case, you just suck it up and come back for more.”

Tai’s mind flashed to the incident it was referring to. A few months ago she took a job that was supposed to be a typical cheating husband case. His wife swore he was cheating and she wanted Tai to get proof for the divorce. Tai was happy to look into it, only to find out that the husband wasn’t cheating. Tai was sure he was up to something, just not random hook ups or extramarital affairs of any kind.

She became a tad obsessed with finding out what he was doing. She couldn’t help herself, it was rare for a straightforward domestic case to turn into a real mystery. She had been on the man’s trail for days, until her hunt led her to Oxnard of all places.

She was surveilling the man, staying at a small motel when Iwana tracked her down. Tai had ignored Iwana’s calls and texts to focus on the case, a move that turned out to be a big mistake. Tai was in the shower singing her heart out when Iwana broke into her room and prepared to take her wayward roommate in hand.

Tai came out of the bathroom to find Iwana sitting silently in the dark. She tried to explain what was going on but Iwana was not interested. She simply stood up, stripped the wet towel off Tai, leaving her naked, before shoving a nearly 3 inch black ballgag into her mouth and tossing her to the bed.

On the bed she used a collection of black cargo straps to secure Tai in a tight ball tie. She bound the struggling Tai’s arms at wrists and elbows, crushing her elbows together and forcing Tai to clasp her hands together behind her as she used black twine to secure her fingers and eliminate any chance of Tai freeing herself.

She then used more black straps to connect her arms to an intricate body harness that incorporated everything from breast bondage to a crotch strap buried deep inside of her. Her legs were bound at ankles, calves, and just above the knees, before being pulled up to her chest and anchored to her body by another series of shorter straps. The bondage was finished off with a blindfold and a pair of earplugs. Tai was trapped in her own dark world, her body crushed and restrained as she struggled to move and keep her limbs from going numb for as long as possible.  

Throughout the process Iwana didn’t say a word. Tai tried to communicate through the ballgag, using techniques she had learned from the online support group but to no avail. All attempts at communication ended once she heard what sounded like Iwana unzipping a bag of some kind. Knowing what was coming next, Tai renewed her struggle, but at this point could only barely manage to flex her muscles and wiggle her toes.

Iwana lifted her off the bed with ease, earning a yelp from Tai before she put the private detective into the bag and zipped it up. Tai fumed silently, furious that she had been so close to cracking the case but would not be able to see it through.

She never found out what the husband was doing. And she spent the next week in restraints and nothing else as Iwana made it clear that Tai was to never ignore her calls. It was then that Tai began imagining what it would be like to be on her own. At the time it was just an idle fantasy to pass the time while lashed spreadeagle to Iwana’s bed, but tonight she decided to make it a reality.

Or at least she thought she had.

“You like that feeling of a woman in control of you,” the monster continued. “It really is the best thing for you. Stop trying to be a detective, stop trying to take control of your life. You will probably end up in mortal danger, or as a sex slave, and all to fulfill selfish fantasies. The people who love you don’t deserve to have to deal with the reckless choices you make. Give in, and stop trying to be a hero.”

“Everyone will be happier if you just choose to be kept, if you admit your mothers are right and you need a strong woman to keep you under control,” The fetish devil was inches away from Tai’s face,  still sniffing her and moaning in between sentences. “Everyone will stop worrying about some Eastern European crime lord turning you into their fucktoy. And you know that is going to happen if you keep going on like you are.”

The fetish devil removed her hand from Tai’s mouth and clutched her head once again, holding her still while its bright red eyes stared intently into Tai’s frightened brown ones.“Remember, and then try to tell me this is not for the best.”

Tai closed her eyes but it was too late. Images flashed of her naked and in chains, cleaning the apartment she now shared with Iwana before servicing her roommate turned owner under the kitchen table. Iwana did not even look at Tai, she just seemed to expect things to be done and Tai did them. In this fantasy Tai was nothing more than a bound object for Iwana to use and discard. And Tai loved every minute of it.

Then she was back at her mothers’ compound, clad in a tight catsuit and wielding a riding crop. She was in the medical facilities overseen by Dr. Moneeter, a member of the Purple Ray and an old family friend.

She paced back and forth in a patient’s room, glaring down at a petite brunette with cute but slightly blurry features. She was pale and large breasted and begging to be freed from the thick cuffs that bound her to her bed. Tai came to her bedside to slowly run the riding crop along her porcelain skin,ignoring her pleas for release.

“Don’t worry,” Tai said in a cartoonishly evil voice. “Another week here and you won’t want to leave or for another man to ever touch you. You will serve at my feet. Or rather between my legs!”

Tai laughed maniacally as the fantasy faded.

The scene shifted to a festival on a bright cloudless day. Tai was clad in a golden fishnet bodysuit, her body covered in glitter. Her arms were bound in the reverse prayer configuration, her numb fingers tickling the back of her neck while a golden ballgag filled her mouth and caused her to drool on her bare breasts, her hard nipples covered by golden heart shaped pasties. People stared at her as she was led by a leash connected to a collar tight around her neck. A pretty blonde, a mix of Carter Drue and a girl named Gabi who she met at a rave earlier in the year, smiled innocently as everyone complimented her on her slave.


Embarrassment, shame, and anger warred inside Tai as her nipples hardened and her pussy grew wet. The shapes around the island once again worked themselves into a frenzy and loud splashing filled the air.

“Give in to me,” The creature whispered, almost tenderly. “Submit and be free.”

Tai opened her eyes and looked into the burning orbs of this nightmare version of herself. Tai was operating off pure instinct at that moment. She knew despite the intense emotions she felt that giving in was the wrong thing to do. She was afraid, but determined to find her own way in life.

“No,” she said faintly. It took all her strength to push out that soft defiance; despite this the fetish monster reacted as if hit by a shotgun blast. It lifted off of Tai and flew in the air.

Tai scrambled away from the creature, flushed, sweaty and horny. Just then, above the splashing, she heard  the distant pinging of the alarm from her phone. The sound filled her with renewed energy as she gracefully got off the ground despite her hands still being cuffed.

“I don’t know what you are,” Tai said, speaking with a confidence she did not quite feel. “But only I get to decide who I’m going to be. Whatever I become, it won’t be something like you.”

With a wild smile, Tai winked at the fetish devil and charged towards the water. She leapt off the island and onto the back of one of the shadowy shapes in the water, hopping from one to another as she raced headlong towards the sound of her phone in the real world.

For a brief moment she thought she saw a great figure with four arms looking down upon her, its massive form outlined by the faint moonlight illuminating the sky. But then she blinked and it was gone. Having had enough weirdness, she put it out of her mind and focused on her escape.

The anguished roar of the fetish devil sounded miles away as she launched herself from the back of the last shadow creature and into the impenetrable darkness before her. The handcuffs vanished, along with the stifling humidity, and this time the sensation of falling turned into a feeling of soaring through the air, and Tai left the small island behind her as she flew through the night and into the dawn.


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