Recruitment part 1

By Atlan

A woman with long brown tresses was kneeling in a closet. She was 5'4" tall, slender and nicely dressed in a navy lace fringe dress that stopped 4" above her knees and brown booties with one and half-inch concealed platforms and five and a quarter-inch high heels. She was kneeling because her wrists had been locked in a pair of handcuffs and a chain went from them to the closet rod over her head. The woman stirred and felt weak, sick and dizzy. ''Oh, my head, what happened to me?'

Before her memory returned she became aware of certain other facts. Her legs had been securely tied with rope. Though she could not see her bonds she would later discover 6 coils of white cotton rope had been cinched and tied above her knees, 6 more had gone below her knees and 12 secured her crossed ankles. The white scarf blindfold over her eyes prevented her from seeing her bonds. However the packing in her mouth and the tightly knotted white scarf between her jaws was more of a concern. 'They surprised and chloroformed me. I am nauseous but must fight it and not throw up!' With that she began to take in as much air as she could through her nose. After a minute the sickness began to recede. That was when she realized she was not alone.

"You are in luck sweetheart." A man's voice said and continued, "We were going to interrogate you first but your roommate walked in not five minutes after you did. And she doesn't fight like a girl. That blonde bitch broke the Turk's nose with the back of her head. That drove the fragments into his brain. I think he is dead. She broke Aja's knee and she won't stop whining about it. So we have her tied to a chair and as soon as she wakes up the fun will begin. But don't think I will forget about you."

With that the prisoner felt a loop of fine chain being drawn around her neck. It was pulled tight for a second and she could not breathe! Then it was released and he said, "I will just fix this to your handcuffs so you keep your head up."

Then he took a few minutes to fondle the helpless heroine before being called away to the interrogation.

'I have to do something!" The brown haired babe thought and continued, 'These cuffs are too tight to slip out of. But if I can manage to stand up then I might be able to reach the lockpick hidden in my hair!'

With that she leaned back against the wall and tried to get her legs working. However she quickly discovered, 'My legs are not only securely tied but have gone to sleep from being on my knees too long!' So she began to flex her toes and began a painfully slow process of getting the pins and needles feeling out of her lovely legs.

With her head pounding a 5'9" tall blonde bombshell fought her way back to consciousness. As she tried to clear her head memories of the fight came back to her and she thought, 'yes, there were five of them. I killed a man and crippled a woman. However there were two more men and another woman. One of them clipped my skull with a sap while I was breaking the black woman's knee. I still managed to get the Chinese man with a good kick to the groin and deliver a few more shots but then the last man tackled me and the woman hit me again.'

That was when a glass of water was thrown into her face. She sputtered and opened her eyes. She was not surprised to find that she was tightly bound to a kitchen chair with her dress in tatters. A blonde woman leered at her while the Chinese man and a bald leering thug stood nearby.

The woman smirked at her and said, "Wake up Miss Starbuck; it is time for your interrogation to begin!"


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