By T.C.

Chapter One

“You know how the paparazzi just loves to run with these types of stories.’

Kent Gowan slammed the tabloid down on the desk of Carley Smith, his daughter´s publicist. Carley, 23 years old was a beautiful brunette with shoulder length hair that she wore in a professional bob. At a mere 5 feet three inches, she liked to appear taller by wearing big heels, which accentuated her beautifully tanned legs and toned thighs. He client list was a veritable who´s who of young Hollywood, and she made a nice living for someone just 2 years out of Stanford. Kent´s daughter, Mindy, was once an up and coming child star of film, and music, with a very promising career as a major star. She was seen as an innocent wholesome girl. But lately, her hard partying on the heels of her 21st birthday have caused a sudden and troubling downward spiral in her career. And now this.

With Mindy´s arrest for DUI and possession of narcotics, it would not be easy for Carley to spin doctor this into anything positive.

“How about rehab? Kent asked.

“Rehab, ahh, yes the paps love a star on the mend that they can photo, but it is so overdone. What if we released a statement of her going into rehab in an unannounced secluded locale and we don´t release any pictures of her. We set up a blog site for her to send statements made by yours truly of course to keep her fan base interested and to provide insightful comments on what it is like to dry out and clean up out of the public eye.’

“So, Carley, where do we find a place like this that is not infected with people to leak information and pics to the media?’

“We don´t,’ said Carley. “We hire a private therapist who sets her up in rehab in a private home off the beating path, away from L.A. county. And I have just the guy in mind to do it.’

Damian Hanley was not your typical therapist. He had a background in psychology but most of his career was spent working for the Department of Defense as a special civilian operative in the Middle East, as a adjunt to the C.I.A.´s initiative to kidnap and detain militants and their families to abstract information on terrorist activities against the United States and their allies. He also worked with the Army to help soldiers who had addiction problems stemming from term of service in the military. A very strong willed individual, Damian had an aura about him that exuded authority and obedience. At just barely 40 years old, he became jaded with the government´s views on the war and just wanted to help people. But the flip side of things was that his folder showed some problems with his methods by which he would secure and detain prisoners. He left to freelance in the private sector, doing crash detoxes for the rich and infamous, and assist in deprogramming brainwashed cult members.

The plan for Mindy was simple, as discussed between Damian and Carley. Kent would bring Mindy to her office for a scheduled dinner meeting to discuss press releases and her new film deal that is in limbo with her latest trouble with the law.

“You know she won´t go quietly,’ confided Carley. “I hope you know what you are up against.’

“Just leave that to me. All you need to know is I will contact you when she is ready to return to the public eye. There will be no contact in the mean time.’

As Kent was driving Mindy to the Burbank office, Carley had a sudden change of heart.

“Damian, I can´t go through with this, it´s like kidnapping if she does not know what is going on!’

“Like,’ corrected Damian, “it IS kidnapping! I think you are too close to the situation. She is more like your friend than a boss. You too have partied with her and done coke in the ladies room with her. You have held her hair while she puked outside of clubs for all to see on those celebrity websites. You are just as much to blame as she is for her troubles, and that makes you, Carley, are an enabler.’

“I may be,’ Carley explained, “but I just cannot go through with this. I call Promises rehab and get her enrolled there. I will write you a check for 10 Grand for your troubles. I hope you understaaammmph?’

Carley turned to credenza to write a check for Damian

“No, Carley you do not undertand the mind of an addict. You will thank me when this is all over.’

Damian clamped his hand over Carley´s mouth and reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a ziplock bag which contained a wet cloth. That cloth was soaked with chloroform, which he intended to use on Mindy but felt he needed right now. He quickly switched hands like the professional that he was and before another sound louder than a whisper left Carley´s mouth, he covered it with the cloth.

“Waimmph, donnph mo dissph, pleessmph’ begged Carley as she struggled rather aggressively to break away from Damian. “oooooohmph’ was the last sound heard from her after about 90 seconds of struggling.

Once realizing Carley was unconscious, Damian laid her on the office floor. Realizing that he now had 2 issues to deal with—the imminent arrival of Ms. Gowan, and the soon to be awake Ms. Smith, Damian reacted quickly. He dragged Carley into her private bathroom adjacent to her office and placed her face down on the floor. Like many publicists, Carley often used her office to shower and dress prior to big engagements and so it was well stocked with towels and washcloths. Her meeting room had a closet full of other wardrobe items like additional suits, shoes , gowns and pantyhose just in case a change of outfit was necessary. Quickly, Damian tore several bath towels into long strips and began to tie Carley´s wrists behind her back. He went to wardrobe closet and pulled 2 pair of pantyhose out of the drawer, and tore them in half. He proceeded to tie a strip of hose around her torso just above her breast to prevent her arms from moving. He then worked on her thighs by tying hose around her thighs.

“Better remove those shoes.’ he thought to himself as big heels on a tile floor will make some bit of noise.

He removed Carley´s shoes to reveal her pretty size 6 feet that showed a professional French pedicure under nude pantyhose. He crossed her ankles and then tied them together with an additional strip of towel. To secure her firmly, he then attached a piece of pantyhose to her wrist and ankle bonds to secure her into a loose but effective hogtie. He then rolled her to her side to allow her to breathe more effectively. Damian then wadded up a strip of washcloth and stuffed it into Carley´s open mouth. He then tied a towel strip around her head several times to secure it in place.

“I am very sorry about this, Carley,’ said Damian. “But this is something that needs to be done in order to save this kid and you are not going to stop it.’

Carley began to roll around and regain consciousness just as Damian was cleaning up the excess strips of cloth from the bathroom floor. She blinked once then twice to clear her head of the fogginess caused by the chloroform. She then realized that she was tied up and began to struggle frantically. Her screams were effectively muffled by the cotton gag she wore. She bucked frantically to loosen the hogtie she was in but to no avail she only banged her stocking-clad feet on the edge of the toilet, causing her some pain as evidenced by the grimace on her face.

“Mmmmmmph! Pleehmmph,’ begged Carley.

“No, dear, you are staying here, for now. I must now attend to Ms. Gowan, so if you´ll please excuse me, I have an intervention to conduct. Now I am going to shut the light off and close the door. If you don´t make any noises, I won´t have to come back and drug you once again.’

With that Carley froze and Damian turned, shut out the lights and closed the bathroom door.

Returning to the meeting room, Carley had catered dinner brought up for 3. Damian was to pose as a reporter for Rolling Stone magazine doing a story on Mindy and to provide press for her upcoming projects. She often provided these types of meetings for her clients in the safety of her office to assure that she can manage what was said and printed.

Damian sat down at table in the board room and set the table for 3. Within seconds Mindy entered the room. Damian stood up and extended his hand to greet the young starlet.

“Miss Gowan?’said Damian,’I am Damian Hanley of Rolling Stone. It is a pleasure to meet you.’

Mindy Gowan although publicly was sweet and humble was really a self-centered bitch to people who did not interest her or provide any value to her life.

“Where´s is Car? And what is with this spread, no Grey Goose? And look, I am not interviewing with you till she is here. Where the hell is she? Carley!!!Carley?’, yelled Mindy.

“Relax, Miss Smith ran to the liquor store up the block for Grey Goose and mixers no more than 2 minutes ago. I am surprised you did not see her coming up here. Here, sit down, and perhaps we can get started on some background stuff before she arrives.’

“Well OK, I guess,’ Mindy said reluctantly and sat down in the board room chair.

Damian´s smile and aura of command seemed to have an influence on her as he made eye contact with her. She even managed a smile.

At 5 feet six inches, Mindy was a stunning 21 year old with hometown girl looks.

With strawberry blond hair and tanned skin accentuated with freckles she had a unique look to her that allowed her to be offered movie roles for many family oriented films and romantic comedies. She had won the admiration of many teens and preteens throughout the country and already was a multi-millionaire. Her clothing was always first rate designer clothing from her Armani blouses down to her JimyChoo stilettos.

She crossed her legs and let her heel dangle from her feet as she fidgeted with her manicure.

“So wut do you wanna know first?’ she asked.

“Tell me what happened last weekend. Let´s start there.’

“I got wasted and tried to drive home. No big deal. Been there done that before. What pissed me off was that the po po´s brought in a female cop to search me and found my coke stash. Not enough to get in big trouble, just enough to get hassled.’

Damian appeared to be writing notes in a notebook as she spoke and pick at the sushi platter in front of her.

“So what do you see As your next step then,’ asked Damian, playing the role perfectly.

“I dunno, maybe an album maybe a small role on a cable show. Boy, this sushi is crappy, I gotta get me something to drink. Where is she with that vodka? Since no vodka, I know she as a 5th of Jose Quervo in her desk. I know she has glasses in here somewhere. I know where she keeps them. In the bathroom vanity. I´ll be right back. Do you drink Danny?’

“It´s DAMIAN and no, I quit, and so should you.’

“Who are you to freaking judge me???I realize now that this interview is bullshit and as soon as Carley gets back we are done here. I´ll have her throw your ass out of here. Now to the glasses.’

Mindy got up from the table and started off toward the bathroom that held Carley, bound and gagged. Being again the consummate professional, Damian sprung to his feet and motioned toward her. With her back turned toward the bathroom door, she did not see him coming toward her. Mindy placed her hand on the door and pushed it open, and to her surprise saw Carley wide eyed and frightened on the floor.

“What the fucmmmph!’ she said just as Damian clamped the chloroform soaked cloth over her mouth and nose.

Mindy kicked wildly and flung her arms in the air to try and fight off Damian. Her shoes flew in different directions off of her feet. Now barefoot, Mindy tried desperately to kick Damian in the groin or instep. But like her publicist, she too weakened and fainted due to the fumes of the powerful anesthetic.

Bending her over an office chair, Damian pulled Mindy;s hand behind her back and secured them with the cable ties he planned to use originally to secure her. He pulled a roll of black electrical tape from his pocket to wrap around her arms and shoulders to secure her arms to her torso. He then slid her across the table and pulled her stocking feet off of the ground and also secured them with a larger cable tie. He then rolled her on her back and proceeded to blindfold her with gauze eye pads just for the occasion. He secured them as well with the electrical tape, wrapping it around her head. He then thought that a gag would need to be in order, so he knotted a stip of torn towel and placed the knotted section of the towel in Mindy´s mouth. He then wrapped the remaining strip around her head, effectively gagging the troubled starlet. Damian then lowered Mindy to the floor and collective wimper was heard from her now gagged mouth.

Cleaning up the mess that ensued by the struggle, Damian then placed her shoes back on her feet, lifted Mindy over his shoulder and carried her down the fire exit of the building to his awiting van. Once in the van, he opened his duffel bag and pulled out a syringe of Midazoam, a powerful sedative. It will render Mindy unconscious, with minimal effects on breathing. Its effects can last several hours, plenty of time for Damian to drive to his detox headquarters. Damian, lifted up Mindy´s skit to reveal her sheer silk panties. Pulling one side of the panties up, he swabbed the area with alcohol and injected Mindy with the drug into her buttock. Mindy, although still unconscious, reacted to the sharp needle stick with a jerk and some noise from her gag. But as quick as she reacted she quickly fell back into somnolence within seconds. Satisfied that Mindy was out and going nowhere, Damian exited the van.

Locking the van Damian returned back to the office of Carley Smith to take care of unfinished business. Finding Carley squirming on the bathroom floor, Damian cut the pantyhose that secured her hogtie and allowed her to stretch out. She nodded a thank you to Damain as she stretched her legs an wiggled her toes to get the circulation back to them.

“I´m taking out your gag, you won´t scream will you?’

Carley shook her head no and Damian began to unknot the towel tied behind her head. She spit out the now sodden washcloth and licked her lips and moved her jaw back and forth.

“Why are you doing this to me?’ she asked as tears welled up in her eyes.

“One of the things you learn in addiction medicine is that you must separate the addict from those who can enable the addiction process. I see that you are part of the problem. Now, if you care about your client as a friend and a person you will let me go about my business. I am going to untie you now, but I still feel I cannot trust you. So I will again have to chloroform you to assure my safe departure. When you awake you will be in your office sitting at your desk. I would suggest you go ahead with the plan at hand.’

“What choice do I have?’

Now crying, Carley realizes that she may have made a terrible error in judgement. Now, as Damian cut her ankles loose he lifted her to her stockinged feet and over to the chair.

“Wait, Damian I have a questionnnmmmph!’

It was too late. Damian had again clamped the chloroform cloth over her mouth and nose. She struggled to try and kick him but he sat across her lap and applied both hands to her head and Carley soon again fell unconscious.

Damian then cut the towel that bound her wrists and the pantyhose around her torso. He folded her arms in front of her and placed her feet up on her desk. It appeared at first glance that Carley had just decided to take a nap at her desk. He took out a piece of paper and scratched on it: “I WILL BE IN TOUCH STICK WITH THE PROGRAM’

He placed the sheet in front of her on the desk , shut the lights out in the office and went back to the van.

Damien climbed back into the van and checked on the drugged starlet. She was sound asleep, just as he left her, the only remnant was a small bruise on her buttock where he injected her with midazolam. He turned to the driver seat, turned on the ignition and proceeded to drive out of the parking lot.

To Be Continued...

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